5 Most Memorable Times I Met Authors I Love

I’ve been really lucky to have met a lot of authors and honestly MOST of my favorite authors. Between having a decent amount of events come to Philly area and being close to New York, I’ve been SO lucky to see so many great authors! It’s always memorable to meet an author whose books I have enjoyed and chat with them or an author who you’ve chatted with for YEARS and then finally get to meet (cough *that time I met Morgan Matson after YEARS of loving her books*) but here are some of my most memorable author moments in my seven years of blogging. I hope you’ll share some of your most memorable author meetings with me in the comments!

1. That time I got to celebrate my birthday with Gayle Forman:

Okay so technically it wasn’t my FIRST time meeting Gayle. I had been lucky to meet Gayle, one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE AUTHORS, a bunch of times between her coming to Philly a couple times for events and me going to NYC to events she was at. She is literally my favorite — so smart, so interesting, funny and I LOVE HER BOOKS SO MUCH. She was coming to our area on my birthday and I tweeted her that I was happy to be spending my birthday at her event and she’s like I’M BRINGING YOU A CAKE. And like….she actually did. And the whole crowd at my favorite local indie bookstore sang to me. Birthday 2013? ONE OF THE BEST BIRTHDAYS EVER. Gayle is The Best.


Gayle Forman

Gayle Forman signing

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Random Musings On Accessibility To Your Heroes

Things have changed so much in the author/reader space since my childhood/teen years. If I loved a book or something I didn’t have Twitter to jump on to exclaim my love for it directly to the author immediately. I had to write a letter on my best stationary (probably multiple times because I always would mess up or sound dumb), beg for a stamp from my mom, lick the icky envelope and mail that puppy…more than likely to the publisher who would then forward it and WHO KNOWS if the author ever got my letter. I sure never got a response. Sidenote: sometimes I really want to send snail mail to the authors of my most favorite books to show my appreciation rather than popping off a quick tweet or blog post.

I’ve talked about this before but authors, and our heroes/idols in general, are so incredibly accessible because of the internet. It’s great. It really is. I love being able to connect with an author whose book I loved. To talk to them about it. To show them my appreciation. To sometimes even create really good relationships past that. I love having some access to my favorites — to see the behind the scenes and get to know the person. To learn more about them. To go on this journey with them. It can all be a really positive thing.

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Before & After #5: Meeting Authors + Myths I Had About Them

So you guys. Since early 2012 I’ve been working on this post I wanted to do about the differences between myself as a reader before I was a blogger and after I became a blogger because my habits have changed SO MUCH. I kept putting it off because of wedding plans. I wanted to make this cute graphic that was a list but, when I finally started to work on it this year, it was just looking TOO crowded with about 30 different things and overwhelming and not AT ALL what I had in mind. Then I decided…why not make it a series? The more I thought about it — it would lend to a better discussion if I just give you one at a time. I’m kind of glad my original idea didn’t work out because I’m liking this better. Check the end of the post for previous Before & After’s.


 I never met or talked to an author. I thought they just lived somewhere in the clouds above — inaccessible and they wouldn’t give two craps if I wanted to talk to them about their books. I had never ever gone to any sort of bookish event or signing — I don’t think I knew they really existed.  Truthfully, I thought all published authors (not self pubbed) were rich and famous. I mean, you WROTE A BOOK…surely you had to be rich?? haha. And I was WAY to intimidated to send a fan letter THROUGH THE MAIL or by email.


Because I’ve been able to find out about book events, I have met so many authors — some of my favorites, debut authors and even really extremely well established authors. I’ve met or listened to authors I read as a kid or a teen — people who made impacts on my life and made me the reader I am today. I interact on a daily basis, through Twitter, with authors. It’s UNREAL just how accessible they are for me. I would have never thought I would interact/meet authors in this way before I was a blogger. I love that I can tell an author on Twitter just HOW much their book impacted me or realize that my favorite author and I have a favorite band in common. I’ve learned that authors are REAL people and not some aloof mystical being way up there in the clouds too famous to need to hear my words of love for their book. It’s really enhanced my reading experience in some ways to be able to speak with an author about their book and how it made me feel and to get to know them and hear their story. Sometimes the accessibility to authors CAN be a bad thing but I’ve really only had extremely positive experiences.  I think the only negative is that if I know they follow me and I’m not enjoying their book. I hate that they will have to see that. I don’t tweet them or alert them to it but I can’t help if they see it. It makes me feel self conscious/bad though.



Let’s Talk:

If you are a blogger — had you met authors prior to blogging? Did you interact with them before you were a blogger? Has the accessibility of social media made you ever feel self conscious about an author being able to easily see that you didn’t like their book?  If you aren’t a blogger — have you met authors and gone to signings? Do you talk to them on social media?  For everyone — Tell me about your experience meeting/talking to authors! Has it been positive? Did anyone else have any of the same myths that I did about authors — that they were inaccessible,that they were rich and famous, etc. Has being able to chat with authors easily about your book enhanced your reading experience?

Previous Before & After’s:

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So remember that time I told you that on the top of my top ten list of bookish people to meet was John Green? And remember when I told you that there was a chance that THIS WEEKEND I could potentially meet him??

Yeah? You remember?



But let’s back up first…


The beginning of the weekend started off with the lovely Alexa (from Alexa Loves Books) coming down from NYC to Philly to stay with us so that we could venture down to the National Book Fest in DC — an event that I have enjoyed in the past! She came bearing gifts in the form of cupcakes from Crumbs — an hour or so late because Megabus was late in NYC (see: theme for our weekend).

Saturday morning we woke up, surprisingly perky for 4:30 in the morning, and the husband dropped us off at the bus station for us to catch our 5:50am bus. And well…it never showed up. And then the 6:30 bus never showed up. And then it was 7am. And friends, Alexa and I had panic in our eyes for you see JOHN GREEN was speaking at 10 and his signing was directly afterwards and we’d never make it if our bus even showed up in that minute or even if the Mr. came back to pick us up and I battled the Beltway and parking and drove to DC.

The only way to ensure we saw John Green was in the form of a $70 Amtrack train that left in 10 minutes?

So naturally we RAN to the train station, I might add with NO COFFEE in our system, and purchased our tickets and heard the sweet sound of the loudspeaker telling us that the train was JUST starting to board. We made it JUST IN TIME. We settled into that glorious seat on the train and in a fit of rage I did this (though, I must add that our trip on the way home was just fine and Megabus has since promptly put in a refund for me after I tweeted about it!)


After a nice train ride and some awesome conversation, we followed the obelisk and found our way to the National Mall and over to the tent to see John Green. OH HEY…look at the obelisk!


We listened to John Green speak for a bit, and since we knew the lines would be cray, we ducked out early to stand in line.  Only..there were  like hundreds of of other people who had the same idea so we already were behind a TON of other people. So naturally we did what bookish friends do and read silently together. Although not really because we talked too much and met other cool bookish people!












The line wasn’t too painful. AND THEN. IT HAPPENED. I MET JOHN GREEN!!!!!!!! (insert squeals of excitement for me). Naturally I babbled on about how I used a quote of his from Paper Towns as part of our wedding reception decorations and he thought that was cool and congratulated me on my marriage! It was either babbling like a moron or peeing my pants! And then, our new friend Emily (a totally awesome John Green fan that we met) snapped this picture of me with JOHN GREEN! HI EMILY AND THANK YOU!!!


A definite showing in my “That’s What They Said” feature for anyone who gives the best caption to what John Green is thinking/saying in this picture.

All in all, John ended up signing like 1500 people’s books because HE IS AWESOME. All other authors (true the other year I went) only sign an hour and John signed from 11-2. He does amazing things for his fans!

Post-Meeting John Green Excitement.


We spent the rest of the day in the YA tent listening to some amazing authors that I never get tired of seeing (David Levithan, Maggie Stiefvater, Melissa Marr) and OMG OMG OMG I saw and listened to RL Stine — the man responsible for cultivating a love of reading in this here blogger. You all have him to thank for the fact that I am here talking about the Majestic World Of Books here on the interwebs. He is a true genius. We also met new blogger Nikki of Foil The Plot   (go welcome her!!) and Sarah of The Librarian Reads!!

After a truly WONDERFUL day, Alexa and I made our way back to the station, ate some burger and talked about books, blogging and life all the way home.

Is this a dream? Did this really happen? Was I so close I could have bear hugged John Green? AHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

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