So remember that time I told you that on the top of my top ten list of bookish people to meet was John Green? And remember when I told you that there was a chance that THIS WEEKEND I could potentially meet him??

Yeah? You remember?



But let’s back up first…


The beginning of the weekend started off with the lovely Alexa (from Alexa Loves Books) coming down from NYC to Philly to stay with us so that we could venture down to the National Book Fest in DC — an event that I have enjoyed in the past! She came bearing gifts in the form of cupcakes from Crumbs — an hour or so late because Megabus was late in NYC (see: theme for our weekend).

Saturday morning we woke up, surprisingly perky for 4:30 in the morning, and the husband dropped us off at the bus station for us to catch our 5:50am bus. And well…it never showed up. And then the 6:30 bus never showed up. And then it was 7am. And friends, Alexa and I had panic in our eyes for you see JOHN GREEN was speaking at 10 and his signing was directly afterwards and we’d never make it if our bus even showed up in that minute or even if the Mr. came back to pick us up and I battled the Beltway and parking and drove to DC.

The only way to ensure we saw John Green was in the form of a $70 Amtrack train that left in 10 minutes?

So naturally we RAN to the train station, I might add with NO COFFEE in our system, and purchased our tickets and heard the sweet sound of the loudspeaker telling us that the train was JUST starting to board. We made it JUST IN TIME. We settled into that glorious seat on the train and in a fit of rage I did this (though, I must add that our trip on the way home was just fine and Megabus has since promptly put in a refund for me after I tweeted about it!)


After a nice train ride and some awesome conversation, we followed the obelisk and found our way to the National Mall and over to the tent to see John Green. OH HEY…look at the obelisk!


We listened to John Green speak for a bit, and since we knew the lines would be cray, we ducked out early to stand in line.  Only..there were  like hundreds of of other people who had the same idea so we already were behind a TON of other people. So naturally we did what bookish friends do and read silently together. Although not really because we talked too much and met other cool bookish people!












The line wasn’t too painful. AND THEN. IT HAPPENED. I MET JOHN GREEN!!!!!!!! (insert squeals of excitement for me). Naturally I babbled on about how I used a quote of his from Paper Towns as part of our wedding reception decorations and he thought that was cool and congratulated me on my marriage! It was either babbling like a moron or peeing my pants! And then, our new friend Emily (a totally awesome John Green fan that we met) snapped this picture of me with JOHN GREEN! HI EMILY AND THANK YOU!!!


A definite showing in my “That’s What They Said” feature for anyone who gives the best caption to what John Green is thinking/saying in this picture.

All in all, John ended up signing like 1500 people’s books because HE IS AWESOME. All other authors (true the other year I went) only sign an hour and John signed from 11-2. He does amazing things for his fans!

Post-Meeting John Green Excitement.


We spent the rest of the day in the YA tent listening to some amazing authors that I never get tired of seeing (David Levithan, Maggie Stiefvater, Melissa Marr) and OMG OMG OMG I saw and listened to RL Stine — the man responsible for cultivating a love of reading in this here blogger. You all have him to thank for the fact that I am here talking about the Majestic World Of Books here on the interwebs. He is a true genius. We also met new blogger Nikki of Foil The Plot   (go welcome her!!) and Sarah of The Librarian Reads!!

After a truly WONDERFUL day, Alexa and I made our way back to the station, ate some burger and talked about books, blogging and life all the way home.

Is this a dream? Did this really happen? Was I so close I could have bear hugged John Green? AHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

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About Jamie

Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. 1. I always have trouble with transportation not cooperating the way it’s supposed to, too. I think the bus/cab/shuttle drivers of the world have a conspiracy where they figure out when people’s important events are, then don’t show up for them.
    2. This event looks awesome! It would be super cool to meet John Green, and I’m glad you were able to make it!
    3. Are you reading Through the Ever Night?? Jealous.

    • I AGREE! It’s like they KNEW I have waited forever to freaking meet John Green and decided to screw us over! Too bad we are smarter than Megabus!! ALSO, yes, that is Through The Ever Night! I’m so stinking excited!!

  2. The whole affair with the bus absolutely stinks, but at least you did get to meet him! (So jealous!) The National Book Fest seems like it was amazing.

    • YES! I’m glad we can laugh about it now, though it sucked so bad! The National Book fest is a crazy event but so fun! Definitely not low key but there are always awesome people there!

  3. Ok, I think I really, really need to move to the States, else I’ll never get to meet John Green or Maggie or any of the fab YA authors. *wails* Sounds like you had so much fun Jamie! Glad you managed to make it in time despite the bus drama.

    On another and completely random note, your shoes are absolutely fab. 🙂

  4. Oooooooh my goodness — this is SUCH an amazing story! I was jumping up and down in excitement for you with each tweet, but seeing the whole story, combined with pictures, is just that much more exciting! I haven’t been to many author events (seriously authors, Canada is not cold and scary!) but Maureen Johnson did a signing last year. And, since her and John Green are totally BFFs, it must mean that he’ll follow suit — right? *fingers crossed* I would love, love, LOVE to meet him.

  5. Aside from the bus mishap, I am so glad you had a fabulous time! What a beautiful day, too! Meeting John Green at TLA this year was definitely a highlight for me, so I understand the need to pee your pants HAHA.

  6. Oh my gosssh! That sounds AMAZING! You’re so lucky! I hope to meet him someday. Also, it’s so funny how you caught the train just in time. I love it when stuff like that happens. It was meant to be!

  7. I am totally in love with that yellow shirt…you have the cutest outfits! You are very talented at putting things together that look cool and vintage-y all at the same time. I’m very excited for you that you met John green…I hate to say that I’m still waiting to love one of his books. Paper towns is next for me. Third time might be the charm!

  8. That sounds like what would happen to me. Seriously… if it can go wrong for me, it usually does. LOL I’m so glad you made it to the signing and got to meet John Green. Also, side note: I heart RL STINE! I seriously read every single freaking FEAR STREET book out there and at one time I probably owned most of them. My siblings read all of the Goosebumps books. I am jealous that you saw him too. 😉

    Glad you had an awesome weekend!

  9. So glad that you and Alexa had such a great time. I live on the East Coast, and am seriously considering going to the National Book Fest next year. Great pics!

  10. I’ve heard MANY a Mega Bus horror story in my day. SO GLAD it didn’t ruin your whole event.

    You and Alexa are ADORBS.

  11. What a fantastic day and I’m so glad you made that Amtrack train and got to meet your idol!

  12. I am so happy for you, a huge bookish dream of yours came true! <3

    I've only read TFIOS so far but I absolutely can't wait to read more of his work (and after the way you babbled on with so much eneregy and hype) and soon!

    I love your enthusiasm for John Green. It's catching.

    P.S – Did I mention how HAPPY I am that you got to meet him – yay! *hugs*

  13. I’m jealous, wish I could’ve gone to that festival!

  14. This makes me smile. The only time EVER I have left my 12 yo alone in DC was this past weekend when she stood in line for an hour and a half to get Lois Lowry to sign her book while I waited in line with her little sister to see Mary Pope Osborne. I figured she was perfectly safe surrounded by a sea of hardcore readers.

  15. Look at you all prompt with your National Book Fest post! It was very cool semi meeting you across the multitude of John Green signing lines. I’ll give a shout out to the very cool Green fans I met in line as well. 3 15 year-olds regaled me with how John Green saved their sanity during a summer long bike fest in New England (apparently it helped them escape the ‘Katey Perry Fans’ they were biking with. I never did understand why a love of John Green = a distaste for Ms. Perry, but it was entertaining non the less) Then they held my spot while I ran off to grab some Maggie Stiefvater books, as the ones I’d ordered from her Indie Book Store weren’t in in time…they were awaiting me as I got home from the book fest that evening. *Sigh* What’s a girl to do with 2 signed copies? lol.

    Any way it was awesome. I’m so glad I creepy stalker tweeted you from across the lines 😉

  16. First off, Jamie, your excitement is totally infectious. How you felt about meeting John Green (who’s books are totally at the top of my TBR list now!) was exactly how I felt about meeting R.L. Stine. TOTALLY WORTH THE WAIT. It took all of my self control not to reach over and give him a super big hug (cause that’s not totally creepy coming from a 27-year old married woman or anything). I had such a great time meeting you and Alexa and hope to hang out again soon! Thanks for the super awesome shout-out, btw! 🙂

    And as for the caption to your photo… John’s probably realizing something along the lines of, “Umm, aren’t you the stalker girl David told me to watch out for?”

  17. Yay! I LOVE this recap, and I am so incredibly happy for you (and Alexa!), Jamie. 😀

    That is an absolute nightmare about getting down there, but at least they got you a refund. I’m going to go ahead and say those Amtrak tickets were totally worth it. As was standing in line after hoards of lucky bastards. I’m so impressed that John spent so long signing for his fans, that is truly wonderful, and that line up of authors sounds FANTASTIC! Thanks for sharing, continue to bask in your glory (but please, wash those shorts).

  18. This was fun to watch live on Twitter. So glad to get all the glorious details in your post today.

  19. That’s awesome that megabus gave you a refund after you tweeted. Yay for the power of social media!

    And OMG. John. Green. Lucky girl. 🙂

  20. I love you. That is all.

    Oh wait – just going to say that we are TOTALLY going to look back and laugh at how crazy we were on the morning of the day that we got to MEET John Green (and I still cannot believe it happened).

  21. Jamie. Oh my gosh. I just said a swear word when I saw your picture.

    And then my heart started skipping beats with the David Levithan picture because he’s gonna be at yallfest and so am I ohmygosh.

  22. That sounds like such an amazing day! I’m impressed you could even string together sentences. If I met John Green I could probably squeak out a hi before turning the brightest shade of red ever and getting all tongue tied.
    Sounds like a great festival. Will have to keep that in mind for next year!

  23. I’m not often jealous of people who live in other countries, but when it comes to bookish events I’d be most happy to move.
    I can’t believe you got to meet John Green!!! JOHN GREEN! Not only do I own and love every one of his books, but he also seems to be one of the nicest people in the world. Ahhh

  24. Meeting/hearing a John Green talk is on my list of things to do in life- congratulations on doing it! It’s extra cool that it’s something you really wanted to do… aah, that would be incredible.


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