What I’ve Been Reading Lately

I have a feeling this summer is going to be a lot of me doing shorter book talks especially since, as I talked about here, I’m going to maybe post a little less during the summer.


Outrun the Moon stacey lee

Outrun The Moon by Stacey Lee

I received this for review consideration but this in no way affected my opinions.


About In A Sentence or Two: Mercy, a young determined young Chinese girl, refuses to let the fact that she’s Chinese and a girl get in the way of her dreams. She cunningly bribes her way into an exclusive all-girls school and endures the push back from those who don’t want her there and keeping her story under wraps….until it all changes in an instant when a historic earthquake hits the city.

Thoughts: I loooove historical fiction and, while I loved Under a Painted Sky, this one blew me out of the water and stirred me up emotionally — and by that I mean there were lots of tissues next to me upon finishing. I loved the setting of San Fransisco at the turn of the century during this historic earthquake. I LOVED Mercy and how determined, strong and resilient she was and loved watching her go after what she wants — regardless of the roadblocks set up because she’s Chinese AND a woman. Her resilience in the face of tragedy was inspiring. I thought Stacey Lee tackled racism/prejudice in such a nuanced way in this book and I loved seeing it contrasted in the before and in the after — especially to see these glimmer of hopes that barriers could come down when everyone is mourning this tragedy together as a city. I thought the way she wove it through the novel was so perfect. The secondary characters were incredible, truly. If you like historical fiction, this is a must read for 2016.




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2 New Adult Romances I’ve Read Recently

I don’t read a lot of New Adult but I’ve been trying to find things that I think I might like because I LOVE the idea of reading about twenty-somethings. So let’s talk about two that I read this month!


Luck on the line zoraida cordova

Luck on the Line by Zoraida Cordova

This one was enjoyable and OH BOY did it make me HUNGRY. A lot of the story takes place in a restaurant and the male lead is a chef soooo FOOD FOOD FOOD so naturally I was into that though I think it is the author’s duty to send samples of the food to readers whilst reading because COME ONNN. Oh did I mention he’s a really HOT chef? I really enjoyed Lucky as a heroine — she’s headstrong and confident but she totally is a mess the way a lot of us are in our early twenties. I loved that Lucky kind of bounced from one thing to another in this journey to figure out what she wanted. I think Zoraida captured that “I don’t know what I want to do with my life” feeling so well. Plus Lucky has this guilt from her father’s death that has always kind of lingered with her and caused this growing fracture between her and her mom (who is a hot mess). I enjoyed the romance because it is a trope I LOVE (a “hate” to love story) and I enjoyed their amusing banter throughout the book. I think the only thing I was disappointed in was that the tension between them was going so well and then when they finally had “a moment” where things could change between them it went at breakneck speed to intense love. The sexytimes were…well SEXY…especially a certain kitchen scene. But I just felt like a serious love relationship came too fast for my own taste.  It was an enjoyable romance that read quickly and is perfect if you want a lighter romance without TOO much angst.  Oh hey and it’s $2.99 for Kindle!





Rebound Noelle August

Rebound by Noelle August

Man, I have to say I didn’t LOVE this one like I did the first book in this series, Boomerang. I liked it and it definitely held my attention but it didn’t shine for me as Boomerang did which is a shame because I was really excited to get to know more about Adam and Alison — the CEO of Boomerang and the daughter of a potential investor who also know as Ethan’s former girlfriend who cheated on him (which I LOVED getting to see the other side of THAT story). I thought the romance was kind of similar to Mia and Ethan (no idea who each other is when they first hook up…oh and it’s a sexy scene) and then find that it complicates things professionally but I found this one to be more angsty and dramatic than Boomerang. It was nice to see our favorite characters again and get to know these two better but I don’t know…the spark I felt for Boomerang just wasn’t there despite there being some really great moments.

I enjoyed it just fine but surprisingly I didn’t fall in love with Adam and Alison like I thought I would.  Both of their stories were interesting and their chemistry was good (seriously sexy!!!) but I just didn’t feel giddy about them like I did Mia and Ethan. I think maybe because both Adam and Alison have these major trust issues and these bad things that happened and it fell more in line with the New Adult “saving each other from the past” stuff I don’t like? I can’t quite put my finger on it. Despite that, the writing is still fantastic and I LOVE getting to know all these employees at Boomerang which seems like such a fun company to work for. I really do love that these books continue to showcase twenty-somethings trying to figure things out career-wise and with themselves in those tumultuous 20’s years in addition to all the romance. I will DEFINITELY be reading the next book because it stars GREY who is Adam’s brother who we got a nice glimpse of in this one and from what was teased he’s going to have an interesting story!





Have you read either of these? What did you think if you have? ALSO I would really love some New Adult recs — in any genre not just romance. I love the idea of reading about twenty-somethings trying to figure out life, work, romance, etc.

Book Talk: All Lined Up by Cora Carmack

Book Talk: All Lined Up by Cora CarmackAll Lined Up by Cora Carmack
Series: Rusk University #1
on May 13, 2014
Genres: Contemporary New Adult
Format: Paperback
Source: For Review

I received this book for review consideration from the publisher. This in no way swayed my opinion of the book. Pinky swear!


Want an “at a glance” look at what I thought? Check out my Review On A Post-It or my “Final Thought”

A1Dallas’s whole life has revolved around football (which she hates) — she’s from Texas and her dad was always the head coach of whatever different school they moved too. She’s starting her first year at Rusk University, where her quarterback ex-boyfriend goes, and her dad has just become the new head coach there to fix their awful team. She meets Carson at a party on her first night there. Carson is a transfer student and is trying out for the team as backup quarterback — just hoping he’ll make the team so he can get a scholarship. When Dallas and Carson meet and have this instant attraction that is NOT what they expected for that night, they have NO idea who the other is and how they are connected to that football team.

a2I want to go re-watch Friday Night Lights! TEXAS FOREVER!


a41. TEXAS FOREVER: Okay so I am not really a football fan but I tolerate it. Friday Night Lights made me get excited and understand what Texas football is all about. While it’s not as exciting to READ the football scenes as it his to watch the beautiful Tim Riggins running down the field, Cora Cormack really captured the spirit of the football community and what it means and I enjoyed being immersed in that. She really nailed everything I know about Texas football culture (at least what Friday Night Lights taught me haha).

2. Holy Hot Massage: Okay, so this was a pretty sexy romance and I don’t think I’ve ever had to fan myself whilst reading about a MASSAGE before. I loved the tension once they figure out that she’s the coach’s daughter and he’s on the team. Them trying to resist the attraction and be friends made the sexual tension practically become its own character in this story. Since I’m still a romance newb I still giggle at some of the romance-y terms during sexytimes but I found it to be…I don’t even know where I’m going with this? How do I talk about the sex in a romance novel without sounding like a perv? It was good? I liked it? Well done, characters! (I’ll have you know I’m laughing like a hyena right now and Will is saying that he’s pretty sure I should be embarrassed if I keep this bit in here).

3. He said/she said: It was a dual narrative and I really thought it worked well to see both Dallas & Carson’s perspectives — especially when they realize their connection to the coach. This was a romance so a lot of the focus WAS on their attraction and them overcoming their obstacles with the whole coach’s daughter/player on the team thing but I loved watching Dallas really start to take control of what she wanted and stop living in the shadow of her dad and football. I didn’t feel like I really FELT her passion for dance though that was a big part of her so that fell a little flat with me but I really loved the parental plot line. I will say that while there was some substance beyond the romance…I wished for a stronger connection personally to THEM. I liked them and I loved their romance but I never felt like I super KNEW them.

factors+ enjoyability & readability, loved the setting, romance I wanted to root for
just needed to feel more to get to a higher rating — nothing WRONG, just lacked that certain OOMPH.

Re-readability: No, I probably wouldn’t reread it.
Would I buy a copy for my collection? I think if you are a fan of the author you’ll probably want to own this one. I already own this as I got it for review but if I had borrowed it I probably wouldn’t buy it just because I know I wouldn’t re-read it/it’s not a favorite. I WOULD totally buy this one for my sister who loves New Adult romance though! (I only add books to my collection I would re-read or that were favorites).

a5people who like sports in their books, Friday Night Lights fans, people wanting books set in college, people looking for a good New Adult romance!

a8All Lined Up was a fun and pretty sexy romance to read set in the heart of Texas! I loved the tension that came with her being the coach’s daughter and him being the backup quarterback! All together an enjoyable read that felt like Friday Night Lights went to college and I’ll be certainly reading more from this series and will be excited to get to know new characters! I’d also love to read her other books! Also, Carson is hot but he’s no Tim Riggins! SORRY!

review-on-post-itall Lined Up by Cora Cormack


a8j* Have you read this one? What did you think? Similar or different from me? I would LOVE to hear regardless!
* If you haven’t read it, is it something on your radar or that you think you will read?
* What are some other books that will give me the Friday Night Lights FEELS?
* Also, because I was really awkward in my second point, HOW IN THE HELL DO YOU TALK ABOUT SEXYTIMES IN YOUR REVIEW?

The Perpetual Page-Turner


Courting The “New Adult” Sector of Books – Courting Genres #2

One of my bookish New Year’s Resolutions in 2013 was to read outside of my normal genres (I also extended that to this year’s resolutions) and venture in to some areas of literature I’ve barely read. I wanted to be proactive about it so I started a series called “Courting Genres”.  

How It Works:

1. I get some recommendations from some trusted friends/experts in the genre and then…
2. YOU, my dear readers, vote on which TWO reads I’ll be tackling first as I court this new genre.
3. I’ll update you on my progress after the two books and let you know if I’ll be continue to court this genre

Courtship #1 – The Adult Romance genre  —-> check out the results of that courtship here!



My next courtship is with….the New Adult “genre” of book.

I know NA isn’t technically a genre because there should be all sorts of genres within it but, as it seems to stand right now in its early beginnings, is pretty romance heavy.

How many NA books have I read? NADA. At least none that were classified as such. I’ve read books that would FIT within that “new adult” age group but are still considered YA I guess?

Why Am I Adverse To This Genre? I am so not adverse to the IDEA of this genre. I would love twenty-something perspectives and college stories. I heard about this emerging YEARS ago and was excited. Then I heard what some of the more popular NA books were about when it became “a thing” and I just got turned off. I feel like all I hear is that it is really sexy type stuff (which I LIKE but is not what I’m looking for with ALL New Adult) and a lot of really unhealthy relationships and same bad boy, aggressive male lead. I’m not saying that is ALLLLL there is out there but that is why I got so quickly adverse to it when that’s all I was hearing. I just want really great stories of exploration in your twenties and, yes, sexytimes WILL be a part of some of those stories but I want diversity. However, I want to at least give them a shot. ALSO…most of the covers… *cringe*

The Experts I Called On:


*Wendy from Book Scents: Wendy is the sweetest and I definitely appreciate that she covers a wide variety of books on her blog! She covers popular and also off the beaten path books and I love that!

* Cass from Books With Cass: Cass is one of the most enthusiastic bloggers I’ve ever met (well sadly not PHYSICALLY met yet). I love chatting books with her especially since we love a lot of the same books and she also reads adult fiction. Also we love chatting about the show Nashville.

*Jaime from Fiction Fare: Jaime is so fun to chat with on Twitter and I love that her and her sister started their blog together. Great dynamic they have! Plus I can always count on Jaime to tweet a picture of a hot piece of man candy!

*Betty from Book Rock Betty: Betty is my local pal! We met through starting our FYA book club and then she decided she wanted to join the blogging party! I can always count on her for good kissing books and steering me away from books that say sexytime words that we both don’t like. Also she’s the best to read romance novels with.

*Bree from Coffee Bean Bookshelf: Bree is a new find for me! She submitted recommendations for this and I instantly checked out her blog and loved the vibe and the design! Hope to be able to chat with her especially if I end up reading one of her recs!

*Kelly from Kelly Vision: I feel like Kelly and I have been old pals for forever thanks to Twitter. We can chat about EVERYTHING — books, tv shows, random things that annoy us!



Wait For You by J. Lynn
The guy is quite possibly the sweetest guy ever. And I fell in love. I liked that the pacing in this one is realistic, too.
Goodreads | Wendy’s Review

Lost and Found by Nicole Williams
It’s a cowboy one, so not sure how you feel about those but it’s so good! I loved it!
Goodreads | Wendy’s Review

No Attachments by Tiffany King
Really liked it! Its a little different than the cookie cutter NA out there.
Goodreads |Wendy’s Review



Faking It by Cora Carmack 
Cora Carmack writes such a great, yet witty story! Max and Cade are “faking” their relationship but nonetheless learning about each other! To say the LEAST things get, twisted, hilarious, and in the end.. powerful.  PS- LADIESSS, get ready to swoon for Cade!
Goodreads | Cassie’s Review
Hopeless by Colleen Hoover
DUH!  I had to say it. This story is INTENSE. Forget your typical contemporary! This is NOT.  A twist at every turn, and a story that makes you ache, Hopeless is a MUST read!
*Also echoed by Kelly.
Down To You by M. Leighton
Twins.  Sexy twins.  Is that enough to get you reading?  Just on the off chance it is NOT, this book boasts a story about Olivia who is a college gal that just wants to pave her own path and not take over her father’s business!  In Down to You and Up to Me we watch her figure out her future in both  her career and her love life.
GoodreadsCass’s Review, but CAREFUL! Its of BOOK TWO


Losing It Cora Carmack
(enjoyed all the books in this series)
Goodreads | Jaime’s review
*Also echoed by Kelly and Wendy
Easy by Tammara Webber
Goodreads | Jaime’s review
Broken at Love by Lyla Payne
(also love all the books in this series too)
Goodreads | Jaime’s Review




The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher
This book was freaking amazing.  Olivia’s thoughts are insane yet at the same time not!  I have been through a lot in past relationships and this book brought those buried emotions to the surface.  I was sobbing when I finished!  I probably need therapy.  It was easily one of the best books I read in 2013!
Goodreads | Betty’s Review

Rule by Jay Crownover
I loved so many things about this book- from the characters, to the drama, to the music, to the punk scene- it was all blended together to tell a really great story!  It is definitely one of the best NA books I’ve read so far.  There was a solid plot and excellent character development!  Plus– super sexy! 😉
Goodreads | Betty’s Review

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire
Goodreads | Bree’s Review 

A Song for Julia by Charles Sheehan-Miles
Goodreads | Bree’s ReviewThe Road to You by Marilyn Brant
Goodreads | Bree’s Review



Slammed by Colleen Hoover
Goodreads | Kelly’s review

* Kelly also recommended Hopeless & Cora Carmack’s books *

* Cass also recommended this and said, “This series, OMG.  So emotional, and the inclusion of both music, AND slam poetry? It makes it so unique and interesting!  I love Hoover’s characters and how we get to experience her characters Layken, and Will in such a personal way.” [Cassie’s Review]

Final List Of Books To Vote For:

Losing It by Cora Carmack
Faking It by Cora Cormack
The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher
Rule by Jay Crownover
Down To You by M. Leighton
Hopeless by Colleen Hoover
Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire
Slammed by Colleen Hoover
A Song for Julia by Charles Sheehan-Miles
The Road To You by Marilyn Brant
Broken At Love by Layla Payne
Easy by Tammara Webber
Wait For You by J. Lynn
No Attachments by Tiffany King
Lost & Found by Nicole Williams

 **Give your vote for which book I should read in the comments! I’ll tally up the votes and announce the two winners and then will get started on my reading. Polling open until 1/24 **



Other genres I’ll be courting this year:

-Fantasy (YA or adult)
-Science fiction (YA or adult)
– Graphic novels (YA or adult)
– Mystery (YA or Adult)
– Paranormal (YA or adult)
Adult Romance
– New Adult (is this a genre…I don’t know…whateverr I’m still doing it)

Feel like you are an expert in one of these genres? (minus fantasy because I already know who I’m asking!) Email me at: jamie at perpetualpageturner (dot) com with 3-4 recommendations and I will randomly pick a few people to be featured. Put your blog link if you have one along with any reviews of the books you recommend! 

A Candid Interview With An Author I Love + Giveaway

Today I’m excited to host an author I love so much on the blog. You may know her as Diana Peterfreund (remember how much I raved about For Darkness Shows The Stars) but she’s making her debut into the New Adult world as Viv Daniels. Now, if you haven’t found any New Adult out there that’s for you so far like me, you might want to read this as One & Only has definitely gone beyond the cliches that turned away a lot of us from New Adult and she has some valuable insight to share!




1. Describe One & Only in 6 words or less.

Long Secrets, Tough Choices, First Loves. (That was really hard!)

2. I know you’ve personally written NA in the past, before it was labeled as such, with your Secret Society Girl novels. What do you think of the New Adult label and how it has emerged so quickly? Do you think it’s hard to define what is NA and what isn’t? (i.e. especially when it comes to where bookstores should shelve so the right readers find the books).


I think the difficulty of defining new adult stems from the fact that it was a label that got self-applied to a particular type of self published novel, and it wasn’t exactly what the inventor of the term meant when he coined it. So you’ve got different crowds defining it different ways, i.e., one group that wants to call it any novel about an early twenty something (as if those have never existed before!), and a readership that only knows “New Adult” as a specific type of contemporary women’s fiction or romance. I didn’t call SSG “new adult” when I published it, though the inventor of the term held it up as a prime example, and I don’t know if it really fits what’s actually being published, which is a very specific, very intense, very intimate type of coming-of-age love story. (Also, I find it very telling that the guy who invented the term never published any.)
As for shelving, I think that’s the main reason why NA is taking off in ebooks and in self-publishing, because they don’t need to worry about shelves in a bookstore. There is no “place” for NA, and there are plenty of genres that have happily and will continue happily publishing books about early 20 somethings (historical fiction, sci-fi, etc.) without jumping on this buzzword. As for romance/contemporary women’s fiction, however, there was a HUGE hole there. Publishers were not publishing books about 20 year olds in love. And that’s why I think it’s romance where NA-as-NA has really taken off.
If you look at the NA out there, they tend to mirror all the subgenres of romance but with 20 year old heroines. There’s the “glitz” romance where the heroine falls for the billionaire/rock star/etc.; there’s the romantic thriller where she’s being stalked/harrassed or has some other kind of shady past and must be saved by the hero, there’s the sexual awakening book, there’s the sweet, small-town romance (that’s more of what I’m going for with my series, where family and community are big players in the story)… these are all storylines present in the romance genre at large. And even the outliers, the “historical” NA or the “paranormal” NA — well, it’s paranormal romance, and historical romance, just with younger characters.


And I think that’s fine. I think that’s GREAT — college romance was completely being ignored by romance publishers before NA (which is something my friend and romance writer Julie Leto actually blogged about the other day: http://www.plotmonkeys.com/2013/11/13/first-time-love/ ). I don’t think NA has to be all things to be worthwhile, and a definitely disagree with the retro-fitting some really overeager NA writers are wanting to do (All Greek myths are NA, Star Wars is NA, etc.)

3. What are some misconceptions you think that are out there right now about NA?

That it’s “sexed up YA.” I disagree with this assessment entirely. First, most NA books I’ve read aren’t about teenagers at all. Second, I’ve read plenty of YA with sex in it (Stiefvater, Marr, Black, Elkeles, Hopkins, the list goes on and on), so the idea that the difference is the presence of sex is laughable. Third, YA books occur in every category, and NA books, were they YA, would primarily be categorized as romances, romantic thrillers, and “issue” books. I mean, literally the only time I can think of that stereotype fitting is with those “hot for teacher” New Adult novels. As YAs, books about teens who have affairs with their teachers are published as issue novels, warning stories about predatory teachers (See: Rob Thomas’s Rat Saw God or R.A. Nelson’s Teach Me). As NA, they are published as love stories where you are rooting for them to stay together. I’ve yet to see a book like that published as a YA novel and if it were, I bet it would be extremely controversial!

4. When I was in college I SO wish there had been more books out there set in college, like One & Only, with characters I could relate to. It was perhaps the years with the most change and figuring out who I was. Why do you think it’s been largely ignored as a setting in contemporary novels?


Very few college kids read for fun, or at least, that’s been the perception in publishing for years. They’ve got so much assigned reading to do! I read very few “fun novels” in college. Maybe on spring break. I know almost all of my readers of my former college set series were either high schoolers looking forward to college or recent graduates feeling nostalgic.
Even now, my understanding is that the majority of NA novels are not being bought by college students, but rather, by recent graduates who are nostalgic for the past (especially in this tough economy where their “lives” may not be starting as quickly as they’d like), by older readers generally nostalgic for college, and by readers who are college-aged but not actually in college, on an “aspirational” basis. I think maybe the “aspirational” element to a lot of the NA accounts for the popularity of the “Fifty Shades” style books where the college kid becomes the unexpected object of affection for the billionaire/rock star/sports hero). I think that may be why although a lot of these books are nominally set in college, you don’t see the kids in class or doing other collegiate activities a lot. That was one thing I wanted to address in my book.


4. If adult Viv met up with college Viv for coffee, what advice would she give her about romance?

See, that’s tough to say, because I did meet my husband in college, and I really don’t know that much about dating in the “real” world. Maybe that’s why I’m more comfortable writing college romances. I do think if I’d met college Viv before she’d met my husband, I’d tell her to hang in there, and that all the romantic drama she was going through would come out all right in the end. I had a really bad breakup in college and I let it get to me too much! More fish in the sea, Viv!


5. Did anything from your own college experience get written in to Tess’s college experience?

Little things. Like Dylan’s high school science project is based loosely on my college thesis for my Geology major, and the big atrium and central staircase in the bioengineering lab is modeled a bit after my department’s main building. Also the fact that I did make them science majors, like I was.


6. From what I’ve seen so far in NA there seems to be A LOT of the same type of cliched damaged bad boy types. You’ve written more of a good boy type who rises above these cliches (thank you!!). Most people who are scared off by the NA label are for that reason so I’d love for you to tell us maybe 3 well known fictional boys you see him as most like.

I’m glad you like him! I’m not usually into bad boys myself (Logan Echols excepted), so I find myself writing the kind of guys I can fall in love with, and sweet, charming Dylan is definitely that! There is definitely room for the bad boy in fiction, but I don’t want readers to think that that’s the only choice they get when it comes to NA novels. Go read Cora Carmack. She also likes guys who are –shock– actually NICE to the girls they are falling for.
As for Dylan’s literary twins, I feel like he’s maybe one part Etienne St Clair from Stephanie Perkins’s ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS (he’s got the charm and gregariousness), one part Cricket Bell from Stephanie Perkins’s LOLA AND THE BOY NEXT DOOR (geeky science boys For the Win! Also, I’m clearly obsessed with Perkins…), and one part Ben (Adam Scott) from PARKS & RECREATION (really admires the woman he loves for who she is, and wants to fight for her). I really wanted to show that a character could be strong and assertive and sexy without being deeply damaged or mean.


7. Is One & Only part of a series or a companion series of romance novels? Can we expect to see Tess and Dylan again?

It is! It’s the first novel in the Canton series, which is currently set to be three interconnected books about different characters at Canton. But each book is a separate story — no cliffhangers. Tess and Dylan are the first story. The next book, Sweet & Wild, is out next spring, and that one will be about Hannah, who is Tess’s half-sister and a major player in One & Only. The third story is about another couple, but I don’t want to spoil who they are, yet. Tess and Dylan will make appearances in all the books.


Thank you for asking such fantastic questions! They really gave me a lot to think about.



About One And Only


One & Only Viv DanielsOne night they can’t forget…

Tess McMann lives her life according to the secrets she’s sworn to keep: the father who won’t acknowledge her, the sister who doesn’t know she exists, and the mother who’s content playing mistress to a prominent businessman. When she meets the distractingly cute Dylan Kingsley at a prestigious summer program and falls in love, Tess allows herself to imagine a life beyond these secrets. But when summer ends, so does their relationship — Dylan heads off to Canton College while Tess enrolls at the state university.

One love they can’t ignore…

Two years later, a scholarship brings Tess to Canton and back into Dylan’s life. Their attraction is as strong as ever, but Dylan has a girlfriend…who also happens to be Tess’s legitimate half-sister. Tess refuses to follow in her mother’s footsteps, which leaves her only one choice: break the rules she’s always followed, or allow Dylan to slip away for a second time.

…And only one chance to get things right.


Buy Now:

Check Viv out on:

Goodreads | Website | Facebook | Twitter |

Giveaway Time!!


Viv has graciously offered up a great swag pack for one lucky reader — a One & Only bookmark, an assortment of gifts and books from her and other new adult authors, and a One & Only charm. PLUS there’s a blog tour wide giveaway happening as well!

Giveaway #1
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Giveaway #2

  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have you read One & Only by Viv Daniels? Planning to add it to your TBR? What are YOUR thoughts to some of the questions about New Adult that I asked Viv!  Tell me some of  YOUR favorite new adult books!

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