If We Were Having Coffee

I saw a life coach I love, Ashley, do a post entitled If We Were Having Coffee and I decided to take her lead and do one myself in November 2013 because I loved it and sometimes I feel like we forget that there is a whole life behind the people that write and read blogs. I got such a great response to my initial post so I made it a  reoccurring thing for the past couple of years and do it when I feel so inclined!


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So, grab your coffee/beverage of your choice and meet me for a chat. I’ve got a lemon shandy right now (it’s afternoon right now, okay!) and it’s divine.

If we were having coffee….I’d tell you that I’m currently reading This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen and Fates and Furies by Lauren Groff. Also, I’m audiobooking The Running Dream by Wendelin Van Draanen. I’d ask you what you are currently reading!

If we were having coffee... I’d tell you how much of a FUN summer Will and I are having already and we have so many other fun things planned I can barely contain my excitement. I’ve enjoyed beach days and pool days and nights out and good food and ice cream and concerts and new beer and just SO MUCH FUN. I’m really thankful it’s been a fun summer and it’s been really nice to feel so happy after a crappy winter! I’d ask what you have been up to thus far this summer!


If we were having coffee.… I’d tell you that I opened up that THING…better known as a story…that I had told you about before. I had written like a paragraph or two last summer, bawled and then never opened the document again. It’s been sitting on my desktop untouched but all the while ideas have come to me for it. It’s a contemporary YA (I think..idk she just finished her first year of college) and it’s so personal and I am not even a good writer nor have I ever wanted to write a novel before. BUT WHAT THE HELL. I OPENED IT. I WROTE A SENTENCE OR TWO TO ADD TO WHAT I HAD. WE WILL SEE WHAT HAPPENS.  I’d ask if you are an aspiring writer. If so, do you have any tips??

If we were having coffee…. Id tell that recently I’ve been thinking a lot about fear and how I can recognize places in my life where it has held me back. I know that sometimes fear is there to protect us but also I’m starting to see how I use it as a crutch and it kind of makes me sad. I don’t want to let myself live so fearfully and I don’t know when I started REALLY letting fear get in my way.

If we were having coffee…. I’d tell you that I’ve really been wanting to get into podcasts. I’d ask you for recs!!

If we were having coffee… I’d tell you that I’ve really been having a weird relationship with social media. I’ve been so disillusioned by it recently? I don’t even know if that’s what I mean. I just…sometimes I’m so weary from it. I get overwhelmed by it. I think “WHY DO I PUT SO MUCH TIME AND ENERGY AND STOCK IN ALL THIS?” I have nothing to say sometimes. I’m over the over-documentation and wading through the picture perfect shininess to get to the realness. The constant barrage of voices and options and links and possibilities of people and things to follow and knowledge and opinions. BUT THEN OTHER DAYS I AM LIKE OMG I LOVE THE INTERNET. IT IS THE BEST. I’ve been a lot more MIA than I used to be (especially on Twitter) and I feel like the balance has really been helping me. I’d ask you how you deal with social media fatigue.

If we were having coffee….I’d tell you how last time I was lamenting all my workout woes and how I couldn’t get back on the workout wagon and I’d like to inform you that I’ve been working out again and IT FEELS SO GOOD. I mean really. Sure, it’s nice to lose a little weight and look toned and wink at yourself in the mirror because you are like DAMN GIRL YOU LOOK GOOD. But most of it is about how I truly feel. I hate every moment while I muster up motivation and all the way through the workout until I think of how I feel after. How energized I am. Or how I think about how badass my body feels when I can hold a plank for longer or do more burpees than usual. It makes me feel like I can conquer anything…well not during my workout…mostly I’m a whiny baby…but AFTER. HEAR ME ROAR.


If we were having coffee….I’d you that I’ve been having A REALLY spectacular reading year thus far in 2015. It’s been kind of magical — a great mix of 2015 releases and older books and things I missed last year that seemed to be beloved by others I trust. I don’t want to jinx myself but MAN OH MAN IT’S BEEN GOOD. I’d ask you how 2015 has been treating you reading wise!

If we were having coffee…I was thinking the other day while going through some of my old college papers while cleaning a box from my old room at my stepdad’s (and was talking with book club about it this morning) about how much I MISS school. And not even SCHOOL itself. But learning things. And I know I am learning things all the time and blah blah blah. But I miss learning a specific skill or subject. So I’ve decided I’m going to challenge myself to learn a new thing this summer. I’d ask you WHAT THE HELL I SHOULD LEARN! haha


If we were having coffee…what would you tell me? Come on…lay it all out! It’s just you, me, the pleasant sounds of a cafe…and maybe some other eyes in the comment section but NBD right?? Our we can have coffee in my inbox if you don’t feel comfortable. I really want to know! What’s going on with you?

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About Jamie

Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. What a fun post. A few podcasts I listen to are:
    – The JV Club
    – Pop My Culture
    – This American Life
    – How Stuff Works

  2. *Grabs a glass of lemonade even though it’s midnight* I love these posts, Jamie! Right now, I’m reading The Diviners by Libba Bray which was pretty hard to get into but has kept me interested so far, so I’m hoping to finish it soon.

    I’m actually an aspiring writer, too, so I definitely get the struggle! I’d actually recommend setting aside a little bit of time everyday to write (like, 30 mins) and then increasing it the more you get used to writing. You could also try filling out some character and plot sheets to figure out more of your story, if you want.

    You should totally try learning a new language this summer! Those are always fun, and you can even get to explore books in other languages that haven’t been translated.

    • Mmm lemonade sounds so good right now! And thank you <3

      I've been curious about The Diviners! It looks so good but I'm always intimidated by thick books haha Good to know that it might take a little to get into!

      That's a good idea! I feel like I can definitely commit myself to writing once a day for 5 minutes (at least) for a week and go from there. I like baby steps! And what are these character and plot sheets you speak of??

      And I LOVE the idea of focusing myself to start a new language! I have been doing the Duolingo Spanish here and there but not making it a priority. I learned spanish in high school but of course that was like 10 years ago so I only remember things here and there so it would be nice to dive in..especially since Will and I are trying to plan a trip to spain next year!

      Thanks for chatting with me!! 🙂

  3. If we were having coffee (tea)… I’d tell you that I’m really overwhelmed right now. My family that I havne’t seen in years is visiting from Florida next month and staying with us for 6 days. There’s going to be two children (6 and 12) in the house and I’m so not ready for that. They’re early risers (and I’m a night owl, getting to bed around 4 AM, usually). And then there’s the whole, germaphobia thing that I have. BUT I might be able to get to meet a cousin of mine I’ve never met that lives out in Las Vegas, ’cause she might be flying out for my grampas birthday.

    If we were having coffee (tea)… I’d tell you that I’m currently reading “Attachments” by: Rainbow Rowell. And I’ll be re-reading “Number the Stars” by: Lois Lowry, after. Before that, I read “Royal Wedding” by: Meg Cabot and “A Court of Thorns and Roses” by: Sarah J. Maas.

    If we were having coffee (tea)… I’d tell you that I recently turned 23 (on June 25th) and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet haha.

    If we were having coffee (tea)… I’d tell you that I used to write, but have had writers block since I graduated high school 5 years ago. But my advice, just write what you feel is natural! Listen to what the characters tell you, but guide them in the right direction!

    If we were having coffee (tea)… I’d tell you that luckily I don’t tend to get social media fatigue. I tend to stay on the outskirts and only use it to keep in contact with some people/see what they’re up to. Along with entering contests and finding free samples!

    If we were having coffee (tea)… I’d tell you that I’ve had a few reading slumps where I wouldn’t read anything for about a month at a time (unless it was re-reading a comfort book). But when I am reading, I’ve read some really GREAT books (besides one fluke one).

    If we were having coffee (tea)… I’d tell you you should look into your family ancestry! I absolutely love looking back and finding out who I was related to! I’m actually related to Mary Queen of Scots and King Henry VIII (yuck to him). I’ve researched some much into Mary’s past and it’s so interesting!
    I’d also tell you that I miss learning to! Not per say, the atmosphere of school, but just learning and specific subject!!

    If we were having coffee (tea)… I’d tell you that my parents (I still live with them) are having a lot of problems financially right now, ’cause our tenant that rented the apartment above our garage died back in December and we didn’t find anybody until the very ending of May. So, it was a relief to get somebody in there. But then the stupid mortgage company decided to no longer give my parents a loan modification (so they’d only have to pay half the payment each month), so they now have to pay $2000+ a month for it. And the whistler on our oil tank (that heats the house/water) is completely shot and they have to replace it which is going to cost over $200.
    It’s been really causing my anxiety to go up :/

    If we were having coffee (tea)… I’d tell you that I think I’m going to do the next round of OTSP Secret Sister (I’m doing this round already), because I really need the cheer and enjoy giving cheer to somebody each month. It’s been really great to meet new book people and gain an honorary big sister!

    • Eeee that’s so hard when you have family in! It’s nice but it’s also hard having people invade your space! GOOD LUCK!

      OMG Number the Stars…I LOVED that one in elementary school!

      23 is great! At least it’s not 30 like I’m facing this year 😛

      Thanks for the writing advice! I like that…letting them guide me! Hope that writer’s block leaves you alone!!


      AHH MAN. Adult stuff is so sucky sometimes. We don’t own a house yet but I know the anxiety just from apartment renting. GAH. Hope you guys catch a break!!

      And I’ve been thinking about doing Secret Sister again (I did it the very first round but not last) but we shall see!

  4. If we were having a cuppa I would tell you that I just recently joined the book blogging community 1/2 a month ago and it’s been a great experience. Your blog is one of the ones that I aspire to, with all of the insightful posts and how well your connect to all your readers.

    Glad to hear that this summer promises to be a fun-filled one for you. It’s winter in my part of the world, so I can’t wait until the sun comes out for us again. Wishing you the best of luck on writing more of your book, hopefully you can share your story with the rest of the world one day!

    I have a love-hate relationship with social media. I usually don’t engage with twitter etc much in my daily life, but it seems an essential tool to blogging. I’m still learning how to deal with all the noise on the internet. But it’s a wonderful platform for many voices to be heard, I just wish there was an easier way to pick out the voices I love the most so I can follow them.

    I’ve been reading more than ever this past month, which is amazing because that’s how my blogging journey started. 2015 is filled with so many promising releases, even more exciting that it’s only the end of June! So many more books to come.

    Thank you for always sharing so much with your readers and for posting this post.

    • Welcome to the community!! Nice to “meet” you! And thank you so much for all the kind words <33 if you ever have any questions I'm only an email away!! (or a tweet or comment haha)

      AH I always forget that it's not always summer everywhere in the world! It kind of blows my mind! haha. I'm like EVERYBODY IS SUMMERING RIGHT NOW...OH WAIT NO. I hate hate hate winter so I'm wishing you some mild days and some surprise sun!

      Twitter really IS essential to blogging. Back when I first started blogging 5 years ago there was still a decent amount of bloggers who weren't using it but you quickly learned that was where a lot of the party is at and it has only become more and more true. I also don't use it personally..just for blogging! But it's become very personal as I've been around this long! My advice to you is MAKE SURE YOU TRULY WANT TO FOLLOW WHEN YOU HIT FOLLOW. Back when I first started blogging I followed anybody and everybody who talked to me just so I could meet people! Find the bloggers you love on Twitter! See who your friends talk to that seem like you would like following! Follow people who might talk to you frequently! (I know I do that a lot if I've found that someone has been reaching out to me a lot and I've really enjoyed their convo...I'll check out their profile and blog and decide if I want to). It might feel bad to not follow everyone but it's CRUCIAL in keeping the noise to a manageable level. I also use Tweetdeck and you can create lists and I have one private one called "friends" where I add people I REALLY want to see their updates so that way on days when it feels too much I can just look at that column of my Tweetdeck and still feel social.


  5. I’ve been wanting to check out more podcasts too, so I’ll be checking back here for recommendations! Did you check out the Serial podcast? I was so hooked on that!

    As for the writing thing – have you ever tried NaNoWriMo? It’s a great way to get words on paper – even if most of the words I write during NaNo are not very good at all. Still, it’s worth a shot!

    • I’ve gotten some good recs already (or at least ones I’m finding to look interesting). I haven’t checked out Serial but omg everyone was hooked on that one it seemed!

      I have never tried doing Nano but someone recently suggested the summer one because it’s a little more relaxed?

  6. I understand how you feel about missing school and learning new things. I graduate this year and I already know I’m going to miss it. A lot of people think I’m crazy and they can’t wait to get to work, but I don’t know.. I just liked to have different topics and to learn things, so I’m already looking to do a study at home in the evening.

    • YES SAME. Like if I could do school for forever I SO WOULD. I just love learning. I don’t LOVE tests or being stressed about 20 pages papers or presentation so I’d prefer THAT to be a little more relaxed than college haha but I SO WOULD SIGN UP JUST TO GO TO SCHOOL ALWAYS. it’s just so fun to learn and research. A study at home is a great idea!

  7. I really want to teach myself coding, or other website wizardry, as well as pick up my secondary school French skills again. I love these introspective posts so much!

    • YES! I’d really love a class on coding too. Like I learn by googling and have done a lot by myself on my blog (and have broken it while trying) but it would be nice to take an actual course. I’ve been thinking about picking up Spanish again since it’s been 10 years since high school so A REFRESHER is an understatement ahah

  8. Love these posts so much! If we were having coffee, I’d tell you to try Serial, Happier with Gretchen Rubin and Snap Judgement. All pretty different but very entertaining and thought provoking.
    If we were having coffee, I’d tell that I feel the same about social media. I have become disconnected from twitter lately. I don’t want to put in the time on it and I find I don’t miss it at all. The people I used to talk to there, I now spend more time visiting their blogs and I’m a lot happier about that.
    If we were having coffee, I’d tell you…way to rock your summer! Life is what we make it 🙂

    • Oooh one of my book club girls was just talking about Happier! I loved Gretchen’s The Happiness Project so def checking this out! And thanks for the other recs!

      It’s kind of comforting to know I’m not the only one re: Twitter. It’s so fun and I’ve met so many great people and a lot of times it makes me laugh but sometimes it’s just draining and puts me in a bad mood. And like honestly I find it exhausting to keep up with….I come and I see 20 new mentions and I’m like NOPE. I can’t handle that right now. And I’m always behind and people probably think I’m awful for not always replying but it stresses me out so much. And I think it has something to do with being an introvert even though it’s online. I am social and chatty as the next person but sometimes I don’t WANT to talk to people. I think I would be a lot happier even spending 20-30 less minutes on social media and commenting like you are doing. It’s a way of connecting that is just a bit quieter in a way.

  9. Podcasts! I’m a nerd and listen to NPR shows (Wait Wait is one), but my favorite podcast is Stuff You Missed in History Class.

    Totally understand what you mean by social media fatigue. Frankly, I deal with it by not logging in or visiting the site for a couple days. Some days I only go on Twitter to promote a blog post and leave it at that. There’s too much noise sometimes, online and in your head, that a break is welcome.

    I miss school too! I once told a friend that if I could go to school forever and no pay for it, I would. I’d have degrees in British history, Celtic folklore, Renaissance and reformation, medieval studies, Victorian lit, romantic lit, etc etc. You should definitely listen to the history podcast then!

    • Someone else just suggested Stuff You Missed in History Class and that sounds SO up my alley!!! Thanks for the rec!

      Yah, I think I’ve been a lot better about gauging my mood toward it and stepping away when I need to. It’s so hard because I know being on Twitter and chatty is so important to staying relevant and to making relationships but especially after this many years of doing it I’m just like YEAH stepping back is more important.

      YES I AM WITH YOU ON THIS SCHOOL FOREVER FOR FREE. Maybe they need to create jobs for people like us to be test students to people who are trying to become teachers hahah.

  10. I took a few weeks off from work and have just over a week left and it’s been amazing. Not only has it done wonders for my mental health (I feel completely re-energized!) but I’ve been able to spend more time with family and friends, particularly those who live farther away.

    My exercising has slacked a little lately because of the constant rain we’ve had, but on the rare sunny days I’ve made up for it by either doing a second run or extending my first. Audiobooks help SO MUCH with this. I’m currently listening to a fabulous one and becoming so completely invested actually made me want to continue runs, so it’s a total win-win for me.

    As for learning new things, I’m all about non-fic – particularly on audio (which is what I’m currently listening to!) Have you thought about taking free online courses? There are a few sites out there that feature professors from top schools and really interesting classes!

    If you haven’t tried out Serial yet, FIX THAT RN JAMIE. It’s excellent. I also love Stuff You Missed in History Class and Sawbones. I think Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me is hilarious AND informative (I now can only hear about the news when it’s in the form of a limerick) and Matt and I absolutely loved the now-defunct Yeah It’s That Bad. I’m pretty sure you can still access the archives somewhere. That show was hilarious – three friends would find movies that were rated horribly on Rotten Tomatoes and watch them to see if they really are that bad. So, so funny.

    • OOOH THAT SOUNDS LIKE AN AMAZING BREAK! (What do you do again? I can’t remember if you’ve mentioned it! Totally okay if you have never and don’t want to haha)

      When I used to run audiobooks were SO my savior! Idk if you like doing stuff inside or have room but on days that are rainy you could do HIIT kind of stuff maybe (Blogilates has a playlist on her Youtube just for that stuff)! I’ve been doing that solely for my cardio but want to try doing running again and HIIT on the other days to have a variety! I HATE running but I love the idea of it haha. I definitely prefer outside running to the treadmill so running always seems to slow down for me in the winter.

      OOH I like the idea of audiobooking non-fiction. Have any interesting recs? I’ll have to search for free online classes! That’s a great idea!

      OMG YOU ARE A GODDESS WITH ALL THESE RECS. Stuff You Missed In History Class sounds so like something I’d love. Cannot wait to check these all out!

  11. If we were having coffee I would say that this is an awesome idea. I may have to do this in the future (and I will totally link back to you). I feel like I would like nothing more than have coffee and dish news with my fav bloggers.

    • Thank you! It’s such a nice way for me to slow down and just chat with my readers. They are my favorite posts to do TBH.

  12. I’d tell you that I quit my librarian job to attempt to write. I’m not sure if I’m any good at it, but I wanted to take a chance. I try to write 2000 words a day on the week days. Right now I’m writing something inspired by Taylor Swift and I have no idea where I’m going with the middle of it, but it’s very different than anything I’ve ever written.

    • I remember you talking about this! I’m so proud of you for doing it! That’s a big leap of faith and I think it’s AWESOME. Sometimes we have to make bold decisions to move us forward in a better direction! Good luck with your WIP!!

  13. I’ve got iced coffee, so it’s a perfect time to read this post!
    I’m currently reading The Winner’s Crime (finally!!).

    I haven’t been up to much yet this summer, every time I go outside the bugs attack me and neighborhood kids chase me with firecrackers. I’m just going to stay inside with my air conditioning and books, kthnx.

    I’m not a writer, but I just went to a Victoria Schwab signing this week and she gave some good advice, which was just to finish that first book. Even if it never becomes a book, it’s important to finish it just to know that you can, even if it’s just for you. I mean, she put it much more eloquently and it resonated with me because I quit hobbies left and right. (And this signing was so amazing!)

    My reading year is improving. I’ve been rating lower than I did last year, but the few 5 stars books I’ve had are really worth it.

    I’d probably talk about how I’m thinking about going to yallfest this year, but am terrified at the same time! And then I’d be like ‘give me all the book event tips!’ I don’t know, not much is ever going on with me, or else I’m just really bad at talking about myself (probably that). But, yayyy, coffee.

    • YUM iced coffee! I had some this morning. I think I love coffee more than it loves me because it always makes me feel like I’m having a heart attack haha.


      UGH bugs. Bees are the things that kill me when it comes to outdoors. I’m so afraid of them.

      I love that advice! It’s easy to quit before you give yourself a fair shot. Victoria is so impressive! And I think she is younger than me which makes me feel like WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE when I see all the authors my age or younger that are crazy successful authors haha. Glad you had fun!!

      Hope the second half of the year brings you even more 5 star books!!

      OOH I’ve been curious about Yallfest but haven’t ever been able to make it! It sounds fun but I’ve also heard things that make me not want to go!

      • Oh no! What have you heard that makes you not want to go? There are a ton of authors that will be there who I love, but I only own books for 2 of them since I am such a library reader. I would want to go more for meeting online book friends, and to see Charleston! But I’m SO anxious about it too. :/

  14. This is such a great post! I have recently tried my hand at podcast in and I’d love for you to check it out! If you do please let me know what you think

    https://the little black bookmark.blogspot.com

  15. Jamie, is this your first time reading This Lullaby?? Because if it is, oh my god you are in for a treat. It’s one of my favourites! If not, then still GOOD CHOICE because it is truly an amazing book. I just finished Saint Anything a few days ago so I’m on a little bit of a Sarah Dessen kick now and This Lullaby is on the top of my list of Dessens I need to revisit STAT. Also tell me how The Running Dream goes! I only recently discovered it when I was searching Goodreads for sports related YA books but it immediately caught my interest. I haven’t heard much about it so I’m curious to see what you think of it once you’re done!

    Your summer sounds so fun and I’m so happy for you that it is! Everything you mentioned – beach / pool days, good food, ice cream, concerts (minus the beer because I am waay underage although truthfully I had one sip at a barbeque once and just ick) – is what I would imagine a great summer to be as well! So yayy I’m super excited for you! I’m going to Asia this summer for a month which is pretty exciting as well. My dad’s been talking my ear off these past few days about all the places we’re going to go but I have to admit that it does all sound really cool! Just not excited for the HEAT. If there is one thing I don’t like about the summer, it’s the humidity and the hot sticky weather. I can deal with like temperature in the 30 degrees celsius range but if it’s over 30, I just want to crawl and hide in my air conditioned house.

    GOOD LUCK ON YOUR STORY. I’m not a writer but from what I’ve heard from people who are writers, I think the important thing is just to keep writing! So I’m wishing you luck that hopefully you’ll be able to find the words to put your story down on the page!

    Also everything you said about workouts = how I feel. Since my swim classes ended I have barely even run a meter and IT’S SO BAD so I’m aiming to get back to doing circuits etc this week. I actually hate working out though. Like the entire process is just so UGH for me. But I do love the feeling afterwards when you’re tired and your body is sore but it’s like the best possible version of exhaustion ever. Also the comfort in knowing that if ever I was in a dire situation, I’m fit enough to be able to run away from a serial killer / ax wielding maniac / raging tiger etc etc.

    My reading year has been really good too! Like for the first time in ages, I am on track for a 100 books. Which may not seem like a lot for some who read like five books a day (Seriously?? How do they do it???) but I barely even cracked 70 last year so this is getting me all sorts of excited and proud. BUT KNOCK ON WOOD I don’t want to jinx it because I have honestly not had this type of reading prowess in ages and I don’t want it to stop.

    AND FINALLY PODCASTS. I saved this topic for the very last because I knew I would have a lot to say. PODCASTS ARE WHERE IT’S AT JAMIE. Since finding my first one in August, they have really taken over my life. I kinda feel that once you’re hooked on a podcast, there is no going back. JUST FORWARD in your podcast obsession. Which is also not always good because my listening to music and discovering new music has gone down because I’m always listening to podcasts now but honestly they are so much fun! And you learn so much! Like if you miss learning, that is another reason to check out podcasts because you learn so much! There are seriously podcasts for every single topic EVER. The other day I found a podcast for sheep farmers about different types of wool. It was a very enlightening moment mostly because I didn’t even realize there were different types of wool and that you could make an entire podcast talking about it but SEE. SO MUCH OUT THERE.

    My #1 rec these days is POP ROCKET. It’s a panel of four who come together each week to talk about stuff in pop culture. And it’s really interesting and hilarious. Wynter Mitchell is SO FUNNY and Guy Branum is also amazing and Oliver and Margaret are so great as well. I JUST LOVE EVERYONE. And they’re always talking about interesting and current topics and what I love most is how they can be silly one moment and talking about Game of Thrones or whatever and then the next moment they’re talking about issues you find in the news like Ferguson or Rachel Dolezal and always with tremendous insight. Plus in the age where I’m finding it hard to come by new music, they have a section at the end where every one shares their favourite jam and I’ve found some interesting new music from that segment.

    Serial is one you have to listen to as well. Like if you’re starting out with podcasts, it’s a good one because the narration and production is so strong and it’s not superrr long. I know everyone hypes it up but it is very good!

    If you like trivia / game shows, NPR’s Ask Me Another is super fun. They have really fun trivia games and there’s ALWAYS one music round that’s absolutely hilarious PLUS they have really fun guests on. Neil Gaiman was on, Ethan Hawke was on, Jonathan Adler was on (who was probably one of my favourite guests ever) so yeah it’s just a very fun podcast to listen to.

    Invisibilia is another really interesting podcast. The first season is over now but so good. It’s all about the invisible forces of the world and how they shape our lives and it’s kinda hard to explain but listen to an episode and it actually gets very very cool.

    Freakonomics is one that’s really good as well, has very interesting topics. We Have Concerns deals with interesting ideas as well but it’s sorta a more comedic podcast? But there was one I listened to recently about ereaders that was super intriguing (trying not to use the words fun, cool or interesting more than I already have..)

    Slate’s Working, Radiolab, The Sporkful and the How Stuff Works series are all really good. I like listening to Pitch and the Ted Talks Audio podcast as well. Also Reveal is a good one if you like the show Vice. And Happy Sad Confused and How to be Amazing with Michael Ian Black are good podcasts if you’re interested in interviews with famous people (Amy Schumer, Anna Kendrick, Elizabeth Olsen etc etc) And speaking of famous people, Marc Maron just did an interview with Barack Obama on his podcast which I haven’t listened to yet but am VERY excited for.

    So yeah those are some of the podcasts I recommend! There are a lot of really good ones and itunes makes it super easy to find new ones all the time! Tell me how they go! I always like converting people to becoming podcast listeners 🙂

  16. OMG, I love it when you write these posts! They are seriously my favourites. I have so many thoughts and feelings after reading this, so bear with me because this is going to be all over the place! This Lullaby is one of my favourite Sarah Dessen novels … I hope that you like it too! I’m currently halfway through Saint Anything, and really liking it so far. There’s something refreshing about coming back to an SD novel because her novels are so comforting and I always know that there’s a good story waiting within. I am also a (somewhat) aspiring writer. I wrote a middle grade novel years ago (like, all the way to the end!) and sent it off to a couple of publishers with no success. Since then, it’s just been sitting untouched in a folder on my computer, but I’ve been feeling the itch to get back into it again. I have a feeling that I’m going to re-write it and make it more YA and less middle grade, because I feel like the storyline would get stronger that way. In terms of advice, I’d say don’t force the writing — just let it come when it’s ready, and you’re ready. Forcing yourself to sit down and write doesn’t work so well; just like blogging, we have to do it when we’re ready. And with regard to podcasts, I can’t wait to see what you end up listening to — can you do a post once you’ve found some to love? I used to listen to Grammar Girl (she’s hilarious and I learned so much!) and Barnes and Noble used to have a podcast where they’d feature a different author each week, talking about their latest release and the writing process. In all honesty, I haven’t listened to too many podcasts in the last few years, but I do miss them. Like anything, there’s a lot of not so good ones and a lot of good ones, and the hard part is finding the good ones. And finally, I’m really struggling with social media these days too…. I find that I just don’t have the time to devote to having such an online presence, which then makes me feel really alienated from the community. I miss chatting on Twitter and interacting online, but I can barely find the time to blog and, if I spent more time online, there would be no time for reading or family or just life in general. As much as I do love this community, I can’t let the rest of my life take a backseat to the blogging world, but I do wish that I had more time to interact with everyone and collaborate and be more present. It’s been a real struggle for me this year. BUT, to end this post on a positive note, I read Heir of Fire as my first read of 2015 and haven’t looked back since. Seriously, aside from the odd book club book that was meh, it’s been solid 4 and 5 star reads all year long. I don’t want to jinx myself either, but I think there’s something to be said for throwing away the pressure to read what others are loving (unless it’s other readers who always love the same books), and just reading what I want to read when I want to read it. Hope that your reading year stays epic and awesome! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

  17. If you are a Gilmore Girls fan you NEED to check out the Gilmore Guys podcast. It’s amazing. The first few episodes (well… maybe even the first half of season 1) isn’t the best because they’re finding their groove, but it gets so good. It’s beyond amazing.
    Another good one is How Did This Get Made? This is more of a pick and choose one for me. I like to listen to the episodes of the movies that I’ve watched.

  18. If we were having coffee I’d give you massive kudos for getting back into the exercise wagon and for almost making me want to start exercising again! I hope to get some damned motivation once I’m moved into my own place. At least I’ll have a wonderful new area to go around on walks!

    If we were having coffee I’d tell you that I’m really happy to hear you’re having an amazing and super fun summer!! My summer is being less exciting and still very exciting at the same time. I got the keys for my apartment in May and I’ve been working on it since then! A friend’s hubby has done the painting, I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning, and I’ve been doing a lot of coming and going from my parents’ place to my apartment with bags and bags of clothes! I just need the kitchen to be furnished so I can finally move in, and move all my books too!

    If we were having coffee I’d tell you that I loved meeting you at BEA and that I had a blast there, it’ll be quite one of the highlights of the year for me. Meeting so many awesome bloggers and authors was fantastic!

    If we were having coffee I’d tell you that I’m getting back into a certain rhythm of blogging after being on hiatus for two months due to all the work in the apartment and the moving process! And I’m feeling quite excited to go back to blogging after such a break, even if I plan to take things easy and not stress myself over getting posts up all the time.

  19. Haha! Opening up old stories is like opening up old memories 😛 I’ve been working on this same story for about 4 years now? It’s been stuck in my head forever, but I’ve hardly gotten down 3 chapters! The thing is I just don’t have the time 🙁 But honestly, sometimes just keep your story in mind, and you’ll never know where inspiration may strike you! Keep a notebook in hand, or keep your mental notebook open; inspiration strikes in the strangest and wildest places! 😀

    I feel you on social media… now I don’t even know why I bother, it just seems so much like a chore that I just feel like shutting it down. Sometimes I think of shutting my blog down. But the thing is, I think maybe it’s a great platform to interact with others? But sometimes I wonder if it’s worth all the effort, especially since I’m not really getting anywhere with anything… It’s a bummer, but maybe it’s just a phase and we’ll get back into it, yeah? 🙂

    And working out! I’ve been working out too, and yes it’s SUCH a chore, but the trick for me is to think and remember how I feel afterwards and then I tell myself that it’s all worth it ^^ Really! Sometimes it’s helpful if you follow a specific workout plan as well just to keep you going and motivated. But just remember why you do it and how it makes you feel! 😀

  20. I completely get your feelings re: social media fatigue. I used to read every single tweet in my timeline no matter how many hours it took 24/7 and now there will be times where I don’t even go on twitter for days at a time. It’s REALLY refreshing and I love that I feel more present in real life instead of being glued to my phone and missing things around me that I should be experiencing with the IRL people I love<3

  21. Hi Jamie! I love these posts that you do!
    Not to toot my own horn, but I’m part of a podcast and would love if you gave a listen. We’re called Novelty Podcast. (noveltypodcast.com, we’re also on iTunes. Twitter: @noveltypodcast).
    I’m currently reading Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson. I’m about 100 pages in and I’m having trouble connecting. I hope I’m able to connect soon.
    So glad to hear you’re having a great reading year! I am too! I’m 2 books ahead on my goodreads challenge. Doesn’t seem like much, but it’s better than being behind!
    Good luck with your writing! I’m also an aspiring writer. It may be a little late, but Camp NaNoWriMo starts July 1st! I’m participating. I set my word goal low, as I have vacation coming up and I don’t want to overwhelm myself. If you sign up, I’d love to be your friend/writing buddy/encourage buddy! My username on NaNoWriMo is BettyLouWh0.
    Great chatting with you, Jamie!

  22. Woohoo! So if we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’m going to be diving back into Walk on Earth a Stranger soon and I am SO excited to continue it because I am really enjoying it.

    If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that summer is pretty boring with no job and not many fun activities planned but I do have online classes. And I also have more time for blogging, reading, and writing. Speaking of writing, I’d tell you that I’m an aspiring author who is currently struggling with storytelling right now. I love the story I have in my head, but getting it onto the paper in a way that makes sense + evokes emotion + would make people WANT to read it? SO hard! I’d tell you that you should write a little bit each time you get inspiration, a little bit each time you feel the passion FOR writing your story. If you need a break, or you’re feeling uncreative, take a step away. Come back refreshed, ready to tackle your obstacle. It usually works for me, and I’m going to be spending a lot of July just immersing myself in the book I’m writing. Here’s to both of us having a fun summer with our stories!

    If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I’m also having a weird relationship with social media! I am addicted to Twitter, and I use it ALL. THE. TIME. Buuuut it’s not exactly healthy for my IRL relationships. I mean, I do have genuine and real friends from blogging, and so social media is how we communicate. But I don’t need to be on it as much as I am, and I feel like I’ve been backing away from it a lot, especially recently. Sometimes the negativity is just too much, or I feel like I’m putting more passion into it when I could be doing that with a lot of other things (like my WRITING). I want to be able to connect with everyone, and Twitter has been the best way to do that, but sometimes I just really love social media breaks.

    If we were having coffee,, I’d tell you that my reading year has also been pretty great too! But it’s actually funny, as I was doing the Top Ten Tuesday for tomorrow, it was surprisingly easy to keep it at ten. I guess I’ve been really picky with star ratings, and also saying a book is a “favorite” after finishing. I like keeping those special, and I’ve read some amazing and wonderful gems this year. Some of them include Play On by Michelle Smith, The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh, The Heart of Betrayal by Mary E. Pearson, and Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo.

    Thanks for the chat! This was lovely. 🙂

  23. Right now I am reading Dreamfire by Kit Alloway, and Illuminae and really liking them both!
    Summer really hasn’t felt like SUMMER other than the heat. Just work, as usual. I need to change that!
    I would LOVE to be a writer, but I don’t have the confidence in myself. Maybe one day!
    I have a few fears. Well, I have a lot of fears, but only a few that really hold me back. I understand that completely!
    Ah, social media. I have nothing to add to that because I tend to stay away from it. It can be incredibly stressful, and I think that if it is stressful, and you don’t NEED it, why do it? I occasionally post pictures, and check out my some of my family members posts, but usually I stay away.
    I signed up for the gym in January, but I was concerned that it would be wasted money. Turns out, it has become a big part of my life. Like you said, the changes in my body have been awesome. but the changes it brings mentally are the best part!
    I have had a FANTASTIC bookish 2015, and hope it keeps on coming!
    Finally, I do miss learning. Not school necessarily, but I do miss the learning part. I goofed a lot in school and didn’t do what I should have done and now I regret it so much. Now, I wish I could do it again!

    THANK you for this amazing post. I loved getting to know a little more about you. I think doing something like this is a great thing for bloggers. Bringing yourself to the table a little bit every now and then makes people want to come back again and again!

  24. I’ve also been on a Sarah Dessen kick lately and just read the Moon and More and Someone Like You back to back. I wasn’t a huge fan of Moon and More, but Someone Like You was actually really emotional for me and I ended up loving it. I wish my reading this year has not been as good as yours – I have yet to be really blown away or find a new favorite yet. Last year, I had such a good year. I hope that the second half of my year kicks back. I’m hoping to learn things this summer too – bike riding is one of them (since I never learned as a kid). Duolingo is really fun, although I’m bad with keeping up with those types of apps. And I’ve started writing some more as well and am looking forward to Camp Nanowrimo this July. It’s more relaxed and I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while. November is typically a bad month for me, but I’m looking forward to writing more in July!

  25. I just started reading Quintana of Charyn, so I’m excited to be finishing that series! I’m a writer, but I typically don’t do much daily. I love NaNo months because it forces me to be on a schedule instead of just when the whim strikes. I’ve recently gotten into podcasts, and it pretty much all started because of Risk! (which is people telling true stories about their lives) and Welcome to Night Vale (which is bizarre and super hard to explain but basically a radio show in a fictional town). I also love Stuff You Missed in History Class (which fits well into your desire to learn things). I just started listening to You Must Remember This which is all about older movies and movie stars (like 1920-40s) and a couple of The Dead Authors Podcast which is like a comedy show about dead authors (which amuses me since I got my undergrad in English) and The Memory Palace which are quick little bits of history info. I hope you find ones you like!!


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