Books Get Me All Choked Up Sometimes

It’s no secret that books themselves make me ugly cry and sob all the time. I’ve told you some of the top books that have made me cry and there have even been more since then…so it’s clear I’m a crier when it comes to moving scenes in books. But I’m talking about something different altogether.

I have this fascination with the acknowledgements in the back of books. And I’m obsessive about reading them. Sometimes they are the pretty standard shout-outs but sometimes they make me feel an incredible surge of feelings and the swelling of my heart. And sometimes while I’m reading them I get all choked up, truly. Sometimes it’s this whole little story in it of itself to me. There’s just something incredibly personal and beautiful in some of these acknowledgements.

I mean, I think about all the sweat, blood and tears that go into writing a book and then I read these beautiful acknowledgements where authors just lay it all out and thank those who made it possible, who encouraged them, who saw it through with them even when they may have doubted it would ever happen. I think it gives me such an even deeper level of appreciation of the book I’m holding in my hands, whether or not I enjoyed the book. I feel like I get to know the author just a little bit more. They’ve bared their hearts and soul in their work and let me experience that and then I get this tiny glimpse more with the acknowledgements.

I think it’s lovely that they get to thank their family who know doubt helps them shuffle their lives around to make this possible. I love the thank you’s to their team at the publishing house, their agents and editors that poured their soul into getting the book to print — this incredibly wild journey. And I really love seeing the fellow authors who were there for the author to bounce ideas off, encourage them, etc. — so similar to how I feel with blogging and have those PEOPLE who can help me unblock creatively or encourage me when I’m down!

 I decided to share with you some of my favorites because I honestly do keep track of the ones that make me tear up or just make me smile. I have a ton more that I’d love to share but then this post would be way too long!


My most favorite paragraph EVER EVER EVER in acknowledgements. I read it on the beach and just smiled so heart and swooned like crazy. SO. CUTE. *heart clutching*


I just love hearing about Gayle’s life and travel stories any time I hear her speak or do an interview and her acknowledgements are always just SO BEAUTIFUL AND LOVELY. I love how she is grateful for the travels and those she has met and what a profound impact it has had on shaping her as a person. Obviously I love that she thanks all of her readers (can I thank her for writing some of my favorite books of all time and always making me think and FEEL?). But mostly I love that last little sentence. So profound. So beautiful.


I just love how authors will put in little things about their family and I love the humor in this one. I can only imagine how much ones family contributes to the little details of the book like that.



I had just finished ugly crying because the series was over but then Cynthia Hand’s acknowledgements were just SO BEAUTIFUL. Really I wish I could show you the whole thing but there was just so much heart in it — these final thank you’s at the close of an amazing series. GAH. But I loved this one because I think it’s honestly amazing to see what kind of crazy awesome support system our favorite authors have!



You GUYS. I feel like I want to write a whole post of my own acknowledgements and thank all of my favorite authors. I am SO GRATEFUL for THEM and the way they make me think, make me feel intensely and make me believe in the power of a story.

What about you guys…am I the only weirdo who HAS to read the acknowledgements? Like really, every time. I never skip them. What are some of the most memorable acknowledgements you’ve come across? Just another reading habit I have to know about (like juggling books or reading in the car or any of the things I admitted here).

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