My Ultimate Plan To Make Winter Suck Less For Me


make winter suck less


WE HAVE OFFICIALLY ENTERED THE SEASON WHERE IT IS DARK ALL THE TIME UNTIL FOREVER. No but seriously I almost cried yesterday when it was dark before 5pm. I miss our late evening summertime walks with Riley and Finn already.

I can honestly say I am one of the most miserable human beings in existence once Winter hits. I hate the cold weather and I overall hate the snow (I like how PRETTY it looks when I don’t have to go out in it??) and the slushy sleet and the cold temperatures that hurt my body, taking my dog out in said awful weather. I love certain THINGS about the cold weather seasons but overall I’m just VERY grumbly and miserable. Plus it doesn’t help that the sun is like NEVER out. I really, really struggle. SO this year I’ve devised a plan to make it suck less for me.



5 Quotes To Help You Refocus & Finish The Year Strong

5 Quotes To Help You Refocus & Finish the Year Strong


Every time September hits I have this back-to-school nostalgia that overcomes me. September always brought a new school year and I always felt the way I did about it as I did the New Year — fresh & new possibilities and goals and declarations of things I would do differently.

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When Everything Feels Heavy


I know the darkness has always been there in the world but I feel like I’ve felt it weighing heavier on me more than usual lately. Maybe it’s that I’m paying more attention to current events and things. Maybe it’s the way I see everything on the internet so it feels all up in my face. Maybe things really ARE just especially bad right now more than usual. Whatever the case…these days I just feel heaviness. Like I have “heavy boots” to steal a phrase from a book I love. It’s murder and injustice and terrorism and garbage people and hate. So many awful headlines. So many scary current events.

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12 Reasons I Am Totally In Love With My Library


why I love my library

When I was a wee little anklebiter  I used to go to the library weekly with my stepmom in the summer. My sister and I would always run to the juvenile/teen section and she would go off in the adult fiction area. We would spend hours (well, at least it felt like that as a kid but alas I probably had no concept of time) and I’d come home with a stack of books I could hardly carry (I had a concept for that burning in my arm muscle so that is accurate for sure). I LOVED the library so much. It was my favorite place to go and I always looked forward to the trip — I have such great memories of going.

But then, as I got older, I sort of fell out of love with the library. Some of that was just my decline in reading during my older teens and early college so it makes sense. I only went during college for research for classes. After that it could have been that I avoided it because of the fact I wracked up the biggest fine ever because I lost a really expensive book when I was in my early 20’s. It also could have been because I became a book buying monster when I started blogging in 2010. I RARELY went to my library for the first couple years of blogging but then….unemployment. Unemployment changed a lot of my book habits but it helped me to fall back in love with the library and it’s really stuck as I’ve changed the way I buy books. I loooove going to the library again and have found it great for SO many reasons as an adult.

So let me tell you WHY I love my library so much!!
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10 Things I Think My Husband Is Sick Of This Bookworm Saying

My husband is the best kind of non-reading bookish husband you can ask for. He’s supportive of this massive hobby of mine, listens to me babble on and on, will ship books out for giveaways for me, he stands in line for me for my favorite author and he takes in all in stride. Because let’s face it…living with a bookworm, and a book blogger, can quite the adventure. As good as he is about it all, I was certain there were things he was sick of me saying as a bookworm so I decided to have a go at making a list at things I THOUGHT he would be sick of hearing me say and then I got his opinion. And he agreed on all of them haha.

He did, however, want to add the disclaimer that “he is sick of it” in the most lovingly way possible.


1. “Hold on, I’ve got just one more page/chapter”

I say this A LOT. No, I can’t do this until I finish this chapter. Sorry we are running late but I had to finish the chapter. NOPE. Not turning off the light until I finish this chapter. I’m a pain in the ass honestly.


2. “Look at the new books I got!!”

Whether it’s books in the mail (which he jokingly threatens to return to sender if he sees them first), books I buy or if I come home with a huge library haul, I seriously think this one, at this point where we are out of room and I have piles all over, is the one that makes him die a little bit inside. He sees those mailing wrappers of doom and I’m pretty sure he is considering divorce every time. He always jokes that soon he’ll be sleeping on books instead of a bed but we’ll see. Good thing I have the book community to be excited about new books with me because he’s probably plotting on how to get rid of them.


3. “Nope, we can’t see that movie yet because I haven’t read the book and want to.”

I kid you not, there are still some movies I vetoed for this reason YEARS AGO (we’ve been together almost 8 years) that I STILL have not read the book for yet. FAIL. But honestly I want to read these books so if there’s even a chance…no way. Many a time we battle at the Redbox kiosk because I say no.


4. “Did you know that’s based on a book??”

This piggybacks on the last one but I cannot help but inform people that HEY THIS MOVIE YOU WANT TO SEE OR THINK WAS SO AWESOME?’s based on a book! Knowledge is power, people!


5. “We need more bookshelves.”

On one hand, this would probably be a godsend considering there are piles all over. But every time I say this I think he wants to die a little because that means MORE BOOKS. He’s given in the last time I said this and I’m working on him right now. We went to Ikea last weekend and I’m like OH THIS WOULD LOOK CUTE IN THAT ONE SPACE.


6. “Can you take a look at this for me??”

This isn’t necessarily a bookworm thing but a blogger thing. Any time I do anything like change my design or make a graphic or a video or have an idea…I always end up asking for his opinion but I know he doesn’t care but I NEED A SECOND OPINION, YO, AND YOU ARE SHACKLED TO ME UNTIL DEATH DOES US PART SOOO THAT COMES WITH THE TERRITORY. Poor him especially when I’m frustrated and need help.


7. “I know you don’t care but I HAVE TO TELL YOU ABOUT THIS BOOK!”

Sometimes I read a book and I just have to like FREAK OUT about it (good OR bad). When I read We Were Liars last year I didn’t know anybody who had read it yet so I couldn’t very well TALK about it in all the spoilery detail I wanted to. So, oftentimes, I just have to tell him the entire plot and why I’m mad/emotionally drained/mind blown/etc.



8. “Don’t talk to me right now. I have too many feelings to deal with.”

Okay I’m a crier. You know this. But when I finish a book that made me cry or set my soul on fire or was some other kind of intense experience..I literally cannot handle him talking to me. AS IF LIFE IS JUST GOING ON AS NORMAL. He is probably pretty sick of me saying this because he thinks “I need to get a grip on reality.” OH PLEASE.


9. “Oh hey, there’s a bookstore! I just want to go in for a minute.”

Hahah because a minute is never a minute with me in a bookstore. HOWEVER, this one is the equivalent to his, “I want to stop in Foot Locker for a minute” so this kind of cancels things out because I am sooo sick of hearing that haha.




At random times, in our apartment, I will shout this. Mostly after a really good book or some good book news or when I get book mail or something. I think mostly he is sick of it because it is normally loud and obnoxious and at a pitch that is not pleasing to his ears or I’m flopping on the couch or being just generally dramatic when I say it.



Bonus: Will said one I didn’t mention is the “can I bring a book with me?” any time we go to something I don’t want to be (sporting events mostly).


What are things (related to book life) that you think the people in your life of are “sick of” hearing you say? Are your significant others saying AMEN to this? 😛

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