The Books I Read But Never Talked About Before My Hiatus: PART 2

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As with Part 1,  I’m going to continue to BRIEFLY mention some of the books I read last Fall/end of 2016, before I was held hostage by my terrible first trimester of pregnancy, because they deserve to be mentioned and then hopefully I can get myself more caught up on what else I’ve been reading lately!

So let’s get started:

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Ten Comics On My Comic TBR List

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Last year I started getting into comics (you can check out what I started with here) and since I’m still a comics newb I have QUITE the TBR list of comics to get to. I thought it would be fun if I shared 10 that were on the top of my TBR list. In other news, I should have another post up detailing what other comics I’ve been reading (Paper Girls & Lumberjanes for sure) soon.

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Comics & Graphic Novels I’ve Been Reading

As I mentioned in my post reflecting on my 2015 goals and resolutions that, while it wasn’t one of my actual goals or resolutions, I was really proud of myself for branching out and giving graphic novels and comics a try! I’m always about trying new things and on a whim I picked up this first one at the library this Fall and got pretty hooked! I can’t wait to read more comics and graphic novels in 2016 but I wanted to share the 3 I read in the past couple of months!



Wytches Volume 1 by Scott Snyder: This was my first comic I’ve ever read (saw it at the library and picked it up on a whim) and I enjoyed it! It was dark, disturbing and a cool take on witches! I can’t wait to dive deeper into the lore of the witches in this comic. The ending was of the “OMG” variety and I loved the relationship between the father and daughter.  If you like horror, check this one out!

Will I continue on? YES! Especially after that cliffhanger of an ending I’m dying to find out what will happen next!


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