Monthly Rewind: May 2017

May recap


And just like that May is over. Boy, did it go by fast!! And wow June is the last full month before this baby comes!



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What I’ve Been Reading Lately

book recommendations and books to read



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Books To Pack In Your Beach Bag This Summer: 2017 Edition

Beach Read Guide For 2017

Ah summer reading. Glorious, glorious summer reading. I love, love, love reading outside in the summer — beach, pool, big ol’ hammock at my mother-in-law’s, on a blanket in the park, a chair on my small back patio. If it’s nice out…I’m reading outside.

Honestly I’ll read just about anything on the beach or poolside. Hand me a book, I’ll read it. BUT I do tend to gravitate towards particular types of reads when I’m picking out a book to read lazily in the summer — hopefully on the beach or poolside.

Beach reads really are so subjective but my “beach read” taste tends to be a lighter (not always super light though) contemporary or historical read, page-turning dystopian/fantasy YA type reads, mysteries and thrillers, fun memoirs and romance-y type books so you’ll see a lot of that reflected in my list. I tend to have a hard time getting into anything TOO literary or fantasy that is too dense because I people watch and get distracted. And even though I am the queen of loving sad and gut-wrenching novels I tend to save those ones for when I’m NOT in public. I mean, at least when I DO read them poolside I can just dunk my face in the water and nobody knows I’m crying.

ANYWAYS…hope this list helps you this summer if you are looking for a good beach read! Since I’m due mid-July I’m not sure how much beach/pool reading I’m going to be getting in but these are the picks I’m drawing from/books I’ve already read and think make excellent beach/pool companions.

And if you are in need of MORE beach reads (ones that aren’t mostly 2017 releases like this list) then I have these: 17 Summer Must Reads, YA Beach Reads If You Aren’t Into Contemporary YA, this beach read list, this one, also this one and omg I’ve written a lot of beach read/summer reading lists over the past 7 years.

Ultimate Beach Read Guide For 2017


So check out my picks and save it throughout the summer for when you need a good book to read:

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New To The Queue

New things to read, watch, listen to

New To the Queue is a semi-monthly thing around here wherein I give you a tiny glimpse into some of the books, movies, tv shows and bands I’ve recently added to my never ending queue of things to read/watch/listen to. For past posts, go here!

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When A Book Just Hits So Close To Home

Sometimes when a book hits super close to home I don’t know how to write about it. I decided to go for the method I did when I wrote about Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson and write a letter to the author.

The book in question?

Emery Lord’s The Names They Gave Us which is OUT TODAY! I did receive this book as a review copy, c/o Bloomsbury for review consideration, but I pinky swear that these are all my own thoughts and I wasn’t compensated for them.


The Names They Gave Us by Emery Lord

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I’m having one of those weeks where I can’t get my brain to really focus on any of the posts on my long list of posts to write. None of them sound appealing or, if they do, they feel time consuming and my brain doesn’t want that write now. I’m just staring at my screen blankly yet again this week.

I’ve seen these sorts of posts all over blogs in every kind of blog niche so I thought it might be fun to create my own version and let you know what’s currently happening in my life and also it helps me not have to admit defeat and close my computer yet again.

currently post

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What To Get Your Book-Loving Mom For Mother’s Day

Gift Ideas For Book-Loving Moms on Mother's Day

If you’ve been a reader of this blog for a decent amount of time you know that I lost my mom to brain cancer in 2006 when I just shy of 21 years old. My mom was a reader — she devoured John Grisham and just about any other mystery or thriller, memoirs of all kinds, any Oprah book club book and any sort of romance (Danielle Steele was her favorite).  I feel like I definitely got my love for reading at an early age from her. I always think about how our relationship would have changed once I became an adult (things were a bit tumultuous between us when she got sick). One of the things I often think about is if we would have talked books and given each other recommendations. I wonder if she would have branched out in her reading tastes and we could have read books together. I really would have loved to buy her books for Mother’s Day!

So I thought it might be fun to put together some books (and extra non-book goodies at the end) to help you pick out for YOUR moms for Mother’s Day! (Or for yourself, let’s be real!).

Mostly everything is going to be more recent releases in hopes that your mom hasn’t read it yet!

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Everything, Everything Film Giveaway

Today I’m really excited to be partnering with Warner Bros. to offer you guys an awesome book-to-movie themed giveaway for a book I REALLY enjoyed back when I read it– Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon (you can check out my review of the book here). The book was super emotional and I cannot wait to see how it translates on screen! The trailers I’ve seen for it have me even more excited for it. Plus Amandla Stenberg is PERFECT. JUST LOOK AT THEM.

Everything, Everything movie

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If We Were Having Coffee

I saw a life coach I love, Ashley, do a post entitled If We Were Having Coffee and I decided to take her lead and do one myself in November 2013 because I loved it and sometimes I feel like we forget that there is a whole life behind the people that write and read blogs. I got such a great response to my initial post so I made it a  reoccurring thing for the past couple of years and do it when I feel so inclined!


Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset

So, grab your coffee/beverage of your choice and meet me for a chat. Currently I’m drinking WATER…because I had to do the 3 hour glucose test today and I literally want nothing except water after that.


If we were having coffee….I’d tell you that I’m currently reading Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentner. I can tell it’s going to destroy me just like his debut, The Serpent King, did. I’d ask what you are reading right now!

If we were having coffee.…I’d tell you that I can’t believe I’m in the third trimester and I’d tell you all about the worries I have right now — some serious, some kind of silly. I’m terrified of giving birth and, erm, the recovery. STOP READING ABOUT IT, SELF. I’m terrified something will be wrong with her. That I’ll be a terrible mom. That Will and I will not be as good of a team under the strain of parenthood as we are now. What if we go into debt bc KIDS ARE EXPENSIVE. That I will never have a life again. That I will lose who I am. That I will never get to travel ever again. And then it’s like super specific things like WHAT IF BREASTFEEDING HURTS AND IS TOO HARD or WHAT IF I NEVER FIT INTO ANY OF MY PRE-BABY CLOTHES AGAIN. There’s just so much big and little stuff to worry about and my brain can’t shut off.

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What I’ve Been Reading Lately: Adult Fiction Edition

book recommendations and books to read


Hello hello! Time to share what I’ve been reading lately and what I thought about it! I have been on a reading roll lately in between getting ready for the baby and being semi-social (honestly I’ve been taking my social life a lot more easy I get tired so easily now in third trimester….so more curling up on the couch with a book for me than normal). So let’s talk about some of the adult fiction  I’ve been reading lately (which I feel like I’ve been picking up a bunch of books that really work for me) and then sometime next week I will share some of the YA I’ve been reading.

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