Catalog Creepin Spring/Summer 2014: Hachette YA and Adult

Catalog Creepin’ is a feature here at The Perpetual Page-Turner that was inspired by the “Books to Pine For” feature over at Kristi’s blog and really fueled by my obsession with scouring catalogs from my favorite publishers to see what upcoming books I should be adding to my already-ready-to-topple-over To Be Read list. Each Catalog Creepin’ post will spotlight a different catalog from my favorite publishers and their imprints. I won’t be covering all publishers — just my personal favorites whether they be the big honchos or smaller publishing houses.


I’m REALLY excited for the upcoming Hachette books (Little Brown, Grand Central) — YA and adult! Apparently Hachette also bought Hyperion but I’m not clear on that sooo I’m going to not include it under Hachette for now until I figure out if it was just the adult that was bought or the children’s side as well.


YA new releases 


Torn Away - Jennifer Brown

Torn Away by Jennifer Brown (May 6, 2014 – Little Brown Books For Young Readers- Add To Goodreads)

Jersey loses everything in a powerful tornado — her family and her home — and she is sent to live with biological father and grandparents as she comes to terms with her grief. THIS SOUNDS SO GOOD. Love the family dynamics to be explored plus you know I’m a sucker for books dealing with grief.





Lies My Girlfriend Told Me - Julia Ann Peters


Lies My Girlfriend Told Me by Julie Ann Peters (June 10th, 2014 – Little Brown Books For Young Readers Add To Goodreads)

I liked By the Time You Read This I’ll Be Dead by Julie Ann Peters and I think that this one sounds great! Alix’s girlfriend dies suddenly and as Alix clings to all the mementos she finds out that her girlfriend has text messages from someone else she appeared to be dating at the same time. Alix pretends to be her girlfriend, through texts, to find out more information before she breaks the news.



The Prince of Venice Beach by Blake Nelson (June 3, 2014 – Little Brown Books For Young Readers- Add To Goodreads)

I don’t think I’ve ever read a book featuring a teen runaway but this will be the first! He lives in a treehouse and surfs and generally has no plans until a PI tries to get his help in finding someone who doesn’t want to be found on the streets — a beautiful girl named Reese Abernathy. I CANNOT WAIT. This sounds so good and I kind of love the cover.





Illusive Emily Lloyd-Jones


Illusive by Emily Lloyd-Jones (July 15, 2014 – Little Brown Books For Young Readers- Add To Goodreads)

A vaccine to stop a virus but accidentally gives some of the population superhero-like powers?? HELL YES. Plus the catalog said Shatter Me was a comp title and you KNOW how much I love that series.







 A Blind Spot For Boys by Justina Chen (August 1, 2014 – Little Brown and Company- Add To Goodreads) *will update cover – this is placeholder*

This one looks a cute romance with some travel but dealing with a hard situation — the main character’s dad is going blind. They take a trip to Machu Picchu so that excites me! I don’t quite understand, from what I read out of the Frankfurt 2013 rights guide, how the romance factors in on this trip but I will update when we get a summary!








Just Call My Name by Holly Goldberg Sloan (August 5, 2014 – Little Brown Books For Young Readers- Add To Goodreads) *will update cover — placeholder*

I love, love loved I’ll Be There by Holly Goldberg Sloan and this one is a follow-up that takes place about 2 months after (this according to Holly herself). BEST NEWS EVER.






Wildflower by Alecia Whitaker (July 1, 2014 – Poppy- Add To Goodreads) *will update cover*

YES. I am obsessed with the show Nashville and pshh I love T Swift. No shame in my game. Plus I like to “brag” that I saw her when her first album came out in a tiny venue here. SO HIPSTER OF ME. Anyways, a contemporary series revolving around a young country music star a la T. Swift. COUNT ME IN. Please.




The Geography of You and Me Jennifer E. Smith

The Geography of You & Me by Jennifer E. Smith (April 15, 2014 – LBBFYR – Add To Goodreads)

I really loved The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight so I’m really excited for this. If you like cute romances, you need to check out Jennifer E. Smith. The premise of this looks awesome — a guy and a girl meet in a blackout when they are stuck in an elevator, they hang out all night after they are rescued but then they both go their separate ways across the globe but keep in contact.





Summer State of Mind - Jen Calonita

Summer State of Mind by Jen Calonita  (April 22, 2014 – Poppy- Add To Goodreads)

YES YES YES. Sleepaway camp. I wanted more of this. I didn’t read the first book in the Whispering Pines series (probably will now) but it seems this can stand alone but does feature some of the same characters. The MC in this one gets sent to Whispering Pines because her dad thinks she’s a spoiled brat in need of a reality check! This cover makes me miss summer already!








Frog Music by Emma Donoghue


Frog Music by Emma Donoghue (April 1, 2014 – Little Brown and Company- Add To Goodreads)

This one is a murder mystery set in San Francisco in 1876 — a summer of a crazy heatwave and smallpox epidemic. A young woman is murdered and her friend, a burlesque dancer, tries to bring her killer to justice. This one sounds so good!





The Fever by Megan Abbott


The Fever by Megan Abbott (June 17th, 2014 – Little Brown and Company- Add To Goodreads)

I’m fascinated by this one — an epidemic is leashed upon a quiet suburban town and the town comes together but the hysteria threatens to break apart family and friends and to unearth secrets.






The Matchmaker by Elin Hilderbrand


The Matchmaker by Elin Hilderbrand (June 24, 2014 – Little Brown and Company- Add To Goodreads)

This one looks like a tearjerker! The MC has found out that she has pancreatic cancer and she wishes to use her matchmaking skills, she’s matched 54 couples successfully, before she leaves her loved ones. She gets to work on finding love for her husband, her lover and her daughter who is already engaged but to the wrong person.






Home Leave by Brittany Sonnenberg (June 3, 2014 – Grand Central Publishing- Add To Goodreads)

I love reading about ex-pats so I’m excited for this one as a family has moved around because of the husband’s career and everyone in the family has adjusted differently to all the moving and then in a wake of a tragedy. Sounds like an interesting story about family and about sisterhood as the two children of the family use each other as their only stability.





 The Girls of August by Anne Rivers Siddons

The Girls of August by Anne Rivers Siddons (July 8, 2014 – Grand Central Publishing- Add To Goodreads)

I love friendship novels so this one is a definite on my list — ever since they were in their 20’s, four friends would spend a week at the beach together. One of the girls tragically dies and the remaining three drift further apart until years later when they are reunited.









The Girl With All The Gifts M.R. Carey (March 27, 2014 – Orbit- Add To Goodreads)

I honestly don’t know EXACTLY what this is about but the catalog says, “The Girl With All the Gifts is a terrifying, heartbreaking, genre-defying thriller about hope and humanity and a little girl who tries to save the world” and that excites me. Then it says it’s perfect for fans of Stephen King, Justin Cronin and Neil Gaiman sooo there’s the cherry on top. Definitely on my list.






Which ones are you most excited for?? Did you discover any from my list you’ve never heard of? Any other Spring/Summer 2014 releases from Hachette or any of their imprints that may have flown off my radar? Little Brown For Young Readers 2014 Spring/Summer catalog is especially exciting to me this season!

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