Queen of Shadows Blog Tour: A Throne of Glass Inspired Edition of Retail Therapy


So very excited to be on the Queen of Shadows blog tour with the Maas Thirteen — it has been such a great and creative tour so far! It’s no secret I’m a big fan of the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas (if you don’t know about it…check out this post) and I was so, so pleased with Queen of Shadows!! Okay, pleased is being very, very tame. I haven’t been right since I’ve read it, to be honest.

I had two really fun, albeit VERY involved and time-consuming, ideas for my spot on this tour. I was so planning on devoting the time to doing one of them because, seriously, they were so fun (at least I thought so)….but then I went and adopted a dog on Labor Day so any and all time I had to invest in filming these ideas was GONE. But I shall save them for the next tour should the Maas Thirteen invite me back. Related, I tried to name the dog all of the following: Fleetfoot, Chaol, Dorian, Aedion and Rowan but Will said no. So if that I had worked out I could have just taken really cute pictures of my ToG named dog and posed him into scenes from the series. But alas, Will vetoed the names and we’ve found that the dog (Finnikin) won’t sit still long enough to take a photo of him soooo yeah.


If you frequent this blog you know I’ve been doing Retail Therapy posts (with varying degrees of consistency) since 2011. If you are stopping by from the blog tour, welcome to Retail Therapy in which I make you empty your wallets and feel zero percent bad about it.

It’s not enough that I spend money on books but I really like to spend money on bookish things and so I thought it would be really fun to highlight some of my favorite fan made products. I love how books inspire creativity in people. Especially with this series I’ve seen sooo many amazing displays of fan art — even songs inspired by this series and these characters!


*Clicking on photos will take you to the shop of the artist who made it*
*I do not own these photographs, they are the property of the artists I’ve linked*



Because really who doesn’t need more bookmarks!

Throne of glass bookmarks

Throne of Glass bookmark

handpainted throne of glass bookmarks* I may or may not have bought the last 2 of the *rattle the stars* bookmark here and will be giving one away at the bottom of this post. I’m not sure if she will make more or if they are sold out for good!*

Wall Art




Throne of Glass wall art


Throne of Glass necklace


Throne of Glass jewelry


Throne of Glass necklaceAmulet of Orynth necklace

Everything Gillian Makes

I’ve raved about Gillian’s fan art before but OMG everything Throne of Glass related is PERFECT. Like the most perfect. The best thing is you can put her prints on like anything — mugs, shirts, totes, wall art, SHOWER CURTAINS SHOULD YOU WANT TO. Like pretty much every print I can’t decide what I want it to BE on because they all pretty much look good on everything. Here’s a sampling.

throne-of-glass-merch2 throne-of-glass-merch1throne-of-glass-fanart2 throne-of-glass-fanart1



I have to give a personal nod to this first one because I own one and it is AWESOME. The most comfy t-shirt I own plus the detail is awesome. Will even though it was pretty cool that the entire shirt is covered in words from the book. Comes in a variety of colors but I loved the way the black and white looked! (Side note: I want soooo many of their shirts)

Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset


throne-of-glass-shirts throne of glass tees TOG-tees

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The Maas Thirteen is offering up an awesome and generous giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
I bought some bookmarks for myself and decided to buy an extra Rattle the Stars giveaway for one lucky winner! US & Canada only! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I’ve been in love with that Amulet of Orynth necklace for sooooo long. Why is it so expensive?! UGH.

    • Though I wish the necklace came in silver! I don’t like gold jewelry haha.

      • Aww! It is too bad it isn’t offered in silver as well. i do like gold jewelry so doesn’t bother me too much! Maybe you should put it on a birthday or Christmas list for your family 😛

  2. My favourite character is a really tough one I’ll have to fudge and say celeana/Aelin because I really can’t choose. Maybe Dorian……or Chaol……but Manon is fabulous……as for Rowan well what can I say….so many great characters.

  3. I want all of those fabulous things…..

  4. Entering for the bookmark because I already have the book. Side note: I saw you were in the QoS acknowledgements and squeed!

  5. I love seeing geeky book stuff to buy and oh my gosh this post is amazing! love the shirts and Gillian’s fan art store is so beautiful!

  6. My favorite Character is Aelin of course and Rowan since Heir of Fire.

  7. Wow, so much bookish swag! Thanks for sharing these great shops. I have only read Throne of Glass so far but I’m looking forward to the rest of the series. Glad QoS lived up to its hype for you 🙂

  8. So many great Throne of glass stuff! I’m really digging those bookmarks and t-shirts: Fae warrior in training 😀

  9. Favorite character is definitely Aelin 🙂 She’s so kickass-ish and amazing, and freaking strong. Literally a role model <3

  10. Oh my gosh, the Throne of Glass products made by fans are always what I look for. I love the bookmarks, shirts, prints, EVERYTHING! Thank you so much for the two giveaways Jamie! I’m currently only on Heir of Fire but my favorite character so far has to either be everyone really! Chaol, Dorian, Celaena, Nehemia, Rowan. A new favorite has to be Manon! I’m excited to see where Sarah will take Manon in this series…


  11. My Society6 cart is full of goodies from Gillian’s shop for when my paycheck hits so I can BUY ALL THE THINGS! Yes, even the Terrasen shower curtain! It’d be perfect for my guest bathroom!
    And I really need one of the lithography tees too!!

  12. I would say one of my favorites is Celaena. I love the bookmarks and there is such a great selection of Throne of Glass items especially love that Amulet of Orynth necklace. I just recently read Heir of Fire and can’t wait to continue with Queen of Shadows I’ve seen a lot of positive reviews for it.

  13. I’m bookmarking this post for when I continue the series (I’ve only read ToG) so that I can finally understand these quotes and THEN I CAN BUY ALL THE PRETTIES.


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