When You Just Aren’t Reading Much At All

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The other day I was sitting on the couch reading for a good chunk of time and Will remarked on how he felt like he really hadn’t seen me sit down and read much lately which was weird to him because normally I always found time to curl up on the couch with a book.

It was true. I’ve said as much on here about how I really slowed down on reading this summer and I really hadn’t been reading very much at all — at least not for the long chunks of time I normally do. It’s twofold I think: 1) I was really busy this summer — new friends, new experiences, saying yes to more things rather than staying at home and 2) I just haven’t been FEELING like reading (or really being able to concentrate on it) which I’m not one to force myself to do something…I just kind of go with the flow and know I’ll always read again at some point when I feel like it. So I haven’t FELT like picking up books or making myself try to sit down and concentrate on them.

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Obligatory “I’m GONE This Week” Post + Fun Stuff Will Be Here For YOU!

IT IS THAT TIME. I will be getting my butt on a train from Philly to NYC and having book-filled shenanigans tomorrow afternoon for the Book Expo of America.

If you are going:

* LET ME KNOW. I would love to see your face & chat! I’m sure you know my face at this point but here’s my post from last year in which I have the Many Face of Jamie.
* I am trying to get a group together to get ice cream if you are in town Tuesday night (probs around 7:45). I’ll be tweeting about it that day so keep an eye out if you want in! Possibly an afternoon trip to grab food (Macbar) on Wednesday! Open to anyone who wants to hang!

If you want to follow my adventures:

* Follow me on Twitter —> @brokeandbookish  I’ll be tweeting a little bit here and there. Probably not TOO much because I need to save my phone battery but I’ll be keeping you up to date on what’s going down.

* Follow me on Instagram —-> perpetualpageturner  I will be definitely be uploading BEA related pictures & books I’m excited about. Last year I even snagged a pic with RL STINE! You just never know what will go down at BEA!

I’m apologizing in advance if I miss your tweet in the BEA rush! I will try so hard to respond to all the things before I pass out each night!

What this means for the blog:

* I will be having a couple giveaways and my John Green interview up for you guys this week. Keeping it light and fun and with the hopes to give you guys at home some book love and make you feel at least a LITTLE bit like you are there? To further that feeling, you should PROBABLY check out Armchair BEA. Lots of fun prizes and chats going on this week!

* I will not be responding to emails or comments unless they are like super, super important and cannot wait. ( I don’t know what kinds of emails or comments those would be but I’m leaving that open).

* I shall be back (and hopefully in full capacity) next week with the normal content — book reviews and other shenanigans.

I SHALL MISS YOU GUYS!!! Be prepared for a recap and a highlight of the books I picked up at BEA!

What Has Happened To Me?

I guess this was inevitable…

I had an amazing reading year in 2013 —  the kind of reading year where a good chunk of the books you read are just GOLD and all other reading years feel inadequate. I read a great balance of new and old and I loved SO many books.  I seriously couldn’t believe how much I TRULY loved so many books and I was so happy for that ( Even when people make you feel self conscious about that.) . Because, I mean, who doesn’t want to enjoy a good chunk of what they read??

However, here we are a month or so into 2014 and I’ve been a very grumpy reader thus far.


I don’t even KNOW myself anymore.  Maybe I started off the year wrong considering for the first two weeks of 2014 I was sick? Maybe this is the inevitable coming down from a most excellent book year. I DO NOT KNOW.

It’s not that I’ve HATED every book I’ve read. It’s more like:

1) I’ve been super nit-picky which is SO not me. I definitely don’t like everything I read and obviously articulate this here but I’m not a nit picky reader at all. But this year I’m getting annoyed with SO many things and finding so many faults. Even Will has commented on how loud I’ve been getting about books. Even witnessed me chuck one across the room because I was so fed up.

2) I’ve LIKED plenty of books. Like totally enjoyable, would recommend type books.  But I haven’t gotten that WOW book. That book that I want to run out and tell everyone about RIGHT NOW. I want to find the kind of book I described in my If We Were Having Coffee post, “I’m talking those books that make you remember why you love reading. The ones that just knock you off your feet. I want to curl up and sob like a little baby because of how it wrecked me or because of how beautiful and amazing it was. I want to almost convince myself I never want to read again so this book could be the LAST BOOK I’D EVER READ if I died. End on an amazing note.” I want THAT kind of book in the midst of these “okay” to “good” books (and obviously the BLERGH ones).

Things I’m asking myself/thinking:

-I can’t pinpoint if it’s just me (stressed/discontent/feeling a lack of direction) or if it’s what I’m reading?

-Is this some sort of inevitable burnout that I need to ride out or take a reading break?

-Do I need to reread something I know I love (but oh god what if my current reading curse taints that for me??)

-Is there any correlation to the fact I’ve read mostly ARCs this past month? I mean, typically I have a much better ratio of ARCs to backlist. Maybe I need to go with some highly recommended, long standing books for a bit?

-WILL I BE LIKE THIS FOREVER? Because I can’t handle that.



So, really, this post was kind of pointless but that’s my “state of the union” reading update for ya.

Have you ever gone through a similar slump? How did you get out of it? How’s 2014 treating you reading-wise — an excellent or a meh year thus far? ALSO..and this is important…recommend me your most WOW book that will give me the feels I want to feel.

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