Planning For A Great New Year


How To Plan The Best New Year Ever

I’ve always been one of those people who is totally invigorated by the idea of the ~new year~ even though I know I can start anew any day. I always DO get super pumped about the beginning of a new month or a new week or a new season also. There’s just something about it for me that gets me mentally focused on all my goals and things I want to accomplish.

planners for 2018

I’ve done everything — from the typical New Year’s Resolutions, New Year’s intentions, one word resolution that defines the rest of my year, monthly resolutions. EVERYTHING. I’ve done it all. I have mild success most of the time at keeping the long-term resolutions but I do pretty well breaking it down.

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2016 Goal Check-In


I always like to check-in with myself midway through the year to see where I’m at with goals and refocus myself. I ~try~ to revisit my personal and bookish goals every month to break it down on actionable steps but I don’t always make it happen so this always helps give me energy about my goals OR helps me decide that it isn’t really a goal for me anymore — which is totally okay with me. I don’t want to plug away at anything I don’t care about anymore.

So, here was my original post about my goals where I talked about them more in detail than I’m doing here.

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Top Ten Bookish Resolutions


Top Ten Tuesday, as  always, is hosted at my other blog — The Broke & the Bookish

This week’s topic: Top Ten Bookish Resolutions — I have to say I did OKAY on last year’s resolutions so I’m excited to stick to these too!

I had talked in my Onward post about how I was taking December to really think about some things for 2014 and to take a little break. I did that, but since 2014 I’ve been SICK (what a way to start the new year right?) in bed so I haven’t really done much blogwise so I’m glad I already had these written out prior to the New Year because I have NO energy right now. I hope to be back with reviews and such this week.

Blogging Related



I touched a little bit about this in this post but I really am not enjoying the book REVIEWING thing anymore but I love TALKING about books. I know my reviews are very conversational so it’s not like it’s going to be a HUGE change but I don’t want to look at it as reviewing anymore. I never started this blog to REVIEW books but just to talk about them! I just need to figure how I want to go about this change to book TALK vs book REVIEW blog. Will it include a format change? WHAT WILL IT LOOK LIKE?


I had a lot of posts I used to do years ago but kind of just DROPPED them because I’m lazy or wasn’t feeling them anymore. I never want to do things I don’t feel passionate about. SO I’m planning on writing out what I used to do and writing what I currently do and reevaluate everything. Do I need to scrap things? Can I breathe fresh air into things? Maybe an idea will give way into another idea? I already started on this resolution with bringing back Retail Therapy.


I used to be a pretty excellent commenter because I genuinely like interacting and supporting others. I’ve dropped the ball. No excuses and I’m sorry because I love you all. This year had to do a lot with a weird blogging slump, feeling unbalanced in life and just generally not feeling like myself. And then I got really caught up in this dilemma and time issue of where should I spend my time that I have to devote to blogging and reading because the blogging side got SO in the way of reading — which is why I started this blog. I kept thinking “Okay I have to reply to every blog comment to keep this conversation-oriented community I created” and “okay, I need to comment on people’s blog” and I got reallyyy burnt out. So then I tried to lessen the replies back on my blog because I figured most people don’t come back to check anyways (PLUS I love getting OFF my blog and on to others)  but then I saw this slew of comments and posts talking about “I hate bloggers who don’t respond back on their blog..they are selfish and don’t care” and then I felt bad because that’s not AT ALL the case here. Then I see comments like “I won’t visit blogs anymore if they don’t comment on mine” and I just got REALLYYYY discouraged because I felt like I could do nothing right so I just stopped and would just comment sporadically. I don’t want to feel obligated or feel like I’m “doing it wrong” by the standards of other bloggers. Now I’m going into 2014 wanting to genuinely visit blogs again and I can’t care about what people think because someone is always going to be miffed. At the end of the day people just need to remember there is a person with a full time life behind every blog and to be a little more gracious. I struggled in 2013 and blog guilt added so much more stress to that and who needs that? I know so many bloggers who have dealt with deaths, marriage problems, severe depression, loss of a job, etc. while blogging and it’s hard to keep it all together and be interactive and do all the things people want you to do.

I used to vlog a lot! On here but I was also part of a collab Youtube channel where I did a video a week. I loved doing it but I’ve stopped. I want to integrate that back into my blog.
I have so many annoying blogging things to tackle behind the scenes. I’m the WORST. Some of those things include things that needed to be dealt with when I moved from WP back in early 2012! I also want to redo some of the copy on my about me and review policies and other pages. ALSO the huge thing on this list is that, ever since I took off star ratings on my blog like 3 years ago, I’ve wanted to develop another sort of rating to help my readers understand where it ranks but I’ve not come up with a solution due to laziness/devoting time to thinking about it. It gets put on the back burner constantly.

Reading/Book Related




I follow the Diversity in YA tumblr and website and I realize I don’t read many books that have main characters that are POC. It’s not intentional thing but I just don’t. I want to seek out those books because I think it’s important! There used to be a POC reading challenge back in the day but I don’t know if that’s a thing anymore but I’d like to find out!


I’ve admitted to how many series I am currently in the middle of and it’s embarrassing and I’m sick of it. I’m going to STOP sucking at series. So my goal this year is to look at all the series that are complete and FINISH THEM. I’m then going to decide which series I want to give up. Easy peasy? I keep saying I’m going to not start any NEW series until I finish one but we will see.


I have LOVED my Courting Genres project, which was a result of LAST years resolutions, and I’m excited to continue it. In 2013, I “courted” the adult romance genre and I definitely want to go steady with it. I have recs from “experts” for the other genres I expressed interest in courting and now I just need to stop being lazy and scurrrred off these genres.


Prior to blogging I only read adult fiction and non-fiction. I love reading YA soooo much but I’d like to go back to reading these books again. I think I read like 4 in 2013? My goal is to beat that this year! I’m sure I’ve missed some really great releases these past couple years (in addition to the ones before that that I never got to) so I’d LOVE some recommendations from you guys!


I did a pretty good job of getting rid of books in 2013 and donating them to a teacher I know and also a librarian friend as well as my own library but I just skimmed the surface. I need to really look at each book and decide if I need to keep it. April’s infographic may come in handy!

So tell me…what are some of YOUR resolutions? I’d love for some advice or suggestions if you can help with any of mine! 🙂

Checking In: A Little Bit Of Shame & Some Success To Report

I know I already passed the half way mark of the year but I’ve been meaning to take a look at how I’m doing with my bookish New Year’s Resolutions and I figured I’d share it with you guys so you can cheer me on or crack the whip!


Resolution #1: I resolve to not be afraid of reading chunky books.

Status: WELLLL, I’m planning on reading Harry Potter (you saw my crazy teaser video yes?) and those are thick. So that counts, right? I’ve read a few chunky books I think but my main goal with this one was not to push thick books aside because of the pressure of reviewing. I think I’ve combated my “but I could read 3 books in this time instead of this one chunky book” mentality so that’s good. I’m going to try to tackle at least one more chunky book on my bookshelf before years end.

Resolution #2: I resolve to be a good commenter like I used to be.

Status: SIGH. I have my weeks but I got in a really long, weird blogging slump that was kind of different for me in WHY it started so I just kind of disappeared and stopped reading blogs and commenting. I SEEM to be out of this so hopefully I can continue to work on this one!

Resolution #3: I resolve to start reading classics again.

Status: FAIL FAIL FAIL. I’ve read ZERO. What’s your favorite classic? Maybe you can motivate me!

Resolution #4: I will get better at putting books down that I don’t like

Status: I think I’ve done ok with this but looking back over what I read this year I see that 1) I read a lot of books I really loved and 2) there were some I wasn’t enjoying that I see now I should have put down. You KNOW I have a hard time putting down books as per this confession but I did at least manage to do one Reconsider or Release post this year. Probably not impressive for some of you expert DNFers but I’m working on it.

Resolution #5: I resolve to cull my OWNED books.

Status: I have been doing a pretty good job at this one and have given a lot of books to book club friends or donated them! I also met a guy in my apartment complex who is a high school English teacher and I plan on loading him up with a few boxes to take to his classroom! I feel good about this resolution!

Resolution #6: I resolve to get back into adult fiction.

Status: FAIL. I’ve read one adult novel this year BUT BUT BUT I have a few out from the the library that I plan to read!

Resolution #7: I resolve to fix and update my review archive.

Status: HAHAHAH I’m so far behind I should just delete this tab. SIGH. One rainy day I will work on this!

Resolution # 8: Start a book club or get involved in one

Status: This is what I wrote on my initial post: “I’ve always wanted to be involved in a really fun book club that is super laid back and informal — preferably with cocktails or wine and FOOD.” and I am PLEASE to report that I have succeeded in this goal! I started the most awesome book club ever and these girls are so fun to hang out with and have become such good friends! Want some tips to start your own book club?



Resolution # 9: I resolve to read outside of my normal genres and dabble in territory I’ve ignored.

Status: I honestly have been OKAY about this one — sneaking in a few ignored genres in but not as much as I’d like. SO I recently, this week,  started a new series in which I “court” the genres I am afraid to read. The first one is Courting the Adult Romance genre — some friends gave recommendations, you all will vote and then I will read! I still need other people to be Recommenders on certain genres so be sure to check that out!

Resolution #10: Fix all of the housekeeping, behind the scenes that I’ve neglected since my move to WordPress.

Status: HA. Yeah, maybe one day I started to do this and then I got bored. I MUST DO THIS. Someone cheer me on!

At the end of my post this was my OVER-ARCHING, most IMPORTANT resolution:

“Have fun. Read good books. Have good conversation about them. No stress. No pressure. Don’t worry about reading or blogging slumps.”

I think I’m doing a bang up job on this one! I’ve been reading good books, having good convos and most importantly this has been a pretty stress free blogging and reading year. WOO!

What about you guys? How are you doing on your bookish resolutions? Anybody want to cheer me on??

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