Reconsider Or Release?

In my post about my struggle to put down books I’m not really into at all, I mentioned that I think I found a way that might help me get better at learning how to put down a book and move on to the next one. One of my struggles, as I mentioned, is that I’m afraid of putting down a book that it’s going to redeem itself at a point beyond where I stop. Some books I really loved were really super slow for me in the beginning and then suddenly it all clicked for me.

SO,  because all of you readers are all so wise…I’m going to sporadically lay out my DNF books on the metaphorical table for you all and let you help me decide if I should just MOVE ON and release the books or maybe reconsider  them. So, vote either reconsider or release and maybe provide some compelling reasons for why I should reconsider or release OR at least just tell me what your general thoughts on the book were that might help me in my decision?

You guys know me pretty well so I think  this will be a good way to weed out the ones that truly need to stay in the DNF graveyard and help me sleep better at night without all those pesky DNF books haunting me.


So, here are the rare few books I’ve put down recently:


Hereafter Tara  Hudson Book Cover


Hereafter by Tara Hudson

Why I Picked It Up: The cover was pretty (shallow Jamie!) and it was about ghosts and I love ghosts. Not real ones though.

Why I Put  It Down: I just was NOT clicking with the characters at all. I felt like I should be more excited about what was going on and I just was not.






One Day by David Nicholls

Why I Read  It: I had heard so many good things about and I was sure I would really love it!

Why I Put It Down: I felt so bored reading it. Granted I didn’t get far into it but I just dreaded  picking it up and didn’t read for a week until I finally just switched to a new book.








Everything We Ever Wanted by Sara Shepard

Why I Picked It Up: It’s Sara Shepard! The publisher sent it to me! AND  because it was set near my area in the Main Line near Philadelphia. Oh and because it had promise of family drama…and that’s always intriguing.

Why I Put It Down: I got a quarter through and there was SO Much Drama going on but I just didn’t care. Not at all. I was pretty let down and started watching copious amounts of Netflix to avoid picking this one up.








So give me your opinion, friends! Reconsider or release?

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