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 Falling Into Place review Amy Zhang


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Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang

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What Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang is about:

Liz Emerson, a popular junior, decides to drive herself off the road and into the tree. Nobody knows, except the mysterious narrator who pieces Liz’s story together for us, that she did it on purpose — everyone assumes it was an accident because of an icy road. The story unfolds as Liz’s family, friends, and classmates find out and cope with the news and flips back and forth to the past and the present to tell the story.

Why You Should Be Saving The Date for Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang:

1. I could not put Falling Into Place down. It just sort of crept up on me, dug its claws into me and I just had this pit in my stomach until I could finish it. The plot mixed with the way it made me feel propelled me forward.

2. It was tragically beautiful and heartwrenching and really, really stripped down the characters: At a glance, these characters could have been one dimensional but as the story is told it really strips down the characters, (and the relationships I would say) in all their complexities and they  just became so vulnerable to me. Even the “dislikeable” ones. Which you could say there are a few. The relationships and friendships are rather unhealthy and, as a reader, you just feel like “OMG WHY STOP.” As you read you see why it all lead up to this destructive event.

3. The narrator is fascinating: It’s told by a mysterious narrator who sees and knows all and is told in a non-linear way (meaning flashbacks and jumping around to different places in the story). It’s easy, after a little while, to guess at who the narrator is but it was a really, really effective way to tell the story.

4. It made me weep at 1am. It’s a quiet novel but it creeps up on you and just lays you out like a wrecking ball does and caused all my insides to crumble.


Who Should Save The Date: people who like quiet novels that really dissect the characters, people who want lovely prose, people who like unique narrators, lovers of the complexities of human interaction and motives


A Sneak Peek: “Force. Liz. She looked around and saw all the broken things in her wake, and then she looked inside herself and saw the spidering cracks from the weight of all the things she had done. She hated what she was and didn’t know how to change, and half an hour before she drove her car off the road, she saw that despite all of that, she didn’t have enough force to stop the world from turning. But she had enough to stop her own.” (this is taken from the advanced copy and could be subject to change)

Be on the lookout for my FULL review closer to the release date where I will flesh out my thoughts a little more!


Have you read this one? Are you excited for it?? Putting it on your TBR list?

Top Ten 2014 Debuts I’m Most Anticipating


Top Ten Tuesday, as  always, is hosted at my other blog — The Broke & the Bookish

This week’s topic: Top Ten 2014 Debut Novels I’m Most Anticipating

I thought I might have overlap on this and my top ten 2014 releases list but surprisingly I didn’t since most of my most anticipated YA books of 2014 are from authors I’ve previously read and loved. So check that list out!

2014 YA debuts contemporary




Open Road Summer by Emory Lord

You know I love me some road trip-esque novels! I’m planning on reading this one soon (after all I’m really trying to stick with my Winter TBR list!) and I’m pretty excited! After a breakup the MC hits the road with her bff who is a country superstar and you can imagine the things that would ensue embarking on that trip — especially when the opening act is a rather attractive piece of eye candy.

Wish You Were Italian by Kristin Rae

How cute does this one look? PLUS it’s set in Italy and I am in desperate need of an armchair adventure back there because I MISS IT. If you like cute romances abroad, this looks like a good one to put on your list.

Behind The Scenes by Dahlia Adler

I’ve been wondering why there aren’t too many “set in Hollywood” kind of YA novels out there so I’m SUPER excited about this. The MC is best friend’s with one of the stars of a hot new drama and, when her own plans for college fall through, she is need of cash and becomes her friend’s assistant. It turns out to be fun plus she’s been spending time with her friend’s cute co-star and even shared a kiss…until a publicity stunt that has the two stars “dating.”

Half Bad by Sally Green

Witches!! I don’t read A TON of paranormal but I’m super excited about this one because it sounds all sorts of awesome. Magic + good witches + bad witches + England + living alongside humans. Count me in, please!


Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid

Road trip!! Plus I really love this cover. A LOT. I don’t know a TON about what this book is about but I know there is a road trip made by a girl named Leila and she crosses paths with four teens along the way. All the summaries I’ve found are kind of vague and I get the impression we are supposed to not really that much about Leila and her trip until we start reading! Very excited!

After You by Jessica Corra

I can’t wait until this cover is released so I can get further excited about it! It sounds like there is some sort of time travel-y, science fiction element to this. Camilla has the power to rewind any day and relive it as many times as possible and she remembers everything when she does it. Her sister ALWAYS dies at her own hand every time she tries to re-do the day. She finds some writings of her sister’s that show that she had the power to see the future and kills herself to protect Camilla. Camilla can’t accept that there isn’t another way and tries to alter things to make what her sister saw not come true so her sister doesn’t have to die. It sounds twisty and awesome and I want it!

Breakfast Served Anytime by Sarah Combs

I love summer camp sort of stories and so this one sounds interesting as it is set at some sort of smart camp! One of my best friend’s in high school went to a camp like this and I loved hearing all her stories and all the drama so this one immediately was added to my list! Love me any sort of coming of age story that happens during the summer in this sort of setting.

The Merciless by Danielle Vega

I’m always looking for creepy, horror type stories and I was curious about this one immediately! Sofia makes friends with a group of girls on her first day of school who seemed like good girls until she finds herself caught up in something so horrible that she can’t get out of. The girls believe another classmate is possessed and so they have her tied up in a basement to preform an exorcism which Sofia thinks is really just torture. Sofia doesn’t want to go along with this but there is no way for her to leave and she doesn’t want to be next. THIS SOUNDS SO CREEPY AND I NEED IT.

The Chance You Won’t Return by Annie Cardi

I love books that deal with a teens + their parents. Alex’s life has the normal teen worries but she’s got even more when her mom starts dressing like and taking on the identity of Amelia Earhart. Her mom’s delusions get even stronger as she plans her final flight and Alex tries to hold her life together and try to figure out what is happening to her mom. I feel like this one is going to be one of those that guts me. I recently read The Impossible Knife of Memory and it was a situation where the teen had to take care of the parent (in that case it was PTSD) and those types of premises are so interesting to me and this one sounds great!

Something Real by Heather Demetrios

YES a book about reality tv!! I am excited for some drama! The MC + her twelve siblings (holy crap!) were stars of a hit reality show until a scandal hits and the show is cancelled. Since then she’s tried to lead a normal life out of the spotlight and has even begun to build a new life but that’s about to change as the show gets picked up to be on air again and her mom and the producers won’t allow her to quit. This sounds fun especially for someone like me who is a reality tv addict.

The Half Life Of Molly Pierce by Katrina Leno

This was an insta-add for me because books with dissociative identity disorder just absolutely intrigue me!  This one sounds especially intriguing as the MC starts remembering things that her other identity has been suppressing from her.

Far From You by Tess Sharpe

I love me a good mystery and this sounds like one! It seems twisty and complicated as the MC, who is sort of blamed for the death of her best friend, comes home from rehab and realizes everyone is looking at the wrong things to solve her friend’s murder. Also, I think the cover is pretty!


Honorable mentions: Falling Into Place (this sounds amazing — a story about a teen’s suicide attempt told from the perspective of her neglected childhood imaginary friend) , Point (mystery thriller that sounds interesting!)

Books I’m currently reading/have read that would have made this list: Side Effects May Vary & Love Letters To The Dead



So tell me…which of these books are on your list? Did you discover any new ones through my list? What are books that are on YOUR list but not on mine? I’d love to find new ones to add to my TBR!

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