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A Heart Themed Valentine's Day Gift Guide

I did a bunch of gift guides around Christmas-time and I decided that instead of doing a typical gift guide for Valentine’s Day that I would do a heart-themed gift guide (or a treat yo-self guide) for Valentine’s Day because I just love heart-shaped things and I love being festive. Even way back before I met Will in college I loved Valentine’s Day….I know everyone gets bummed out by it when single but I never did. I always treated myself to my own chocolate and did a face mask in a comfy robe or something. Or a girls night out. Or literally anything besides wallow about being single….there were plenty of other days of the year to do that haha.

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Retail Therapy: Valentine’s Day Edition

So a long time ago (circa 2011-2012) I used to have this feature called Retail Therapy but I let it fall to the wayside like many other features I used to do — which is fine with me because I don’t want to do things I’m not passionate about anymore. I reevaluated for a while and I tried to save it again in 2014 and did it a whopping ONE TIME. So, let’s maybe go for more than once in 2015…okay self? Because I genuinely love doing these posts…I just am bad at remembering to do them.


So, Valentine’s Day? Will and I never really “celebrate” it though last year he surprised me with early fan event tickets to see the Veronica Mars movie (so our date wasn’t technically ON Valentine’s Day but a couple weeks later). I think this year we MIGHT go get Mexican food at our favorite place. WE SHALL SEE.

But every Valentine’s Day I think about how I love being my OWN Valentine’s Day date. I mean, Will is great and thoughtful but pretty much I am my own best V-day date because we don’t really go all out for Valentine’s Day. LET’S BE REAL. Sometimes you just have to treat yo self.

So if I were going to be my own Valentine this year, this is what I’d gift myself with and how I’d spend my night. You’ll see it’s VERY low-key!

Treat Yo Self Valentine's Day



1. Mickey & Minnie I Love You socks, $1.90: I always like to buy cute socks for holidays and I love these as my V-day socks. Gotta keep those feet warm!

2. Cupcake wine: I’m not a fancy wine drinker so my go to is either the Cupcake brand or Yellowtail. I really want to try the angel food wine that Cupcake has!

3. Pizza Is My Valentine tote: I thought this was so cute and, um, I’m going to be eating pizza on my dream V-Day date.

4. Sheswai nail polish: My nails deserve a little TLC while I watch a movie.

5. Amelie: This is one of my favorite movies of all time and makes me happy so I’d definitely be watching it on my date.

6. Deep Steep Passionfruit + Guava bubble bath: I LOOOOOVE bubble baths and I love reading in the bathtub. I would be taking the longest bubble bath with my glass of wine and my book. (I love their sugar scrub in this scent too)

7. Thesis Strawberry Dessert Face Mask: TLC is all part of the game here and a facial that is pretty much like dessert? YUP.

8. Soy Book Lover Trashy Romance candle: Setting the mood!

9. CUPCAKES!!: Gotta have dessert, yo! This is a white chocolate pretzel cupcake!

10. Mine Til Midnight by Lisa Kleypas: This would be my pick for my Valentine’s Day reading — a historical romance I haven’t read! Hope it’s super swoony!

11. Cute jammies: I’m going to be lounging and all comfortable after my bubble bath so I need some cute jams.




Tell me your ultimate “Treat Yo Self” Valentine’s Day date!! Into any of the stuff I posted?

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