Meet YA Jamie!

This post took me about a week or two to do because going through pictures was just too much fun! I know you all as adults and as much as we talk about YA novels…I’ve never shared much about MY YA self. So get to know YA Jamie a bit! 🙂

Meet Middle School Jamie (2000-2001)

BP28th grade dance

BP69th grade dance

Facts You Need To Know:

– In 8th grade I moved from small town PA to the Philly burbs and WOW was everything different. So I started middle school in a new school which was HARD but I was also lucky because I made friends in my neighborhood during the summer (like my BFF Becky!!)

– I was painfully, painfully shy in school as a result of this move (but was WAY super loud around our neighborhood crew and like really obnoxious when around my bff). I made friends pretty quickly in school but it was pretty darn hard. My face would turn BRIGHT red if I was called on in class.

– Middle school Jamie had really bad hair. Like really bad. It’s naturally ringlet curly but she wanted it so straight so used a crap-o straightener and then seconds after leaving the house it just looked like a big POOF BALL.

– She also thought she had really good style (I mean, HELLO DELIA’S and puffy vests from Gap) but now I’m LOLing.


School Wise:

LOVED: English class (surprised?)
Hated: MATH (I was a YEAR behind thanks to my small town school. SIGH.) and Gym..seriously I hated the gym teacher and the icky uniforms.
Extra-curriculars: I got on the middle school lacrosse team. So did everyone who tried out. Choir…I couldn’t sing. Everybody seemed to be allowed in choir.
Social Status: Well, I started out as the new girl and sat at a table full of new girls. I made a lot more friends as they year went on.


Boyfriends In 8th & 9th:

5 I think that all lasted like 2 weeks? Plus guys that I had a “thing” with…basically just lots of hand holding and “teehee I like you” but no official title. I also had an interesting “I kinda like him but I don’t but he likes me” with my across the street neighbors who was also one of my best friends.

My BFF & I!
She seriously was that ultimate BFF that knew EVERYTHING and we could laugh for hours and had endless inside jokes. I kind of always assumed we’d be bffs for forever. We liked to take “model” pictures and like I’m DYING at how we thought they looked good. I’m not even including the worst.

BP3 BP4BP1“model pics” Look at those shiny black pants and Delia’s shirt.


– hanging out with my bff and the friends in our neighborhood
– reading magazines like Seventeen, Teen Vogue
– Listening to music. Rap was my JAM in middle school. lol. Some Shaggy and some Luda…you know how I do.
– Omg I had about 30 penpals in 8th grade and I used to be big into “friendship books”. Did anyone else do them?? You would send them off to other people (my penpals) and then they would send them on, etc. until it filled up and you got it back. I was kiiinda of obsessed with the Hanson ones.

Pink went to my school and in 8th grade (I think her first hit had just blew up!) she came to our school to visit. My mom HAPPENED to be in the school office dropping something off at the time and got her autograph.


Meet High School Jamie (2002-2004)

Facts You Need To Know About High School Jamie:

– The summer in between middle school and high school she really came into herself. She still HATED being called on in class and could be shy but she definitely was a little more outgoing.

– The summer in between middle school and high school she got better with her hair and stopped trying to straighten it until about 12th grade when she got good at it/got better tools to do it. Exhibit A:

– 12th grade Jamie found out her mom had brain cancer and had only months to live. (She ended up living for almost two years).

– High school Jamie was so scared of driving. She got her license but WOWWEE. Not good.

– High school Jamie’s style: She was very serious about her style in 11th and 12th grade — dressing like a little emo/punk girl straight up from the thrift store. Lots of thrift store t-shirts/band shirts, plastic barrettes (like the ones you used to wear when you were 5), pearl necklaces and bowling shoes.


School wise:

Loved: Spanish class, english & history class
Hated: Math!
Social Status: Somewhere in the middle. I had friends in almost every circle and mostly everyone liked me but I didn’t have one particular group. I floated though my “main” group was in the top middle of the food chain but really in HS lots of people talked to each other…wasn’t a strict social order.

Extra-curricular activities:

– Lacrosse team until my senior year (lazy senior! plus I wasn’t that good!)
– Key Club
– I was a HUGE youth group kid and really got into it in 9th grade and then especially during high school. I was always at the church after school to play freeball (kind of like dodgeball but crazier and barely any rules) in the gym or at youth group on Sundays or going on retreats or bible studies or Creation Fest (like the Woodstock of Christian music? lol). I was friends with a lot of people at school but the kids in my youth group were my closest friend (some of them DID go to my school).

Boyfriends in High School

“Serious” boyfriends? 4 or so. I pretty much always had a boy de jour in between an actually boyfriend. My longest relationship was 6 months in 11th grade through 12th but he was a year older and went off the Navy and High School Jamie couldn’t do long distance. 12th grade Jamie started dating her best guy friend and that proved to be DISASTROUS and led to her worst heart break ever.

My bff & I:

The end of an era came to a close by the end of 10th grade between Becky and I. My best friend became Rachel who also was my best friend throughout college and after.

BP1610th grade homecoming when Jabeck (yeah, we called ourselves that) was still a force!

bp22Rachel & I


– youth group
Music: Taking Back Sunday, Finch, Brand New, The Get Up Kids, Dashboard Confessionals, Fall Out Boy, The Early November
-thrift shopping
– Xanga and Myspace!
-chatting with my friends on AIM
– BOYS. I was seriously boy crazy. We would meet boys every where we went and have crushes on them (pictures below from a cruise and at an amusement park).
BP10 BP11

I only went to prom as an 11th grader with my senior boyfriend. All my friends were older or dating someone older so we didn’t go to our senior prom.

High School Graduation

Would you and YA Jamie have been friends or probably not? Did we share any similar hobbies/stories/etc? Is it not crazy how much YA Jamie and Present Day Jamie look pretty much the same? I NEVER AGE.

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