10 Things I Think My Husband Is Sick Of This Bookworm Saying

My husband is the best kind of non-reading bookish husband you can ask for. He’s supportive of this massive hobby of mine, listens to me babble on and on, will ship books out for giveaways for me, he stands in line for me for my favorite author and he takes in all in stride. Because let’s face it…living with a bookworm, and a book blogger, can quite the adventure. As good as he is about it all, I was certain there were things he was sick of me saying as a bookworm so I decided to have a go at making a list at things I THOUGHT he would be sick of hearing me say and then I got his opinion. And he agreed on all of them haha.

He did, however, want to add the disclaimer that “he is sick of it” in the most lovingly way possible.


1. “Hold on, I’ve got just one more page/chapter”

I say this A LOT. No, I can’t do this until I finish this chapter. Sorry we are running late but I had to finish the chapter. NOPE. Not turning off the light until I finish this chapter. I’m a pain in the ass honestly.


2. “Look at the new books I got!!”

Whether it’s books in the mail (which he jokingly threatens to return to sender if he sees them first), books I buy or if I come home with a huge library haul, I seriously think this one, at this point where we are out of room and I have piles all over, is the one that makes him die a little bit inside. He sees those mailing wrappers of doom and I’m pretty sure he is considering divorce every time. He always jokes that soon he’ll be sleeping on books instead of a bed but we’ll see. Good thing I have the book community to be excited about new books with me because he’s probably plotting on how to get rid of them.


3. “Nope, we can’t see that movie yet because I haven’t read the book and want to.”

I kid you not, there are still some movies I vetoed for this reason YEARS AGO (we’ve been together almost 8 years) that I STILL have not read the book for yet. FAIL. But honestly I want to read these books so if there’s even a chance…no way. Many a time we battle at the Redbox kiosk because I say no.


4. “Did you know that’s based on a book??”

This piggybacks on the last one but I cannot help but inform people that HEY THIS MOVIE YOU WANT TO SEE OR THINK WAS SO AWESOME? Yep..it’s based on a book! Knowledge is power, people!


5. “We need more bookshelves.”

On one hand, this would probably be a godsend considering there are piles all over. But every time I say this I think he wants to die a little because that means MORE BOOKS. He’s given in the last time I said this and I’m working on him right now. We went to Ikea last weekend and I’m like OH THIS WOULD LOOK CUTE IN THAT ONE SPACE.


6. “Can you take a look at this for me??”

This isn’t necessarily a bookworm thing but a blogger thing. Any time I do anything like change my design or make a graphic or a video or have an idea…I always end up asking for his opinion but I know he doesn’t care but I NEED A SECOND OPINION, YO, AND YOU ARE SHACKLED TO ME UNTIL DEATH DOES US PART SOOO THAT COMES WITH THE TERRITORY. Poor him especially when I’m frustrated and need help.


7. “I know you don’t care but I HAVE TO TELL YOU ABOUT THIS BOOK!”

Sometimes I read a book and I just have to like FREAK OUT about it (good OR bad). When I read We Were Liars last year I didn’t know anybody who had read it yet so I couldn’t very well TALK about it in all the spoilery detail I wanted to. So, oftentimes, I just have to tell him the entire plot and why I’m mad/emotionally drained/mind blown/etc.



8. “Don’t talk to me right now. I have too many feelings to deal with.”

Okay I’m a crier. You know this. But when I finish a book that made me cry or set my soul on fire or was some other kind of intense experience..I literally cannot handle him talking to me. AS IF LIFE IS JUST GOING ON AS NORMAL. He is probably pretty sick of me saying this because he thinks “I need to get a grip on reality.” OH PLEASE.


9. “Oh hey, there’s a bookstore! I just want to go in for a minute.”

Hahah because a minute is never a minute with me in a bookstore. HOWEVER, this one is the equivalent to his, “I want to stop in Foot Locker for a minute” so this kind of cancels things out because I am sooo sick of hearing that haha.




At random times, in our apartment, I will shout this. Mostly after a really good book or some good book news or when I get book mail or something. I think mostly he is sick of it because it is normally loud and obnoxious and at a pitch that is not pleasing to his ears or I’m flopping on the couch or being just generally dramatic when I say it.



Bonus: Will said one I didn’t mention is the “can I bring a book with me?” any time we go to something I don’t want to be (sporting events mostly).


What are things (related to book life) that you think the people in your life of are “sick of” hearing you say? Are your significant others saying AMEN to this? πŸ˜›

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About Jamie

Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. I’m pretty sure my dad is thinking the same thing about half of these, which is why I don’t tell him the current number of books in my room. Mainly the more books, can we stop at the bookstore, and I need more shelving. Definitely enjoyed reading your post.

    While my dad may not be into reading, he is still supportive of my reading habit.

  2. Lol – I love these! For my husband , it would most often be … I read the book πŸ™‚

  3. Oh my gosh, this is SPOT ON! I also ask my friend I commute to work with if I can read. That makes me a terrible commute-friend. But how else could I have finished Anna and the French Kiss today?!

  4. My boyfriend hates when I say #1 because I do it all the time when he’s asking me for a favor, like turning on a fan or something, haha :p Thank you for sharing this! I laughed πŸ™‚

  5. My fiancΓ© says all of these except he usually uses someone else for a second opinion most of the time. I think the ‘we need more bookshelves’, ‘I need to give some books away’, ‘I have all the feels’, ‘Did you know this was based off a book?’ and the constant books coming to our home are definitely at the top.

    Your husband is better than me when it comes to shipping and author lines- nope! Won’t do it!

  6. Lol! This post hits the nail on the head and is full of awesome-ness – I LOVE IT! πŸ˜€

  7. this post had me in splits! This is exactly how it between me and my husband!

  8. I actually think it’s funny because I don’t talk to my boyfriend that much about all the books. I always just feel like meh, he’s not interested, I might as well just reserve it for book bloggers. The only time I tend to really say anything to him about it is if he asks! And I guess he doesn’t mind hearing about it because he does ask somewhat regularly, and every time we are at a shopping center and he is the one to suggest going into a bookstore to buy me a book, and yeah… Obviously we haven’t been dating long enough for him to realize how much of a mistake he’s making. I will definitely make sure he doesn’t see this post πŸ˜‰

  9. Hahaha this is so fantastic! I say about 70% of these things and I am SURE my boyfriend feels the exact same way (the unconditional loving way!) He is also, unfortunately, a non-reader. We actually just discussed this a couple hours ago. I told him he need to find the right book :p But I am always like LOOK AT MY NEW BOOKS, and I REALLY WANT NEW BOOKSHELVES. I can usually stop anywhere in a book, though, and I have an eReader so I can read in the dark, so that’s one less thing that drives him crazy haha! It’s so sad when our men don’t read books though!

  10. I’m the only one in my family who is a huge book-lover and I feel sometimes they try to understand me but instead they looking at me in a strange way. Like, who are you and what are you doing in our family? Mom try to understand my interest in reading ( and she buys books for birthdays / Christmas from my wishlist), while dad who never in his life has read a whole book feel like I’m a lost cause. He thinks I buy too much books and do not understand why I need them all. My friends is just like my parents (but they are kind enough to buy books to me). Love this post, awesome πŸ™‚

  11. Your hubs is a good man. But definitely talk him into those bookshelves. Mine have actually helped me — if there isn’t room on the bookshelf, then I have to make room (granted, some shelves are 2-3 deep but they’re still on the shelves!!).

  12. Oh, hi, this is basically my life. From the “we need more bookshelves” to holding up plans because I NEED to see what happens next in a book I’m reading, Matt has heard all of these – some multiple times a day. Unlike you & Will, Matt and I have been together 3 years, but I think he’s getting used to it πŸ™‚

    Sometimes I secretly like that he’s not a reader – or at least doesn’t enjoy the kind of books I do. I can rant and rave and flail over books without worrying about spoiling things for him.

  13. Hah! This is great. My sister and I have an agreement…she listens to me talk about books and I listen to her talk about nail polish/makeup. Even though neither of us cares about the other lol.

  14. I made my husband read this and he’s laughing because this is us exactly. He said especially the “Did you know this is based on a book?” one. Great post!

  15. My family hears me say A LOT of these things, too. Ha! A few weeks ago I had plans to go to lunch with my sister. She asked if there was a bookstore that had a cafe with it that I’d like to go to. THAT put the biggest smile on my face!!!

  16. I think my husband would worship at my feet if I never said 3,7, or 9 again!

  17. YES! To all of these things!! I am pinning this to show my fiance later. He will agree with every. single. one.

  18. Love this so much! The GIFs made me laugh out loud! Must share with my boyfriend…

  19. I’m showing this to my fiance when I get home because I have a hunch he will strongly sympathize with Will, especially with number 8. He thinks it’s hilarious and strange how emotional I’ll get while reading and has often threatened to secretly video me when I’m super freaked out over a book. Love this post πŸ˜€

  20. Oh my gosh, YES! Especially 4, 7, & 9!

  21. Best list ever! I think my husband would be nodding along to just about all of these and I definitely recognized myself – especially in the “We need more bookshelves” and “I know you don’t care but I’m going to tell you about this book” oh and especially the “Hold on I’ve got to finish this page/chapter”. Book people are the best people!

  22. This whole post was hilarious and wonderful!

  23. Adriane @ the Bookmark Blog says:

    Ummm…. Are we related? Swear I’ve said ALL OF THOSE!

  24. Oh man, I love this. I’m now convinced we are book loving twins, because you nailed my poor husband on every one of these. The bookshelves thing is such a double edged sword because I try to sell it as “we can put some of the messy piles neatly onto a pretty new shelf!” but he knows that really means “the messy piles will remain, as the instant that new shelf is here I will proceed immediately to Amazon to order about $200 worth of new books for the new shelf”.

  25. Also: we are house hunting right now, and I’ve literally vetoed (many) houses for the sole reason that there isn’t room for all my books to be displayed, and I’m not buying a house that requires any of my babies to remain in boxes. So yeah, I’m pretty sure my husband thinks I’m insane, but like you said, shackled for life!

  26. This was the exact reason I started my blog, but all my family/friends where getting so fed up of me chatting bookishness all the time so I gave myself a place to do it without the annoyed looks! But I definitely still do number 7 A LOT. My poor mum is usually the one who has to suffer through this, but bless her she sits and listens through all the sobbing or the anger!

  27. I do the same things to my hubby. But he relents on the bookshelves. He has bought me two, built me two, and working on a third. I may be a bit spoiled. The talking about a book happened just last night. he wasn’t too thrilled that I had him up past midnight because I couldn’t stop getting my thoughts out. I also take a book with me everywhere. πŸ˜€ Great post!

  28. ha!! I love this post. I’m going to have to pull it up later and ask Brian if he agrees with some of these. Number 2 and 7 are definites… and with #2, his response is always, “What about all the other hundreds of books you have that you didn’t read.” In which I respond that “Book don’t Expire. They are forever.” I’m sure he’s pretty sick of me saying that too. lol

    It’s awesome that you have a supportive non reading hubby, love that we have that in common. :o)

  29. My parents have finally given in to my demands for another bookshelf after me having to beg them for quite some time (my mum always says ‘you should get it on your Kindle’, because I tend to forget that I own one >.<). And they always get annoyed at me for listening to music while I'm reading because I can't hear them shout up the stairs for me! This is a great post πŸ™‚

  30. My husband is a theological scholar, so he is as book-obsessed as I am – except his obsession is with massive theological tomes and commentaries, while mine is with fiction. We do the “Let me read this bit to you even though you aren’t vaguely interested” thing to each other all. the. time. As for needing more bookshelves … we live in a tiny two-bedroom apartment, and have six full-size bookcases, three half-size bookcases, six crates of picture books in the kids’ room, and we still have half our books packed away in storage. It’s INSANE. But also BEAUTIFUL.

  31. This is such a funny post and I know I’ll be like that when I’ve finally signed that contract which bounds me to someone else for a considerable time. I keep being late because there’s one more chapter I should read, I can never leave the house without a book, I’m always telling people which book they should read even when they haven’t asked for it. I work in a library, but I decided it would be good for me to live in one too…

  32. This post and all those things are just YES. Yes, yes, yes!

  33. This is my entire life. I don’t have a husband, but my sister/roommate deals with these things on a regular basis. I feel it’s justified to have such a list considering they most likely have a list as well.

  34. I have said every single one of these things to my husband.

    • Yup, and when I shared this post with him, he said “oh god, there are more of you?!?”

  35. you are lucky !!!!!my boyfriend is just mean, that’s why i never say anything to him about books

  36. I’m sending this to my husband right now. #1 is absolutely his biggest annoyance – he’s like, “I’ve said your name five times,” and I’m like, “But I was READING and you know I can’t talk to you when I read. I just needed to get to the end of the chapter!”

    I’ve now given Evan eye masks to wear when I have the lights on reading late at night – it helps a lot. You might want to try this with Will?

  37. I love this post! The crying part speaks to me. I feel like I annoy absolutely everyone in my life by saying and doing most of this on a regular basis, but it’s just part of a book lover’s life. Hopefully my future husband is able to handle or understand all of this.

  38. You crack me up πŸ™‚

  39. I am cracking up at #6 right now. We recently changed our blog design and I had to make the buttons and banners and all that for it, so with each minor change in those designs, I’d call him over to look. Eventually, I’m sure, it all started looking the same. In fact, he even muttered, “Didn’t you just show me this?” under his breath a couple times. Poor non-bookish husbands!

  40. This is all SO true!! haha Only my boyfriend loves books just as much as I do! But My friends don’t understand!! πŸ™‚

  41. I LOVE YOU JAMIE! So so so right, my boyfriend has actually said some of these exact things, haha. We frequently go on “cruises” on the weekends because he likes to drive and I like to sit in the passenger seat and read and sometimes look up at some passing scenery, therefore he is frequently sitting right next to me and trapped when I get to a cool part of a book. Since he doesn’t like to read my books, I have no worry about spoiling anything for him and can gush and explain all the good parts :D. Instead of not wanting to add another bookcase though, he made one for me :D, that probably won’t happen again for a while though, ha.

  42. Hahaha I literally laughed out loud at #8 because I say this often!! My poor husband has to go on the emotional roller coaster of feels with me while I’m reading because I can be a very mouthy reader and then in the end I can’t even communicate with him…especially if it’s a cliff hanger or bad ending!

  43. Haha, yes. I think the most horrible thing is the ‘oh, there is a bookstore, I’m just going in for five seconds!’ I know my boyfriend always looks SO sad when I say that, like a kicked puppy. He always listens to me when I ramble about books (credits for that), because sometimes I just NEED to talk about it with someone, even when he doesn’t talk back. I just want him to say ‘ohhhh, terrible’ or ‘I totally understand your feelings.’

  44. Thank you, Jamie! You just gave me a valid argument as to why buying another bookcase or two is NOT a crazy request! Muchas gracias! πŸ˜‰ I cannot wait to show this post to my husband.

  45. This is the best post ever. Know why? Because it’s so true!! I’m sure my husband is super sick of hearing all these things too. Oh and I also think he’s sick of me complaining about how I’ll never finish my tbr before I die and then going out and buying more books. Fail.

  46. Clearly you also spoke to my husband. Especially 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9 and 10.

  47. Haha! I laughed out loud at every one of these. They are all true, so true!

  48. Haha! You think of the most interesting article ideas. I have done every one of these too. Bookworms unite!!

  49. This post was really funny, and I felt totally related to ir. I read some of them to my BF and he totally agreed (he is non-reading as well). Not all of them apply, but still! It was great a post!

  50. This is such a cute, relatable post!
    I think I’m guiltiest of #7. Sometimes it’s just nice to express my feelings over a book out loud, and my boyfriend is the one who then usually hears all about it. But I definitely do as your bonus one says and try to bring my books everywhere.
    I feel like my boyfriend can already emphasize with your husband, and I’m sure he’ll get more frustrated with my reading obsession over the years. But, like your husband, I still think he’s pretty supportive overall. And I’ve actually gotten him interested in reading more, which makes things easier. If you can’t have someone who loves reading necessarily, at least it’s important to be with someone who understands/tolerates reading obsessions. πŸ™‚

  51. My husband is pretty supportive too. Went with me to my first book event because he didn’t want me driving all the way there alone (it was 2 hours away in a city I’ve never been to).

    And I am sure he thinks ALL of the above things too! But he’s sweet like your hubby and smiles when I talk books. πŸ˜‰

  52. After reading this, two things popped into my head:
    1) You and I are SO MUCH alike and could seriously be the best of friends
    2) Our husbands are SO MUCH alike and could be the best of friends all while plotting how to get rid of ALL THE BOOKS

  53. This list is perfection! Sharing it with my husband now. I’m sure he will agree with every single one. lol

  54. This post made me LOL because all of these also apply to me AND my non-reader roommate/gay husband. It’s to the point now that when packages from Amazon or anywhere else come in, he just rolls his eyes and walks away. But then he’ll do things like text me because a school or library he’s driven past is having a used book sale… So at least I know he’s paying attention. Haha. πŸ™‚

  55. YES! ALL OF THIS! Really though, I’m sure we can make a list of things *we* are sick of them saying. So it balances out. But yes! Yea, totally sharing this post.

  56. I love this post hard! Can totally relate.

  57. Hahaha that is great. I should show Shane this list and see how many he agrees with. This is becoming a part of his life now too…. I hope he knows what he’s getting into πŸ˜‰

  58. Haha, I’ll have to ask my husband if he’s tired of any of the same that do. So far so good. Mostly, I have managed to get him more and more interested in reading over the years. Luckily we have very similar taste. Or at least taste that has a large crossover point.

  59. Heather says:

    I agree wih all but #6 and that’s just cut my husband isn’t a big proof reader lol. He hates when I ask which book I should buy too! I’ll debate whether to buy a book or just borrow it. I’ll debate and debate and debate and ask him which I should buy or should I buy either. He’s answer usually starts with a sigh and then which ever one you want… oh so helpful lol!

  60. Hahahah I can relate to so many of these! Especially number 8 – I always see my wife rolling her eyes at me while I’m sobbing away at some dramatic occurrence in whatever I’m reading.

    Our poor significant others πŸ™‚

  61. Nailed it.

  62. I love this post because I am pretty sure these are the ten things my boyfriend is sick of hearing. Most of these are word for word fits for what he has to hear far too often. I think he is more sick of the constantly being dragged into bookshops, especially when a lot of the time there is nothing new out that I want and spend so long looking and don’t buy anything. When he brings my packages to me and knows it’s a new book I see a little look of horror on his face like.. ‘NOT MORE BOOKS!’ but he only comments on it sometimes. He actually finally caved and let me get two new large, deep bookcases and I was so happy, especially since I had so many books in storage boxes and it bugged me. After eight years together I think he is used to my book obsessions and I love him for it. Plus, he pretends to care when I tell him about a book I just read and loved <3

  63. Lol I think I have all of these problems. However, my boyfriend loves to read so he does tell me a lot about his books so I think it is only fair that if he tell me about his books I get to tell him about mine. I probably get more excited than he does though and I remember one long conversation I put him through when I finished The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer twoish years ago and he still brings that up every now and then. I couldn’t help it I needed something to talk to so I wouldn’t go crazy with my feelings bottled up.

    Glad that Will listens to you about all of this even if he is tired of hearing about it.

  64. Oh my but this is perfection!!! #7 especially; I think my most recent total book related emotional breakdown was Code Name Verity. That book actually included “Just one more chapter” as well … My boyfriend was making dinner, and told me to come in to the dining room because the food was getting cold. I kept protesting and protesting and then … and then I got to “Kiss Me, Hardy!”. &&subsequently I spent the next half hour explaining to him what had happened thus far (&the significance of that moment) through a haze of tears while the food got even colder!

    I don’t know what I do to deserve him, but I don’t ever take his patience and understanding for granted;)

  65. hahahaha – LOVE this post! And it’s So very true

  66. This has to be one of my favourite posts EVER! I say exactly the same thing, but instead it’s my parents and my sister who have to put up with it!!

    Rita xx

  67. I CAN RELATE!! Lol!! One thing I also do A LOT- is buy books and say, “but honey, they were on sale!” He’s forever reminding me about my cyber books, but I still loves books. Went today and was “oohing and ahhing” over books with my daughter. I kept saying , ” oh, these are so pretty!!! Let’s look at them!” She was ready to go to the kids section, where she then said the same thing. So we sat and I read them all to her:)

  68. these are great. the one i always say is in response to a commercial for a movie or tv show “hey, that’s a book!” and usually he’ll follow up with “see if you can get that on audio from the library for me” because i haven’t steered him wrong yet πŸ™‚

  69. Number Five is what I am currently mumbling to my huz-b. “We need more bookshelves.” I have to drive TWO hours to go to IKEA to get bookshelves, because from experience, the Wally World shelves are not even going to cut it. I had so many books, the shelves bowed. But I have a whole room full of books. I’ve even commandeered two of my huz-b’s shelves for books. #Can’tStopWon’tStop.

  70. All of this is so true.

  71. Jennifer Kelly says:

    After reading this I am pretttttyyyyy sure our husbands could have a gripe session together!

  72. Jennifer Kelly says:

    You may be onto something with the support group! Maybe that will make them realize that our book behaviors are actually the norm!!! Brilliant lady!


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