And I’m Off….

Today is the day….Will and I are heading off to London for a week and then Madrid for a week to stay with our friends who moved there this past summer. I’m sad to leave Finn (like I’ve cried about it multiple times already) and I am dreading a couple hours from now when I have to take him to the boarding place (it’s where he was rescued and they are awesome and he will have fun at the indoor dog park) because I know I’m going to cry when I have to leave him. That probably sounds dumb but I actually don’t care…I love my buddy and I worry he will think we’ve left him like whoever dumped him before.

I’m excited to return to London and figured it would be fun to do a little #throwbackthursday  (a day late but I *started* most of this post on Thursday sooo?) and share some pics from my first trip to London in 2007.



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UKYA Books On My Radar

I thought it would be fun, since I’m leaving for London this week, to let you know which UK young adult books are on my radar and that are on my list of potential books to pick up while I’m perusing some bookstores in London because really that’s always the plan when traveling — to which Will is like “but why? We have bookstores at home?” Oh sweet husband. To which I’m like, “well why do we have to go to a sporting event that we can watch here?” To which he said…touche. SEE…it’s so easy for me to reason with him to see my bookworm tendencies when I explain them in sports terms — basic marriage to a non-book worm negotiating.

Anyways, here are some of the UKYA books on my TBR list that I’ll be looking out for on my trip that are either hard to find here in the US or not published here yet! You’ll have to let me know which ones you think I should get — especially if you’ve read any! I’m always too cheap to pay international shipping so I’m hoping to at least snag one or two of them!



Lobsters / My Totally Awkward Love story


1. Lobsters by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison: This one actually is going to be published as A Totally Awkward Love Story here in the US this May! Looks like a cute summer read about “finding the one”. The synopsis details that the main characters “ must navigate social misunderstandings, the plotting of well-meaning friends, and their own fears of being virgins for ever to find happiness.”

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On Reading Harry Potter For The First Time At 30



Screenshot at Apr 20 11-21-29


Ever since I started this blog, in 2010, I have been (lovingly) harassed about the fact that I have never read Harry Potter. I knew this was a serious rarity in the YA book world but alas….I had not.

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From My Quote Notebook { 6 }

Time for a new  From My Quote Notebook post in which I pluck a random quote from my quote notebook.  So my goal with this? To share a quote from my quote notebook at random (aka whatever quote I’m FEELING for that day) and hopefully introduce you to some new books as I know sometimes I see a quote from a book and it makes me VERY interested in reading it or at least checking it out!


This time around we have:


JK rowling quote about failing

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New To The Queue {21}

New To the Queue is a sporadic thing around here wherein I give you a tiny glimpse into some of the books, movies, tv shows and bands I’ve recently added to my never ending queue of things to read/watch/listen to. For past posts, go here!



The Memory Book Lara Avery

The Memory Book By Lara Avery (Amazon // Goodreads)

Publication Date – July 5th 2016

Why I Added It To My To-Be-Read list:  It showed up in the mail and totally looks like a me book! I though the author’s first book was okay but I’m really interested in this one!

What It’s About: A teenage girl finds out she has a rare genetic disorder that will take away her memories and her health. So she decides to create a Memory Book to write all the most important things down for her future self  — journal entries, mementos from important things and entries from her family and friends who know her best.



Joshilyn Jackson new book Opposite of Everyone

The Opposite Of Everyone by Joshilyn Jackson ( Goodreads // Amazon)
Publication Date- February 2016

Why I Added It To My To-Be-Read list:
I read Joshilyn Jackson’s Backseat Saints when it first came out and really loved it! I have yet to pick up another book from her since (WHY IDK) but when I saw she had a new one that just came out I was like YES MUST CHECK IT OUT.  She writes really good dysfunctional families/relationships with a great Southern setting.

What It’s About: Paula grew up as a child without a home and on the road with her mother who reinvented their history every year. One wrong truth lands her mom in prison and Paula in foster care. Fifteen years later she’s a tough and successful divorce attorney whose been estranged from her mother this whole time until she received a cryptic letter and then a secret from her mother’s past ends up on her doorstep that catapults her on a journey to find her mother.

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Apparently I Don’t Read Many Funny Books: A Call For Recs!

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday list was supposed to be about books that made me laugh. Two immediately jumped out in my brain — the Jessica Darling series (snort-laughing-in-public-and-embarrassing-my-husband funny) and Audrey, Wait.




Then I was stumped for other funny books I’ve read so I went to Goodreads to look through my “read” list. As I was scrolling I was like “Okay, I read The Deal recently and that was pretty funny at sometimes.” Then, “okay I think The Rosie Project made me laugh, too, if I remember correctly.” And then a Sedaris book I read forever ago (Me Talk Pretty One Day). Then, “okay Yes, Please was funny at times. Oh and I Love Everybody And Other Atrocious Lies.”

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Book Talk: Maybe In Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Book Talk: Maybe In Another Life by Taylor Jenkins ReidMaybe in Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid
Published by Washington Square Press on July 2015
Genres: Adult Contemporary
Also by this author: After I Do
Format: Paperback
Source: Gifted


 Want an “at a glance” look at what I thought? Check out my Review On A Post-It or my “Final Thought!




In alternating chapters we see two different versions of twenty nine year old Hannah’s life play out — all hinged on what she does next when she encounters an old flame upon moving back to her home of LA after moving from city to city and feeling lost about her life path.

a2*is awake in the middle of the night upon finishing (much like after reading her book After I Do) because this book was every existential crisis I’ve ever had pretty much rolled into one book haha* (I mean that in a good way…super thought provoking)

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Time for another edition of Reshelved in which I share what books I’ve put down lately and which ones I sadly had to take back to the library unread! Check out past Reshelved posts here!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done one of these posts. I haven’t been putting down a lot of books lately! So the ones I’ve put down were pretty much because I was reaaaally struggling to get into them or, in the case of one, a “not in the mood for this” kind of thing.


Put Down



Preacher comic


Preacher Book 1 by Garth Dennis and Steve Dillon: I was really excited to start this comic after I heard that AMC was making it into a show. I got about halfway in and I was just not into it at all. I think it’s going to make an interesting show but I just couldn’t get myself excited about the comic even though I thought the plot was fairly interesting. I’ll be checking out the show but I think I won’t continue on with the comics.




Ash & Bramble



Ash & Bramble by Sarah Prineas: I was so stoked about this fairytale retelling but I had the hardest time finding myself getting into it so I would delay picking it up when I had any reading time. It was just ridiculously boring when I was expecting this dark and awesome retelling. I wasn’t into the characters much either.





Revenge and the Wild


Revenge and the Wild by Michelle Modesto: This one isn’t one I put down because I wasn’t into it or didn’t like it but just I wasn’t at all in the mood for this type of book. It’s a mishmash of genres and normally I’m into that but I just was feeling like I wanted something else. I definitely plan on getting back to this one because it was it’s like this awesome mix of a Western and fantasy and all sorts of other cool stuff.





Went Back To The Library Unread

(not because I didn’t WANT to read them but I stink at reading things when I’m supposed to)

I have done SOOOOO well with my library books lately! I’ve been so proud of myself because I only have one book I returned unread in the past 6 months — and I’ve gotten quite a few books out!


A Little Life



A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara : I was SOOOOO excited to read this one. I was on the waiting list for FOREVER and then it finally came in….at a bad week. I was sooo busy and it’s a thick book and I just didn’t have the time to read it. I plan to add myself back to the list soon but I may just end up buying it so I can take my time with it.




Did you feel differently about any of the books I put down? Or maybe feel similarly and also put it down?

On Picking My Books For Vacation

T-minus 17 days until we leave for Europe for 2 weeks. OH EM GEE.




I’ve got soooo much to do and pack and get together for our trip in this time but of course, like the cliche bookworm I am, all I’m thinking about is what books I’ll bring. Because obviously….books.

After a vacation back in 2013 I mused on the fact that I never read as much as I think I will on vacation. I have that “eyes are bigger than my stomach” syndrome that my mom always would get on me about when it came to putting food on my plate. It’s the same way for books. I end up bringing 3x more books than I actually read. 3x more than I could ACTUALLY read in a time frame if I’m being honest. But I think I over pack on books because we all know that my reading moods dictate what I read so what if I’m not in the mood for the more conservative number of like 3 books that I’ll read and I’m left book-less because I just cannot even try to read something I’m not in the mood for.

I mean, Rory explains it best:

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Books For Every Wannabe Sleuth

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Top Ten Tuesday, as  always, is hosted at my other blog — The Broke & the Bookish

This week’s topic: Top Ten Books For Every X — I’m choosing for every wannabe sleuth!

I loooove a good mystery because I love being a very active reader. I’m constantly guessing at whodunit and why and changing my mind. I’m always writing down my theories throughout the course of the books and looking for every hidden meaning or significant thing. ERBODY IS A SUSPECT.

I was always pretty sure with all the Nancy Drew books I read as a kid that I was bound to live a life of a great sleuth but alas….not where my adulthood led me. So I love to get my sleuth on when it comes to books.

Here’s my top ten (mostly) YA books for wannabe sleuths (aka mysteries that kept me guessing and feeling like the wannabe sleuth that I am)

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