Status: Overwhelmed & Fatigued

Lately I have been quieter on the internet than I normally am. True, some of it is because of summer time fun and travel. Some because of aspirations to ~disconnect~Β  a little more and ~be more present~ in my life. But honestly? I just feel plain overwhelmed and fatigued.

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I mean, when I open my computer and descend on the internet it’s like being a kid in one of those huge candy stores with a billion options. HOW CAN ONE EVEN CHOOSE WHERE TO START OR WHAT MAKES THE CUT TO FIT IN YOUR MOM-APPROVED PORTION OF A BAG??

It’s like: okay, let’s check my email. DEAR GOD NO WHY. Twitter instead. Okay I should do some blogging stuff — write posts, try to respond to comments, clean out that spam, etc. Ah okay I’ll try to read some blogs. OMG WHY DO I SUBSCRIBE TO SO MANY BLOGS? WHICH ONES TO CHOOOOSE? Hehe funny animal video. Omg miltary brother surprising his little brother SOB. Okay back to my email. OOH THIS LOOKS LIKE A GOOD EMAIL. Newsletters, newsletters, newsletters. I AM SO INSPIRED. I AM GOING TO LIVE MY LIFE BETTER. Gets on Twitter. Hour of passive scrolling happens. Okay I’d really like to: find some new music, listen to podcasts, catch up on what is going on in the world, find some new recipes for this week, HAIR TUTORIALS BECAUSE I AM THE WORST, oooh I want to learn things, should I film a video?, ehhh hey Facebook why do I even still have you, OOH LET’S START A NEW BLOG, ugh I really need to respond to these emails like a grown a$$ adult, google “how to not get overwhelmed by the infinite possibilities of the internet” *shuts computer, cries and swears off the internet for forever*


I’m just overwhelmed. There are so many things to consume…and that I WANT TO CONSUME. So many things out there I don’t even KNOW I want to consume (internet clicking and spirals YO). I want to read all the blogs that interest me and spread the comment love. I want to know what’s up in the world. I want to be entertained. I want to chat with all the people I think are cool on the internet and be present on Twitter. I want to learn. I want to be inspired. And that’s not even like the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things that I want to do outside of the internet — read all the books, watch all the tv/movies, do all the fun life things. A PART OF ME WANTS TO DO IT ALL. A PART OF ME, THE ONE CONSOLING THE PART WHO WANTS TO DO IT ALL AND IS OVERWHELMED, RECOGNIZES I CAN’T DO IT ALL.


I’m just so overwhelmed by all my options. I mean, hey, I get I’m super lucky to have all this at my disposal and that this is even a problem for me. But right now I just feel so overwhelmed and also a bit fatigued from all the noise & opinions and the constant barrage of things I’m being inundated with.

I’m trying to create better habits for myself for consuming the internet. But it’s so hard to curate. I’m trying to figure out what things are most important and worthy of my time. I’m trying to not feel bad or guilty when I can’t do it all and support all the things or when I’m feeling behind. BUT I WANT TO LOOK AT ALL THE THINGS ON THE INTERNET. But I also want to know my limits and the signs that tell me I need to step back because of fatigue.

Soooo I have no grand conclusions or plans or anything but mostly I’d love to hear from YOU all. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the internet and its infinite possibilities and avenues you can go down? What do YOU do to combat internet/social media fatigue? How do you curate your internet consumptions? WHAT IS YOUR INTERNET ROUTINE LIKE? Tell me allll the things, people!!

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About Jamie

Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed SO much lately. Not by the internet so much, although I could stand to take a twitter break. I’m literally on there all the time, it’s kind of sick. But there are SO many books I want to read- books I own, books I’ve gotten as gifts, books coming out- that I don’t know where to start because I’m so excited about them all, so I stare and get overwhelmed. And tv, oh my god. I suck at watching tv now (how is that possible?!) I barely keep up with shows I like so now I need to catch up with Arrow, watch Agent Carter, Vikings, The 100, The Originals, and a billion other things. But then I watch Emma or Frozen for the thousandth time hah. It’s definitely a first world problem but it’s hard having so many choices when I also feel guilt so easily. Don’t even get me started on my house. The laundry is never done, I feel like I’m always cleaning the kitchen and it’s just… ugh. So I sit on my couch with my dog and fall asleep early haha. And yes, the blog commenting. Man. I comment on a few regularly but I’d love to do more. Anyway. I feel you. I’m not sure how to not feel this way (I google too!!) but I’m trying to work on reminding myself that these things don’t expire. They will always be there. Other people understand. True friends (or nice people) will understand if you take social media breaks, they won’t forget about you. I hope you can give yourself a break too! <3

    • YES omg I feel you. I was standing and looking at my bookshelves and I felt panic because I’m like I will never humanly read all these like esp because I keep getting new ones and going to the library. And like IT IS OVERWHELMING TO HAVE ALL THOSE OPTIONS. Tv is SO hard to keep up with. I feel like I get into shows and then the next thing I know people are into all these new shows and are like WHY ARE YOU NOT WATCHING THIS IS THE BEST SHOW. This year Will was like “we officially have too many shows.” He gets tv fatigued easily with all our shows hhahah

      OMG YOU SHOULD SEE MY HOUSE RIGHT NOW. I have the day off and I’m like OMG SO MANY THINGS TO DO but Idk if I can do it all. Also I’m glad I’m not the only one who googles silly things like that. hahah.

  2. Nataile Brown says:

    When I got my first laptop in 2007, I was seriously overwhelmed by all of the options. Now though, not so much. I have my favorite blogs that I read, check my email but don’t read every newsletter unless it’s super interesting, and stay away from FB for weeks at a time. I just don’t feel the need to see and know everything anymore. Although, I lived way before there was an internet, so don’t feel as “attached” to it. I do feel bad for young people that didn’t know a time of no social media or instant “news”. I can imagine it could be quite overwhelming to always feel like they have to be on top of every new thing or trend or hair tutorial. πŸ™‚

    • I need to learn from you!! I def felt that way when I got my laptop in 2004 when I first when to college esp because my mom was soooo strict (we literally only had 30 min of internet time per day and honestly I mostly just went on to do AIM instant messenger bc the internet wasn’t like it is today) so it was like WOOOOOOAH ALL THIS INTERNET. I think I’ve gone through ebbs and flows with it. Like when I get into a new thing that consumes my time on the internet then I’m alll OMG THE INTERNET. And yeah, I DEFINITELY also lived before the internet being born in 1985 and it’s kind of crazy to see my childhood and even teen years vs. my nieces and nephews. It’s SO DIFFERENT. I kind of mourn the loss of their ability to like go outside all the time like my sister and I did (even when we were like pre-teens) and also the imagination and play. Instead they are glued to screens. Tis sad. And omg I can’t imagine high school with social media!!! Or with like phones that had internet.

  3. Nikki Lemmons says:

    Although it sucks for every other aspect of my life, working nights helps me keep from getting too overwhelmed by the social medias. There’s too much to try to catch up on once I wake up, so I just don’t do it. And not that much happens online at night. Obviously not a practical solution. But it’s helped me a lot. I tried at first to scroll back through 8-9 hours of Twitter when I woke up every evening, but it was exhausting so I stopped.

  4. I’m feeling exactly the same as you are right now, we’re coming towards the end of holidays and then it’s school (blegh) and I’ve looked back and tried to remember what I’ve done during the holidays and that’s NOTHING, literally nothing at all I feel like a couch potato. I think I’m in a life slump as well as a reading slump! My internet routine is: Email, blog, scroll through twitter for an hour, wonder what I’m doing with my life, tries to be productive, gives up and goes back to bed! Yeah as you can see I am clearly very productive πŸ˜‰ Hope you feel better and not feel so overwhelmed very soon. πŸ™‚

  5. Same! I had been so bogged down, but I took about a week off and just got back. I think online we have to clean up ourselves like we clean our houses. Marie Kondo wrote “The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up” and let me just say I thought I knew how to clean but Kondo has made this a bestseller for a reason. I think I need to apply her principles to my Internet life now.

  6. i try and really disconnect on the weekend, especially blogging / reading blogs. i still instagram and other stuff, but it’s nice to take a step back from the blogging and emails etc. not that my blog is as big as yours, but i feel like it can get overwhelming pretty quickly. sometimes i get sucked in and spend hours on pinterest or the like, and i just need to close my laptop and go outside, read a book or even watch tv or an old movie πŸ™‚ i try and read my favourite blogs every time they post but i don’t ‘make’ myself read the other ones if i get too behind. i don’t know, this probably didn’t help at all lol

  7. SO MUCH YES to this post. Lately everyone has been like, “Watch this show! Read this book! You have to do it now now now! Why haven’t you done it yet?!” and I’m just like, “GAH TOO MUCH.” I know watching Breaking Bad and the 100 and the Americans is important because everyone says so, but I CANNOT CONSUME EVERYTHING. And making peace with that is impossible sometimes.

    Honestly…I think a lot of this feeling is because it’s summer. We have more time in the summer, but that means that we have more time to explore options, and there’s almost too much. I’ve noticed that I keep starting books and not finishing bc I want to move on to the next thing. I think in summer, our concentration goes a little haywire because we all want to spend all the time outside and with friends and then we get overwhelmed by all the stuff we’re not doing.

    I keep telling myself to just enjoy what I’m doing right now. Am I deriving pleasure from it? Is it satisfying me or is it just okay? And then just try to live in what I’m doing. We can’t stress about the things we’re missing out on, or we’ll never be focused on the present. That sounds trite, but I think it’s the only way to get through this…and keep in mind that it will pass. =)

  8. Okay. So. I have an internet plan. And it’s basically all about time management. The only time I throw this plan to the wind is mainly on the weekends if I don’t have much else to do.

    But on a typical day it goes something like this:
    Wake up, allow myself 15 minutes of internet time. I basically check my Twitter (notifications ONLY, if I go into the news feed I will never leave it again); check IG notifications and the feed because I don’t have quite as many people there and there isn’t much new so far normally since the night before; check NEW emails delete the ones that I’m not interested in and skim the ones I am, if it’s a short reply then I reply if not I save it for later, this goes for personal and blog email; I used to also check FB BUT I deleted the app and haven’t looked back. I do still have FB but without the mobile access I only glance at the notidications every once in a while; I do however still have my messenger app and I will check that briefly.
    This sounds like a lot for 15 min but since I’m not really engaging and just checking things briefly I’m able to get it done quick.

    Now on my normal week days I won’t check back normally until after lunch time (i.e. when kids nap). I choose this time to reply to things I need to reply to and browse the Twitter feed some. Also I may work on a blog post or read some I wanted to read. I’m making a new rule for myself when it comes to blog posts, I’m going to limit myself to a number of blogs to check out a day. I’m thinking 5 a day, maybe more. I haven’t picked my solid number yet, but that will be whats important so I give myself a cut off point. This will also allow me to visit different blogs everyday and check up with what they have been doing. I do receive blog emails but I have a separate email account, unless it’s a favorite blog then it comes to an email account I check daily.

    On tabs, I used to open a million a day. I limit myself to only allowing 5 tabs to be open at a time now. Period.

    And OMG is your head spinning yet. Basically make a goals list. Set a plan. Decide what’s important to you and then set a number for that thing how you want to handle it.

    When I clean out emails I set a goal of going through 25 a day if I want to delete things. Stuff like that.

    I’ve just found if I tell myself you are doing this, this, and this, and nothing more it’s worked. For Twitter for me not to get sucked in I just can’t go on the feed. I only allow myself to do that really at night when I have time to browse and get sucked in. If I plan to read or blog at night though I get on and tell myself in 30 minutes you get off. End of story. LOL

    I feel like I possibly sound like a crazy person right now!

    And that this is extremely long, but I swear it’s more organized when you know what you yourself wants to do and give your time to. πŸ˜€ I hoped I helped somewhat.

  9. YES! Been there, done that. I love to “consume” knowledge from the internet, but it sucks the time right out of my day, which leads to part of the overwhelming and unnecessary stress. I’ve taken week-long breaks before, sometimes too frequently, but they’ve really helped. I’ve gone a week without posting. I’ve gone a week without social media visits and posts. It. Felt. Good. Every now and then life gets to be too much, but I realize I’m missing it because of my fixation to be “social” in an introverted sort of way…via the internet, blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and yada yada yada. All that “socialization” was making me miss actual physical socialization IRL.

    I still try to comment on blogs and blog every day, but I’ve put a schedule in place for that, which has helped a lot.

    Step back and take a break. It’s helped me more than anything.

  10. I can totally understand. I had the same issues during the last few months after discovering that free webinars/worksheets/ebooks about blogging and business were a thing. I became addicted and I wanted MORE. I can’t help myself but subscribing to the next free thing, because, come one, it’s free! It could be useful, you could end up to have to pay for it in the future. I WANT TO KNOW ALL THE THINGS. I’ve been so damn burned out lately that when I read this post I couldn’t believe there was someone else in my same situation right now.

  11. I have been feeling a lot like this lately! There is just *too* much to consume and I always feel guilty for not paying enough attention to something else. I also find out about *too* many books, when my TBR is already overflowing. But the biggest thing I need to remember about social media and the Internet is that we’re just seeing everyone else’s is highlights reel. It’s important to remember because otherwise it can look like everyone’s having the time of their lives while you’re not! But we don’t get to see all the other stuff.

  12. I feel like I don’t have enough time for anything and with the high temperatures due to the the chain of heat waves we’re having… I barely have the motivation to do anything either! There are moments when all I do is lay there on the sofa in front of the fan!!
    And I still have to juggle work and the apartment stuff and moving… and I don’t really have enough time for anything!
    And we I do have the time, I get distracted by something else!! *sigh* I have no words of wisdom whatsoever!!

  13. I feel you–especially on the too many blogs and so many tweets thing. I mainly curate by constantly cutting what I follow. Sometimes that means inactive blogs that I *might* re-follow again, sometimes it’s tweeps where I find myself continually glossing over the tweets. Sometimes I feel bad but then I remember I’m using these things partly for fun, partly for professional development and also to engage so if I have too much going on to engage with anything then it’s not worth it. Good luck!

  14. It’s ironic how sometimes all those posts and pointers about how to live better and relax and cook and travel just end up making us feel worse, because we’re not living up to the expectations they set. Going offline can put things into perspective.

  15. It’s kinda funny how easy it is to get side tracked online. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’ve found that I often get distracted when I’m listening to a really good song and idea sprouts out of nowhere, then I start googling and somehow wander over to YouTube…but I can’t just stop listening to music, you know? *le sigh*

  16. yes, yes, yes.

    i have such a strong love-hate relationship with internet and especially social media. it can be so sickening.
    on the one hand i want to delete most of the apps from my smartphone, but on the other hand…aggghh.
    we all need to find ways not to be dependent of the internet. hard task sometimes.
    it’s something our generation has to deal wisely with, especially since it is such a new thing and new evolvements constantly, but the big question is HOW??

    Jesus is number one in my life, and just getting my focus right on Him helps me, for example.
    there’s a lyric from Bethel’s song ” God I look to You” which goes: God I look to You, I won’t be overwhelmed – this has really, really helped me in the past few months…
    I think it has so much to do with setting the focus straight and right.
    (hope my rambling makes sense ;D)

    bless you!

  17. Ya’ know, I think I do a fair job of disconnecting from the internet. I might hop on for 15 or 20 minutes on weekdays to keep my e-mail from going crazy, to see if there are any recently tweets that might catch my eye, or so check out instagram, but that’s about it. Sunday is the only day of the week where I spent a decent sized chunk of my time reading blog posts or writing blog posts. I start with my feed reader (specifically, the Oh! the Books weekly recap) and the I go from there. I usually only get through half of my feed (because I subscribe to so many blogs) before typing up a blog post or just shutting my computer down.

    Granted, there is a trade off– I’ll never have the readership of a popular blog because I’m not networking as much, but… I am, without interruption because I do not have my phone within reach, watching the Office and eating pizza with the boyfriend, and that’s kind of a nice trade off.

  18. I wish there was such a thing as an internet routine because I would totally have one if I did! I am the worst at planning my time, at work I am a total pro at doing that, but at home there are just so many things to do! I have a little mental to-do list that sort of helps. I know what things I need to do on my blog and when but I always fall behind somewhere. I’m beginning to save blog reading until the weekend for when I have free time. I respond to comments normally about a week after receiving them because during the week I don’t know how anyone has time to do half the things they do on their blogs.

    I get what you mean about being overwhelmed by the internet, though. The bes thing I can suggest is either taking a bit of a break, but then things pile up. Or adopting a routine, so dedicate time each day, or dedicate each day for a task you need to do. One day you can catch up on blog reading, another you can do comments, another you can do blog post writing and adopt that kind of routine. I sometimes do that and then just ignore my computer after I do those things because I am such a procrastinator if given the chance. Basically, there is no easy solution I have to offer.

  19. Yes, I feel this way all the time!! I recently did a blog post on all the things I do when I am procrastinating and just about all of it had to do with the Internet: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Pinterest, Youtube . . . ahhh, so many possibilities! I am trying so hard to focus and not procrastinate so much, but it’s not working.

  20. HOW DID I MISS THIS POST. Ok, that second paragraph of yours made me snort out loud with laughter. That’s how my train of thought derails too. πŸ˜€

    I feel you so much with this post! I have been feeling SO overwhelmed and stressed and just TIRED. Tired of trying to do it all. Tired of feeling like I’m not doing enough. Tired of trying to balance internet with real life. It’s hard. And I’m the same way where I WANT to stay on top of things and be relevant and talk to all the people and blog everything and comment on everyone’s posts and write a book and read all the books of the world. But like, time and energy and desire just crowd in, and that’s when you get overwhelmed. It’s sucks that we can’t do it all. But we try so hard. We place so many expectations on ourselves. And it’s not even blogging for me; it’s real life too. Because they’re both colliding, and it’s not going over so well. I am trying HARD to do better with balance, but like H E L P M E. I don’t know what to do! Haha. So for now, I’m just taking it easy. Being leisurely about blogging especially.

    It’s good to step back though, to take a breath and disappear from the internet for a bit. I’ve been doing that a lot lately, and it feels GOOD. I still love social media, especially Twitter (I am so addicted), but like, it’s not the most important thing in my life. Being on top of all the things and making sure I keep talking to people so they don’t forget me is not worth the stress. Not worth the negative feelings that overcrowd the positive. It is a super great and important tool that has brought me some good friends in a time when I needed them. But I’m also missing IRL moments. So, yes, BALANCE is needed. Unplugging social media is needed at times. And I think that’s totally okay. πŸ™‚

    I hope we both get to a point where we can balance everything better! And that way we can still have time for internet fun and bloggy friends but also living IN THE MOMENTS and not wasting them scrolling through Twitter feeds (I need to STAHP doing this so much honestly, it’s bad). Hehe, loved this post, Jamie!


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