Courting The “New Adult” Sector of Books – Courting Genres #2

One of my bookish New Year’s Resolutions in 2013 was to read outside of my normal genres (I also extended that to this year’s resolutions) and venture in to some areas of literature I’ve barely read. I wanted to be proactive about it so I started a series called “Courting Genres”.  

How It Works:

1. I get some recommendations from some trusted friends/experts in the genre and then…
2. YOU, my dear readers, vote on which TWO reads I’ll be tackling first as I court this new genre.
3. I’ll update you on my progress after the two books and let you know if I’ll be continue to court this genre

Courtship #1 – The Adult Romance genre  —-> check out the results of that courtship here!



My next courtship is with….the New Adult “genre” of book.

I know NA isn’t technically a genre because there should be all sorts of genres within it but, as it seems to stand right now in its early beginnings, is pretty romance heavy.

How many NA books have I read? NADA. At least none that were classified as such. I’ve read books that would FIT within that “new adult” age group but are still considered YA I guess?

Why Am I Adverse To This Genre? I am so not adverse to the IDEA of this genre. I would love twenty-something perspectives and college stories. I heard about this emerging YEARS ago and was excited. Then I heard what some of the more popular NA books were about when it became “a thing” and I just got turned off. I feel like all I hear is that it is really sexy type stuff (which I LIKE but is not what I’m looking for with ALL New Adult) and a lot of really unhealthy relationships and same bad boy, aggressive male lead. I’m not saying that is ALLLLL there is out there but that is why I got so quickly adverse to it when that’s all I was hearing. I just want really great stories of exploration in your twenties and, yes, sexytimes WILL be a part of some of those stories but I want diversity. However, I want to at least give them a shot. ALSO…most of the covers… *cringe*

The Experts I Called On:


*Wendy from Book Scents: Wendy is the sweetest and I definitely appreciate that she covers a wide variety of books on her blog! She covers popular and also off the beaten path books and I love that!

* Cass from Books With Cass: Cass is one of the most enthusiastic bloggers I’ve ever met (well sadly not PHYSICALLY met yet). I love chatting books with her especially since we love a lot of the same books and she also reads adult fiction. Also we love chatting about the show Nashville.

*Jaime from Fiction Fare: Jaime is so fun to chat with on Twitter and I love that her and her sister started their blog together. Great dynamic they have! Plus I can always count on Jaime to tweet a picture of a hot piece of man candy!

*Betty from Book Rock Betty: Betty is my local pal! We met through starting our FYA book club and then she decided she wanted to join the blogging party! I can always count on her for good kissing books and steering me away from books that say sexytime words that we both don’t like. Also she’s the best to read romance novels with.

*Bree from Coffee Bean Bookshelf: Bree is a new find for me! She submitted recommendations for this and I instantly checked out her blog and loved the vibe and the design! Hope to be able to chat with her especially if I end up reading one of her recs!

*Kelly from Kelly Vision: I feel like Kelly and I have been old pals for forever thanks to Twitter. We can chat about EVERYTHING — books, tv shows, random things that annoy us!



Wait For You by J. Lynn
The guy is quite possibly the sweetest guy ever. And I fell in love. I liked that the pacing in this one is realistic, too.
Goodreads | Wendy’s Review

Lost and Found by Nicole Williams
It’s a cowboy one, so not sure how you feel about those but it’s so good! I loved it!
Goodreads | Wendy’s Review

No Attachments by Tiffany King
Really liked it! Its a little different than the cookie cutter NA out there.
Goodreads |Wendy’s Review



Faking It by Cora Carmack 
Cora Carmack writes such a great, yet witty story! Max and Cade are “faking” their relationship but nonetheless learning about each other! To say the LEAST things get, twisted, hilarious, and in the end.. powerful.  PS- LADIESSS, get ready to swoon for Cade!
Goodreads | Cassie’s Review
Hopeless by Colleen Hoover
DUH!  I had to say it. This story is INTENSE. Forget your typical contemporary! This is NOT.  A twist at every turn, and a story that makes you ache, Hopeless is a MUST read!
*Also echoed by Kelly.
Down To You by M. Leighton
Twins.  Sexy twins.  Is that enough to get you reading?  Just on the off chance it is NOT, this book boasts a story about Olivia who is a college gal that just wants to pave her own path and not take over her father’s business!  In Down to You and Up to Me we watch her figure out her future in both  her career and her love life.
GoodreadsCass’s Review, but CAREFUL! Its of BOOK TWO


Losing It Cora Carmack
(enjoyed all the books in this series)
Goodreads | Jaime’s review
*Also echoed by Kelly and Wendy
Easy by Tammara Webber
Goodreads | Jaime’s review
Broken at Love by Lyla Payne
(also love all the books in this series too)
Goodreads | Jaime’s Review




The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher
This book was freaking amazing.  Olivia’s thoughts are insane yet at the same time not!  I have been through a lot in past relationships and this book brought those buried emotions to the surface.  I was sobbing when I finished!  I probably need therapy.  It was easily one of the best books I read in 2013!
Goodreads | Betty’s Review

Rule by Jay Crownover
I loved so many things about this book- from the characters, to the drama, to the music, to the punk scene- it was all blended together to tell a really great story!  It is definitely one of the best NA books I’ve read so far.  There was a solid plot and excellent character development!  Plus– super sexy! 😉
Goodreads | Betty’s Review

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire
Goodreads | Bree’s Review 

A Song for Julia by Charles Sheehan-Miles
Goodreads | Bree’s ReviewThe Road to You by Marilyn Brant
Goodreads | Bree’s Review



Slammed by Colleen Hoover
Goodreads | Kelly’s review

* Kelly also recommended Hopeless & Cora Carmack’s books *

* Cass also recommended this and said, “This series, OMG.  So emotional, and the inclusion of both music, AND slam poetry? It makes it so unique and interesting!  I love Hoover’s characters and how we get to experience her characters Layken, and Will in such a personal way.” [Cassie’s Review]

Final List Of Books To Vote For:

Losing It by Cora Carmack
Faking It by Cora Cormack
The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher
Rule by Jay Crownover
Down To You by M. Leighton
Hopeless by Colleen Hoover
Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire
Slammed by Colleen Hoover
A Song for Julia by Charles Sheehan-Miles
The Road To You by Marilyn Brant
Broken At Love by Layla Payne
Easy by Tammara Webber
Wait For You by J. Lynn
No Attachments by Tiffany King
Lost & Found by Nicole Williams

 **Give your vote for which book I should read in the comments! I’ll tally up the votes and announce the two winners and then will get started on my reading. Polling open until 1/24 **



Other genres I’ll be courting this year:

-Fantasy (YA or adult)
-Science fiction (YA or adult)
– Graphic novels (YA or adult)
– Mystery (YA or Adult)
– Paranormal (YA or adult)
Adult Romance
– New Adult (is this a genre…I don’t know…whateverr I’m still doing it)

Feel like you are an expert in one of these genres? (minus fantasy because I already know who I’m asking!) Email me at: jamie at perpetualpageturner (dot) com with 3-4 recommendations and I will randomly pick a few people to be featured. Put your blog link if you have one along with any reviews of the books you recommend! 

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About Jamie

Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. I’ve read a few of the above but I would have to recommend One and Only by Viv Daniels. It really depicts the struggles of uni life with regard to actual studying (gasp), having a part-time job and becoming an independent being.

    Also, Daniels is a pseudonym for Diana Peterfreund…who is a very gifted writer. Hope you consider reading it!

  2. Can I vote? I’m voting. Slammed and Faking It. 🙂

  3. I’ve only read three of these…

    Beautiful Disaster, which I liked, but it is that typical bad boy, sexy time, NA book.
    Hopeless which was absolutely terrible. I felt like the author took EVERY NA trope/cliche and put them on steroids.
    Easy, which I really liked! I shall vote for that one! It actually has college experiences and romance and a great message about speaking out against sexual abuse (rather than using it as a plot device).

  4. I vote for Easy. It’s the first NA book I read and although I wasn’t crazy about it, I would be very interested in knowing what you think.

  5. I’ve become a HUGE fan of the New Adult genre, although I’m not sure why. It’s basically YA on steroids (sort of…ish). My favorite NA series isn’t on this list, but I definitely vote for Beautiful Disaster (which is a 2nd favorite) and Hopeless (which I have not read yet, but have heard lots about and want to read). I’ve read Beautiful Disaster a couple times and I love it even more each time — it’s just one of those books.

    I can’t wait to see which ones you read! 😛 Enjoy.

  6. Loved Wait for You! Then again I just love Jennifer.
    I haven’t read Rule, but I did read Rome and again, loved it.
    So, I’d go with either of those.

  7. Hopeless! No contest 😉

    I did love Easy too though…

    But my vote is for Hopeless! Haha

  8. Hey there,
    I have the same kind of hangups that you do with NA–though, I’ve read A LOT of them now, and that’s how I developed those hangups lol :-). But seriously, my favorite (and first) NA novel was Easy by Tammara Webber. If you want to start off right, I’d say go for this one. I loved it; the male lead was so much MORE than you usually find in NA, and the big twist was surprising yet believable. There are a few of these that a great deal of people liked but I really didn’t–but I’ll let you make your own judgments ;). Can’t wait to see what you think!
    Ninja Girl

  9. I haven’t read any NA for the same reasons you said – I love the idea of books from a 20-something POV, but all of them seem to be nothing but variations on the same general romance novel plot. I’m interested in seeing how this experiment goes!

    – Kritika @ Snowflakes & Spider Silk

  10. Hmmmm. I’ve read almost all of these, and I would definitely go with Slammed by Colleen Hoover. It’s more YA than NA, but it’s kind of a stepping stone into the genre. I want to say that I think you’ll enjoy it, but who knows! Or maybe the Hopeless series by Colleen Hoover? Oh. Or Easy by Tamara Webber!

    Interested to see how you end up liking the NA genre!

  11. SLAMMED. No contest there. 😉 Hope you enjoy your introduction to NA!

  12. I haven’t actually read ANY of these! I’ve kind of steered away from NA for the same reasons you mentioned. Though I HAVE been curious about both Rule by Jay Crownover (because of Betty’s review!) and Hopeless by Colleen Hoover (which I’ve heard nothing but good about), so those are my votes because I’m curious how someone like-minded would feel about them. 🙂 LOVE this feature; I hope you keep doing it!

  13. Ahhh… Obviously I say READ MY SUGGESTIONS… hahaha BUT… honestly, I LOVE COLLEEN HOOVER! I think Slammed would be a perfect intro to NA. I love that series and there is so much more story than sex! She is an amazing writer and I honestly LOVE that she writes NA because her books show the book world what NA could and should be! I didn’t really like Easy– we can talk on that over coffee sometime. 😉 I have all of Wendy’s suggestions on my Kindle, but haven’t read them yet. I’m also dying to read Losing It and Faking It… maybe whatever book you decide on, if I haven’t read it yet, I’ll read with you!

  14. I struggle with this “genre” because I’ve read more duds than studs, unfortunately. I don’t ever want to criticize someone’s work because it is THEIR art, and who are we to judge? Ya know? But I do have opinions on a few of these you have listed. I’ll take those opinions to a private convo with you though, hehe. Easy by Tammara Webber is a stand out for me. I really enjoyed it. Also, I just read Deeper by Robin York (comes out in 2 weeks), though it’s angsty and emotional, I really liked it as well. One & Only by Viv Daniels is another that I could see you getting into.

  15. The majority of the covers alone make me cringe. It’s like the only worthwhile thing that happens during this time of your life is romance and that is so not true!

    Brief rant over.

    I’ll vote for The Road to You.

  16. Ok I am totally biased but I vote for A Song For Julia because I have heard great things about it (and it’s companion novel) and I got it for my Secret Santa and then we could read it together! But I figure it’s going to lose so I still say you read it eventually and let me know when you do 🙂

    Nicole @ The Quiet Concert

  17. I vote for both of Cora Carmack’s!
    I read Losing It, and it was a charming story, very funny! And I’ve read so many raving reviews saying the other 2 in her series are better!

    And, another vote for Easy. I’m really curious what you think of it, I’m on the fence about reading it so far.

    • And OMG JAMIE DEFINITELY SENDING YOU SOME RECS FOR GRAPHIC NOVELS! I’m excited about you courting that genre 😀

  18. I have to vote for Easy!! It’s totally the perfect intro to NA – I think it might have actually been my first as well! AND you have to pick a Cora Carmack because she writes wonderful NA – plus in Losing it… british hot dude on a motorcycle. So there’s that. LOL

    Thanks for including my recs!! Can’t wait to see what you pick there are definitely some amazing stories here!


  19. You MUST read Colleen Hoover. Hopeless and Slammed are just <3 <3 <3.

    Good luck and such a great idea!

  20. Pavia Lewis says:

    I have to respectfully but firmly urge you NOT to read Beautiful Disaster. The beginning is full of so much promise … and then it just FALLS APART. It gets ridiculous, and the male lead becomes this moody, almost scary stalkerish guy. I guess some girls think that because he’s hot it’s okay.

  21. This is such a fun idea! And trusty mini reviews by trusty bloggers might I add.

    I haven’t read ALL of the books listed above, but I’ve read a good portion and I vote for Wait For You by J. Lynn, hands down. Armentrout does not disappoint. 🙂

  22. Slammed is the only one of these that I’ve read, and since I absolutely loved it that will be my recommendation. I have a lot of new books to read myself though! (I would avoid Beautiful Disaster because every review I’ve read makes it seem like exactly the kind of destructive relationship with an abusive bad-boy that you mentioned disliking..)

  23. I vote…for my recs! Hahaha. Wait for you was the first NA I read so it’s like my first love! I seriously love love Cam so I have to vote that! But so many good choices!!

  24. My top picks are Wait For You, Easy, Hopeless and Losing It! I also really recommend Into The Deep by Samantha Young!

  25. Of the list here, I’d vote for “Easy”.
    Can I offer an anti-vote suggestion? Don’t read “Beautiful Disaster.” It gives the New Adult genre a bad name.

  26. I don’t read much NA and have only read one on this list but, according to others, Slammed and Easy are the books to read.

  27. There’s this whole section of NA that’s all “okay, let’s say so and so is a virgin, and she’s all ‘ooh I still have my v-card’ and her friends want her to have sex, so they sort of pressure/guilt her into going out there and getting laid, and then that girl meets a guy and they PRETEND they’re sleeping together, and they fall in love” and I hate it. I really do. My friends never gave a crap about my virginity or lack thereof, and just . . . BLARGH. In most of these books the friends are like forcefully rude. This rules out a few books, to include Cora Carmack’s losing it (BUT, I read her 3rd book, Finding It, and I liked that one a lot). I think what you have to be careful of is that so many authors write a book thinking “YES, this has sex, so it doesn’t need plot, or structure, or proper grammar or spelling, and it’s totally okay if the damn thing doesn’t even make sense” and so many reviewers are all “OMGZ it’s so hawt I looove it, 5 stars.”

    I’ve heard great things about Slammed (but haven’t read it), and I’m a big fan of all things Jen Armentrout/J Lynn. Also, not on your list, but Chelsea Cameron’s My Sweetest Escape is good (it’s a 2nd in a series, the first one is fine, but the instalove in it doesn’t make sense to me, nor does the perfectness of the male character).

    ALSO, technically, Fangirl is NA, I do believe.

  28. I go with Hopeless and Slammed. You can’t go wrong with Colleen Hoover. 🙂

    Easy was great too though.

  29. I pick Easy because I’m about to read that too. Love Wait for You and Beautiful Disaster so those are good choices too. Thank you for this post!! I love this genre but didn’t know if very many books!

  30. Easy for sure. Definitely start there- I think it’s right up your alley. Secondly, I’d go with Losing It. That’s a good NA pairing to start with, and if I chose a third it would be Hopeless.

    I have many more NA suggestions for you but they are not on your list so I don’t want to confuse things!

  31. I just finished Wait for you and it was awesome! My other choice would be Beautiful Disaster.

  32. I’m not huge into the New Adult genre. I tried a few books and found them to be absolutely terrible, Beautiful Disaster in particular! But I decided to give the genre one more chance. I had read the synopsis for Addicted to You by Krista & Becca Ritchie while I was still hating on the genre, but still thought it sounded interesting. I didn’t want to be burned by this genre again so I gave it a pass. But a few weeks ago I saw it on NetGalley and just had to get it. I’m so glad I did! I finished only a few hours after I downloaded it. It was a five star read for me, something I can say very rarely. It was perfect! I know it’s not one of the options but I definitely think you should try it, even if it isn’t for this feature. Just avoid Beautiful Disaster or you might never give the genre another chance!

  33. Oooooookay. Long comment time. I hope you’ve got coffee or hot tea or cocoa in hand, Jamie!

    New Adult is a touchy subject for me, because I’ve seen all sides. As a reader, I see what it could be, and what some books are. Then I see so many New Adult books building on the stereotypes a few started, and well, to be honest, those books are why it already has a reputation as just another bad romance. The recycled plot, the cardboard-cut-out “bad boy,” the same obstacles the couples face, and probably the worst offense? Getting New Adult labeled as “YA with sex,” and other labels.

    I think New Adult should be wide-open. The genre is just an age range, NOT a check-off list for what it should contain: college, unhealthy relationships, heart-break, love-as-a-drug, sex, sex, and more sex. New Adult needs to be about being scared to death of life, and moving forward anyway – whether that’s in a contemporary setting, a futuristic one, or a historical one.

    So, your list. Honestly, the only one I’ve read on your list was EASY, and like I said on Twitter, I really liked it. It was about college and character growth, and while there WERE romantic moments, it wasn’t the sole focus of the book.

    The others. *frown* Obviously some of these books are someone’s favorite, while for someone else, they read some of them and hated them. Everyone is going to feel differently. I’m sure some of them are excellent books, that really stand out. But I will say, the ones I’ve TRIED to read didn’t stand out to me as anything other than the “bad” (read: bad stereotype) side of New Adult books. (The exception possibly being Cora’s books, because I’ve heard time and time again how amazing they are.)

    My recommendations would be: EVERYTHING BETWEEN US by Mila Ferrera, WAITING FOR THE STORM by Marie Landry (also: BLUE SKY DAYS by Marie, which is really more upper YA/NA), TEMPEST/VORTEX by Julie Cross (New Adult time travel with a contemporary feel). And even though I don’t think Trish considers them NA, I sometimes think of her books, or really SOMETHING LIKE NORMAL as NA.

  34. Some of these are still on my TBR list but Easy is a really great book!

  35. SO MANY GREAT BOOKS! I would think Slammed and Faking It would be two good ones. Very different types of books to get you a broad courtship 🙂

  36. OMG. This is a difficult decision. I’ve read many of these books and loved each of them for different reasons. It’d be really difficult for me to just pick one. I think though to start off I’d suggest either reading Wait for You, Losing It, or Hopeless. Cam is super sweet in Wait for You. He can be a bit too perfect, but he was definitely my favorite in the story. Losing It was a super fun book. Plus the male protagonist is British! Hopeless on the other hand was very intense. Definitely one of those books that suck you into the mystery and drama that goes on. I felt for those characters definitely.

  37. OMG…first I have to say that I was *thrilled* to see my name and blog up there as one of the recommenders! I’m SO glad that you like my blog…seriously, I just got goosebumps from happiness right now, lol! 🙂

    As for which books you should read, I don’t think you could go wrong with any of them…I’ve read most and they are all excellent choices for the New Adult genre. I really hope that you enjoy whichever books you read…it’s a great genre! I can’t do a lot of NA in a row…but do enjoy it when I’m in the right mood for it!

  38. I vote for Easy or Wait for You, they were both awesome! Have fun 🙂

  39. I vote for Hopeless, I just bought it on my nook and would love to have you read it as well! I’ve also heard sooo many good things about Easy 🙂

  40. Jamie, I was so anti-New Adult for the longest time (and am still suspicious of most titles), but I read a bunch of really great ones in that category last year. I absolutely back up the choices of FAKING IT and EASY; I’d also recommend SEA OF TRANQUILITY by Katja Millay (one of only 2 books that all 4 of us loved at The Midnight Garden in 2013), ONE & ONLY by Viv Daniels (It’s Diana Peterfreund’s pseudonmym and is basically like a really great episode of Felicity), FOREPLAY by Sophie Jordan, and if you’re open-minded about grey moral areas and into erotica, UNTEACHABLE by Leah Raeder.

    Good luck with your experiment! There really are good NA titles out there, we just have to look extra hard for ’em.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  41. I read this genre non stop last year and it got very repetitive for me. It’s a shame non of Addison Moore’s books aren’t on your list as she has this great witty sense of humour with her books. I think out of your list my main two would have to be Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire, I completely loved this book when I first read it wasn’t a huge fan of the ending but the story just had me transfixed for 6hours. I then think the next book you should read would be Easy by Tammara Webber. These two books I think are the classic New Adult books and are great introductions to the genre.

    Good luck with your courting.

    Georgie @ What She Reads

  42. RULE!!!!

    Such an amazing series!!!

  43. WOOHOO- its time! I VOTE FOR: Slammed or Faking It! Obviously HOPELESS too.

    OOPS 😉

  44. Hopeless and Easy!

  45. My first vote would be for Easy, then Losing It or Faking It, and then Hopeless. From this list I’ve also read Slammed (which I liked, but the sequels kind of ruined for me, if that makes sense) and Beautiful Disaster which, if I’m being honest, I see as having everything that’s wrong with the new adult genre. The new adult books I’ve loved I’ve really loved and the ones I’ve hated I’ve REALLY hated, it’s crazy but it’s such a polarizing genre.

  46. Wow… this was a difficult decision because there are a lot of great picks there but my votes go to Hopeless by Colleen Hoover and The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher. Seriously, you need to read The Opportunist. I’m SO happy that Betty convinced me to read that immediately. It was such a thrill! Hopeless is just AHHH!!! Can’t wait to see your reviews/ratings/thoughts on these Jamie 😀

  47. You should read Losing It and Beautiful Disaster! New Adult isn’t my favorite (or the best) genre out there, but I found those enjoyable enough. (:

  48. I am so glad no one recommended the worst book I’ve ever read in a really long time, Taking Chances. F that book.

    My vote is for RULE and EASY, loveeeeee those books.

  49. I seriously JUST finished Slammed and really enjoyed it so that’s my first rec.

    Second I would say Wait for You.

    And “Beautiful Disaster” is every terrible cliche about NA. So bad.

  50. My vote has to be for Slammed, Hopeless, Easy. Next to that Losing It, Wait for you. Colleen Hoover is my must read author for sure. Tammara Webber does NA so well. Both started me on NA

  51. Cassie got me started on Colleen Hoover — picking up Hopeless was one of the BEST decisions I made! I absolutely LOVED the pacing of the story, the twists and turns, everything! I think I read it in two or three days — which is quite the accomplishment for me these days, when it usually takes me a couple of weeks to get through a book. I spent last summer reading all the rest of Colleen’s books and, while the Slammed series is good too, I’m not a big fan of the teacher-student relationship so that soured it for me. SO Hopeless is definitely still my favourite of hers by FAR and I’d recommend you start there!

  52. I recently read Rule and I loved it. I really don’t like the NA genre for the same reasons you have hang ups about it but this book had me reading all day. Then I went and bought the other books in the series.

    My Vote is for Rule!

  53. Rule by Jay Crownover!

  54. i wanted to tell you about another one not on your list!
    Left Drowning (I forget the author), but it’s got so many good characters and revolves around dealing with loss and grief rather than the whole sex & romance thing. So many good characters, and I really enjoyed it quite a bit! (I’m like you, I don’t want ALL of them to be romance, they get boring.)

  55. My vote goes to:
    – Easy by Tammara Webber ~ A MUST READ! This is my favorite NA book.
    – Wait For You by J. Lynn ~ Cliched story but the romance takes time to develop and the guy is so cute & swoony.
    – Losing It Cora Carmack ~ Made me laugh a lot of times.

  56. Hopeless by colleen hover is my vote.

  57. I have only read 3 on this list (Beautiful Disaster, Losing It and Down To You).
    My vote is for Beautiful Disaster even though I liked the second book Walking Disaster more. Same book different view point.

  58. I would love to see you read Beautiful Disaster only because it sounds outrageous and I’m scared of hating it…. so would like to know what you think first!!

  59. Meh I’m with you on NA. I am just not into the romances that seem to dominate the NA demographic. Which is stupid, because I am a “NA”…I think. Maybe not anymore, actually. Gah, that’s depressing.

    Looking forward to seeing which book wins! And I’ll likely help and vote when it gets to fantasy and science fiction…love me some dragons and lasers.

  60. Wait for You by J. Lynn. You know I fully support anything JLA! Although Hopeless is a close second.


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