Second Helpings by Megan McCafferty

Jessica Darling seriesBook Title/Author: Second Helpings by Megan McCafferty
Publisher/Year: Crown Publishing 2003
Genre: I’ve always seen it in the Adult Contemporary section but the MC is a senior in high school
Series: Yes. Second Helpings is the second book in the Jessica Darling Series. Read my review of Sloppy Firsts.
Other Books From Author: Bumped series

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The second installment of the Jessica Darling series sealed the deal…although I can pretty confidently say I was ready to declare FAVE SERIES EVER status when I read Sloppy Firsts. But, oh, Second Helpings reaffirmed the series as my favorite coming of age story with it’s hilarity, wit, memorable characters, acute observations and insights into what it means to be a teenage girl. I’m annoyed at myself for leaving this series hanging despite for being madly in love with it.

Second Helpings sashays us through Jessica Darling’s senior year of high school and the perils of finding a college, dealing with the mess between she and Marcus Flutie (ow ow! ) who she hasn’t talked to since things ALL THE THINGS went down, & all the crazy fun antics with the Clueless Two. And it NEVER GETS OLD. Seriously, there are so many new and fabulous characters introduced, we get to see more of some characters who weren’t as developed in Sloppy Firsts (Gladdie Bridget! Len!) and of course we get to revisit the characters that are at the heartbeat of this novel. I grew to really love Gladdie and Bridget in this one! Gladdie is a riot!

HOLY MANNA FROM HEAVEN! The Marcus/Jessica tension that Megan McCafferty delivered was INTENSE. I would be reading certain parts and just be squeezing the life out of my book…willing them just to be together!!  I get goosebumps just thinking about some of the parts! The You. Yes. You. part, the bathroom of the funeral parlor part, etc. etc. I could go on. AND THE ENDING OF THIS ONE. OMG. My heart can’t take it. You giveth and you take awayeth, Megan McCafferty. I also felt like we got to KNOW more about Marcus and I fell deeper into my fictional romance with him.

In this one, I have to be honest, I found myself often frustrated with Jessica and her actions but I still loved the crap outta here. She’s the best friend that you just want to smack and be like “DUDE STOP BEING A DUMBASS!” but you still love her. She was a little more whiny and woe is me but then I realized — oh dear god, I was totally and, still am probably, like that when things get hard and messy and confusing. And I’d say her situation was pretty damn complicated.

My Final Thought: Coming back to this story was like coming back to college after summer break and seeing old familiar faces — excitement buzzes as you flit about to see people you haven’t seen in months, your friendships don’t miss a bit and you start right back where you left off. It feels like home more than you ever realize before. The LOL moments are fantastic, the Marcus/Jessica tension is to die for & I fell more and more in love with this series and feel a kinship to Jessica Darling, who no doubt, would be my bff if I lived in Pineville.  Definitely my favorite series ever! Like I get close to joyful tears when I think about these books. GAHHH! Prerequisite for friendship from now is going to have to be that people have read and at least kind of enjoyed these books. Bonus points if you are obsessed.

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  1. I didn’t read this series until last year but MAN I loved it!

    • I can’t believe it took me this long to read it! It’s SO my kind of book/series! Now we can hopefully push them on others who have been tardy to the Jessica Darling partay!

  2. Yay I love that you loved it!! It’s so funny that we are basically reading this series at the same time 🙂

  3. I discovered this series in my twenties, just a few years back, and loved (LOVED!) them so much that I had to piece-meal the books so I didn’t just plow through the series in record time. I never wanted it to end. Marcus — swoon. He’s my all-time book crush.

  4. Your passion for this series has convinced me to add it to my TBR list! And it might move up to summer reads. =)

  5. Keep reading, keep reading! Hehe. This series is so amazing. Although I do feel that it starts more strongly than it ends. But still.

    Glad you’re liking it! :]

  6. I keep hearing such great things about this series! The first one JUST came in for me at the library, and it’s going to be first up on my Bout of Books list. Can’t wait! 😀

  7. Yes to ALL THE THINGS! So I just finished this book about 3 hours ago and my mind is still kind of mush over the whole thing, and I’m having difficulty constructing sentences that are any more intelligent than a flaberghasted Jessica, so while I’d LIKE to give more intelligent input than this, I’m afraid I can’t atm. At any rate, this is a fantastic review, and I agree with you 100%. If I ever discover a time machine, I am going back and making sure high school me reads this. Seriously.

  8. I LOVE this series too! I still need to read 5 but so far Second Helpings has been my favorite. I love Jessica and Marcus SO MUCH!

  9. Bonus for waiting to read the series: you don’t have to endure the agonizing wait between each book’s publication (and wait till you get to book four!!!!!).

  10. You’ve convinced me to finally re-read this series! I remember reading them AGES ago, really loving them, but stopped reading them. I don’t even remember when/why I stopped. I have to rectify that!

  11. What a great review, Jamie! I only read this series last year, and it’s defintiely a series I wish I’d read years ago. I love the tension between Marcus and Jessica and I agree, while Jessica often needs a bit of a shake, she would also make an awesome friend!

  12. Thank you LORD that you love these books or I may have defriended you. Smooches, Ana AKA #1 JD FAN 4EVA

  13. I really should read this series. It comes so highly recommended and it sounds so wonderful! I am SORELY tempted to just go out and buy it already.

  14. After reading the entire series, I’m fairly certain this book is my favorite!


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