Do Your Reading Habits Fluctuate By Season?

I had mentioned here and there on the blog, over this course of this summer, how I was barely reading because I was just doing so many other things — which is 10000% fine with me. But I was thinking about it and realize I have certain patterns when it comes to my reading habits.

I realized I read WAY LESS during the summer which is interesting because I always used to have this notion that I read MORE in the summer — ALL THE SUMMER READING.  I’ve found this to be less true lately. 

pool reading


I think maybe I always have associated summer with more free time to read which hasn’t been the case since college. I don’t know why I still think that I read more in the summer when I look at the ~numbers~ (totally non-scientifically) and see that I in fact have read mostly less in the summer and way more in the winter.

Recently I’ve been finding that, in the summer, I have a REALLY hard time settling down to read — we have a lot more plans and I always want to be outside doing stuff. I also find that I have a really hard time CONCENTRATING in the summer to even read.

I will say that I get lots of reading done if I’m poolside or at the beach but that always depends on our plans on how often we get to do that. This summer I realized I only hung out at my pool a few times which was definitely significantly less than other summers which definitely meant I did less reading. So maybe my summer reading all depends on how often I get to sit at the pool or the beach because doing THAT satisfies my need to be outside in the beautiful summer weather and it’s a bonus I get to read at the same time whereas other summer activities include way more socializing or not being in a situation to be with a book.

But then the weather starts to turn cold in Fall and then it’s Winter and I find myself with way less social plans and WAY LESS desire to leave my blanket fort so I end up reading book upon book because BABY ITS COLD OUTSIDE. I don’t want to be doing things outside and I find our pace of life chills out a little. And more reading time just kind of appears before me (though let’s be real I squander some of it because winter also = prime Netflix binge-watching).

I just thought it was interesting to notice this pattern in my reading habits especially because I always just assumed that I got more reading done in the summer — which may have been true at one point in my life but definitely isn’t these days.


So I’m curious about you guys: does your reading habits fluctuate by season or do you read pretty evenly throughout all seasons? Are there any other things that make your reading habits fluctuate?


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About Jamie

Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. I agree completely! I never really thought that was the case and maybe this summer has just been a bit busier. I have had a lot of travel and I have just been too exhausted from that to read too much. I do read on my flights and I usually still read on trips, but lately I just haven’t been in the mood. I expect that to change with the cooler weather too. Great post.

  2. i always thought the same – lots of outside time for reading, like relaxing by the pool, and we tend to travel in the summer because my husband is a teacher. and while those things are true, my day-to-day everyday kind of reading slows down. i can’t/won’t waste an entire day inside reading in the summer like i do in the winter. interesting, because i hadn’t really thought about it till now!

  3. Yup, true for me too. I’ve always wondered whether it was a weather thing, or just a coincidence of timing. It used to be that summer was the busiest time for me at work, so it made sense that my reading might slow down a little bit too. But for some reason this past summer was the “worst” yet (in terms of reading) even though I switched jobs and no longer have a crazy summer at work. Weird! You’re on to something here.

  4. Maybe it’s because I live in the south but I think I do more reading in the summer, at least this summer that’s been true. I super don’t want to leave the house in the summer bc it’s so damn hot. Then again, I’m not sure if my reading patterns are seasonally based at all. I find that I read less when I’m busy (duh) and I had a bunch of work trips last fall through spring, as well as a long vacation. Over the summer, I haven’t so I’ve read more. I also read less when I’m not really into my books.

  5. YUP. I think because I also love summer books so much, I expect that I’ll get a ton of reading done. But you’re right, since summers are not actually free time anymore (working the same amount as the rest of the year), and my downtime is spent outside or hanging out with friends or on vacation, I get a lot less reading done. Even in early fall, I want to be outside as much as possible until I absolutely can’t. My best reading months are Nov – March.

    I feel like you’ve crystallized something for me – maybe I won’t plan for as much reading next year during the summer?

  6. I get way less reading done in the summer because for some reason I hate reading outside. I guess it is a good thing I don’t live in California because I would not be a very bookish person. Ha ha!

  7. Same here! I definitely read more in the fall!

  8. I, like you, thought I got more reading done in the summer but really get more reading done in the fall and winter. It’s something about the holiday atmosphere that and the fact that I can snuggle up with a blanket and read. Summertime, I can even get that comfortable because it’s too hot, and it takes me longer to read the heavier fantasy novels!!

    India | booksandbighair.coim

  9. I’m actually the opposite. I tend to read more in summer rather than any other time of year. This has more to do with my kids and their activities. Summer is slower for us, and that means more free time. Once school starts, we have more weekend activities, which is when I do most of my reading. I hate it because I want to stay home more than anything, let alone read. After all, you should be allowed to stay inside when it is cold!

  10. I believe I read more in summer. I’m almost disconnected from everything in the small town where I spend my summer, and maybe it has something to do with me robbing the bookstore there. 😂 (Urgh! Books are so much more expensive in my country than in France!) I feel like suddenly I read ten times more than any other time of the year. But I would love to read as much in summer as winter. ❄️

  11. This summer I’ve read more than I usually do, but generally I do read more when the weather sucks. Because then I can just SIT inside and not feel guilty about it, or have people come at me telling me that I should be taking advantage of summer.

  12. I think I keep a pretty steady reading schedule most of the year. I do find that I read more in the winter. There is not much else to do!

  13. As a teacher, I am reading pretty much year round. I definitely read more for pleasure during the summer than I do during the school year.

  14. Agreed 100%!!! I only read like two or three physical books ALL summer bc I was so super crazy busy! I had so much going on i just didn’t have time to read at all. Which is so strange bc I am the same and always think summer = all the reading! Which isn’t the case anymore. Now that fall has hit my reading has slowly gone back up! I’m def hoping I’ll get more reading done now that it’s fall and getting colder out!

  15. Now that you mention it, I think my reading habits DO change between seasons o.o I tend to do nothing over the summer so I read more than I do during the fall and winter. If I didn’t have school during the fall and winter, maybe I’d read more then xD? I never realized that though o.o

  16. In the picture of the kindle what book is that?

    I usually read more in the Summer because I’m currently in school so really anytime there is a break from school I read more.

  17. I read the least in summer, too! I’m always reading, but my pace is slower. I truly devour books in November, January and February.

  18. I totally read more over the summer. I just have so much more free time in the summer to read more books. Summer is a lazy season for me, so I end up lounging with a book pretty often.
    The fall and spring are extremely busy for me, so I get almost no reading done. But winter is a fairly productive reading season for me too, especially during the holiday season. It may seem weird, but holiday breaks give me plenty of time to enjoy festivities and read plenty of books.

  19. That totally makes sense, when the weather is nice you want to be out enjoying it but as it gets colder, especially in winter, you just want to curl in blankets with a good book. It’s not quite the same for me, in the UK we got a whole lot more rain than soon, even in summer. That being said, when it is is nice I do like to be outside, but I am a fan of sitting in the garden with a good book rather than going off doing stuff. My summer reading may be a bit slower than in winter but it never completely stops. If anything it’s in autumn my reading falters as all the TV shows come out that I want to watch.

  20. I definitely read the least in the summer – and more in the Fall. In December, I also tend to have a big push to finish some books before the year is up. I also tend to blog less in the summer.

  21. I also read less in the summer! I always thought this was surprising, but I’ve come to realize it’s pretty much because of the same reasons you mention. I do start to read more in the fall, with the biggest upturn coming around Christmas holidays and the desire to just squeeze in a few more reads before the year end 😛


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