Look… How Pinteresting!

Look How Pinteresting is something I sporadically started post to showcase different things I pinned on my boards! All images are linked and go to Pinterest where I found it!

From my “All Things Bookish” Board:

Jane Austen cake bookish cake

Love this Jane Austen cake because ,well, it’s beautiful & it’s Jane Austen themed!

From My “Going To The Chapel” Board:

Bookish engagement wedding pictures

We are doing our engagement session in June and I’d love to do something similar.

My food board is PACKED with tons of mouthwatering things so it was  hard to pick but this is one thing I’m excited to make for a nice summertime meal.

From my “See, I Can Be A Proper Girl” Board:
cute outfit yellow sweate

Want this whole outfit. Fits my style well.

funny someecards
From My “I Wish I Was Crafty” Board:
DIY wallpaper bookshelf crafts

I am FOR SURE doing this. Adds such a nice look to plain bookshelves and this totes can add a pop of color to our living room. SO MY STYLE. But seriously, go check out my craft board. SO MANY GOOD THINGS. Hard to choose!
From My “Wanderlust” Board:

Borneo Rainforest Canopy Walkway

Borneo Rainforest Canopy Walkway

And from my “Random” Board:

Friday Night Lights merchandise
I need this!! LOVE LOVE LOVE FNL! Best show everrr.
chevron couch

Love this so much. Can’t get enough of chevrons these days.

Green Monster Smoothie with SPINACH

Green Monster Smoothie…with spinach! Actually tasted pretty good..need to perfect it though. Will LOVED it and he’s sometimes hard to get on board with healthy food.

PS. If you want an invite to Pinterest..send me an email! And let me know if you are on Pinterest so I can stalk your boards! 😛

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About Jamie

Jamie is a 30 year old married lady who is in denial that she’s actually that old. When she’s not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, listening to music with oversized headphones and having adventures with her husband and dog.


  1. Freaking epic! I mean the bookcase thing and the outfit! It is so incredibly you and so chic! Love it! I’m not sure if you follow me on pinterest.

    • The bookcase thing made me squeal when I saw it. It’s just SO perfect. ALSO..I love that we get to know other bloggers so well that we get a sense of their style! <3

  2. I love that Jane Austen cake SO much!!! I am pretty new to Pinterest still but I like it. It does make me wish I was craftier though! Also, that smoothie scares me a little bit! It is just SO green!

    • Isn’t it incredible?? I saw it and was in awe. Pinterest totally makes me wish I was more crafty, girly, Betty Crocker-ish. I’m hoping it will propel me forward in those endeavors lol 😛

      AND THE SMOOTHIE. It took me forever to actually take a sip of it. FREAKED ME OUT. But Will wasn’t gagging sooo I took the plunge.

  3. eeep I love this whole post!! I’ve had Pinterest for awhile but have been SO LAZY when using it. I think I have around 3 boards and it’s always surprising when I get an email saying someone repinned something of mine. Everything about this post is the best from the Jane Austen cake to qt outfits to wanderlust to Friday Night Lights (TEXAS FOREVER). I really need to be healthier and the Green Monster Smoothie sounds v. intriguing! Off to poke around your pinboards now. 🙂

    • Haha I get lazy with Pinterest too sometimes! Then other times I’m a pinning machine. So glad you liked the pins I featured!! Hope you enjoy my boards and thanks for stopping by.

      PS You rock for being an FNL fan <3 TIM RIGGINS

  4. Try the Glowing Green Smoothie..


  6. I love me some pinterest. Ill have to check oit your boards.

  7. *sigh* I love Pinterest!! Great feature. I’m following you, now!


  8. The “Love is not fiction” picture is absolutely adorable! Husband and I took a few wedding pictures in the library, but I wish we could have gotten more.

  9. I love e-cards. SO SO MUCH. I saw one that was tagged true love that said, “I would hold in my farts for you.” Me and my little bro had a good laugh about that one. Example of seven-year-old humor:

    Him: Poo

  10. Yay for Pinterest! I believe I’m following just about every single board you’ve got on there. That having been said, I am in LOVE with the Jane Austen cake. It is SO pretty. I wish I knew how to decorate cakes so I could make that one for myself!

  11. i love all your pins! i just started doing a weekly meme at my blog called ” Inspired Fridays” where i post a bookish pin from pinterest. check out last weeks http://inkkreviews.blogspot.com/2012/10/inspired-fridays-bookish-collage.html
    thought you’d might like it. happy pinning !

    Katie @ Inkk