Monthly Rewind: September 2017


Well I haven’t done a Monthly Rewind since June before Riley was born because literally everything would have been NO SLEEP NO SLEEP BABY BABY BABY. It still is kinda like that but I’m feeling more up for trying to blog!





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1. Well, I had a baby in July so my life is pretty much baby baby baby always still: Still living that sleep-deprived life even though she isn’t THAT bad of a sleeper but I need my sleep and I have a hard time falling back asleep after her wakings and just in general so NOT FUN. She’s become so fun though as she approaches 3 months!

2. I went back to work — As you may know…I nanny and I’m taking her with me. The kids love it. Me? It’s not been so fun. Very stressful to take care of her and them (especially when she naps so frequently) and she’s been on a nap strike a lot of the time there which has been affecting her alot. BOO. I’m grateful I can take her with me but it’s a lot harder than I imagined it.

3. My baby sister got engaged: SO HAPPY FOR HER. They’ve been dating for a while so it wasn’t unexpected but I also thought it would be a couple years.

4. Riley went to her first Major League Soccer match: We took her to see the Philadelphia Union play with our friends and their baby. It wasn’t a disaster so yay!

 5. We ventured out a lot more: We’ve gone to some restaurants and I even went out to brunch solo WITHOUT THE BABY. I felt like a freeeee woman. Had my windows down and was blasting 90’s/early 2000 hip hop. I think she’s a little more predictable now so it’s easier to go out. We also went to this consignment sale called Just Between Friends and scored a bunch of clothes for Riley…if you’ve got kids, you’ve GOT to see if there’s one in your area.




I put all my Monthly Rewinds in a Spotify playlist so you can listen to them here !

Now that I have a commute again I’ve actually listened to music!


1. Look What You Made Me Do — Taylor Swift

2. Masterpiece — NONONO

3. 24/7 — The Neighborhood

4. Split Stones — Maggie Rogers

5. Faded Heart — BORNS

6. Goodbye — Echosmith




Check out the rest of my Aug/Sept for more of what I was listening to this month!



I only read 1 (non-baby related) book this month so this month will be probably boring for most of you! But hopefully next month I will have more book stuff to talk about…or I will have to reconfigure my Monthly Rewinds.

1. The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig — This was exactly what I needed for my first postpartum read — lots of adventure, time-travel, and ships (of the romantic variety and literal ones).

2. The Wonder Weeks: This book has been my holy grail since Riley was born and I reread the parts that are applicable at the various stages. I got it for free as a gift when I signed up for our Amazon baby registry. It’s less a parenting book and more of a book that shows these “leaps” in your baby’s development (kinda like growth spurts but for the brain) that happen around the same time for all babies. It tells you what they will be experiencing and how to help them through the leap where they can often be fussy or clingy or cry a lot more. It’s always been SPOT ON (and there is an app!).

3. Eight Silly Monkeys: Figured I’d throw a Riley book in here…we have fun reading/singing this one to her!





HA — nada here.



“Sometimes a person has to let go of something to take hold of something else.” — The Girl From Everywhere



Welllll I only blogged 2 times since July so here are those posts:

1. Meet Riley Josephine: Shared some pics and my story/the hard time I was going through in the postpartum time.

2. On Identity: Shared a bit about my struggle in the identity department since becoming a mom.



I wish I gave my blog more love!



1. Women Aren’t Nags — We Are Just Fed Up: Had THE best convo with my bffs about this article!

2. Healthy Pumpkin Waffles recipe: It hasn’t felt much like fall here in Philly but I’m ready for some cool mornings with Will, Riley and Finn and totally planning on making these. TRYING to get back in shape after having Riley so this recipe is perfect to satisfy my craving!

3. 50 Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes: I LOVE MY SLOW COOKER (we have an older model of this one that I’ve been really happy with) & especially with a baby…it’s so much easier to throw something together and let it cook in there. Can’t wait to try some of these!

4. Make Yourself 25% More Uncomfortable: Good reminder for me!

5. 23 Gorgeous Bullet Journals Layouts for Budgeting and Saving Money: MUST GET BACK INTO MY BUJO!



1. 2 Apps — Wonder Weeks & Glow: Sorry my obsessions are way less fun right now but I’ve been addicted to the Wonder Weeks app (read above about the book it is based on) and the Glow app which helps us track how much she’s eating/sleeping and all that Very Important Baby Stuff that consumes my brain these days which most of you probably don’t care about. SORRY…I’m sure very soon I will get back to normal things on here.


2. 100% Pure Caffeine Eye Cream:– I have already mentioned this stuff before on the blog but I cannot start my day without putting this on (and sometimes at night I will remember to). I have very terrible “I have a newborn” dark, puffy bags under my eyes. Obsessed because it makes me look way less scary to the general population and it also smells like coffee.


3. This white noise machine: We got it initially for Riley because we live in such a small apartment so lots of noise from us and I read how great they were for babies to sleep. UM LIFE CHANGING FOR ME ALSO. I’ve always had to sleep with the tv on in the background but we knew we had to cut that habit with a baby in our bedroom but this has been amazing for me. I did a lot of research and this was supposedly one of the best and I’ve had zero issues with it so far and we use it A LOT (naps and bedtime).



 1. My birthday: 32 woooooo when did I get so old??
2. Halloween: I’m trying to decide what Riley is going to be because WHAT IS CUTER THAN A BABY IN A COSTUME. I am not normally one who likes to dress up my dog but it would be cute if Riley and Finn could have a related costume haha.
3. Starting to exercise again: Because my recovery was so rough it’s taken a long time for me to feel ready to exercise and also any free moment I have had was like EATSHOWERMAYBLESLEEP…working out wasn’t high on my list. Will and I were discussing how we really want to start working out again so we are going to try to figure out a plan for us to both start to get at least 2-3 days of a workout in that isn’t taking a walk with Riley and Finn.



WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN UP TO SINCE I HAVE BEEN MIA? I really want to know…tell me the biggest thing that happened in your life from July-September.




Pick a category (or 5… or all of them) and tell me what went on in YOUR life this month!! What sort of things were noteworthy for you this month? New obsessions? Any new song recs?? Best books you read this month? Great posts I missed on your blog? Answer to my question of the month?


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Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. Jamie! It’s been so long! I didn’t know you had a baby?! Welcome to the club. 🙂

    I had never heard of Just Between Friends, but I Googled it after reading through your post. There’s one this weekend! What day would you suggest going?

    Don’t feel bad about not blogging, you’ve only been gone for a few months! When I had babies, I disappeared for years, lol. I’m just now getting back into it, but starting over from scratch. I feel like I learned a lot from blogging previously, and there were some things I wanted to do differently this time.

    • Haha yes in July I did! It’s quite the club 😛

      I went on a Saturday and it was kind of picked over but I still found good stuff. My friends went on the first day and they got amaaaazing stuff (way more than I did) so I plan to go on the first day next year. Be prepared for lines though! I was pretty happy bc my one mission was to get her a winter coat and I did!

      Glad to see you back blogging!!!

  2. Aww she’s so cute! YES you have to dress her and Finn up, it would be super adorable.

    Don’t feel bad about not blogging and reading much, enjoy as much time with her as possible and don’t pressurise yourself to blog/read if you don’t feel like it! <3

    • Definitely enjoying the time with her…also I have almost zero brain cells left at the end of the day or blogging or reading! And I need ideas for a good Finn/Riley costume (Or maybe even include Will and I haha)

  3. Consignment sales have been a lifesaver!
    Love the parenting book rec, and honestly the kid book too, I feel lost about kids books.

    • RIGHT? From experience (haha only 3 months in but I’ve learned it already)…they literally grow out of the stuff so fast that it makes no sense to pay a zillion dollars. Plus they will have blowouts and ruin clothes lol. And yes if there is ONE book you read (honestly you probably don’t even need to read the book because the $1.99 app basically gives you most the info but I like to reference the book for more details. I also liked The Happiest Baby on the Block — some good tips in that book! I’m currently reading The Baby Whisperer and I like some stuff in it but I’m not sold on it YET. It’s more like about creating a routine for your baby but it’s more flexible than others I’ve seen (Babywise and a book by Gina Ford). I haven’t quite figured out if I’m a schedule person for her. I mean, I’m not for myself. But routines are good…already at almost 3 months she knows her bedtime routine and knows it’s time for bed…it’s amazing. We do bath, lotion/massage, jammies, bottle, very short book bc shes so little, swaddle her up, go turn on the white noise and fan and then sing her a song/rock her til she’s drowsy and then tell her it’s time for bed and that I love her and give her a kiss and then put her down. most nights she goes down pretty darn well! Maybe I will do a post soon about all the books I’ve read with her so far! I really also love The Baby Goes Beep, Brown Bear Brown Bear and we have a couple of these books that have different textures and like mirrors/shiny things in them…you can find a lot of those at marshalls for cheap. Those are great. I forgot what the name of it is that we have but it’s animals with fur and stuff!

      • I was thinking about hitting up my used bookstore next time I have stuff to trade in because they have a huge kids section. I would love a post about baby books! Especially for ones that don’t annoy mom and seem to entertain baby. 😀

  4. I’ve been reading a lot for blog (it’s intimidating when you see people have so many books read and I’m like… three finished September only.) I’m in the change in my life where I just graduated and I’m trying to find out how I am going to do my post-graduated life. It is very exciting but also, getting a job that I actually want is intimidating and may require getting a job that I don’t want to work up to having that good career. Also trying to write for my WIP!

    I can’t wait to see Riley and Finn in costumes if you do that! So. Cute.

  5. So, I wanted to say that I love reading about baby stuff as well as book stuff! I’m not married or pregnant or a mom yet, but I’m getting increasingly interested about all 3. So you definitely don’t have to apologize about “baby blogging” because I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s interested in little Riley!!


  6. Rileyyyy, she is so sweet! I’m glad she’s getting more predictable even if it’s not always easy. And that’s definitely nice you can take her to work! It will get easier like anything else I’m sure <3 Omg I will have to check out the slow cooker and bujo links! I have a crockpot and need some more recipe variety, and I just started a bullet journal this month. Trying not to be too weird about it and just enjoy it! Let's see, biggest thing was definitely August. It was crazy busy! I visited my sister, was a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding up in Seattle, and went to NYC for the first time in 15 years with Chris for his work event. It was exhausting but exciting! I'm still enjoying my newish job too, it's been 7 months already. And I found out my other best friend is pregnant!! I'm suuuuper excited for her! Best books would be The Epic Crush of Genie Lo and Girls Made of Snow and Glass. I'm also super proud of the History of Fictional Worlds post I created! I had been planning it for years haha. So glad to see you on the blogosphere more, Jamie!

  7. Mostly I am just DELIGHTED by Riley’s middle name. So much love for all the other Josephine’s out there. Secondly – the slow cooker link. THANK YOU.

  8. Congratulations, Jamie! You have made it through the worst of the newborn moments. From here on out, you will love watching her personality develop and shine, watch her sit up, scoot, crawl, try solid foods, and become a real child. I absolutely adored the months between 3 months and a year. Babies are SO much fun then, with everything new and wonderful. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  9. I am so happy you are back 🙂 And Riley is really cute.

  10. I’ve been loving Riley’s outfit posts on Twitter!!! 🙂 A couple of really good books I read this summer/fall: Beneath the Scarlet Sky (great WWII historical fiction, set in Italy–a place that isn’t often covered in that genre) and The Best Land Under Heaven (such an interesting and engaging account of the Donner Party).

  11. Kelsey Cooper says:

    OMG Jamie, that Women arent Nags article is EVERYTHING. I needed that. I feel like I’m the only one who feels that way.