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Gifts for harry potter fans


Hellllooo back this week with another gift guide (check out last week’s gift guide if you happened to miss it — chock full of gifts for the book lovers in your life/yourself let’s be real).


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On Reading Harry Potter For The First Time At 30



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Ever since I started this blog, in 2010, I have been (lovingly) harassed about the fact that I have never read Harry Potter. I knew this was a serious rarity in the YA book world but alas….I had not.

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The #HPvirgin Chronicles

So remember how Betty and I announced we were starting our project?? If you don’t recall, here’s all you need to know….


We’ve kind of let the project fall to the wayside a little bit (we got busy but we’ve reconvened) but I DID read book 1 in September…FINALLY AMIRITE? It’s taken me that long to put this post together because screenshots and laziness and general busy times GAH. Some of you may have followed along on Twitter with my Harry Potter adventures but those of you who didn’t I’m bringing you my reactions plus the reactions of others during my FIRST TIME EVER READING HARRY POTTER — in lieu of a review because HOW EVEN DO YOU REVIEW HP AND WHO DO I NEED TO CONVINCE?? I didn’t live tweet TOO much because I would have never got any reading done but I thought it would be fun to share anyways.


I really liked it! It felt a little younger than what I typically read (obviously it’s MG) and I know the series just explodes with more awesomeness as it goes on but I did thoroughly enjoy it and see why it was so magical to all of you. It does make me wish that I read it back in the day but the magic transcends thus far and I’m excited to keep going with the series and get Betty caught up with me so we can go full steam in 2014!! We’ve got some fun ideas planned! HPFIX2 HP16hp19¬†HPfix1hpfix3






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So, there’s my Harry Potter adventure! I’m curious about all of you Potterheads — how many times have you read the series?? Are there any other anomalies out there who haven’t yet read the series??


So, my dear friend Betty and I have been working on something. Yes we have. It’s something that you’ve all been yelling at me for for THREE YEARS. I feel shame and guilt EVERY DAY about it. I feel like I’m missing something — like the key to the universe that everyone else seems to have.





Here’s another hint: The responses I get when I say I’ve never read this series!









Over the next few months Betty and I are going to be reading the Harry Potter series together and creating a series of fun videos to share our experience with Harry Potter as adults! We feel like we missed out on an important childhood rite of passage by not reading the Harry Potter series so it’s our mission to reclaim our childhood and read Harry Potter like we were two giggling teens again. We know we don’t need to review this series but we thought it would be fun for you guys to relive it with us!


Here’s a little sneaky peek to whet your appetite:


ERMAGERDDD! Be excited for us as we embark on this magical adventure! And check out Betty’s blog!

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