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I find lots of interesting and wonderful things on the interwebs that I star in my Google Reader or add to my bookmarks and most of the time there they stay. This is my attempt to share them in the same vein as Yes and Yes’s Web Time Wasters and FYA Procrastination Pro Tips.


In The Bookish World:

My friend Jen blogged about the phenomenon that occurs in a book bloggers life by which you hear the UPS truck, think it’s slowing down with a fabulous package of books in front of YOUR HOUSE and then it speeds off to yourĀ  neighbors. You have NO idea how often this happens to me. I have neighbors who get lots of packages.

The wonderful Ginger was part of the Dear Teen Me blog tour and she put together an AWESOME video with bloggers sharing their six word teenage memoir in which I was invited to partake in! Look for me! I’m the very first one! šŸ™‚

My co-blogger over at The Broke and the Bookish blogged about seasonal reading. I am mixed because I read a lot during the winter because I hate going outside when it’s cold and love hibernating with a book but in the summer, while I AM super busy, I use every free moment I can to sit outside with a book.

Sarah from YA Librarian Tales (a really great blogger that I feel like more people need to know!) reviewed Ask The Passengers and sold me even more on it. Seriously. I mean, I lovedĀ  Please Ignore Vera Dietz so I knew I’d get around to it but that was the kind of review that will make me prioritize!

The ever-so-awesome Alexa shared her experience getting to see the set of The Vampire Diaries! I haven’t read these books but I LOVE the show! This was such a fun post and a must read for fans of the show!

In Other Parts Of Internet-land

I liked this 30 challenges for 30 days and might try it at some point. Some would be pretty easy but some would definitely be a struggle! Lots of things I’ve been wanting to work on.

I’ve been having the sads a lot lately (unemployment and trying to figure out what’s next has got me down) so I loved this 100 Things To Do When You’re Upset List.

I struggle from this a lot! Loved this post about envy and how to heal from it!

This actually made me cry! Lots of food for thought!

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