Catalog Creepin’ — Simon & Schuster Summer 2013

Catalog Creepin’ is a feature here at The Perpetual Page-Turner that was inspired by the “Books to Pine For” feature over at Kristi’s blog and really fueled by my obsession with scouring catalogs from my favorite publishers to see what upcoming books I should be adding to my already-ready-to-topple-over To Be Read list. Each Catalog Creepin’ post will spotlight a different catalog from my favorite publishers and their imprints. I won’t be covering all publishers — just my personal favorites whether they be the big honchos or smaller publishing houses.





Golden by Jessi Kirby (May 14th 2013 – Add To Goodreads)

You all know my love for Jessi Kirby’s previous works — Moonglass & In Honor — and Golden is EASILY one of my most anticipated books for 2013! I’ve already heard amaaaazing things and I am not so patiently awaiting its release. Anything she writes I will read.






OCD Love Story by Corey Ann Haydu (July 23rd 2013 – Add To Goodreads)

I’ve never really read a book about OCD so I’m interested in that perspective and it sounds like an interesting story about a girl who is obsessed (watches him, has journals full of notes) with a guy who doesn’t know she exists and it seems her obsession spirals out of control.






The book Of  Broken Hearts by Sarah Ockler (May 21st 2013 – Add To Goodreads)

I loved Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler & this one sounds fabulous! The older sisters of the MC, Jude, have taught her a lot but the most important is to stay away from the Vargas brothers — all of whom will break your heart she learns from her sisters dating past with them. She finds herself having to deal with a Vargas brother when she needs a mechanic but she vows that she won’t fall for his tricks. Until she starts to…





Linked by Imogen Howson (June 11th 2013-  Add to  Goodreads)

CLEARLY I am obsessed with these types of stories for 2013 but this SERIOUSLY looks so good. The MC starts getting these mysterious bruises and pains accompanied with horrible visions that lead her to find out she has a twin sister whom the government is trying to capture to keep quiet. I’m so excited to see if they are clones or in parallel type worlds or WHAT. I have a feeling this is going to be GOOD!







How My Summer Went Up In Flames (May 7, 2013 – Add To Goodreads)

I’ve already expressed my excitement for this on my 2013 debuts I’m most excited for post but I have to express it again! ROAD TRIP! And the girl sets her ex boyfriend’s car on fire and gets a restraining order. I would have loved that sort of revenge for some jerkface guys who cared about their cool cars!







Thorn Abbey by Nancy Ohlin (May 7th 2013 – Add To Goodreads)

A retelling of Rebecca?! Please don’t let  me down! Plus boarding school setting!







Dangerous Girls by Abigail Haas (July 16th, 2013 – Add  To Goodreads)

This sounds intense and like something I definitely heard about on the news! Spring break in Aruba, the MC’s best friend is murdered and she’s stuck in Aruba being accused of brutally murdering her. She tries to figure out who murdered her friend and stumbles upon some shocking revelations and truths.








A Moment Comes by Jennifer Bradbury (June 25th 2013 – Add To Goodreads)

I love historical fiction but haven’t  really read  much lately and I was really intrigued by this one when I saw it in the catalog! Plus it  is set in India! The description in the catalog is much more intriguing than what is on  Goodreads right  now!







Over You by Amy Reed (June 25th 2013 – Add To Goodreads)

This one looks like an interesting contemp with some verrryyy interesting  friendship dynamics. It seems like maybe there are some control issues behind the typical “you can only be my bff” type stuff.











 Children of the Jacaranda Tree  by Sahar Jeligiani (June 18th 2013 – Add To Goodreads)

I really just love books set in the Middle East — partly because I feel like I know nothing culturally and historically and I like to learn! This one says for fans of The Kite Runner and I remember enjoying that quite a lot so we will see!






The Why Of Things by Elizabeth Huntley Winthrop (June 25th 2013 – Add to Goodreads)

I’m incredibly confused because the book cover calls this book The Why of Things and the Goodreads I was linked to from the catalog calls this book After The Sun Stood Still. Either way, this book sounds good! A family dealing with the crushing grief and aftermath of their teenage daughter’s suicide goes to their summer home to find themselves in the midst of another tragedy as a young man appears to have driven straight into their quarry and the family finds themselves caught up in the details of this victim’s story.





Which ones are you most excited for?? Any other 2013 releases from Simon & Schuster & their imprints that may have flown off my radar?

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