Before & After #8: Chunky Books

So you guys. Since early 2012 I’ve been working on this post I wanted to do about the differences between myself as a reader before I was a blogger and after I became a blogger because my habits have changed SO MUCH. I kept putting it off because of wedding plans. I wanted to make this cute graphic that was a list but, when I finally started to work on it this year, it was just looking TOO crowded with about 30 different things and overwhelming and not AT ALL what I had in mind. Then I decided…why not make it a series? The more I thought about it — it would lend to a better discussion if I just give you one at a time. I’m kind of glad my original idea didn’t work out because I’m liking this better. Check the end of the post for previous Before & After’s.


 I read chunky books often and without even thinking twice. If it was a book I was interested in it didn’t matter how thick it was…I was going to read it and wasn’t scared off by how big it was. I didn’t feel like I was slowing down my reading pace — I wasn’t even thinking like that. 1,000 pages? NO PROBLEM.


I rarely ever read chunky books anymore. Any time I want to read a book that is borderline chunky I side eye it. I wasn’t aware about how this habit changed but I know I felt pressure to read more books so I could review them. I would think, “Well in the time it would take me to read this book I could read 3 or 4 other ones.” I HATE that my subconscious thinks this way and prevents me from picking up those massively huge books more frequently. It’s not that I don’t read thicker books anymore but I’m just less frequent about it and it prevents me from picking up books I really want to read. One of my bookish resolutions this year was to read more chunky books so I’m really going to try to achieve it!



Let’s Talk:

If you are a blogger — Do you read more or less chunky books than before? If you read less is it because you feel pressure to read more so that you have stuff to review? If you still read a lot of chunky books how do you make it work for you blog and having reviews? Or do you just not let it bother you? If you aren’t a blogger — Do you read chunky books often? Do they ever intimidate you or make you feel like you could be reading MORE books in that time? For everyone — Curious as to what the biggest book you’ve ever read is? What chunky books are on your TBR?

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