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So if you caught my #shelfgoals post recently (I’m writing both of these on the same day so no idea when I’m actually scheduling them haha) I shared the current disaster that are my shelves (embarrassing pictures and all) and talked about my plan for a revamp project for my shelves this Spring.

I outlined a number of things that I’d be doing to revamp my shelves and one of those things was to think about my shelf organization but I had so many thoughts about this so I promised a full post instead of jam-packing that post with it. So here we are to talk all about bookshelf organization.

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#ShelfGoals On My Mind

If you peruse Instagram or Tumblr on a daily basis, you might find yourself drooling over some personal libraries and shelves that are pretty much the epitome of #shelfgoals. I mean, they are beautiful and clean and organized and adorned with the cutest of cute things. And every day I pretty much have bookshelf envy.

Just a few examples.

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The Tale of Two (Warring) Bookworms Within Me

For as long as I could remember I’ve always dreamed of having Belle’s library in the Beauty and the Beast.


Or at least some beautiful room full of bookshelves or at the very least some customized built-in bookshelves that line the walls. I’ve scoffed when Will (or anyone outside of this community) says I’m hoarding books and have delighted in continuing in building my collection. I’ve oogled bookshelves and libraries on Pinterest and elsewhere:


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Jamie’s Bookcase Dilemma: Practicality or Design!?

Working for a design magazine is amazing as I get to look at stylish furniture and homes all day–in addition to blogging, Facebooking, and tweeting! I recently did a blog entry about my favorite modern bookshelves and I started thinking about how I love practicality in bookshelves but I also like ultra stylish, and sometimes funky, design when it comes to bookshelves. Clearly, I love having a place for all my books to fit but I don’t want any old bookshelf that compromises my style and love for good design! Here are some awesome bookshelves that I love–some are practical and some are clearly not! What about you? Do you prefer practicality or design? What do your bookshelves look like? How many do you have? Tell me all about your shelves!

Here’s a preview of my picks on the magazine’s blog. You can go there to see them in detail. You should see some of the prices on some of these beauties!

Here are a few of the other bookshelves that I thought were interesting!

Trilogy Staircase Bookshelf from Smart Furniture, $399: This one is pretty practical and is one of those great spacesavers! It would look so cute in a little loft underneath the stairwell!  I’m in love!

Boogie Woogie Shelving System seen on Hive Modern: My boss owns these and they are awesome! You can stack them and adjoin them and apparently if you put them together it makes for a 3-D effect!

Ptolomeo Rotating Bookcase seen on The Conran Shop, $3795: These remind me of the rotating DVD shelves at my library. I love that this is a rotating shelf and it looks like it can be easily tucked into a corner somewhere.

Odersoding Modular Shelf System seen on Ding 3000: These ones are just funky! It seems like depending on how you set them up is how the geometry of the shelving will be.

**Be on the lookout for my top 5 crazy bookshelves, kids bookshelves and wall mounted bookshelves**

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