Best Of 2012: All Things Not Books!

You’ve already gotten the run down of my highlights of 2012 in books through my End of Year Book Survey & my top ten books of 2012 so let’s do a rundown of my favorite NON-bookish things of the year! Shall we?


You can see more of my monthly music choices in my Monthly Rewinds

Twelve Most Listened To Songs On My Ipod In 2012

Hey Ho – The Lumineers
Lost In My Mind — The Head & The Heart
The A-Team by Ed Sheeran
Concrete Wall by Zee Avi
Somebody I Used To Know/ Eyes Wide Open by Gotye
Skinny Love by Bon Iver (for like the 3rd year in a row I think — never gets old)
We Are Young by Fun (Most overplayed song but I still love it lol)
It’s Time by Imagine Dragons
Harbour Lights by A Silent Film
Either Way by Beta Radio
Atlas Hands by Benjamin Francis Leftwhich
How Do I Know by Here We Go Magic

Thirteen Most Listened To Artists/Bands In 2012

Florence  & the Machine
Zee Avi
The Lumineers
Of Monsters & Men
Fleet Foxes (always)
Company of Thieves
The Head & The Heart
Imagine Dragons
Beach House
Wild Nothing

8 Favorite Albums That Came Out in 2012



EPS I Loved: Churchill’s Change EP & Atlas Genius Through the Glass EP
Honorable Mentions: Neon Tree’s Picture Show, Imagine Dragon’s Night Vision, Passion Pit’s Gossamer


New shows I started watching this year (some long overdue & some new!) in addition to the shows I’m already watching (Parenthood, 90210, The Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy etc.)


Revenge: SO GOOD. Will and I devoured this one this year so we could catch up to the current season. I LOVE NOLAN. And I just love how kickass Emily is. And how the plot is so twisty and complicated and DRAMARAMA.

Revolution: This has been one that has grown on me but there are still things about it I don’t LOVE but I can’t drop it because it’s so addictive and I find myself getting sucked in! I am interested to see where it goes from here!

One Tree Hill: SO late on this band wagon but LITERALLY Will and I (on days when we weren’t doing wedding planning) BINGED this series. The earlier seasons where definitely WAYYY better but I still loved it! CHAD MICHAEL MURRAY!

The Walking Dead: Seriously, I would have never thought I would have liked this one much less be OBSESSED with it like I am. ZOMBIES! And I just care so much about some of these characters and the outcome. This show is incredible, brilliantly written & casted and they pull out crazy things like  four episodes in to a season that you would expect of a season finale or something.


I am a serious Sephora addict and this year feel like I hit the jackpot in finding some of my all time favorite products! It’s always amazing when you find THAT product that you’ve always been looking for and this year was incredible for me. Bad for the wallet but my face and hair have never been better haha. All links go to Sephora because that’s where I bought them and can vouch for them being a good company to deal with and has an AMAZING return policy or I would have never spent the money on some of this stuff to try it.


1: Alterna Caviar shampoo & conditioner: I have used Pureology (still love them!) for the past 6 years and this is the first time I’ve liked a shampoo enough to take a break from Pureology and I LOVE this stuff. My hair has never felt so great. I also do things like put coconut oil in my hair at night, use split end serum from Pureology, Moroccan oil, heat protector, etc.
2. Boscia Luminizing Black Face Mask: I LOVE this mask but it’s somewhat messy and time consuming to peel off at first. I also make sure I put moisturizer on immediately after because it can dry your face out but I love how my face looks the next day.
3. Benefit Total Moisturizer: I have jumped from moisturizer to moisturizer my whole life. I find one and LIKE it but go through about 2 bottles and then switch to something new. Sometimes I’ll come back to them (Aveeno & Fresh Soy moisturizer) but this one is going to be a fave for a while I think. The ONLY con to it is that there is a scent but I don’t smell it much after it sits on my face for a few minutes.
4. Origins Checks and Balances face wash: Like with my moisturizer, I am constantly switching back and forth! I have a few go-to’s (Fresh soy face wash, Neutrogena naturals) but this is my new fave and it smells amazing. I have combo skin just for reference and I love how my face feels after this and I honestly feel like my face is so much more clear than it used to be!
5. Amazing Concealer: This is one time where the name describes the product PERFECTLY. It’s seriously AMAZING. Just ask Anna, Tara and Jen who have all used it and I believe two of them bought it! I have never found a concealer that works this well and blends so well. I will never buy anything else!
6. Makeup Forever HD foundation: This is the makeup I wore for my wedding and it is incredible. It’s especially great if you are getting pictures taken or making a video or something. I love how my face looks in our wedding pictures and it blends really great. It’s definitely VERY high coverage so it’s not my every day foundation (I have a Tarte one I love) but I love using this for special occasions or going out.
7. Naked 2 Palette: This is like a cult favorite but this was the first year I decided to actually try it and I AM IN LOVE. Pretty much I use it all the time and all my other eyeshadows rarely get used. If I travel light, I only bring this for eyeshadow because I know I can figure out something with it.


I love when I discover new favorite foods or find new snacks to obsess over. These are my new FAVES!

These pumpkin spice cookies.: And they are lowfat! We took them to several dinner parties during the Fall and they were devoured!

Trader Joe’s Roasted Gorgonzola Crackers: I have always loved cheese crackers but these blow Cheez-its out of the water!
Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Powerberries: SO YUMMY! I can’t buy them much anymore because I eat them so quickly. I justify it by saying that they are healthy because there is fruit in them haha.
Quinoa — 2012 was definitely the year of quinoa for me. I had never eaten it before!
Trop50 Farmstand Apple (we always have gotten the orange juice but the apple is AMAZING)
Green Smoothie: They can look kind of gross but are quite tasty AND can be super healthy for you.
Greek yogurt — I thought I hated it but now I love it!



Tell me if you you listen to/watch/use/eat any of these!! Also, I’m so down for other recs if you think there is something I’d like!

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  1. I just got that Naked palette from my coworker + whoa, I was so excited I almost kissed her. haha. Great stuff! I always love your skin recommendations. I’ve been using Fresh for awhile, but I think because it’s so hot in my apartment… my skin is like HI LET’S HAVE A PARTY. And not the fun kind of party. Hopefully it’ll settle down soon. I’ve been using the Bobbi Brown BB cream though, and I like that because it’s really light feeling. But still gives coverage but not so much that I look like a painted doll. (I don’t like that.) I’ve been using Makeup Forever concealer and do I like that. Have tons of good things from that line.


  2. Oh thank you for the beauty product recommendations. I love trying new stuff!

  3. Your iPod ad my iPod are probably soul mates…just saying.

    (Oh! And I have a recipe for cheese crackers that will knock your socks off. If you like to bake let me know.)

  4. Wait..was it you who got me hooked on Lindsey Stirling? I think that might have been you. If it was, thank you! If not, you should check out her music. 🙂

  5. I have the Naked 2 palette too! I bought it for my wedding. I figured I’d never have to buy eyeshadow again and so it was worth the $50.

  6. I love your music taste! I listen to almost everything you have listed. And I LOVE that palette! I have both Naked palettes, but the Naked 2 is definitely my favorite. And Makeup Forever has the best foundation ever. Sephora is the best/most dangerous store ever 🙂

  7. LOVE The Lumineers. They kept me going during my drive from NC to CO.

  8. I just got the Naked 2 palette for Christmas. I am SO exited to start playing with it. Next on my list is the Naked Basics- I want it so bad!!!

    I love your music selection! Imagine Dragons is coming here in March and I am pretty excited to go see them. I wonder if they`ll get more air time now that they`re song is in The Host trailer.

    Thanks for the non bookish favourites. It was fun seeing what you liked.

    ~Sara @ Just Another Story

  9. You have the best hair, so I’ve put that shampoo/conditioner down for my next Sephora list. I’ve been meaning to try that Benefit moisturizer as well. I use Clinique Superdefense for daytime, but because it’s so dry here in Canada in the winter, I’ve been looking for a new moisturizer. My fave face wash is still the Philosophy Purity Made Simple one – it’s pretty good for combo skin like ours.

    TV – why aren’t you watching Nashville and Arrow?! =)

    So glad to hear that you love Fleet Foxes like I do. Blue Ridge Mountains is one of my all-time favourite songs. I listen to it constantly. I’ll have to think about some music recs for you…


  11. I used to LOVE OTH. I haven’t watcher the later seasons, though. I stopped watching when Peyton and Lucas left . . . although they were not my favorite characters. I loved Brooke and Haley and Nathan big time. Oh, and Mouth. 🙂

    Also, LOVE the Urban Decay Naked and Naked 2 palettes. I have both and use them all the time. I also have the Lorac Pro Palette, and might even like it more than the UD palettes.

  12. What, no MUMFORD & SONS!?! 😉 I love so many of the bands you mentioned, but Mumford & Sons is THE BEST. I will definitely check out a few I am not familiar with – I love discovering new music.

    Isn’t Revenge amazing?! Ohhhh and OTH! I still have to watch the last season, but I love it so much!

    Seriously, great post! I always love to hear about beauty products other people are loving.

  13. I LOVE the song Ho Hey! I’m pretty sure that’s, like, my third favorite song of all time. And The A Team! I’ve been obsessed with that song for MONTHS! And Fun. Ohhhh, Fun. <3 I adore The Head and the Heart, as well. I can't help it. Their NAME alone is so gorgeous.


  14. ALL the music <3

  15. Your beauty picks are basically mine too! I especially love the face mask and the HD foundation. I swear by both!

    Thanks for the music recs too – I just downloaded Harbour Lights.

  16. I love Nolan! That will be all

  17. I love that The A-Team made your list of favorite songs – Ed Sheeran is a new favorite for me! And thanks for sharing more music I need to check out, and some beauty products that I’ve been curious about (specifically that Benefit cream!)

  18. Have you scene the new palette based on the movie Beautiful Creatures? It’s from PurMinerals. I saw it at Ulta. The colors are very pretty. Haven’t tested out the quality, though.

  19. I’m always happy to see non-vegans discovering green smoothies – they are delish!

  20. Gahhh, I love Revenge and Nolan! He’s so bizarre, a little bit creepy, and a fashionista of a man! Love him.

    I am also a Walking Dead fanatic. Love me some zombies, big time!

  21. Just downloaded some of this music. It’s SO my type of stuff. Jamie, you should check out Nickel Creek, and The Civil Wars, if you aren’t already listening to them. I also recommend Ray LaMontagne. You need his music in your life. And of course, Iron and Wine! *swoons*

    Also, REVENGE. YEAH. Such a great show.

    Keeping the skin products/make-up in mind! I’m always looking for great cleansers.

  22. I like Sephora and Ulta for buying beauty products. I used to use that Origins Checks and Balances face wash when I was in my teens and early 20s. I liked the smell of their products. Now I use stuff for more “mature” skin even though I’m in my 30s.

    I will have to check out your recipe for pumpkin spice cookies. They look amazing and I love a healthy cookie 🙂

  23. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! The Walking Dead I’m obsessed and I don’t have cable so i have to wait for them on blu-ray

  24. Quinoa is the freaking bomb. I’m pretty sure I could eat it every day 😛


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