The SH!T We Couldn’t Live Without: 0-3 Month Survival Guide

The Absolute Essentials For Your Newborn Baby


Whew it’s taken me forever to finally finish this…mom life, amirite?

ANYWAYS…a little awhile ago I was hanging out with my lady squad (who are mostly also new moms but had their babies before me) and we were talking about how the first 3 months is just survival mode (in addition to being wonderful having the little bundle of joy in your arms). I mean, REALLY…it is. I had totally new eyes when it came to the mom thing after we got out of the first 3 months. It felt like we would be in that forever and my life would just be one big act to survive…but alas here we are at almost 6 months and I can say…IT GOT BETTER.

There is no amount of assurance that anyone can give you during that time because every time someone would say “I swear it gets better” or “the first 3 months are just survival mode” I just couldn’t even comprehend because every day felt like a 50 days in New Mom Time. But I do promise…it DOES GET BETTER. It’s just this constant juggling act between this is so awesome/omg I am so tired/this is so hard feelings. But you just have to survive….even when it feels like you can’t take one more cry or one more sleepless night. I felt like I might not at many points and wondered if I made a mistake…but now I look at the first 3 months like OH OKAY so that’s what everyone was talking about…IT DOES GET BETTER. I get to be that annoying person who tells other people that and they will be like YEAH RIGHT just like I did to my friends and then had to admit, afterwards, HEY YOU GUYS WERE RIGHT.

Anyways…I just wanted to share all the things that were part of our survival arsenal — all the crap we couldn’t have lived without during that hard newborn time or the things that just made life plain ol’ easier. Because even if I can just help one new mama by recommending something that works…that would make me so happy because it’s hard enough! See, look, I totally survived and she survived and everything is okay!!

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