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June and Day have just fled Los Angeles and are still injured and on the run with no plan except finding the Patriots to see if they will help them. Their escape has made June a HUGE traitor and she’s now wanted all over the Republic and the people believe Day is dead. They make it to the Patriots camp and find themselves involved in a HUGE plot to overthrow the Republic.

We decided to read Prodigy by Marie Lu for book club since we all had read Legend and enjoyed it and NONE of us had gotten to Prodigy. Overall, as a second book in the series, this one was really great! It was the same action-packed, cinematic story that made me fall in love with Legend but with even more world-building and some great twists. This time around though I wasn’t as in love with the characters but we’ll get to that in a bit. Overall it was one of those reads that I couldn’t read fast enough and then I got to the end and feel like I got punched in the face. MAJOR CRAZY DEVELOPMENT AT THE END.

As fun as the cat and mouse plot was with Legend, I really actually think I enjoyed the plot of this novel even MORE. It was intense, not just with action that makes your heart race, but the world became more complete. We get to see more of what is going on in other parts of the former US including the Colonies which really was fascinating and crazy (and I hope we see much more with in Champion). The way the plot became more about the political side of things made it extremely interesting as we learn further information about the people in power and what is going on. June and Day are being used to pull off some big moves with the Patriots and it begins to be hard to know who to trust — for June and Day but also for us as a reader. We see both sides, as June and Day become separated for a little bit as part of the plan, and as the reader we know things the other character doesn’t and you sit there biting your nails as the stakes become higher and higher and you don’t know whose judgment is right — June or Day’s!

One of the huge threads obviously is the relationship between June and Day. I like that there is actual THOUGHT about how plausible their relationship could be considering June was partly to blame for what Day has lost and then the obvious very different upbringing. The tension between them was so palpable and I loved that Marie Lu made it feel real and their concerns were not at all silly. HOWEVER, I did not enjoy this love triangle-ish thing. It felt too over the top for me with both of them having confusing feelings for someone else. I get that both people were a contrast of what they’d have with each other but it was a bit too melodramatic for my taste considering all the crazy things that were going on in the story. AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME TO THINK ABOUT MORE THAN ONE ROMANCE WHEN YOU COULD DIE. I had a few eyeroll moments.

Overall, Prodigy by Marie Lu was a darn good sequel that just added more to this world and understanding of ALL the forces at work here in these shambles of the US. I loved where it went plot-wise — it was incredibly exciting, brought some interesting new characters and gave us some HUGE revelations to really propel the story forward and give us a clearer picture than we had in Legend of the inner workings of the government/state of life outside of the Republic. The ending is BRUTAL and completely sucker punched me and I’m DYING to get my hands on Champion.

Prodigy by Marie Lu book review


Let’s Talk: Have you read this series? Heard of it? How did you think Prodigy stacked up to Legend if you’ve read it? What did you think about the love triangle (square? Rectangle?)? DID YOU DIE FROM THE ENDING?

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  1. Eeep! I’m so glad to hear that this one’s even better than Legend! I’ve put the whole box set on my Christmas wish list … so excited to binge-read the entire series! (I read Legend way back when you first reviewed it, but can’t remember it at ALL, so I thought it would be fun to read the whole thing in one go!)

  2. YEAH! So glad that Prodigy is better than Legend! I read Legend a while back, and I thought it was okay, but I never really thought about reading the sequel. With your review, I guess now I don’t have an excuse not to read it!

    As always, brilliant review! Happy reading!

  3. Just you wait for Champion. I LOVED the first two books in the series, but Champion brings it to a whole new level and makes it one of my favorite series. I love how smart June and Day are, it helps make all the action better since they actually think everything through first.

  4. LOVE PRODIGY! Don’t get me wrong, I loved Legend as well, but Prodigy has so much more to it. I’m with you on the love…square? triangle? I don’t even know. It seemed a little much and slightly unnecessary. And then that ending! Can it be November now?

  5. I read this book right after it came out and absolutely loved it. I adore the series. I totally agree with you on the love triangle thing… it was kind of weird and over the top. And the ending. The. Ending. I am dying. (see what I did there?) And I need Champion right now!!!!

  6. I just finished Legend so I’m anxious to get to Prodigy. Fun to read your review. I’m anxious to see how the rest of the world is laid out in this one too. I feel like I only got a small glimpse into how things were in Legend. Looking forward to seeing a more complete picture.

  7. I haven’t started this series yet 🙁 I know I should but with Champion out next month I figured I can power through all three in a week or two.

  8. I love the Legend series so I’m glad to see you enjoyed Prodigy! I also didn’t like how we saw the beginning of a love triangle which I think is so silly. I’m also so excited for Champion! Great review 🙂

  9. Ok so I think I felt the same way as you pretty much about this one. I felt like this is a very SOLID sophomore effort for the series even though I too had the eyeroll moments for the triangle (I think I called it a square, actually). I agree about the bigger world and being able to see what was happening across the colonies and I loved that – having a greater idea of what was going on on the other side! I also loved seeing the interaction between June and Day and some vulnerabilities there.

    And that ending! WHAT WHAT WHAT. In my review, I called it a kink because I flat-out refuse to think of it any other way. I am telling myself it will work itself out and taking deep breaths. Deep, calming breaths.

    Honestly, Champion can either make or break this entire series for me. It will either be stellar beyond belief or…I don’t even want to say. I’m SO impressed with what Marie Lu has done with this series – she’s really brought it to the table, and I’m so proud that she’s a gal.


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