We Were On The Nice List


What a successful first holiday season for Riley — lots of time spent with all our family and our gifts for others were a big hit (because let’s be real…they were all Riley related). Even made my MIL cry with our gift for her! Plus Riley was such a champ with all the late nights and messed up naps and socializing that was done!

Riley and I were totally on the nice list for Christmas (Will too but his gifts are mostly gift cards haha) and I thought it might be fun to share some of the things we got as gifts for Christmas. We are so fortunate to have family who spoils the heck out of us!

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5 Products I Want To Rebuy & 5 Products I Want To Try

Beauty Products To Try


natural beauty products to try

It always seems like I run out of things at the SAME TIME somehow. I thought it would be fun (well, at least *I* always like these videos from the beauty bloggers I follow) to highlight some of the things I’ve recently run out of or am almoooost out of and plan to repurchase AND ALSO to share some of the new products I plan to try soon because I keep a pretty detailed list in my bullet journal.

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Planning For A Great New Year


How To Plan The Best New Year Ever

I’ve always been one of those people who is totally invigorated by the idea of the ~new year~ even though I know I can start anew any day. I always DO get super pumped about the beginning of a new month or a new week or a new season also. There’s just something about it for me that gets me mentally focused on all my goals and things I want to accomplish.

planners for 2018

I’ve done everything — from the typical New Year’s Resolutions, New Year’s intentions, one word resolution that defines the rest of my year, monthly resolutions. EVERYTHING. I’ve done it all. I have mild success most of the time at keeping the long-term resolutions but I do pretty well breaking it down.

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My Ultimate Plan To Make Winter Suck Less For Me


make winter suck less


WE HAVE OFFICIALLY ENTERED THE SEASON WHERE IT IS DARK ALL THE TIME UNTIL FOREVER. No but seriously I almost cried yesterday when it was dark before 5pm. I miss our late evening summertime walks with Riley and Finn already.

I can honestly say I am one of the most miserable human beings in existence once Winter hits. I hate the cold weather and I overall hate the snow (I like how PRETTY it looks when I don’t have to go out in it??) and the slushy sleet and the cold temperatures that hurt my body, taking my dog out in said awful weather. I love certain THINGS about the cold weather seasons but overall I’m just VERY grumbly and miserable. Plus it doesn’t help that the sun is like NEVER out. I really, really struggle. SO this year I’ve devised a plan to make it suck less for me.



Retail Therapy: Fall Vibes


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Freaking FINALLY it’s starting to feel like Fall here in Philly. I LOVE summer and hot weather and always beg Mother Nature to keep the party going into September so I can prance around in dresses that make me look like I took time to get ready and lay outside & read with the sun warming my body (and probably burning it…pasty skin and all). But I hit a wall here when in mid October it was still 80 degrees. All I wanted to do was freaking wear my sweaters and trade my sandals for boots and actually be able to dress Riley in all the 0-3 month Fall stuff I bought her thinking YOU KNOW IT WOULD GET COLDER OUT.

So alas, FALL…here we are. I’ve busted out the sweaters (even bought two new ones on sales from Old Navy) and the boots have made their appearance.



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