How Books Are Turning Me Into A Super Fit & Productive Person!

Let’s have a moment of full disclosure before I begin: I am in no way a trained fitness guru or a doctor. Seriously, up until last month working out to me was walking to the freezer to mingle with my friends Ben & Jerry or car dancing to Call Me Maybe. This has just been my method to get myself more active with something I love.

It’s true.

I have discovered the amazingness of audiobooks in helping me curb the lazy and get done All Of The Things I Hate To Do But Have To Because I’m A Grown-up. I have been an audiobook participator prior to this. They made me a wee bit less stabby during my commute and I really started to not care about sitting in traffic (minus when I have to pee or when I’m really hungry). They’ve been great on long car rides when I’m by myself. I had become a fan of them finally after being scared of them.

But I never realized how fantastical they were as motivators.

How They Are Helping Me To Get In Shape & Be Productive Maniac Around The House

I’ve always been a pretty thin girl (runs in the family) but I’veย  noticed that the ol’ metabolism just ain’t what she used to be so the husband and I decided we were going to work out. Guys, I hate working out. I’m 27 and haven’t worked out regularly since I played lacrosse in high school. I’d rather been subjected to torture than willingly work out. Though working out really is about the same as torture. I feel like I am going to die every moment I’m working out and make the most hideous faces doing it. I call BULLSHIT on the glowing people who feel all magnificent and like they could conquer the world after working out. LIES. I look like death and feel like death afterwards.

I’ve never been able to be consistent about it until now. I mean, I’m only a month in but UM this is an accomplishment for me. Here’s the deal:

1. Pick an audiobook you know is going to REALLY REALLY capture your attention or that you’ve been dying to read. I go for something lighter because sometimes really densely written books are hard for me to concentrate on. I also ask other audiobook lovers or read audiobook reviews to find audiobooks with really great narrators. A narrator can make or break your experience, folks. Nobody wants to listen to someone that reminds them of the most boring, monotone professor they ever had. This is an IMPORTANT step because it ties into step 2.

2. Motivation is a problem for me and I needed strict rules. I’m like the horse that needs to follow the carrot. Thus I have made a rule that I am not allowed to listen to my audiobook anywhere else except for working out (or taking a walk) or while cleaning. This is why #1 is so important because I have to WANT to find out what happens and to finish the book. I made a strict rule about my “Active” audiobook not being allowed to be used in the car. I’ll have another audiobook for that.

3. Figure out what “active” is to you. The rules I have made for myself for now as I’m easing in to the workout thing is that I must do some sort of cardio for at least 30 minutes every day. Sometimes I do some free weights. I also let myself listen, as I said, when I’m being active around the house — washing dishes, cleaning, folding clothes or even yard work like raking leaves. I’ll cut myself some slack if I’m sick or in other situations where I may not be home and have access to a gym but that’s it. Even if I’m not feeling like I want to do a really intense workout, I still make myself at least walk on the treadmill slowly for 30 minutes.

4. Give yourself reward: The audiobook itself is a reward in a way but I’ve decided that for every three ( you can change this accordingly) audiobooks I complete I get to go out and buy a new book (y’all know I am still looking for work as I got laid off from work right before my wedding so this is a big deal to me). Pick whatever reward you want — new shoes, new makeup, a fancy dinner, a whole chocolate cake after your workout. Whatever will help motivate you.

5. Give yourself a punishment: You don’t HAVE to do this but I’ve made a rule for myself that if I skip a workout because I’m just being lazy that the next time I work out I am not allowed to listen to my audiobook or my music. So that’s THIRTY FREAKING MINUTES OF TORTURE IN WHICH I AM NOT DISTRACTED BY ANYTHING. It has helped me by making me less likely to skip a workout for lazy reasons.

6. Enjoy the results! I don’t feel like I’ve drastically seen a difference in my body yet but I honestly have stuck to my workout which I truly have never done before. I feel super productive because I’m getting through a book a want to read and keeping myself active and healthy. It’s funny because I also find myself sometimes getting done with a workout and ending on a good part and so I’ll come home and do the dishes just so I can end at a better place. The house is staying a little bit more clean and I really dread doing some of these tasks less because I’m doing something I enjoy. I still don’t enjoy working out but this helps. It does.

A few other things:

– Let’s do the math a little bit. Let’s say you work out/are active for an hour each day and your audiobook is 8 hours long…you can have that sucker done in a little over a week. So that would be 3-4 extra books you could be “reading” per month! WOO!

– I find them to be great for times when you might want to re-read a book in the series before the next book comes out. It will be easier for you to concentrate and follow because you are already familiar with the story. Same goes for old favorite. Harry Potter fans SWEAR by the audiobooks and say that the narrator is incredible so all you HP fans who are dying for a re-read it might be a good route to go!

– I’ve been utilizing my library for free audiobooks as well as their Overdrive system where you can download it online. Sometimes I can find decently priced ones on Amazon. There is also ITunes and of course Audible.ย  Another great option is Paperbackswap. You basically get credits for swapping books and sending them out to people in exchange for credits. I used to use it A LOT. That way when you are done with the audiobook you could put it back up there and get a new one!

-Be careful. I know it’s easy to get all caught up in a book but I don’t want to see this happen.


What about you guys…do you listen to audiobooks to help you work out or get things done around the house? What are some of your favorite audiobooks? I’m sure others (including myself) would love some good recommendations for audiobooks that were so captivating!

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About Jamie

Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. I definitely love listening to audio books while I go running. It adds to my enjoyment and I get to make progress on my reading pile.

    One bad thing to audio books while working out, I had one that was so good I just wanted to sit on the curb and hear what was about to befall the characters. It was too good and impossible to put down. =)

    Good luck with the workout plan! Hope you’ll stick with it for the long run.

  2. This is the best idea ever and I am going to steal it shamelessly.

  3. I love audiobooks and I agree they are the perfect way to distract you when working out!! I just wish we had a treadmill at home, would make my life much easier.. But yeah audiobooks are fantastic! I listen to tons of them when doing laundry and cleaning at home ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I totally do this! I just started working at a store that’s about a half hour drive from my house so now I listen to my Audiobooks in the car! I also listen to them while I’m cleaning my house and such, rather than listening to music. I find myself less focused on what I’m doing so the time goes by way faster! I’ll also download audiobooks for books I have to read for school and listen to them while I’m on the train or something. Helps me get school reading done so much faster! Especially when it’s Shakespeare ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. You know I’m like the audiobook queen. I don’t really do a lot of this stuff to motivate myself, like the punishment thing because how can I punish myself if I work for 13 hours then have to go back to work in less than 10 hours? Hah. But, I do listen to audiobooks when showering, when driving — BUT not when I need to get pumped up or when it’s sunny and the weather begs for crank me up music with the windows down. I also listen when doing chores and when formatting/setting up reviews and memes. However, I can’t listen when commenting on blogs or actually writing reviews. Only during mindless stuff. ALSO. I love the idea of using an audio as an active book.

    For you, specifically, I would recommend Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn on audio. It’s adult, but the narration is superb and sometimes it’s nice to take a break from teens. Also, TQ really liked it, although she read the physical version.

    I’d also recommend Okay For Now by Gary D. Schmidt because that book is AMAZE.

    AND and and Bloody Jack by LA Meyer narrated by Katherine Kellgren. Like, I was all ugh this book sucks while reading it physically, then I listened to the audio and boom accents and love.

    ohhhhh ohhh and The True Meaning Of Smekday by Adam Rex via audio is awesome and hilarious and a good way to try middle grade. Plus it’s narrated by Bahni Turpin and she’s da bomb.

    Also, I’m gonna totally be a tool and post this link, but for a TTT I did a list of top ten audiobooks for virgin ears which lol have my SEAL OF APPROVAL and I don’t just give that ish out willy-nilly:

    ALSO! Free audiobooks that are LEGAL:

    You are welcome.

    • Awesome!! This comment was *almost* as good as Jamie’s original post! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the ideas!

  6. Probably not a whole chocolate cake. I don’t think that would be very good for you.

    I just started using audiobooks while running outside. I find I can do that, but not on the treadmillโ€”though when I’m on the treadmill I do read my nook.

  7. spencerafreeman says:

    That’s brilliant, Jamie! I’m always looking for ways to get… er, stay motivated and this seems like a great way to will myself to keep on keepin’ on. Your six steps breaks it down perfectly and makes me feel like, “hey, I can totally do this!” LOL! Now to just find an audiobook to start with. They’re usually so expensive, which is why I shy away from them ($4.99 book vs $34.99 audiobook). Guess I’ll have to hunt for deals!

    • I totally agree with the painful price of audiobooks which is why my husband and I love the library’s Overdrive system that Jamie mentioned. Maybe your library has it too? It seems to be more and more common for libraries to embrace the digital age. Those ones are FREE and you can borrow them from your home computer! I’ve also borrowed physical books on CD from the library.

  8. I love this idea! So far my husband and I have only gotten into audiobooks for long car trips and we absolutely love the Overdrive feature from the library. If you haven’t listened to it yet, you have got to try Justin Halpern’s Sh*t My Dad Says and his follow-up I Suck at Girls — they’re only about 4 hours each and completely hysterical and entertaining – perfect workout motivation and perfect audiobook material!

    I do a bit of a variation of what you’re doing — another guilty pleasure of mine is magazines and I end up with a a huge pile each month (magazine marketers, your tactics work because why wouldn’t I buy a subscription when it’s the same cost as buying only 1 or 2 issues on the newsstand? I’m a sucker, I know…) We have an exercise bike in the basement and magazines are light enough reading that I can enjoy them while exercising, so I only allow myself to read those magazines only if I’m working out on the bike. Doesn’t really work for doing chores and things though so this audiobook idea is definitely worth considering!

  9. I love your idea. I used to do audio books while walking and will need to get back in the habit again! I was using them for long car drives, but need to be motivated to exercise. I have also used >a href=””> for free books. The books are read by volunteers. This was the only way I could get through ‘Mysteries of Udolpho’ by Anne Radcliffe! Some great books I have listened to lately are >a href=””> ‘Ready Player One’, and ‘The Next Thing on My List’

    Love the video clip…what was she doing running on a treadmill with HIGH HEELS!?!?

  10. I love this post, Jamie! I use almost this exact same system to motivate myself! I know I’ve said on multiple occasions ‘I really want to listen to my audiobook..guess I have to go to the gym’. I only listen 1) in the car on my way to work 2) in the gym 3) doing cleaning/cooking around the house. It DOES help motivate you, and it makes those tasks less painful.

    I really like to listen to high action books while I’m doing these things as I find they keep me more distracted than other types of books, and they kind of ‘fit’ the pace of running. Also as you said, rereads are great! I just started re-listening to Harry Potter. As a result, I do read an extra 3-4 books a month. Sometimes I can feel guilty taking time out to reread, but I never do with audiobooks for some reason, they just feel ‘extra’, you know?

    I’m a big audiobook pusher. A lot of people are really reluctant to try them, but I think for working out in particular they are wonderful. Because they don’t have a set beat, like music, they don’t affect your pace, and because they take concentration (more so than that song you’ve heard 800 times), they distract your brain from the pain. This has been a great discovery for me–I used to be a swimmer, and I hate running, but now I’d be reluctant to go back to the pool because I couldn’t listen!

    • I agree with preferring running with audiobooks to songs. With me it wasn’t the interruption of my pace – but the fact that I knew how long each song was! I’d be timing myself in my head “3 songs at 4 minutes a song is 12 minutes…” It was torture because instead of distracting it kept me focused on how long I’d been hoofing it. Blah.

  11. obviously, we are awesome because I JUST became an audiobook convert like, last week. I was reading David Copperfield, but feeling like I should get out and make use of the walking trails all around me since the weather is nice. SO I decided to combine the two ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. OOOH I love this post! I haven’t given audiobooks a shot yet but I’ve been meaning to AND been meaning to work. I’ve never been to a gym and am basically like the laziest person ever so I really need to fix that. I’m glad it’s working out so well for you! Also, your point about the HP audiobooks reminds me I’ve been meaning to check them out so this is perfect. ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. I do this too! Well, not so much right now, but I need to get back on doing it! I love downloading audiobooks on my phone and going walking while listening to them. It’s such a great distraction from the fact that I’m doing something I really don’t enjoy (working out) by listening to something I really DO enjoy (books!). I’ll definitely have to check out some new ones, maybe do some re-reads. For some reason I always tend to get sad or serious books on audio. I should probably try to find some cheery ones for my workouts! Thanks for the great tips; will definitely have to start implementing them in my workouts! You know… when I start them back up again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I love working out with audiobooks. When I trained for half marathons, I went through audiobooks like nobody’s business. For speed workout, I need music, but long runs required either audiobooks or NPR podcast to keep me going. I found teen lit to be perfect for this purpose.

  15. Preaching to the choir! Awesome post. Here’s when I listen to audiobooks — a photo essay:

  16. I’m gonna chime in with “I do this too!”. Well, not the punishment part…and I’ll admit I’m one of those “happily working out people”. If I start to show signs of stress my hubby not so subtly tells me: “Maybe you should go for a run…” Ha. It always makes me feel better. I come back feeling, emotionally, 10lbs lighter (all the wine and cheese in my off time, however, keep those actual 10lbs on my hips, lol).

    Anyway, I listen to audiobooks during my 1/2 training and regular runs too. Playlists be damned. Nothing keeps you hooked like a good book. I really loved doing Beautiful Creatures on audio – the fact that every time the 16 moons song happened in the book they actually sang it was amazing! And it was very creepy, like, goosebumps-in-80-degree-heat-while-running creepy. Also, the actress who reads What Happened to Goodbye is excellent. She has the perfect voice for the main character – and actually sounds like a teen!

    Finally, I also downloaded Gone Girl (I think it was suggested above) because the ppl who did the audio book rated it better than those who read it physically. Very excited to start that one next…after Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer, my current running read. Campy and historical at the same time ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. “I call BULLSHIT on the glowing people who feel all magnificent and like they could conquer the world after working out.”

    YES THIS RIGHT HERE. I fucking hate exercising, it makes me feel like crap. My BFF is an exercise nut, and we used to have arguments on the regular about why this is, and we concluded that after 20 years (almost exactly) of ballet/jazz/tap/dance team for 4+ hours/day, I’d done enough research and was entitled to hate exercising.


  18. Love this post!! I love your blog posts they are always so creative. I never even thought about listening to audio books while working out. I don’t normally listen to them in general but I like this idea. Going to have to try this out! Hope that this keeps working for you. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. I’m a huge purveyor of audiobooks (even got my dad hooked) and they definitely help ease the pain of a terrible commute. I, like you, share an aversion to working out and never really thought to use audiobooks as a way to battle myself back into shape. What a great idea setting goals and punishments like a responsible adult (I know, it totally blows, doesn’t it?)! At least the payoff in the end makes it all worth it, right?

    Some of my favourite readers (you’re so right, they can make or break a story) are Barbara Rosenblat, Rene Auberjonois and Scott Brick. LOVE THEM.

  20. I have an app on my phone called GymPact. You set how many workouts you need to do each week and what your stakes are – minimum is $5 for a missed workout. But! For each weekly “pact” you complete, you get a couple bucks (amount depends on how many workouts you need to do, I believe 3 is the lowest amount). It’s a pretty good motivation/punishment.

  21. I totally can relate but I am …ahem…quite a few years older and have never worked out. I adore audiobooks for the car…I need to take your advice and use them to motivate myself to work out!

  22. Wow, AMAZING system, Jamie! Another lazy lady here (only for working out) but completely unable to listen to audiobooks while running ๐Ÿ™

  23. i would totally do this…. if i didn’t despise working out. I JUST HATE IT. cleaning, on the other hand? i cleaned my entire house with a new vigor when listening to harry potter!

  24. Great post!!

    I love using audios to make house chores go by faster.

  25. Congrats on creating a goal and system, and sticking with it! That’s a great feat. I’ve recently starting listening to audio books as well. I had always put them off as “a lazy person’s way of reading” but now I see how wonderful they are! I couldn’t agree more about them helping during a commute. I live less than 10 miles from my work but the commute can take upwards of 30 minutes and I find having someone tell you a compelling story makes it fly by! When I get home if I’m at a good spot I’ll sit with my car idling until it passes. I think using them as a reward for working out would be a really good idea for me as well. Thank you for the tip!

  26. The first audiobook I read was The Scarlet Letter. I had to read it for school and I had ZERO idea what I was reading (I was dictionary-ing every freaking word) so I was like I might as well listen to it (while VACUUMING, that’s how much NOT into the book I was) then I listened The Great Gatsby which was pretty good. But the first “fun” book I listened to was What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen. It was REALLY good. The narrator is AWEEEESOME. And another one is Saving Francesca by Melina Marchetta. Since it’s an aussie book, the narrator has an accent but it’s very good. I don’t work out (I’m enjoying my years of high metabolism) but audiobooks come in handy during cleaning and long car rides. Though your system of rewards and punishments is super cool. I wish I had your self-discipline!

    I would love to see some of your favorite audiobooks that you recommend ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. LOVE this post. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve still never tried out an audiobook but I definitely want to now. I need something to motivate workouts and cleaning too. Hmm I’ve got to find one to start with now

  28. This really sounds like a fantastic idea. I feel just about the same way about exercise as you, so this would be a great way to at least distract myself from the torture that is working out! I have a feeling I’ll really love audiobooks when I’m commuting to work within the next couple years too. Anything that subdues the road rage is good in my book!

  29. This. is. Brilliant! I hate exercise. And music doesn’t even motivate me. But, there are time where I wish I could figure out how to read a book while pumping the iron (all 5 pounds of it…). I don’t know why I didn’t even think of checking into audiobooks. You clever girl.

    Also, the Harry Potter audiobooks *are* amazing. The only problem with them is whenever I listen to them while doing chores, I stop doing chores and plop down into a chair and sit there for like an hour and a half totally absorbed in Jim Dale’s awesome narration abilities.

  30. Great post, Jamie! Hilarious and practical, a tough combo to find. As an audiobook narrator I am always excited to hear advocates like yourself. I’d like to recommend a few resources. The “Audiobook” Group at
    has threads on book recommendations as well as technical issues, and it’s members are super generous with helping you figure out the best ways to download, manage, etc. Audiobook Jukebox is a place where you can read reviews as well as get free copies of books if you want to write reviews.
    And Audiofile Magazine is also a great place to read reviews and articles about narrators, etc.
    Happy Listening!

  31. This might just be the most amazing idea EVER. I’m definitely NOT an active/physical person, which basically means I’m lazy and totally not a fan of working out. HOWEVER, like you, I’ve started to realize that I need to (mostly for health reasons) and so I’ve been trying – but just not finding any motivation. I think this will be a great way to get me excited to work out! I’ll definitely let you know if it works out (see what I did there?) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  32. This is the perfect post to link up to Readers’ Workouts:

  33. This is such an amazing idea! I’ve listened to audio working out a couple of times, but I’ve never thought to use it as a reason to work out. I think I’ll only listen to the books I want to listen to while I’m working out. I drown in review copies of audio books so I never have time to listen to books that I just want to listen to. This would be the perfect way! I love it!

    I’m trying to think of some suggestions. I listen to a lot of audio, but I can’t remember what all you have read. Some that stick out are The Probability of Miracles, Split, Holly Black’s Curse Worker series, and any book by John Green. They always pick awesome narrators for his books. And you’re right. Harry Potter is awesome on audio.

  34. I’ve been training for a half marathon in December, so I listen to audiobooks while I’m running to keep myself distracted. Most recently, it was the new Dennis Lehane (Live by Night), which was excellent but almost a bit too slow-paced for long runs. Before that it was The Passage, which I was re-reading in anticipation of The Twelve coming out. I just started The Twelve this morning (on audio!) and am hoping that will last me a few weeks (it’s 20+ hours long).

    I usually listen to one audiobook at a time, but I like the idea of keeping a separate active audiobook to motivate me to run more/more often in hopes of finding out what happens…

  35. This is such a great post, thank you!!! I have GOT to do something to get motivated, especially since I’m not working right now and therefore I want to spend all my time sitting/lying down and reading books! (and too dang many book blogs, blast you talented and energetic people who write so well and recommend awesome books…) I’ve been seeing a lot more people saying they’re listening to audiobooks, I just have always felt like that’s “cheating” or something – as in, cheating on the book! – but I’ve just got to get over that little issue I think. I really want to get a used treadmill for home and then get audiobooks from the library and I’d be set, right?! Right.

    Oh, I got a kick out of your voice in this post, thanks for that too ๐Ÿ™‚

    • You are welcome! I hope audiobooks are the kick in the pants you need! They are SO what I personally needed. I am also out of work currently and that was the big thing about me really want to at least TRY to work out. ALSO, totally was with you on the cheating on books thing when it came to audiobooks. Thankfully I realized it was just a good complement to my actual reading. PLUS before books…storytelling. So we are totally paying homage to the original source of good stories ๐Ÿ˜›

  36. Jasmine Rose says:

    I am so right there with you on the Lazy Train. I freakingnhate exercise. It feels like wasted time to me since I can’t dom anything else while I’m working out, especially read. This is why I’ve decidedbI need a stationary bike. Then I can just sit there and pedal away WHILE I read ๐Ÿ˜›

  37. What a great idea and an inspiration. I’m planning on going the gym with hubby this Sunday and audiobooks just might make it bearable. My meds have made me into an eating monster and I had some weight to lose before this all happened, so this might just help me get through the first few weeks of working out. ๐Ÿ™‚ THANKS for the inspiring post. ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. I have never ever tried an audiobook and I’m not entirely sure why… although this seems like a REALLY GOOD IDEA and therefore I’m probably going to have to force myself to try it at least once this year! Thanks for being a genius.

  39. yessss I’m totally with you on that!! (says the girl who actually fell down on the treadmill while listening to The Graveyard Book… yeah)

  40. Love this post! I just started back on the exercise bandwagon, since I’m in my 30s and my metabolism is crap. I used to be so healthy, but a few years ago I was really stressed and unhappy, which led to some really bad choices. Even though, since then, I’ve been happy and unstressed, those habits had stuck, so now I’m trying to get out of that rut since my body deserves better than what I’ve been giving it!

    One thing I’ve been doing is reading one of my books ONLY when I’m on the recumbent bike. A few chapters takes about 25 minutes, which is perfect for me now, and a great way to get my allotted chapters in AND get moving while doing so (instead of just sitting on the couch). I also think I’d like to put on an audiobook and GET OUTSIDE! Even if I’m just going for a walk, I’m benefiting from moving and getting the fresh air and sunshine (even right now in the winter) AND I can get rereading some of the books I had intended to at the beginning of the year.


  41. I really need to get back to working out, but since I can’t afford to go to the gym and our treadmill sucks and is dangerous I have to wait until it is warm outside. Once the snow melts I have told myself I’m going back to running because I miss it.

  42. Leticia (@osoordinary) says:

    Why has it taken me so long to discover the wonderful world that is book blogging??! I am absolutely loving exploring so many great blogs about books and audiobooks! Thanks for this really great advice. I used to listen to audiobooks while driving around for work; put lots of miles on my car, it helped the time go by so much faster throughout the day! ๐Ÿ™‚ I do occasionally listen to them while cleaning the house, it’s great for multitasking! I LOVE the idea of using audiobooks for workouts! I absolutely hate working out, but if it will give me another excuse to listen to some great books, why not! Will definitely be giving this a try. Thanks!!

  43. This is a great idea! I hope it continues to work out for you (pun not intended). I’ve always been kind of iffy on audiobooks but, then again, I’ve never actually listened to any.

  44. Wow! I want to tell you this idea is just brilliant! This is the perfect medicine to my sickness! I seriously need to workout more, but I’ve been struggling to find the right incentives. I started listening to audiobooks thinking it would help me to exercise more. But as it turned out I fell deeply in love with them I listen to them while on the move. I spend so much time trying to get to places that I found it was an excellent way to kill time (considering that reading in the car or bus gets me really dizzy). So in the end, I finished them sooner than I intended and I didn’t even got the chance to workout with them. Therefore, having a workout only book sounds like an amazing idea. I’ll definitely try it out, maybe it is what I’ve been looking for! Thank you!!!

  45. Jamie, you are the greatest human being to walk the earth. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Such a good idea!

    PS: Where do you get your GIFS? I’ve been wanting to add gifs to my blog but I can’t really find the perfect gif or the post.


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