Not A Slump But A SOMETHING.

I haven’t been in a slump lately but I’ve been in a SOMETHING that has me reflecting a little bit.

I tweeted this recently:


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It’s not that I’m not excited about books (I am!) and I haven’t been reading bad books but it’s just more so that I’m indifferent to whether or not I read each day in the past couple of weeks. I’m not racing to read the books around me and I don’t really care if I’m picking up a book to be honest — I don’t give it much of a second thought.

I’ve confessed that I don’t always read EVERY day though most of the time I at least get a little reading in. I might go a couple days without reading and I’m FINE with that. I like to go where my whims take me. But after a couple of days I’m normally CRAVING it — though I will say that it wasn’t always that way before blogging.  I went a lot longer in between books (I also read a lot less books per year). Of course it’s much easier to not feel bad about not reading when you physically don’t have TIME to read…as opposed to the fact I’m just choosing not to. And it feels weird that it’s lasted this long.

And it’s funny, even though I don’t need to read every day and am okay with that, I start to feel weirdly panicky after this many days. I sat here recently kind of laughing at myself — WHY AM I STRESSING ABOUT SOMETHING FUN? Who cares how many books I read per year? Who cares if I haven’t read in 2 weeks as long as I’m enjoying what I am doing in the meantime? And even though I have a lot of “OTHER” posts that aren’t book talks…it still is hard to run a book blog when you aren’t really feeling SUPER DUPER EXCITED ABOUT READING.

And I came to the realization that I think a lot of times it is easy to let the blog run you. To forget WHY I created this blog. I started this blog to chronicle my reading journey. I don’t read so that I can blog or FOR my blog. But it’s easy to get wrapped up in that and let the two be so intertwined. So intertwined that it feels like, “OH I have to read so that I have things to post/I’m a book blogger..this is what I do” or a similar sentiment. It’s easy to let the blog schedule (yeah, I don’t have one bc I’m a mood reader) or the ARCs or new releases or the blog tour you said you’d do start to dictate what you read and how you read. To let the fact of being a book blogger make you feel like you need to read faster and more often and almost superhumanly. (End of year counts stress me out so I think about this instead).


It kind of has the beginnings of an existential crisis of sorts. What happens if I feel like this for an extended amount of time? WHAT HAPPENS? Will this all be over? WHO AM IF I DO NOT HAVE A BOOK IN MY HAND? And that’s when I have to stop myself from spiraling out of control and worrying about something so silly. I am a person with many interests and passions that change and fluctuate and grow.

So, while I’m sitting here in the midst of WHATEVER this is, I’m just trying to remind myself that this IS my reading journey. This is part of it. And I’m just going to let it take me wherever it does. I will not let the act of blogging dictate my reading. I will not try to force myself out of whatever THIS is.  I mean, maybe that’s part of my problem right now. Maybe I’m burnt out on the way blogging does affect my reading life even when it’s not necessarily in a BAD way?


I’d like to know:

1. Do you read every day? Does it bother you when you don’t read?
2. If you are a blogger, do you sometimes feel like your blog runs you a little bit?

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About Jamie

Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. I, for one, do not read every day. I go in spurts with that. I typically read every couple of days at least, but sometimes I’m constantly reading and other times I’m not. It really depends. It depends on what’s going on in my life, how stressed and busy I am, and what I’m reading. But it seems that what I’m reading is not my biggest concern anymore. Like now, for instance, I’m loving my book but at the same time I just can’t seem to pick it up. I don’t know know why. I am very stressed and very unhappy with how a lot of things are going in my life at this point and I don’t know if I have started to feel like I just don’t want that book associated with the uncertainty and stress of things right now or what. I’m also in the middle of a three week stretch of temporarily living alone. It just gets too quiet when it’s just me and a book for some reason. I can’t take it. So I turn things on and then get distracted. It’s funny, because right now I’m sitting in silence on my computer and totally fine with it. I don’t get it at all. I would say I’m going through something too. I also get a little bothered because once I moved I dove headfirst into my books. It kind of became a way to cope with big changes. Well, of course, my mom called and chewed me out. She was really upset saying that I wasn’t giving things a chance and was just burying myself in books. I can’t say she was fully wrong, but she kind of didn’t know all of what was going on and how I was feeling. I’m scared to make books my way to cope with things because I know I’ll get that phone call. It made me feel super bad about everything I was choosing to do (though, is sitting here binging on various shows on Netflix better than reading? nope).
    Does it bother me that I don’t read every day? Nope. I know there are times when I am just too busy and that the minute I get home from wherever I want to just sleep or something else. There are just some days where it is not possible, and I’m ok with that. I don’t feel the need to try to make up for it either. I think, especially this year, I’ve stopped counting so much. I tried to do that Goodreads challenge again this year, and lowered it a lot just so I would meet it. The first year I did that I was in college and easily surpassed my goal of 50 books in a year. It bothered me at first that I was doing less and less each year, but now I think about all the other things I might be doing and remember that books sometimes may take time away from actually living my life.
    I have a blog, but it’s not necessarily a blog I run. It’s one of those blogs I have up just kind of for fun. I was an angsty teen with a xanga, and I constantly let word vomit happen and complained about EVERYTHING, and I’m trying to stay away from that and keep things kind of fun. However, I know that very few people really read my blog and that it’ll never be a book type blog, but I’m ok with that. I think that would stress me out a lot. I think it would be cool, but I get overwhelmed pretty easily. So I try to keep it simple. I love doing those top ten tuesdays, and I will occasionally do something else but that’s it. I wanted to try to write about what I was reading, but I kind of just figured no one would care. Clearly still an angsty blogger. But I think that even though you’re going through a thing (not a slump, a thing) that you’re doing awesome. I think maybe taking the time to step back and blog about bookish things, and not necessarily the books you think you have to read, is kind of nice. It’s refreshing to take a look back at things you once read, or to do fun posts about characters and to make lists and things like that. You have so many other fun posts. It’s pretty hard to tell you’re in a thing. This happens to me every fall, this getting into a thing. I hope you come out of it soon though! You’re bound to. For me it seems I eventually find that one book that I inhale and remember just how excited I am about everything. Last year at this time it was Where’d You Go Bernadette and The Book Thief that finally got me out. It’ll come eventually.

  2. Don’t worry so much about it! I go through natural periods where I just don’t read as much or have more difficulty getting into whatever I am reading. It always passes. This is part of your journey and don’t feel badly about it! Embrace the time to do something else you enjoy!

  3. I do read every day. I read before bed every night, and even in the morning before getting out of bed on days off. If I can’t read (usually because too busy or too tired) after a few days I get frustrated that I haven’t made progress in whatever book I was reading. It’s not necessarily frustration at the actual act of not reading, but just about letting books pile up.

    I’ve been in a funk lately too, but it’s more about not being satisfied with most books I pick up. Maybe that’s because I’m reading too much! I have a few more goals I want to finish up before the end of the years, but I think I need to plan to take a reading break soon and kind of just wait til I can find that excitement again.

    Once, in high school, back in the days of only having 1 book at a time, I left my book at a friend’s house and decided it would be a good idea to sneak out of my house, taking my Grandma’s truck instead of my car (because it was more fun to drive) and go get my book. I was in a panic about it. And then I ended up getting into an accident on the way to her house (some drunk guys threw a brick through my windshield randomly). So of course, imagine my Grandma was mad her truck got busted up, and I had glass in my eyes and throat, and everyone was like WTF, all that over a BOOK? #booknerdproblems

  4. I’d like to read everyday and for the most part I do, but if I don’t, no biggie! I’m currently on a kick of reading old releases/my own books which is YAY awesome for my bookshelves, but not so great for the review copies. So while I’m definitely enjoying myself (it’s SO nice to sit down with a book and not have to read it with a critical eye) there’s definitely that voice in the back of my mind that keeps reminding me of the books I need to get to, the novels I should be reading instead.

    I took an unintentional break from blogging last week and, Jamie, it was so relaxing. I had nothing scheduled and in the beginning of the week wasn’t really feeling like posting anything. By the end of the week it felt silly to only post once, so I didn’t. And it felt great. I do think we let our blogs run us and whenever I feel like blogging/reading is becoming more of a chore, I take a step back. I guess that’s what I needed last week.

  5. I do read every day but I think that’s because it’s my primary escape and solitude from having two little kids. Its my only time of peace and quiet all day (while they’re napping and after bedtime) and I treasure it.

    However, I feel like writing a book blog has determined what I read more than I’d like to admit. I almost exclusively read new releases and I never used to be like that. I also just checked my 2014 list and realized I’d only read 2 nonfictions that weren’t cooking or memoirs all year and that’s totally unlike me! One of my resolutions for 2015 is to read more based on my mood and not accept as many blog tours.

    I hope you get out of your slump soon!

  6. I completely understand what you are going through. I try to read everyday, but some days, it is just impossible or I simply want to do something else with my little free time. I actually read less at the weekeends, because I try to spend that time with people.

    But I do understand the pressure to read, and it is hard not to give in. So yay! to you for not allowing blogging to dictate how you lead you reading life.

  7. I do read every day, but the quantity of what I read can vary greatly depending on what else is going on in life. I do feel now that I’ve started my blog that I need to read more new releases, which does not help my tbr pile, or all the great books from a few years ago that I missed reading. I’m going to try to read more of whatever I’m currently in the mood for, and hope that when I blog about it, it may be a book that others missed reading also.

  8. I have to say that I used to burn myself down when I didn’t followed my reading schedule for review books and stuff like that, but I’ve relaxed so much since I found your blog and some others, but I think especially your discussions posts help me to relax and enjoy the blogging experience for what really is worth: to share our passions about books.

  9. I’ve been feeling this way a lot lately. I generally read every day, but there may be a day each week that I just don’t have time. Since I just started blogging this summer, I definitely feel like my blog runs me at times. I panic if I haven’t read enough lately to write a review when I want one to be scheduled. Blogging should be FUN instead of feel like a job or class assignment you need to finish by a deadline. I have kind of been in a reading slump, but it feels more like a burnout. I’ve read SO much since July – more than the past few years combined – and sometimes I feel like I need to relax and enjoy what I read or OTHER things I could be doing. I even get to the point where I think “I should have finished this book already because I normally read a lot faster than this.” It can be stressful when it shouldn’t be.

  10. I try to read every day, because I feel like part of me is missing if I don’t. But at the same time, I don’t run a book blog, so I also don’t feel like I HAVE to read because I’ve got reviews to post. If I felt like I had to keep to a strict schedule, I might feel differently.

  11. I don’t read every day. There are just too many other priorities. I have two kids, so I don’t read until they are in bed (unless they are not home), I work full-time as well. Some nights, when the kids are in bed, I just want to talk about my day with the hubby, or we’ll catch up on TV shows stored on the DVR, or watch a few episodes of our latest Netflix obsession. A month or so ago, I didn’t read for almost 2 weeks. I started to feel guilty about it, but then I decided it didn’t matter, it was ok! Sometimes I’ll read so much I finish 2 or 3 books in a week, other times it will take me a week to finish one book, or even longer. And that’s ok too. Just because we blog, it doesn’t mean we have to spend every spare minute of the day reading. We don’t have to read a book every day, we don’t have to blog every day, we don’t even have to post reviews every week if we don’t want to. I just think each person has to come to terms with their own guilt, even though we shouldn’t feel guilty. Anyway, I hope you get over whatever it is your feeling!

  12. I do read everyday but that is my way to cope with everyday stress.

  13. Yes and yes! I definitely feel more pressure to finish more books than I did before blogging. I do sometimes go a few days without reading – if I’m really busy I gravitate more to TV because my brain is tired. I’m not sure I crave reading if I go a few days without but I know I feel a little unsettled without it. On the other hand I find if I’m reading a lot – especially mixing audio with books – I kind of get stuck in my own head.

  14. I read at least 3 hours a night Sunday – Thursday and how much I read on the weekend really depends on what I have going on. I really do LOVE to read so it’s partly for that reason that I read so much and partly for the blog. I do find myself getting a little stressed about reading ARCs before their publication date so I can get a review up. Since I am a new blogger, it’s important for me to get pre-release reviews out so I can show that I’m serious about what I do and have a passion for it. I’m still working on building an audience so any time I have an opportunity to reach new readers, and entertain/inform current readers, I go for it.

  15. You read my mind! I have all these amazing reads but for some reason I just don’t feel like reading. However I feel like it’s great to step back and take a breathier that way when I read I will fully appreciate it for all it’s worth.

  16. I do read every day but a lot of that is because I have a 40 minute commute to work both ways. Sometimes if I am feeling sick I’ll listen to music but generally I like reading because I usually get a seat, it’s a long trip and because it’s a really easy way to indicate that no one should talk to me. I also usually read for at least part if not all of my lunch hour because I usually eat at my desk and because I can. On the weekends my reading drops significantly and I often don’t pick up a book at all on my days off.

    I am on a YALSA committee in addition to blogging and for a while that and the blog reading was a bit overwhelming. But now I’m down to 4 committee books in my TBR and only one for my blog review queue (from Amazon Vine–I consider things from publishers more optional).

    Taking a step back and letting myself read what I really want to read instead of reading on a deadline has been a huge help. For instance I just got In the Afterlight yesterday and completely shuffled my reading plans to get to it next.

  17. I read pretty much everyday. I enjoy it and i have become incredibly restless when it comes to television. It may be only 20 mins during my lunch break or for an hour before bed but i usually read some every day

  18. I took a couple months off from blogging and since then my reading habits haven’t been the same. Before, I read books like crazy (I’m talking 2 to 3 a week!), which gave me a lot to blog about. Now? I read one book a week, sometimes two, but most of the time it takes me about a week to finish a book. I’m busier than I was a year ago when I started my blog: I have a job, school, and I’m trying to spend more time with friends and family.

    I think it’s okay to let your reading habits change, and I agree it’s important to remind yourself that YOU run the blog, the blog doesn’t run YOU. Some weeks I’ll go days without blogging because I don’t have time or any inspiration. And it’s okay! You do whatever works for you. Those who truly enjoy your blog and what you have to say will stick around. <3

  19. I don’t read everyday. When I first started my reading journey three years ago there was a point where I would be reading everyday, sometimes all day. It was a little obsessive and actually quite an unhealthy habit. Now, I suppose I’m a little indifferent. I can go days-weeks without picking up a book or my kindle and I am okay with that. At one point I was reading for my blog, but I realised I didn’t want my blog to be just about the reviews, I wanted to share something unique and fun and a little more me. I think the only pressure I do have is from Netgalley, I don’t want to be behind on reviews but when I’ve just been approved for a book I requested six months ago I may not be in the mood to read it and therefore gets put behind. I have about 6 books left on there and once they’re completed I may even close the account.

    I hope you feel a little better, every journey is different. Keep smiling Jamie! 🙂

  20. I try to read around 100 pages a day.
    I run a blog and sometimes I do feel like I could do with a break as preparing posts does take up a lot of time.
    Hope you get out of your slump soon!

  21. I know exactly what you mean, and I’ve been getting the same stress about keeping up to my blog schedule as well. The fact is, each book needs to be read at its’ OWN speed, and you might take longer reading a book you really enjoy rather than just skimming it. I read most days, if only to get away from my daily commute 🙁

  22. Jamie,

    I feel for you regarding the sense of pressure to read for the blog, even when you KNOW the blog is for the BOOKS, not the other way around. When something feels like it has a deadline, when you feel like people are waiting, it’s easy to let an artificial pressure become a real one.

    In Leah’s comment, she mentioned taking a week off from blogging about books, and it seems like something like that might be a good idea. If you took a short break and read whatever you wanted (or even not at all!), you might be able to come back to the blog wanting to do it, rather than feeling obligated. I may very well be wrong, but I think you need to release yourself from that sense of obligation. You don’t owe anyone anything.

    Good luck to you, Jamie, and remember that you read for yourself before you read for others!

  23. I’ve been going through a bit of this phase myself. I usually read everyday but sometimes I take a break for a week, especially if I’m on a “book hangover” or spending time with family. But sometimes I stress myself out thinking about the books I need to be reviewing and that always turns me off. I’m a mood reader like you are and if I try to force myself to read something I usually end up reading something else instead. But like you said, reading is supposed to be FUN! I have to remind myself of that fact every now and then. If I’m late on a review, so what? It’s better if I take my time trying to enjoy it than to rush through it in order to write a half-hearted review.

  24. I definitely don’t read every day since sometimes there are things after work that I have to do instead and then I just stumble into bed, haha. On the weekends I usually read at least a bit, but since I only see the boy on the weekends, there are certainly days that I don’t read even then! Maybe this is one reason I’ve yet to get into a reading slump in all my blogging years since reading is still a treat at the end of a long day? In any case, taking a break to recover from burn out sounds like a good idea. I do sometimes find myself deciding on my next read based on what would be best for the blog, but it is generally because I have several books that I want to read equally (as in omg all so exciting, how do I chooooooose??) and so let the blog be the deciding factor 😉

  25. Recently I have been reading everyday, although up until a year or so ago I had a couple of years where I didn’t read much at all. As a kid and in my early teenage years I was always reading, but when I started college I kind of fell out of the habit a bit, and at university I did English Literature so had to read a lot of books I wouldn’t have picked, which kind of made me come to view reading as work. Then the summer before last I started reading the A Song of Ice and Fire series and was just hooked. It kind of kicked me out of my slump a bit, as I think I just needed to be reminded of that feeling you get when you read an amazing book, and just can’t stop reading it because you have to know what happens!
    I think starting my blog has actually been beneficial to keeping up the reading though, as I now try and make sure I always have a book that I’m reading (so then I can keep up with reviews), and although I read a few book blogs before, I now read a lot more, and so I end up seeing other blogger’s reviews of books and really wanting to read them! However, I have only been blogging for a few months, so I can’t say how I will feel a couple of years down the line. I can see how you might get to a point where you feel under pressure to read, and feel as if your blog is running you.
    I can definitely empathise with your reading slump though, so I hope you feel better about it soon! (And sorry for this huge essay!)

  26. I want to read everyday, but I can’t. I go in spurts with reading and I have a book blog so I can understand the pressure of needing to read. Now that I have a full time job, I’ve been trying to read everyday at lunch. Sometimes I’m successful! Sometimes not. Even though I love to read, I love to do other things too so I cycle through my favorite activities including reading every few weeks. Admittedly I read more than those other activities, but still I go through spells where I don’t read for days or even a week. I have also gone through years in my life where I read significantly less than I do now. However, now that I read so much more its hard for me to think I’ll read less. This is a great blog post and a great topic for discussion!

  27. I used to read every day, but my schedule has gotten so hectic. Lately, I’ve been finding myself lazily scrolling through Pinterest or Twitter instead of reading because my eyes are so tired and my brain is so foggy.

    At times, I feel guilty about not reading, but I usually just feel sad. My blog somewhat dictates my reading. For example, I’m probably only going to read Sci-Fi in November because I need to do sci-fi month posts. The biggest factor that dictates my reading is school.

  28. I have just the last few weeks come out of a similar thing. I usually read everyday, even if just for 5 mins while i’m waiting in line at the bank, but for MONTHS I have just not felt like it. I was trying to give my self a break, no reviews, no book clubs, nothing I HAD to read. I caught up on months worth of TV and listened to a few audiobooks because I was bored without reading something, but I just wasn’t in the mood for anything and nothing jumped out at me. I would start something and a few chapters in I would change my mind.

    I don’t know what got me out of it, but a few weeks ago, I was just back to reading like normal. I kind of think of it like my genre phases. I get suck reading the same genre for a few weeks because that’s what I feel like at the time. It just happened that this time, I didn’t want anything.

  29. I almost always read every day. If there’s a day when I don’t read at all, it’s likely because I was extremely busy so, no, I don’t feel bad. I do have a little blog-related stress. Right now I’m taking a class on War & Peace and so that’s all I’ve been reading, and it is really slow and isn’t generating much blog fodder. It’s ok. I’d rather post a little less than bore people with the intricate details of this week’s reading assignment. But yes, I do feel the pressure, and I do feel think a little too much about the blog posts when I’m making reading choices.

  30. YES I read every single day. I feel incomplete when I don’t read at least a little bit every day, BUT THEN AGAIN remember that I read in audiobook format, on my phone, on my Kindle, the book I have in the car, the book I have by the bed, the book I keep in my bag…people wonder how I can juggle several books at once but it’s because I sneak bits and pieces in everywhere, in different situations – even if it’s in the long line at Target on my phone or an audiobook while I’m grocery shopping (I did this late at night last night and it was glorious and I may have taken a little longer than necessary because it was so wonderful) ORRRR while I’m waiting for Layla Greta and Jack (more and more lately!). The truth is, Jamie, there was a time when my blog ran my life a few times. There aren’t many of us that have been blogging for years that haven’t been thru something at least a little bit similar! I’ve been doing this for almost five years and YES, I’ve had to learn to step away from time to time for varying reasons. BUT BUT BUT as my life has changed, and you guys that are my reading friends have kind of watched this a little bit – you may or may not have seen the breaks come and go – this is when I’ve personally learned that where it felt like my blog once controlled my life a little bit…now I feel like my life is more in control of me (sort of) and my blog is just sitting here for me when I am able to take the time to escape and talk to the world for a while. I guess what *I’m* trying to say is that seasons of life come and go and this too may pass. Not to worry, friend! The blog is here and it isn’t going anywhere. Take the two or three weeks and LIVE LIFE with all of the wonderful things. Read when you can. Perhaps as life changes here and there you may find that your blogging habits and desires will change and ebb and flow and that’s just how life goes, it goes, it goes.

    RE-READ more. You know you want to! xo

  31. Our lives run so parallel sometimes. I’m in the middle of my own reading existential crisis (I no longer have interest in YA and IT’S WEIRD AND SCARY). But I TOTALLY understand what you’re going through right now. For a few months before I officially “quit” blogging, I spent a lot of time feeling guilty and weird and panicked because I CAN’T NOT READ BECAUSE BLOG. Obviously, that ended in me quitting, which is not at all what I’m suggesting you do, but I think all you can do is ride it out and maybe do some soul-searching. You don’t want the blog to rule your (reading) life, and I think that has to remain your #1 priority, you know? So maybe you don’t post as often for a bit because you’re not reading. You don’t want you to force yourself to do your hobby, because that doesn’t make sense and ruins a lot of good things about it (speaking from experience).

    I’m pretty sure I just rambled a bit up there, but basically, I know where you’re coming from and I think this is one of those times where you just have to “sit” with your feelings and figure out what you truly want.

    LOVE YA GIRL <3333

  32. I do try to read every day. If I don’t read a book, I try to read a magazine which usually has shorter articles and I don’t have to devote that much attention to it. I usually have a stack of magazines lying around that need my attention. I take magazines with me when I am riding the bike or walking on the treadmill at the Y so I get some reading in there too. If I don’t read, I feel like I am missing something in my day. It my escape. You have to do what fits into your schedule and what works for you. You shouldn’t feel guilty or stressed about reading.

  33. I read everyday and did even when I wasn’t blogging. Granted, I’m pretty sure I read twice as much now that I do have a blog, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t love reading before as much as I do now. I’m so happy I haven’t hit a reading slump, but I have read books I haven’t been a fan of but had to read because I had promised a review or tour for it. While I definitely don’t think that my blog runs my reading life, I do think that I’m not able to read books that I really want to because of all of the books I have to read for blogging. I have fallen way behind on YA contemporary releases, which are my absolute favorite, because I’ve had too much to review and no time to read them for “fun.” Blogging, though, has allowed me to discover some fantastic authors in other genres and I owe so much to blogging!

    I actually freak out if I can’t read for more than an hour a day, which is especially hard since I’m a senior in college and have so much other stuff to do, but reading has always been my passion and I could never imagine not wanting to do it. But it’s okay not to want to read everyday because life does happen and sometimes books just aren’t your number one priority at the moment. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

    -Jessica (Peace Love Books)

  34. Since having a kid and not being able to read as much as before, I definitely try to read *something* every day, even if it’s just a few pages of my book. Some days are great and I’ll spend a whole naptime and before bed reading and other days I get through 3 pages before bed and fall asleep. I feel like I’m appreciating reading more now than before since I can’t just do it whenever I want to. That being said, even with limited time to read, I still have those days where all I want to do is catch up on a TV show or do something craft and NOT read. It happens … I just try to do what I can and that’s all that matters!

  35. I’ve been experiencing the same thing lately – although I’m pretty sure I can pinpoint the two reasons. 1) I started working about 10-15 hours more per week, and 2) the time change. I’m always slower and more unmotivated when it gets dark so early. But like you said, it doesn’t mean I don’t want to read – I’m just taking more time with each book now! So if I take a week to read a 500 page book instead of the two days it used to take, then that’s just going to have to be all right.

    I always think it’s nice to have reviews on book blogs (of course), but as long as you’re talking about books or something bookish, I say that counts! Whatever is fun and, like you said, for your reading journey, then that’s what you should do 🙂

  36. You are not alone. We ALL go through this. I don’t necessarily read every day. I read the equivalent of about 70-100 pages per day each week typically, but usually I find I catch up on the weekends. If I miss a day, I don’t sweat it. I’ve forced myself to read thinking I will have fun once I start, but that doesn’t work for me personally. I don’t want to resent reading – something I love!

    One thing I do to make sure I keep up the fun quotient is I make sure I am always reading at least one book that is just for fun. Nothing a publisher gave me or that I need to review for any reason. Just a book that is just for fun. Right now I am finishing up The Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness and when I finish I will do that amazingly fun thing of sliding up to my bookshelf and just choosing whatever book tempts and intrigues me the most. Choosing them is half the fun if you ask me!

    But no matter what – don’t be too hard on yourself! Slumps happen. Moods shift. Sometimes we just need to veg out in front of the TV or do some art or train for a marathon or learn to bake homemade bread or whatever other passions we have. Then we will be like, you know what? I feel like reading. 🙂

  37. My reading habits fluctuate. The year my daughter was born I read 10 books and this year I’ve read 51. I also read less for pleasure now that I’m working on a doctorate than I did before. I have so much reading that’s able to do, I don’t necessarily want to read for fun in my free time.

  38. I’ve been feeling the same way lately. I probably do read a little bit every day but sometimes it’s like 30 pages and it’s because I don’t know what I feel like reading. Sometimes I will take a break and then feel lost like I don’t know what to watch on tv because reading is my tv. When I need a break a lot of times I’ll play video games or I’ve now decided to learn knitting. Just to give my mind something else to do. I am in an indifferent slump where I’m not even killing myself for new releases or arcs, I’m kind of like. eh i’ll get to it when I get to it.

  39. My need to read changes all the time. Sometimes all I want to do is read, the moment I’m done with a book I have to pick up another and start reading. Sometimes just the thought of reading sends my mind onto this huge (usually non-important) list of things I should or could be doing instead. 2 days ago I went by a used bookstore and picked up 13 new-to-me books. Spent all yesterday reading one till it was finished because I couldn’t put it down. Today? I’ve done laundry and surfed the web, and haven’t even looked at any of my TBR pile.

    Sometimes all it takes to get back in the mood is one book. Don’t look at it as though you ‘need’ to read something. Find a book that jumps out at you, if it doesn’t grab you in the first few pages, put it back on the shelf for another time and pick a different one. If all else fails, I pick up something like the Garfield Treasuries. Something to make me giggle for a while.

  40. I’m actually the type of person who reads pretty much every day, though the length of time I devote to it and how much I manage to actually read depends on what I’m up to, what distractions I’ve got and how I feel. It’s almost like breathing in that it feels like second nature to me. HOWEVER, there are definitely days when I don’t read – and it surprisingly doesn’t bother me. On those days, I do think about how many stories I have yet to read, but it doesn’t reach the point where I feel overwhelmed or pressured at all. I instead think of it as endless possibilities – and that excites me.

    As for blogging, the way I do it normally prevents me from ever feeling overwhelmed by blogging. I do my posts in bulk, whether reviews or fun ones, and it helps because then I can take breaks in between those times 🙂

  41. I’ve been feeling this same way lately, both about reading and blogging. I’m glad you put these thoughts out there so we don’t have to feel like, “I’m the only one.”
    I tend to read every day but also go through these periods, like now, where I WANT to read but I’m just not motivated or interesting in actually reading a book.
    Lately I’ve had to struggle to come up with something to put up on my blog, I post every Monday, and I am struggling to come up with ideas.
    Thanks for just putting it out there that I’m not the only one. Hope things get back to “normal” for both of us soon!

  42. I don’t read every day, and lately I only have been reading on audio books while driving. Well since I’m about to start my maternity leave on Monday, I won’t be driving or reading for some time. But it is what it is.

  43. I don’t read everyday at all. I’m not someone who can finish a book and then immediately pick up another one – If I read a book in a day then I usually have to sit the next one out to process and give myself a bit of a rest (if i read too much in one go it makes me read slower for a while).

    Sometimes, like when I finished Heir of Fire, I couldn’t read for a week. I knew that I should pick up a book and just start reading but I couldn’t force myself to do it, so yeah – definitely don’t read every day.

    As for the blogging/reading problem – I’m a relatively new blogger, I’ve only been doing this for a few months but it’s definitely impacting me already. If I don’t read then I feel like I can’t post which stresses me out so much that I don’t end up reading. I also feel that I need to be reading new releases all the time so that my posts are relevant but as an unemployed 17 year old I can’t afford that. Sigh. It’s a constant internal battle but I work through it and if I haven’t been reading much I’ll post tags or discussions that way at least i’m posting sometihng.

  44. 1. Do you read every day? Does it bother you when you don’t read?
    -I read every day if I get the chance. I actually feel stressed out when I don’t get the chance to read something for a few days. Not because I feel I NEED/HAVE to read, but because I really want to. I don’t think there has been many days this year where I haven’t read at least a couple of pages.

    2. If you are a blogger, do you sometimes feel like your blog runs you a little bit?
    -Sometimes, but I feel I’m starting to get the hang of it. I was first a little frustrated by the lack of balance, because I’m very busy with the internship I recently started. Now, I’m starting to let go and understand I’m not a robot – I can’t do everything and blogging is not the most important aspect at the moment.


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