A Moment Of Truth On The Blogging Front

I’m sitting here today and honestly the last thing I want to do is blog.

Yep. It’s not that I’m in a blogging slump and need help getting out. I actually have tons of post ideas and am really excited about them. I have reviews I’m itching to write for books. I’m not in a reading slump. Not at all. I’m in the mood to read a lot.

So what is it then?

It’s mostly a matter of seeing a whole lot of things (not one thing specifically) about how bloggers should blog, seeing snarky comments about things bloggers do, comments that make people feel BAD about what they are doing, etc. It’s not at all that I PERSONALLY feel like I need to listen to these things. Because I don’t. I won’t. I roll my eyes and move on because you all know I’ve been doing my own thing for a long time. I don’t really care what the blogosphere is trending towards — if I don’t like it/enjoy it/feel right about it then I’m not going to do it. It has to feel right for me because I spend my free time doing this — I’m not getting paid a salary here and who wants to spend their free time doing something that they don’t enjoy? I’ve only got limited amounts of time in this life.

It’s just this whole draining energy I’m feeling from all of that (and other dramas).  That’s not to say the blogsosphere is all negative/draining as a whole — quite the opposite because I have some of the most hilarious or inspiring conversations with you all. There are some amazingly positive people who there who make me happy to know them. It’s just more of this feeling of, “WHEN DID THIS ALL BECOME SO SERIOUS?” When did we decide there was a right or wrong way to talk about books that we read? When did we care so much about if someone writes a short review or a long review or reviews only books they like or reviews only new releases? If someone posts every day or if they don’t? If someone writes a review in a way that best expresses themselves whether it be a conversational review talking about what they liked (even if that is KISSING) or a completely literary analysis?

WHY SO SERIOUS, PEOPLE? I mean, for me, blogging is not a life or death matter. I’m not going to cry in my beer over it. Ok, I did cry when I was moving to WordPress because of stress and I do rant privately to close friends — but in general I’m not going to get my panties all in a bunch about what other people are doing.  And HEY — diversity is awesome. That’s the awesome thing about the blogosphere — if you want recommendations based on literary merit there are blogs out there that write analytical reviews. If you want something more conversation and based on emotional responses, there are those. There are hybrids of that. There is a blog out there for everyone. I promise! I read blogs who do it all differently and they all are equally as fab.  Not every blog has to cater to your personally preferences — I don’t read the ones that don’t do it for me.

I mean I take seriously promoting literacy in many ways, recommending books and the posts I’m putting out every day. I put pride into all I do and really care deeply about this blog and community but this is not my job. I don’t take myself as a blogger too seriously or feel like this blog is the end all be all of my life. I created my blogging manifesto early on and it has helped me to maintain focus with this blog and addresses a lot of these things. I love this blog but this is not my life. I’d imagine that’s the truth for a lot of you. This blog is a space where I am free to be me and talk about something I’m very passionate about. If publishers, readers and other bloggers enjoy what I’m doing…YAY! But I refuse to ever make this a space where I’m not doing what I want just because other people say it’s “wrong.”

I’m always doing it right because I define what is right for my blog (minus you know like plagiarism or things like that. Also “doing it right” doesn’t mean that people are going to like it). And you define what is right for your blog so when someone tells you that your GIF-filled review is WRONG because it isn’t SERIOUS enough you can brush your shoulder off because you know that being serious isn’t in your agenda but rather telling all your feels via GIFs and a conversational tone. Mission accomplished, friend. (And vice versa — someone says your reviews are stuffy? You know that you are providing your thoughts in the way that work best for you and that may be on a more scholarly level).

I know what I want for my blog and when I don’t know I try it out and see if works for me. I write my reviews and sometimes they end up short and sometimes they end up long. I write where my heart takes me. I don’t do blog tours a lot and have to feel passionate about what I’m promoting — even if it is an opportunity from a major publisher. But Im’ so glad that other bloggers do them because they work well with what they want to do with their blog. You won’t see me writing scholarly reviews that are super analytical. I wasn’t an English major and trying to force myself to write that way (I tried early on) didn’t work for me and felt like I was back in school. I find that I like to write conversationally as if I was sitting down with a friend and talk about what stood out to me most in my likes/dislikes. I don’t use many gifs but I find them hilarious in other reviews. I stink at finding THE RIGHT ONE. But I totally read blogs that are more analytical in nature and ones that use GIFS amazingly. I’m so thankful for them all. I probably won’t post every day. I might take off for a  week and not have posts pre-scheduled. I’ve just found in my almost three years of blogging the things that work for me and my blog and I have never felt happier — even if my blog isn’t doing the trendy thing or even if some people don’t like it. I don’t expect them all to.  I’d never want anyone to be made to feel bad about what works for them just because other people don’t like it. And I’m so, so sorry if I’ve ever made a comment that has made anyone else feel differently about their blog — their little corner of the internet.

So, get down with your bad self. Feel free to change up what you do and to tweak it through the years. Remember that you probably started your blog to talk about books and connect with other book readers…and you are doing it right, no matter how you go about it, if that’s what your blog is doing. Have fun, know what you want for your blog and remember there isn’t one way to do anything. And when someone makes you feel bad about what you are doing, remember that you’ve got readers who clearly enjoy what you do and that’s a win in my book. Just like with reading, we bring our own life experiences and interests and what not into our blogs and that’s what makes it so awesome.

As for me and my slump? I’m going to do what I do in other facets of my life when I’m feeling negative energy — refocus, cut out the proble, focus on the good.  I’m probably going to take a little time away from social media this week/cull the blogs who frequently post things that exude the things that are bringing on this slump for me. I’ve been too surrounded by it lately and it’s clouding my feelings toward blogging in general. I’m going to read and hopefully respond to comments and visit the blogs that make me smile. Hopefully I’ll feel like blogging soon with focusing on all the positive things about my blogging life. You guys and your lively discussions here on my blog always do the trick.

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About Jamie

Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. This is a wonderful post, Jamie. I too am tired of seeing all the negativity in the community right now. It feels like nonstop drama – from plagiarizing, to author freak-outs, to pointed fingers. I’ve been turned off of blogging/tweeting/Goodreads-ing for a few weeks now because of all the negative energy, and even took a hiatus from my blog because of it. This is supposed to be fun. I think we all started blogging for the same reasons – because we love book, and we enjoy sharing them and talking about them. I’d like to get back to that feeling.

    • Thank you, Bekka! It’s just sooo much negativity and I normally ignore all the drama but I’m like suffocating on the negative air lately. I can’t get away from it and it’s just hard to even want to come near the blog and my Twitter.

      I’m definitely in favor of the blogosphere as a whole getting back to the basics and not letting the drama drive it. There’s always going to be drama and I think we could be choosier in the issues we give so much attention to. I mean, there are definitely issues that need to be talked about in blogging and the book industry but sometimes some of them are so silly. At least I think so…and I’m pretty sure, with what I’ve seen lately, that others are getting sick of the whole telling people what a right/wrong book blogger looks like.

  2. I just don’t pay attention to all that crap. There will always be people who bitch and moan and want to tell you how you should do something and I try my best to ignore it, because those people will always find something to whinge about, even if you change and try to do what they want.

    Just do what’s right for you, Jamie

    • I def try not to pay attention to it and normally do a good job. I’ve always done what I wanted on the blog and never feel compelled to change it for anyone. I’m definitely in the mindset of do what is right for you and that’s what my blogging manifesto laid out for myself when I forget.

      It’s more like there has just been so much negativity that I can’t escape it and it makes me not want to be a part of any of this anymore. Which is crazy because I love it. I love what I do. I love my readers.

  3. I already told you on twitter, but I LOVE this post.

    Sometimes I feel like I’m not blogging “the right way.” The book blogging world is sometimes elitist or snobbish, and I get insecure. Then I remind myself that I’m blogging because I love books, and I feel passionately about spreading the YA love in any way that I can. I don’t need some seal of approval from anyone else. I’m doing this for me.

    Your post also helps remind me that there are good, genuine and kind people out there who feel the same way. I love your blog (it’s one of my favourites) and if YOU feel the sometimes-negative vibes from the blogging world, then it’s not just me!

    • Thanks Emma! It’s so easy to feel insecure with those posts floating around. I wasn’t always super secure in my blogging as a newbie and I’m glad I didn’t see SO MANY of those posts/snarky tweets or I would have had a mental breakdown lol. I’ve just been trying to remember that, because I define what is a success/or what is right for my blog…that means I’m ALWAYS doing it right. Not right for everyone else but right FOR ME. I set the standards and hold nobody else up to mine.

  4. Ohh Jamie. I was JUST discussing this whole “issue” this morning with a fellow blogger. Besides the whole “do what you want” mentality because it is MY (and YOUR) blog, I am more upset about the DRAMA and NEGATIVITY.

    When I come on Twitter and every single tweet is someone commenting on some article or some little snippet taken out of context (or not taken out of context) I am annoyed and sad. Except mostly annoyed. We are all adults (you know, technically speaking) so I think that we should act that way. Is it frustrating when an author or blogger writes something that is mean or snarky and so on? YES. Does that mean that we all have to nitpick it, tear it apart and comment on what they “should” have done? In my opinion, no. In my opinion (I am repeating this as to not anger the masses) we control ourselves as we control our blogs. Therefore it is totally within someone’s right to comment and counter negativity with negativity, however that isn’t my thing. I made my own judgement on the situation and moved on, I may or may not read said author’s books (or blogger’s blogs) but I can say that I won’t acknowledge the behavior. I was actually excited to go to work today so that I knew once I got out of work I could update Twitter and it would be HOURS later so hopefully all of the snark would be buried in my feed. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – blogging is for ME. I blog how I want, when I want, and no one will make me feel like poo just because I blog differently than others.

    That being said – you are AMAZING and one of the few bloggers that I admire 100%. I appreciate this post and feel good knowing that you don’t buy into the negativity as well. I hope I wasn’t too ranty here!

    • Yeah I’ve had to be careful about who I follow. I don’t mind following opinionated people — sometimes I agree or disagree with them but I’ve had to unfollow people who are always so holier than thou or negative ALL the time or people who are super braggy. Those are the things that make me feel unhappy so I know that I need to not let it influence me so I unfollow bc it doesn’t suit me and I need to be mindful of what I’m letting come through my brain haha. They can do what they want but I know what I don’t want in my feed. I think it’s a healthy thing to do.

      Thanks for your comment! <3 Hopefully we can tune out the negativity and keep talking about books! 🙂

  5. I think this is exactly what I needed to read today. I took a hiatus from blogging due to unemployment and not being able to afford internet/a new laptop after mine broke. I’m slowly coming back the past two weeks, and I literally JUST said to my husband while in the grocery store 20 minutes ago, “I have so much to catch up on, I want to start posting daily like all those other good blogs” etc etc etc.

    But then he looked at me and just said “well, for what it’s worth, /I/ think you have a good blog. The best one, in fact.”

    I agree with everything you wrote. What defines a “good” blog? And why am I defining myself, and my blog, by what everyone else does? So my blog doesn’t have the highest follower count or page views. So I don’t write my posts based on writing and grammar, and I don’t always use them perfectly either. So what? I need to start reading this post whenever I feel like I’m not living up to the book blogging “standards”.

    • I seriously wonder where this MYTH came from that we need to post every day. I think that, if anything, that is the one thing I feel the most pressured with even with my whole “I do what I want” mentality. Sure, it helps traffic and what not to have a post every day but I have to believe that we book bloggers would feel less insane about our Google Readers if people didn’t post every day 😛 I mean, I’m in awe of people who can post out amazing content every day and if that’s what they feel able to do..awesome! It’s hard for me to do that and I don’t know where that became “a norm” but it has seemed to become that way if you look at the average blog and their posting schedule. I wonder how many of those people genuinely want to post 7x a week or feel like they have to. I have been a mix of the two probably. Sometimes I’m dying to post every day but back in the day it was definitely more of a feeling compelled to because it was the norm! I still even feel that pressure sometimes honestly but now I’m just like ehhh whatever..I’d rather not post so I don’t. haha

      • UGGHHH! I hate that MYTH! I just read a post recently that was giving advice to new bloggers and the number one thing they said is you have to post everyday. Then they said ok you don’t have to, but if you want to be a good blog and have followers you do. I think that is way too much pressure to put on newbie bloggers!! And to say you HAVE to post everyday is crap. I do not post everyday and I don’t want to and I don’t care if ppl think my blog sucks because I don’t post random junk (because that is what ppl mostly post when they post 7 days a week IMO). Everyone needs to mind their biz and do their own thing and help each other and not judge! 🙂

  6. YES. LOVE IT. I struggle because I feel like I’m not writing the right things or focusing on too much about running and then other weeks I just do a ton of book reviews… but my blog is for me! It’s cathartic to write and I write about what I’m doing each day. I’m not always doing a perfect variety of interesting things, so why should I force myself to look perfect on my blog?

    I love your blog, I love reading your comments on books and I think you do a great job! I think you’re one of the super-bloggers/elite-people out there, so don’t let anyone bully you into doing something you don’t want to do!

    • Amen lady! If you aren’t writing about what you are passionate about..it gets old fast! Keep on doing you! And thank you for your kind words! I would never ever make this blog anything I didn’t believe in so don’t you worry! I’m just feeling BLEH about blogging in general because of all the negativity that keeps coming up no matter where I turn. I just don’t get where it all became such a serious thing and it makes me feel like I don’t want to get on Twitter a lot of the times now. :/

  7. HELL YES JAMIE!! 🙂 You make me proud. I think honesty is so important and I love that you just laid it out there. I love kissing and talking about kissing and anyone that isn’t okay with that can back the eff off and keep their mouth shut… ya know why??? BECAUSE YOU SAID SO and you are right. Everyone has a different personality and different way of talking books. There are no rules.

    Since you hitting the pause button this week, does that mean we get to meet for coffee???

    ____ YES ____ NO _____ MAYBE

    • Thank you lady. I just haven’t been feeling that same love for all of this and I couldn’t figure out why (other than the ONE thing we talked about at our coffee date about balance and such) but the big thing was all of the things I ‘ve seen lately. I didn’t realize how much it was affecting me because I personally never feel compelled to listen to these people but it’s just making it so much less fun for me when I see all the seriousness.

      Idk if the blog will have a pause (yet to be determined) but of course I’ll do coffee!

  8. As always, I love everything you’ve said here. Keep on keeping on, because you are marvelous. Sorry, short comment because I’m heading off to book club, an endeavor I know you support!

  9. I have been considering fading to black and throwing in the towel for awhile now. It is all so draining. So much drama, people judging each others blogs and etc. Sometimes it is so hard not to feel consumed by it all. What am I getting out of it? Then a Twitter pal will tell me how much she enjoys my reviews. I just have to remind myself when I’m feeling down that I’m doing this for myself and people like her. My voice is valued by some and that has to be enough.

    • I’ve been feeling the same way lately to be honest. I love my blog but I was feeling too negative about it and didn’t realize why…but was able to once I put pen to paper. Even though I don’t feel compelled at all to change the way I do things, all of the negativity hurts the community which hurts my will to blog lol. And I feel the same way…just the other day I got an email from a reader who is not a blogger..just to tell me how much she loved my blog and relies on it to get book recs. And it just makes me so happy! That’s how I know that I’ll never change (unless I want to).

  10. THIS is why I love you and your blog. It’s quite weird how we all have this standard in our own heads of what a blog should be but stepping back and thinking to yourself “Why do I blog?” helps to remind me exactly what I’m here for: the fab community and spreading the bookish love.

    Negativity has no place in my life, we need more rainbows and cookies 😀

    Thanks for the post, Jamie, and reminding us that there’s no right or wrong way to blog!

  11. This just makes me love you more. I recently changed blogs and my friend and I are trying to find our groove and while we are slowly getting there it’s hard because if you aren’t one of the big book blogs people look down on you, even though some of the best blogs are the hidden unknown ones in my opinion! But this is a great reminder for me, that things will be okay in the end.

    And like I’ve told you in the past, if you want to talk, you know where I am with my witty sarcastic comments.

    • It took me a little bit to find my groove but now I’m at a place where I’m so happy with what I’m doing and how I’m doing it. From time to time I find myself not enjoying things I used to do…so I change them or get rid of them. You have to do what is going to make you continue to blog..if not it just becomes tedious or not worth it.

      • Exactly! I feel like between your blog/twitter I know you. now I know that isn’t necessarily true because clearly this isn’t the WHOLE you. But I don’t fear meeting you, because I am snarky/sarcastic/creepy to you and you still embrace me and my weirdness. If your blog wasn’t so authentic, our friendship/relationship wouldn’t be either.

  12. Jamie, I’ve been wanting to avoid twitter for the very same reasons. The drama is really affecting me. Maybe that’s because I feel like I have REALLY BIG LIFE THINGS going on right now and blogging is also just a side part of my life — not my main focus at all. It’s one of my favorite things, yes, but when it comes down to it, I just need to step away from things a bit too. For multiple reasons, I think a twitter break would be good.

    I think another thing that stands out to me though is that people say “post whatever you want to post” but then when posts pop up, people get called out or brought into the spotlight and it seems so hypocritical to me. Those do/don’t do posts may be helping someone. If they don’t pertain to you or if that’s the only thing you see on their blog, unfollow them. I think people forget they have the choice to follow whomever they’d like and find people they’re attracted to. For example, maybe someone posts about how you need to source images because um, hello — it’s illegal not to. That post is telling people what to do, but not everyone needs to read it. There’s no shame in that person taking the time to put that post together and say what they want.

    Last point, I swear. Twitter is a very public platform. Sometimes I wish people would take the negativity away from there and quietly discuss with friends. I am trying my hardest to be positive and more upbeat, but I swear, I felt so knocked down and beat up this past week, that maybe some not so happy things seeped through. I know it happens. Of course it does. But it’s not appropriate to post everything on there.

    • AMEN to all of this. I think that is why I unfollow what I don’t like. I don’t foresee them changing/nor expect them to so I take action and fix it. I just am so sick of seeing people talk about what is wrong or right as a book blogger. Little snarky comments on Twitter especially. Making people feel bad about what they do. Not all do/don’t posts are bad and probably do help people but I think it is a lot about tone and also sometimes the comments I see are mean like OMG YES THAT IS SO ANNOYING AND I HATE BLOGS WHO DO THAT. (opinion yes — but if someone who does X thing reads the comments they are going to feel like they are wrong). I rarely do those kind of posts — mine come in the form of my letters to my young blogging self post or lessons I learned from my mom that I apply to blogging. ALL centric to me..if they help someone else..YAY. Just wish everyone could be happy with what they post and respect what other people do and if they don’t like it — don’t follow! No sense in telling everyone what to do. I don’t walk into people’s houses and tell them how tacky their curtains are or how I don’t like the way the couches are facing..you just wouldn’t do that. A blog is our own space and reflects us.

  13. This is a much needed post at this time. I’ve been seeing so much people bitching about everything on Twitter when it comes to book blogging. From review style to blog layouts, a blog is defined by what the blogger wants. I wish everyone understood that. If we all blogged the same way, the fun of blogging would have been gone a long a time ago. Everyone has a unique perspective, a comfort zone. To me, the more insecure you feel about your blog, the more you’ll tend to bash others.

    Now, there are things that really grind my gears when it comes to etiquette, such as not warning of spoilers, and I think things like that need to stop. But style. Nah. It’s sad how some bloggers feel that they need to repress their individuality, because of the fear of being blasted.

    Thanks for sharing.

  14. I feel like I have been under a rock! I’ve really slowed down on my blogging over the last 2 months because of my job, which is draining the life out of me. I have had no motivation at all to do anything blog-related. I had no idea there was even any drama going on right now! I feel so left out and out of the loop now! Haha. But I love this post, and I totally agree with you.

    • Not really drama..just a lot of telling people what is wrong or right and snarky comments all around about what people do. Like “oh why do people post 5 sentence reviews? That’s not a review” ..stuff like that. Maybe you don’t like it and it isn’t helpful for you but maybe the blogger doesn’t have time and likes to be brief and succinctly explain themselves. Other people might LIKE that even if you don’t. And you don’t have to follow but that doesn’t make it any lesser or what not because it isn’t what you do/prefer. GAH. You are lucky you haven’t seen it 😛

  15. You know most of my opinions on this already, but I have to say massive applause for putting your thoughts into blog form. It’s true there is so much negativity… but I think so much lately has been blown out of massive proportion. To the point where I am completely ignoring it or silently cowering in a corner.

    I think the best bloggers are the ones who balance real life with what they are posting online. Magan is right. Real life is going on around us, and we should be more worked up about that then a post that I think has been written to be helpful and not past judgement at all. Sometimes it’s okay to write something out and then erase the whole thing and not make it a blog post. Blog posts and what you write on the internet do NOT go away. Why is it common courtesy to be polite and respectful in real life but not in the blogging world? Because it should be. Maybe someone should write a blog post about that. (Kidding.)

    Blogs, in general, are built on peoples’ passions and opinions. I’m involved in other blog communities and this drama blew up there? I mean, we have our own drama but this? It’s just juvenile and I’m over it.

    In general, Jamie, I think you almost apologize for too much if you think you may have hurt someone’s feelings in the past or seemed judgmental. The community is lucky to have someone as upbeat, enthused about books, and friendly as you. We could use more of them around her popping up and being courteous to their readers and audience.

    Speaking of audience, that’s another shift I see going on. Do we not know who we are writing for? By now, I think we should. Mostly other people who are interested in reading, right? Not writing to talk to our bloggers about blogging? While that is certainly helpful and interesting at times, it can’t always be like that? Most people come to you to hear about books not petty bullshit happening on the internet.

    This is getting really long. For myself, I know the best thing I can do is keep on chugging as best I can, which means maybe taking a break now and then because this can be time consuming and seeing what works for us (M + I) and what is fun. What remains fun and exciting for us. Hopefully, in turn, others will feel that way. 🙂

  16. I’m not aware of any specific blogging dramas going on right now, but I’ve seen them in the past and it mystifies me. I don’t consider my blogging to be voluntary journalism, or working with publishers – though a lot of bloggers I like and respect use their sites for that and good for them. My blog is entirely selfish – a place for me to ramble about books I love, like and hate in more detail than the average person would stand around listening to after foolishly asking me, “so, what are you reading?” 😀 😀

  17. Great post, Jamie! I totally agree. Just the other day I saw some totally unnecessary drama being brought up on Twitter and I was like, REALLY. Why even bother complaining about someone else’s blog post? If you don’t like it, just don’t read it. It made me so mad that I actually swore off Twitter for a few hours after that because I just got so worked up about saying that there is a right and a wrong thing to put in a blog post. That’s the beauty of the blogging world! You get to say whatever your opinions are, post however you want and you are connecting with SOMEONE. There is no “right” audience because we are all so different and that’s a GOOD thing.
    The drama seriously bums me out and I think unless it’s something that’s a serious no-no for a post (offensive/bullying, etc) then why bother calling someone out for it just because it’s different? Someone out there likes that different style and no one’s forcing anyone to read someone else’s posts!
    Anyway. Sorry for ranting back at you… But yes, many many many feelings about that and sometimes it’s nice just to air them out!

  18. And I just went through and read all the comments on this post. This is why I love my fellow bloggers so much <3

  19. This is a really lovely post. I completely agree with you on so many of your points. I found that when I started blogging 9 months ago I wasn’t sure about how I was ‘supposed to act’ or how I was ‘supposed to review a book’. It’s nice to just plod along and see how it all develops in your own way :).

    I just noticed that you’re currently reading Cinder too. I hope you love it as much as I did!

  20. I like to be an ostrich when it comes to all of the drama nonsense. Well, maybe not an ostrich. What’s an oblivious and naive animal? Anyway, I just want to do what I want to do and not worry about what’s right or wrong. I admit that I do feel pressured to write “enough” about a book, especially when it’s part of a tour. I’ve been thinking that I’m going to cut back on tours and I think I’m going to make more of an effort to do so. It’s great to see all the others commenting here as well, and I’m glad that there are some of us who will do as we do. 🙂 Here’s hoping you some mojo back!

  21. this post came at EXACTLY THE RIGHT TIME because i was going to make this really emo, BLERGH post tomorrow but you said pretty much everything i’m feeling. i’ve noticed i’ve also eased up on negative reviews a bit because of all the drama surrounding it and it’s like, ugh BLOGGING IS A HOBBY. it’s so difficult to remember it sometimes because you invest so much into it but in the end, perspective is a very important to have.

    honestly, i recently took a blogging break and i didn’t even think about my blog at ALL. it made me realise i did need that break and i just don’t know. i definitely have not been reading books and i definitely DO NOT feel like writing reviews. mergh. i do need to take a break from social media, i’m constantly deleting twitter on my phone only to reinstall it…

  22. I don’t comment a lot because I don’t have the time, which is a shame, but I read a lot of different blogs and every now and then I stumble across a gem article or review that deserves a comment. This is one of those posts.
    I agree completely with you. Blogging is something we do for FUN and it is OURS. I never do things on my blog that other people WANT me to do, I do things on my blog because I want to. If people dislike the way I write, or dislike the articles I’m posting or just generally dislike my attitude on my blog, then they can leave, you know?
    I have the same analogy with life in general. I am who I am and I’m not going to change to “fit in” or to “follow trends”. I like being exactly who I am and I’ll only change because I want to, not because society tells me I should.

    Thank you for this post Jamie and I really hope you come back to us all soon <3

    Faye 🙂

  23. Wow, Jaime. Thank you for this, it’s just what I needed. I often spend too much time worrying about how short my review might be or if it sounds okay or if anyone will like it. I don’t post reviews for books I DNF and I hardly post reviews under three stars. Some people think that not posting a bad review is bad blogging, but for me it’s just how I blog. I started feeling like reading/reviewing has lost it’s fun. It’s kind of put me into a book and review slump. I don’t really pay attention to the blogger drama, but I did see something the other day that kind of upset me. I need to remember to blog how I want. Thanks again for being so damn awesome.

  24. Beautiful post! Blogging isn’t a career (for most of us), we do it out of our own time, because we love doing it. And there is no one right way to blog about anything! So people who think one way is wrong and another is right, are just kidding themselves. My blog is unconventional, but I love doing it, and I’m not going to change because someone says ‘that’s just stupid’. It works for me, just as this blog is working for you Jamie! I love reading your blog, whenever you post about blogging, I can always relate, your doing a great job, so you can be proud of what you’ve achieved.

    Blogging is a personal thing, and if people don’t like it, why do they bother sticking around? You can’t please everyone, so you may as well not even try, you’ll just end up making yourself unhappy. Stick to your roots, and continue doing what you love!

  25. I don’t have much else to add from what other people say except to say I love you so much Jamie. (Creepy? Maybe. But true.) I woke up this morning to a barrage of tweets about an author being a “hater” and it was so depressing to see. And I had this whole plan of doing stuff for my blog today, but it turned into “if I write this the way i was thinking, will the author get mad? will bloggers say I’m doing it wrong? I don’t think there is a wrong, but can I hold up against people saying I am?” And then I find this post, and I thank the book blogging gods/goddesses (because let’s be real, there’s no way it’s men who rule this part of the blogosphere) every day that you were one of the first book blogs I ever found and read. I admire your honesty and frank approach to what you love so much, and I find it reassuring that we have people like you and all the other commenters here amidst the negativity and criticism going on.

    So, yeah. Thanks for being you Jamie 🙂

  26. I’m the first to admit that, especially in my earlier blogging days, I was one of those people who tried to tell people how they should blog. But then I read this really great post – can’t remember by who or where – which was similar to this post, where the blogger talked about blogging for herself; it really opened my eyes. Just because I don’t like when music plays on a blog, doesn’t mean there isn’t a large group of people who love it! Who am I to tell anyone how to run their blog? Like you pointed out, if I don’t like something, I have the option of looking the other way, and if need be, unfollowing.

    And like Magan and Estelle both pointed out, I would NEVER act like that in my personal life. I would NEVER walk into someone’s home and tell them how awful their paint color was, or how drab I found their furniture; if I wouldn’t do that to someone’s home, then why would I do it to their online space?

    The negativity and seriousness surrounding blogging lately has just blown up. I don’t know when it turned into a contest, but that’s how it’s starting to feel. I stay pretty inactive on Twitter, and it’s because of how easy it is to get sucked into all of the drama when it’s unfolding in front of you. I started blogging for fun, and said I would continue with it for as long as it remained fun. Lately, a lot of that fun has been diminished because of the drama waiting on the sidelines. I hope you, and the blogging community, can come out of its funk sooner rather than later – I’m ready for a fresh and positive perspective to overwhelm us all! Lol

  27. I’ve NEVER been a drama person. Not in high school, college, real life, or social media. I just try to ignore it and not get involved. But just because I don’t get myself involved doesn’t mean it doesn’t effect me. My normal response when drama and things crop up on blogs and social media is to laugh and move on(when it’s silly, pointless drama. It’s different when it’s drama about an ethical issue like copying content or other unethical behavior.), but when there’s SO MUCH of it I feel like it can be too easy to let it creep into our heads and sow doubt. I love what you talk about here though, because it’s so SPOT-ON. I do get to define what is right on my own blog! That’s such a “OF course I do, that’s common sense” statement, but sometimes it needs to be said again. I’m really trying to have this mentality as I’ve been seriously thinking about my blog lately and have been trying to decide *exactly* what I want it to be. I’ve really enjoyed the past few months of blogging and I definitely want to keep it going with a blog that is right for ME. My blog is just one part of my life out of many, but right now when there’s a lot of life changes, it’s a part I can rest assured that *I* have control over and get to decide what my blog is and isn’t.

  28. So basically I’m one of those people who doesn’t like anyone, even her own mother telling her what to do. Like, it’s possible I was going to do that anyway, but now that you’ve told me I havta, I’m REALLY NOT GOING TO. Which basically means that whenever people are all: “THIS IS HOW YOU BLOG” I get all: “RUDE. Talk to you neeeeveeeerrrrrr.” But that doesn’t mean I don’t get insecure. Cuz I do. Especially about blogging because even though this whole thing for me, it’s also a lot for you guys and to think that you guys (you, whoever else, even people I don’t know at all) don’t like my content is TERRIFYING. So basically, my stubborn-ness meets my insecurity and eventually it gets to a point where I just need a night off filled with ice cream and Logan Echolls before I get myself back to center (and far, far away from a blogging/reading/whatever slump).

    ALSO: I think that even though there can be a lot of judgement and persnickety-ness in blogging (as I think happens with any larger-ish tight-knit community), there’s also a lot of LURVE (as I know there is with any larger-ish tight-knit community). And OBVIOUSLY I’m not saying we have to suck it up and deal with the annoying, but I think it’s one of those things that if you want the relationship to WORK, you’ve gotta put in the effort with the people (er, blogs?) that matter most to you, and let those other people (blogs) go and do whatever else. Which probably makes culling the blogs you read a GENIUS IDEA and something I think everyone should do now and again to really make their blogging experience (both as reader and writer) one of those healthy, happy hobbies.

    So basically, what this incredibly long comment is saying is: I LIKE THIS POST. And remember the bits of blogging you love best while ignoring the haters. And you’re really clever, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. AND occasionally spend a night with a pint of ice cream and the end of season 1/the beginning of season 3 of Veronica Mars. Because it WORKS.

  29. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! I love all your posts though. It shows through your blogging that this is definitely a love project for you. That you’re doing what you want and that it’s “the right way” for you. I wish we could all just have that mentality. Support each other even when other bloggers do it differently. I think it’s that diversity that makes it even more special. I don’t want to read blogs that do everything the same way! I know that I also do things a lot differently than the mainstream blogosphere and I’m totally okay with that. It would completely stress me out to do a lot of things others do, and that’s not why I started blogging. I hope you find the rest and positive outlook you need. 🙂

  30. I have so much love for this post! YES TO ALL. I find that one of the best things about the blogging community is that there IS so much diversity in the way people write reviews. I enjoy all the crazy formats people use, the things they find to discuss, the GIFs used to express emotions, and the complex analyses of characters. It’s all wonderful!

    Basically? Books are awesome. Bookish people are awesome. Spreading the bookish love in any way possible is awesome. And anyone who seeks to bring us down off our cloud of reading-induced awesomeness just needs to GTFO.

  31. Thank you, Jamie, for being you. That’s the most important thing, because when that happens your blog reflects that and it’s a beautiful mesh of person and book love. Just like there’s a book for everyone, like you say, there’s a blog for everyone. There’s a blogging *style* for everyone.

    Often times I feel guilty because I am always, always saddled down with school and work. I feel guilty for reading a book for me that might not be a review book. I feel guilty that I’m not doing enough, whatever enough looks like. But you said it perfectly – blogging is a part of your life, and it’s not the entire part. It’s just an enjoyable sliver that can be shared with other people. And I’m really glad to share it with you and everyone else, whatever it ends up looking like. <3

  32. Melissa @ Writer Grrl Reads says:

    This is such a great post! I must be living under a rock lately, since I seem to be oblivious as to the Twitter negativity of which everyone else seems to be aware, but I still understand where you’re coming from. And I applaud you for putting it all out there and being so honest with your feelings. I love reading your blog because you are YOU. Your reviews and posts are so unique and unlike any other blog out there, which is exactly why I love reading what you have to say. It’s your unique Jaime style that makes your blog the best. Sending you a big HUG from Canada!!! XOXOXO

  33. I want to keep this short and sweet, so here we go: Jamie, I love your blog. So so so much. Yours was the first I ever found and yours was the reason I wanted to start my own blog!! I don’t want to ramble on, because I’ve got some things to do, but you need to know that you and your blog are super duper awesome and inspiring!! 🙂 <3

  34. I love this so much. And YOU. We’ve already talked about all of this, but I just needed to tell you again 🙂

  35. This post came at the perfect time. Honestly, I’ve been so sick of the blogging community lately. Not my friends and all the amazing people of course, but the drama. It feels like every morning that I get on these past few days there’s something new. Yeah, there have been posts that have upset me and I have tried to keep that to myself the best I could, but like you said, it gets draining. It reminds me of high school. Lately, I really haven’t cared about blogging at all, and I hate that. The community is my favorite part of blogging, and without that? It’s hard to motivate myself to continue. I took a break during the latter half of last week, and I’ll probably do that this week as well. I don’t like to have negativity in my life so I think I need to step back from it for a little while. Plus, it’s spring break and I have awesome things going on in my real life this week. After reading this, I’m inspired to focus on those things right now rather than the drama 🙂

  36. Great post, Jamie! I agree.. I hate seeing all the drama, negativity, etc. and then having it try and rope you in and drag you down.. it’s brutal! I’m like you.. just doin’ my own thing and have been and it’s supposed to be fun! It’s supposed to a be a hobby!

  37. Excellent post! I get a few odd looks when I tell people that I review author events, not books. But, I know that my blog is unique and I’ve not seen another one like it.

    Good luck on getting out of your slump! And thanks for taking the time to share with us.

  38. Great post! I just don’t get why people try and police other people’s blogs. If you don’t like it, don’t read it!

  39. I’m not trying to be a smart ass, but I have no idea what you’re talking about! Maybe because I’m not a YA book blogger? Or because I’m completely oblivious? Maybe my naïveté is a good thing… But now I’m curious! Anyway, screw them all and do what you do!

  40. I LOVE this post! It was just the motivation I needed to get out of my own mini slump. I loved how you stressed that you have to blog the way YOU want to blog and how it shouldn’t be about pleasing other people, it has to be about what you like. So true! Sometimes I lose sight of that and I try to make what I think will be more hip and trendy. The thing is, that takes the fun out of blogging. I have to remember to blog for myself, and not just for the affirmation of the blogging community. Thanks for that. <3

  41. Great post Jamie! I just started book blogging a month ago for the very reason that I love reading and wanted a way to talk about it. It has been so good sharing my opinions about books I read with others and participating in memes to have a little fun. Sometimes I have questioned whether my reviews were good enough because I am not an expert reviewer or literary genius but your post has made me feel better and realize that there is no right way. Thanks for boosting my spirits! 🙂

  42. I appreciate all the feedback I get on my blog, and most of it has been overwhelmingly supportive, and the constructive stuff has been helpful and phrased kindly, so I feel like I’m a bit away from this problem. BUT. I have noticed a bit of negativity out there about ways to review, and I’m totally with you on that. Blogging, especially book blogging, is a way to express feelings. There’s no right or wrong. Whether that comes in short or long reviews, GIFs or no GIFs, or one word sentences, whatever. Let people worry about their work and enjoy your own.

    In other words, I love you, Jamie. You speak the truth.

  43. When did this all get so serious? When, indeed. It’s what happens whenever a group gets large enough that there seems like there’s need for some sort of structure. However, this type of group–book blogger, YA book bloggers–has never occurred in the history of history before, what with there not being easy Internet access until the past 10 years or so, and so maybe people don’t really know how to deal with structurelessness. And it’s okay to admit that, that sometimes we struggle with feeling inadequate compared to others and their achievements, that sometimes we do crave a bit of orderliness in our lives and whatnot. The blogosphere has high highs–but, like every other passion we have, it has low lows. That’s what we must come to terms with when we’re professing our passions. The road’s not going to be all smooth, but by god are the stops along the way so worth it.

  44. Keep up the great work! I haven’t been experiencing the negativity lately, but I’m glad you’re shrugging it off. I think you have hit on the right combination of serious/gushing-YA-love/fun for your blog and it’s one of the few completely YA blogs that I read regularly, FWIW!

  45. Fabulous, fabulous post, Jamie.

    The negativity can be so overwhelming – there are times when I don’t even look at Twitter for days and days and I actually feel better for it. Where are the happy, fun stories?

    Blogging is a personal thing, and we should be able to do whatever we like, whenever we like, without judgement. I recently stopped posting every single day and to my surprise, the world did not end! People still followed me, left comments and talked to me on Twitter and Goodreads – amazing! The pressure is just too much sometimes, but we shouldn’t let other people tell us what to do – this is something we do out of love and enthusiasm, so we only have our own standards to live up to.

    I love conversational reviews, analytical reviews and gif-filled reviews because I’m not worried about the style, I just want to hear what people have to say about a book, I don’t really care how they do it.

    Hurrah for focusing on the good 😀

  46. I totally don’t blame you. Sometimes I get so discouraged by all of the conflicting advice I read on blogs, and then I feel unfocused about my own direction. Good for you re-focusing. I probably need to do the same.

  47. This is a great post, Jamie! I can’t believe the negativity I see sometimes … it’s getting ridiculous! I know there are TONS of book blogs out there, but the fact that they’re all different (for the most part) is what makes them great. I mean, if we all followed “the rules” it would be so boring! I like that we each bring our own unique things to our blogs to make them special. I love making my blogs my own and doing what I like when I like — I remind myself that I blog for me first and foremost and that it’s MY blog to do what I like with. I like making it fun for myself!

    Thanks for sharing this!

  48. I read this post when it first went up, but have only now managed to read it again while I’m sitting at my computer. I want to say this right off the bat- Jamie, you are an amazing person and I’m glad to know you and be your friend. The reason why I really love you and your blog is that you do your best to DO YOU. Everything you post is something that you personally feel strongly about, and want to promote or include in your blog. I love how you manage to incorporate parts of your personality into your reviews and discussions and random posts, and I continue to cheer you on to do so!

    I’m glad you posted this because I feel like it’s an encouraging post for people who are suffering the effects of the negativity that’s been floating around the blogosphere (unless they were lucky enough to avoid it). I honestly felt the effects as well, and have so not been in the mood to blog for a while. But reading your post has reminded me of WHY I do it and WHY I do it the way that I personally do, and I’m happy to report you’ve made me want to blog all over again. That’s a pretty darn awesome feat and I think you should be very proud of that.

    Love you friend! You did something awesome with this post. xo

  49. Ok I’m late to the party and couldn’t read all comments unfortunately, but I wanted to add in my 2 cents.
    I cannot agree more with everything you said. All this drama and bitching makes me kind of sad and annoys me to be honest. So far, I always stayed out of all drama that came up and I won’t ever want to be involved. That’s just not me. I don’t get why people need to tell others what they should or should not do. It’s their blog and if you do not like it, they no one is forcing you to read it right? I also prefer some things over others, so I just chose which blog I’m reading and which is just not my style. But I do I need to communicate this or bitch about it ? No! I’m doing what I like to do and my review are far from being super smart. I just like to talk about what I liked and maybe what not.

    Wonderful post Jamie!

  50. Great post! I don’t like all the crazy either. People like to speak their minds and be mean to other folks, it makes them feel better or something. Don’t give them the power they are looking for!
    I do what I want when I want as well. If that doesn’t work for someone, fine. I know it doesn’t work for everyone. I love the diversity out there and enjoy the mixes you were talking about, snark, literary and in-between. Makes things exciting 🙂
    Keep doing what makes you happy! Good luck finding your balance.

  51. This post is amazeballs!

    Bringing it back, 2013!

    No, but seriously, I agree… I mean, I take my blog seriously because it’s MINE. I put a lot of effort into it, make it a reflection of me, etc. I love interacting with the people who follow my blog and whose blogs I follow. So when I see all the drama coming up, it makes me sad that this is part of that lovely community. I know there’s always those people and those situations out there, but still… can’t we all just love what we do and let whatever works for us be fine with everyone? Anyway… great post, for real! 🙂

  52. Way to go, Jamie! I know all about blogging and pressure but I never give in to it. I see people doing hundreds of memes and reading all these amazing ARCs but I realize I can’t do all that. I am a full-time student at PhD level, I cannot compare to high school and uni students. So I never do that. I don’t even have a genre blog. I read and review everything and still I always have atleast one comment on each of my review letting me know there are people who read all kinds of books and they take out the time to comment. I am happy with what I am reading and reviewing and the little time I can give to my blog. I don’t care what anyone says and so should you. Period.

  53. Wonderful post Jamie! I know what you mean — last year was my first year of blogging, and after starting out strong, the drama did get to me. I was a bit worried about posting reviews and was in a blogging slump. Fortunately, I FINALLY seem to be coming out of it, and I’m not concerned with what others doing and focusing on more of doing my own thing.

    I hope you get back in the groove soon Jamie, and find a way to blog that makes YOU the happiest. I absolutely love your blog and how creative and personable you are — so I’ll stick around no matter what 😉

  54. Hear! Hear! Very well put, well thought out, and very much appreciated.

    All the best to you!

  55. Not sure if my first response came up since I submitted it from my phone (stupid phone), but Hear, Hear! Very well put, well thought out, and very much appreciated!

    you’ve earned a subscriber out of me on a first time visit. =)

  56. Jessica R says:

    I am new to reading blogs… I don’t blog… I know behind in the world 😉

    But, I am sorry there are mean people out there. That takes the fun out of everything!

  57. Priscilla Shuster says:

    You said this perfectly! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! 🙂

  58. Priscilla Shuster says:

    You said this perfectly! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us! 🙂 I love a lot of different book blogs for different reasons…I’m very happy they aren’t all alike otherwise, how we I ever get to read different opinions about the books I’ve read or I’m looking to read. Keep being you…you are doing it Perfectly! 🙂

  59. This is a great post!!!! I just started my blog about 2 months ago because I wanted to get in touch with other people who have a passion for reading like I do. I am not a great writer but I figured as time goes on I will only get better or not (plus doing my sons homework with him is like a refresher course since I wasn’t paying attention when I was in school). My original thought was doing this blog the “right” way, then after a a couple weeks (and totally stressing) I realized I loved doing it regardless if I was talking to myself or if I had a 100 followers. I do it because I like it. I do it like I’m chatting with my bookish friends. I do it because I do it 🙂 I do blog tours but like you only the ones I feel strongly about or ones that make me think I would really like that book. (then add it to my ever growing to-read list) I want to read books and I love to chat about them and that’s all I want my blog to be about. I love this post it’s fantastic and takes a weight off my shoulders knowing that I am not the only one who just wants to do this because its fun.

    Hope you have an amazing night

  60. Amen my fellow blogger…amen! Excellent post! 🙂

  61. Michelle Graves says:

    I just saw this post from another Blogger, I am a reader and like to read reviews about books, I have joined a lot of new sites lately because of contest, but they’re not worth. I noticed you said yu feel pressured to post everyday. Wow the ones that post every second drive me nuts. I have become upset as a reader to see all the competing between all the sites. I have started deleting sites and follow the ones that focus more on reviews ( good or bad ) and are just positive people in general. I deleted one blogger because she would share all negative feedback she got on her review so her fans could bash them. It made me so angry to see readers, bloggers, and even the Authors joining in. They would always turn to there grammar. I don’t write a lot of reviews for that reason. I tend to just type how I feel not worry about how perfectly it is written. I do hope you return because it’s sounds like I found your site to late and would love to follow 🙂 Good Luck to you. I have found that it is the newer bloggers who are competing and trashing the most. They will soon lose more and more readers!

  62. OH JAMIEEEE. Yes to all of this?? Can I just say that and offer you a high-five across several states over an imaginary pineapple margaritas?? (seriously I had my first pineapple one this past weekend and I’m a changed woman)

    I once saw a tweet that said that bloggers that boldface the titles of the books in their reviews should just stop because it is too distracting and [said blogger] hated it. (or something like that, I’m not quoting directly since it’s been so long) I read that tweet while I was scrolling thru Twitter and I remember that I was in my kitchen just doing stuff and I walked away from either my phone or my computer TRYING not to let it get to me, but honestly that tweet stuck in my head because OMG I BOLDFACE TITLES. I sat and thought and analyzed myself and second-guessed myself and actually got myself so worked up that I considered QUITTING MY BLOG because of a STUPID TWEET. I’m not even kidding you! UGH, the power of someone’s words over me?!?! WHAT!!?? I had to do the same thing as you – take a step back and do some serious deep breathing and realize that who the hell cares if I boldface freakin titles on my blog? It’s MY blog. I wish I could say that it didn’t affect me at all and I didn’t think about it ever again, but that would be a lie – I still do think about what I felt was then an inappropriate use of twitter (as a blogger) A LOT, and it really bothers me.

    People really don’t think about what they’re saying when they send out those tiny little tweets. This gal probably wasn’t targeting my blog. Perhaps she’d never even visited it! But for a while it TORE ME UP to the point of STOPPING SOMETHING THAT I LOVE. A tweet! And lately I’ve seen so much of that negativity around and WHAT THE HECK FOR?? The world is such a huge, big place and there’s room for us all. Like there are a million flavors of ice cream, why can’t there be a million types of bloggers?

    I just try to learn little things from situations like this – how I want to come across with my words and actions, how wording is important, how massive a ripple effect can be and how it can LITERALLY ruin the day for someone. And I think the only thing we can do is shake ourselves off and keep going on. Learn SOMETHING from it, and move on.

    I love this post. I love your heart. I love your blog. And I love your words, lady! xo

  63. I totally agree with you! At first, I admit, I was a bit self conscious about my blog and the way it looked, the way I wrote my reviews, etc. But as time went along, I just kind of did what I liked, and I’m STILL finding my own style of blogging, even after 8 months. It obviously takes time out of our lives to do this, but it’s something I enjoy doing, and even if I do take other people’s opinion into consideration, ultimately, it’s MY blog.

    Also, I tend to give drama a WIDE berth, but since it’s never happened to me before, I’m not too sure how I’d react. Hopefully, it doesn’t happen, or when it does, I’ll have enough self-control to just ignore it.

    I’m pretty new to your blog, but I love EVERYTHING about it.

  64. Yes to this post. People doing what they like and connecting with people who like that too are part of what makes the internet so awesome.

  65. Just wanted to thank you for this post. I read it initially and have gone back to it several times to remind myself I’m not crazy, and I’m not alone. I’ve been feeling the negative energy out there lately too, but posts like this remind me that we choose to participate or not. We can also choose to pile on the positive, so that’s what I’m trying to do. Get back to basics, back to why I started blogging, why it made/makes me happy and stay true to me. I adore your blog, I love reading your posts, and I’m thankful that you’re here! So thanks for speaking your mind with grace and respect for all the different bloggers and styles out there!

    Big hugs, Meg

  66. Oh my gosh, Jamie! This is such a wonderful post, and so, so, so true. I’ve only recently started letting my voice flow in my reviews and litter my reviews with GIFs, and it feels so natural. I think the key to blogging is to make sure your voice is in it – that’s the only thing that sets you apart from every other blog out there. And who cares what everyone else thinks? You should blog for you and hopefully people like it, but not for the people who want to tear you down. 🙂 Great post!

    xx, Willa

  67. Love this post so much… and how timely it is. I saw something yesterday that had me thinking ‘really?’ LOL I think we tend to push our own expectations onto everyone else and that’s unfortunate because that’s when originality and uniqueness suffers. And the things that some people get so up in arms over is disheartening.

    I personally love blogs that do things different, whether it’s their review style or posting style whatever… I appreciate that we’re all different!

    awesome post!

  68. YES this is a beautiful and well written post that made me very happy! 🙂 when I started blogging, I wrote very much what you call analytical posts and reviews (and I still sorta do, cuz that’s my style). But over time, as I read more blogs of various kinds, I got exposed to the gushing, GIF-full, sometimes ALL CAPS style of writing. I didn’t know people wrote reviews like this (I didn’t read very many blogs before I started blogging myself). And I utterly fell in love with the conversational, heartfelt style of it.
    So I’ve been trying to make my posts more conversational and earnest. I’ll never really get away from the analytical essay style (it’s too much a part of me) but I’m hoping to write essays with that personal twist that so attracts me to certain blogs. I’m one of those hybrids you mentioned.
    And no, I can never ever find THE RIGHT ONE when it comes to GIFs. So, sadly, I don’t use them very much. :/

    Again, fantastic post! It was really something I needed to read.


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  8. […] or at an outside flea market or laying by the pool. Not only that but I came off a really big, weird blogging slump where I got so discouraged with how serious everything was becoming that I feel like I’m JUST getting back into the groove […]

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  10. […] habit of abandoning hobbies). But I’ve been honest with you that I have been struggling with discouragement community-wise and personally this year. I think I’ve finally figured out the last piece of my WEIRDNESS […]

  11. Onward… says:

    […] anything down. It’s been an interesting year for me. Blog-wise it’s been pretty great minus this weird slump. I’ve read a lot of great books. A lot of my problem has been with feeling unbalanced and […]