A Very Villainous Post


This post is brought to you by The Novl who so kindly sent me a copy of The Cruel Prince (out now!) and is partnering with me for this giveaway you’ll find down below!


Ever since I was little I always found myself fascinated by villains of a story — especially Disney villains. I always wanted to be the princess but there was some pull to the villains I couldn’t explain. And as an adult? I am OBSESSED with a good villain or a morally grey character or a villain origin story.  I can’t help it and I don’t know what it says about me but I DO. I’m a HUFFLEPUFF DAMMIT…why am I so into villains??!  But honestly a well written and convincing villain is the best.

I was talking Walking Dead with a friend recently and talked about how I’m so obsessed with Negan (Negan and also Jefferey Dean Morgan lol) and she’s like BUT HE’S SO TERRIBLE??! And I’m just…but there is just something so achingly compelling about him that I can’t get enough of and I WANT to know. And honestly? I think everyone has a little villain in them. I know I do…if I’m being honest.

That’s one of the things that drew me to one of my most anticipated reads for 2018The Cruel Prince by Holly Black. The book is set in a cruel Fae world with bloodthirsty, wicked royal fae and the main character is a mortal, brought to live there after the fae murdered her parents, who starts to tap into a more morally grey side of herself she never knew she had to win a place in the court. I started The Cruel Prince yesterday after Riley went to bed and woo boy I can tell it’s already going to murdery and dark and with the kind of villainy I like and all sorts of moral greyness. I dig it.

I thought it would be fun, in honor of my love for villainy and reading a book that gives me those kind of FEELS, to create a shopping guide for all the people who appreciate and embrace a good villain…and maybe even dabble in their own villainous side once in a while.

So this one’s for you — all my semi evil queens whose souls are cold and hearts are blacker than black. This list is HIGHLY inspired by my favorite Disney villains, fyi.


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