Best Of 2015: All Things Not Books!

The past three years I brought you the best of all things NOT books and it was fun so I figured I’d do it again!

If you want to read all my best of books posts we’ve got:

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Best 2015 Debuts
Best 2015 Releases
Best Backlist Books I Read In 2015
Most Underrated Books Of 2015


So let’s get to this:

best music 2013

10 Favorite 2015 Albums

(in no particular order)


This is so fun for me always because 1) I keep meticulous track of my music (a habit dating back to college before I had Spotify and things like that) and 2) because I keep track of it meticulously it’s SO easy to put this together.

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Best Backlist Books I Read In 2015

I’m breaking up favorite books of the year up again like I did last year (2015 releases, debuts, backlist & books that should have gotten more attention) because I really enjoyed how that worked out last year!

So far this month I’ve already shared my¬† 2015 releases and my favorite 2015 debuts so be sure to check that out! Today I want to talk about all the pre-2015 books I read this year! So I’m defining BACKLIST, for this purpose, as anything that was published pre-2015. It’s important to me as a reader/blogger to not forget about older stuff…plus I always miss SO many things.


So here are my 7 favorite backlist books I read this year:


The Lumatere Chronicles by Melina Marchetta (2008) : This book are DEFINITELY in my top 5 of books I’ve read this year. This fantasy trilogy is amazing and I’m soooo glad I finally read it considering all her contemporary YAs are my fave books of all time. Binging this series was the best thing I did this year probably. I mean, I named my dog after one of the main characters soooo hopefully that indicates this series importance to me??? SERIOUSLY AMAZING. I have never loved fictional characters as much as I love these. SO MANY EMOTIONS JUST THINKING ABOUT THIS SERIES. (my thoughts on the whole series)

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