Top Ten (Ok Really Just 8) Authors On My Auto-Buy List!

toptentuesssTop Ten Tuesday, as  always, is hosted at my other blog — The Broke & the Bookish

This week’s topic: Top Ten  Authors on my “Auto-Buy” List

Stephanie Perkins just creates characters that linger in my heart for forever. I’m excited to see what she comes out with next because I know that I already adore her contemporary works so those are NO MATTER WHAT on auto-buy. I just know she is going to do other genres well. Check out of my reviews of Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door)

gayle-forman-signing-1Seriously, Gayle Forman’s books always do something to my heart that never leaves it — those stories just stay embedded there and like I find myself thinking about them a lot.  It’s the little pitter patters in my heart to the scenes that slay. She just is a phenomenal writer and seriously she could write the next 50 shades of Gray  and I’d read it OK. I DON’T CARE. (My reviews of If I Stay, Where She Went and Just One Day)

john-green-signingJohn Green’s books make me think like nothing else, truly. I feel like I walk away from his books thinking about the world a little bit differently or about myself a bit differently. No books have ever been dogeared as much as his. I just am constantly awed by him as a person and just need him to write more books for a long time to come. Check out my reviews of Looking For Alaska and Paper Towns.

meeting-david-levithanDavid Levithan is always surprising me. What I’ve read from him  so far has always been delightful in it’s own way and always something different. I appreciate what he can do with a story to make it really mean something to me in different ways. I’m so excited for Invisibility by he and Andrea Cremer. I never know what to expect next from David but I’m always going to read it. Check out my reviews for Every Day, The Lover’s Dictionary and Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares.

jonathan-safran-foerJonathan Safran Foer is one of my favorite literary fiction authors and just, in general, one of my favorite authors ever. The problem is that I need him to write more  book PLEASE. EL&IC got me back into reading and then I read Everything Is Illuminated — which I didn’t love as much but still appreciated (Everything is Illuminated the movie was quite fantastic). I just love his writing and his stories and look forward to the day when I hear his next work of fiction will be out!


When I want a good historical fiction novel I turn to Ruta. After experiencing Between Shades of Gray I pretty much guessed she’d be on auto-buy for me but after reading Out of the Easy recently it has been confirmed. Seriously cannot wait for more from her! Her stories just suck you in and her characters are always so well written that I’m pretty sure they have a pulse.

morgan-matsonTruthfully I’ve only read Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour but I knew after one book that I’d read anything she wrote.  I literally had NO idea what Second Chance Summer was about it and added it to Goodreads immediately when it was announced. She just writes the kind of books I really like to read in the contemporary YA genre. I have Second Chance Summer on my shelf and plan to get to it soon because I’m really wanting to get back into her writing.

I just discovered the beauty of Something Like Normal recently and if you like contemporary is a MUST. Seriously. After one book from Trish I was just blown away and now I understood why some of my very best friends were obsessed with her writing! Her newest book Where Stars Still Shine is due out in the Fall and you know that was added to my TBR list immediately upon finishing SLN. It’s honestly rare for after one book for me to declare Auto Buy List. I just have that FEELING.


So tell me…which authors are on YOUR auto-buy list? I’m curious to know WHAT makes an author deserve a spot on that list? Have you read all of their books and know what to expect? Have you had an experience where you’ve only read one book but you just had that FEELING that whatever they would write would be GOLD?

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