Mini Reviews: Wedding Madness Edition

So I’ve been trying to catch up on my backlog of reviews but I just don’t have motivation AT ALL. So today you are going to get two mini reviews from me from two books I read during wedding planning/on the honeymoon and honestly I feel like I can’t write a whole review at this point so you’ll just get my general thoughts!


9593911Pandemonium by Lauren  Oliver: This is the sequel to Delirium and I’m super excited to read Pandemonium, the final book in the trilogy, soon! I mean, you remember how excited I was when it showed up here? I know there was a lot of dissension (mostly Julian related) amongst lovers of this series and this book but I really enjoyed it. It was so much more of a page-turner for me than Delirium was to be honest.   I loved learning more about the  Wilds and what happened to Lena after escaping. Lots of interesting characters were  introduced and I loved them! I really loved the way this one was set up as each chapter switched back and from between right after she escaped to where she was at the present. Lena’s story in the Wilds is definitely a lot more gritty and raw than in Delirium. It was an interesting contrast to me and quite the action packed, emotional one. Oh and Lauren Oliver just LOVES to slay you with her endings apparently as this one left me sputtering and squealing though I think in my head I knew it was coming.

10429092The Girl of Fire & Thorns by Rae Carson: I don’t read a TON of fantasy so I’m very new to the genre for sure but I LOVED this one. I read this while on the honeymoon while sitting poolside and sipping drinks with fancy pancy umbrellas in them. This book definitely made me want to read more fantasy books because I was on the edge of my very slippery-from-tanning-oil pool lounger. There was lots of action and some pretty epic moments of battles and tense scenes. I was a little wary of Elisa at first because she was so whiny and WOE IS ME and never did anything but I grew to love her and cheered for her kickass-ness and growth in many parts of this book! ALSO, loved that there was a love story in this book but that it didn’t take away from the story and wasn’t the center of it. As a child I loved books about princesses and castles and battles and now I’m all OMG OLD JAMIE DOES TOOO! I’m definitely excited to read book 2 soon and will be hoping to read more straight up fantasy novel in the future!

Have you read either of these? Love them? Dislike them? Tell me why!

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