Top Ten Settings I’d Like To See More Of In YA Books

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This week’s topic: Top Ten Settings I’d Like To See More Of In YA Books


This was hard to narrow down because pretty much you know I have this insatiable desire to be everywhere I’m not and I want to go to ALL OF THE PLACES. There’s places that I’m going to always want that are common these days (Paris, London, boarding schools etc) but here are the ones that I need right NOW. Pretty much you can just add every country in the world and it could be on this list though. I need foreign settings!


 Ok..whatever. I know, there are a TON of beach settings (my faves — Moonglass, The Summer I Turned Pretty) in YA lit and literature in general but I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF IT. Something about the beach just always appeals to me because I love those sweet summer days. I WOULD like to see more exotic beach locales too — like really ritzy type stuff so I can dream about cabana boys and seaside mansions.

TTT2I guess technically it wouldn’t be YA but I want more college settings. College was SO FUN and so  crazy — all the adventures we had PLUS there is so much great self discovery that happens there. I miss my college years because, despite the fact I was stressed out with a million things to do, there was always time for a cake fight or a random trip to the beach or piling as many people into the car and driving to the city and getting lost. AHHHH. Please, bring me quality college stories!

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Ok, please tell me nobody else had summer camp fantasies where they would meet some hot guy and spend the whole summer canoeing, roasting marshmallows and then making out at sunset only…only to be spied on by everyone in your bunk or pushed in the water. COME ON GUYS SUMMER CAMP WOULD BE FUN. Minus the horrible hair I’d have and the mosquitoes. Such good romance potential and friendship potential and NO PARENTS so lots of shenanigans 😛 OH and I’d even go for a slasher horror book in a summer camp setting.

TTT4Original Image of Rome by Moyan Brenn

My dreams came true in college when I went to Rome but unfortunately all the pictures I have to show of the ancient looking part are scarce because I left my dumb batteries in the hotel. FAIL. I KNOW. Anyways, I am fascinated by ancient Rome and would die for some books set there — whether historical romance (hot gladiators!) or an alternate history or a paranormal. I don’t care. I want it. Actually, I’ll take any ancient setting — Egypt, Greece, China. I WANT.

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I went on a cruise when I was a teenager and pretty much we spent the whole time chasing boys and dancing and trying to flirt with the bartenders to serve us. TOO BAD I LOOKED LIKE I WAS TWELVE. I feel like a cruise ship could be amazing OR OR OR that cool A Semester At Sea program would be a fun setting. I’ll even take the Titanic or a pirate ship. Ahoy Matey!

tttt6Basically since I read Unearthly by Cynthia Hand recently I have been craving a rural/country setting. COWBOYS. But also I love the tall grass, the mountains, the landscapes and the fresh air. ALL OF IT. Plus it makes me miss where I grew up! Love to slow it down a bit when I go visit.

ttt7When I was a young little dreamer I would always dream about living in a castle and then when I visited Versailles I was pretty sure it would be the best thing EVER. It’s SO EFFING HUGE. SO many rooms. I want castles in historical fiction and maybe even castles in the contemporary setting a la Princess Diaries. Throw in some dragons for good measure.


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ONE DAY. I will travel to Africa. I have just always been so in love the beautiful photographs I’ve seen but also the history (though it sometimes is so hard for me to read) and the people and their lives. I used to read a ton of memoirs and fiction set in Africa.


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I just want to go to ALL OF ASIA! I’ve read some great adult fiction (Memoirs of A Geisha!!) and travelogues set in Asia but not so much in the YA department. Recently I did read When You Were Here by Daisy Whitney, set partly in Japan, and it was lovely! I would definitely like some fantasy set in Asia (Cindy Pon’s series!) and just some contemporary travel-ish/study abroad and more GEISHAS! They fascinate me.

I want worlds I don’t even recognize. NARNIAS. WONDERLANDS. ETC.  ETC. I love made up elements and intricate worldbuilding.

So tell me…what about YOU? What settings do you want to see?  I want recommendations for any books that fit t he bill for things I want to see more of! Maybe I just haven’t heard of them or know they have that setting!

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