Retail Therapy: In Need Of Cute Mugs/Tea Cups

So a long time ago (circa 2011-2012) I used to have this series on here called Retail Therapy but I let it fall to the wayside like many other reoccurring posts I used to do. I reevaluated for a while and I tried to save it again in 2014 and did it a whopping ONE TIME then and so far in 2015. So, let’s maybe go for more than once in 2015…okay self? Because I genuinely love doing these posts…I just am bad at remembering to do them.


Since getting married I’ve had to start a new collection of mugs because all the mugs I used in my life were ones from home and I’m pretty sure my stepdad wouldn’t have been happy if I took them all with me. We got a small set that came with our plate set and my sweet friend Ginger got us cute Mr. & Mrs. mugs and I had maybe one or two assorted ones from the years or as gifts. We need more — especially with how much we go through them with my tea habit and Will’s coffee habit. I miss the eclectic mix of mugs from my childhood — The Beatles mug I got my stepdad one Christmas, some of my mom’s old mugs or even the ones that were her and my dad’s from when they were still married, or the mugs from various travel destinations went to. I miss all my mugs that all have these great stories to them!

However, I’m ready to start my own collection and I’m on the prowl. Please share with me your favorite mugs or places to buy mugs! PS. How are Target’s mugs?? I feel like they are always cute but how is the quality?


Throne of glass merchandiseFind it here!

I love this mug from Gillian’s Society 6 shop! My Throne of Glass series feels are all amped up just looking at it!!! I tried to hint to Will that I wanted this but picking up on my hints is something he needs work on.

bookish mugFind it here!

 This one is from Bookworm Boutique on Society 6 which has allll sorts of cute bookish mugs and I had a hard time just featuring just one because I wanted lots of them. But I like this one because reading past my bedtime is likely why I am in need of caffeine.

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