Feeling A Lack Of Balance & Other Blogging Thoughts

Friends, it’s been yet another great year for me in terms of reading and blogging. I’ve honestly had so much fun and incorporated a lot of new things into the blog that I love. I feel like my blog is always evolving since I started it in 2010 and I love it…especially because it helps me not to get bored (I have a habit of abandoning hobbies). But I’ve been honest with you that I have been struggling with discouragement community-wise and personally this year. I think I’ve finally figured out the last piece of my WEIRDNESS towards blogging this year — a feeling that maybe you don’t necessarily see reflected in the blog because I really love doing all this but it’s something within me. I really think I figured it out.


I feel so unbalanced.

I’ve always been a reader (ok except for this one dark time) but I’ve never read this much nor have I been so IMMERSED in the world of books like I have in the past 3.5 years. I love it. I do. But I feel so, so unbalanced in life. You know I don’t post every day, that I don’t care if I don’t post for a week and that I totally write about other things besides books. I don’t let myself get stressed out about all this and I am a fan of little blog vacations when I need them. Among many other things I admitted, you know I don’t read every day and I read way less than most of my fellow bloggers.

I still do plenty of OTHER things in my life — I’m not always reading or blogging but I do feel like I’ve let some hobbies go to the wayside and I’ve not opened myself up to a ton of new things because I spend a good chunk of free time on reading and blogging and going to bookish things. I just feel like my life is so unbalanced and it’s too heavy on the book side. The pie chart of my life would be dominated by all this. I hate feeling like that but I’ve finally put my finger on it.

Book blogging is so much more than merely reading and blogging. It requires a lot of time to write the posts and read the books but there’s also responding to comments (I’ve been SUCKING lately, sorry), visiting other blogs, maintaining personal relationships, conversing on Twitter, formatting, troubleshooting when things go wrong, the hell that is the email inbox of a blogger, blog maintenance, etc. etc. A huge time commitment it is but I’ve always enjoyed it so I do it.

It’s obvious to see how I could feel unbalanced with all the reading/blogging but I also think I really struggle with balancing my time with being a part of the community — keeping up with comments, visiting blogs, encouraging people, and Twitter. I try to limit my Twitter usage, because it’s SO easy to always be on because someone is always on, but I always feel like when I’m not on Twitter I get sort of forgotten about or that I missing out on all these fun conversations. I’ve really struggled with being on there too much to “keep up” with everything though lately I’ve really decreased my social media time after my experiment. I’m a slave to my phone so I can stay up to date on Twitter even when I’m not on the computer. It’s bad, friends.

I don’t really know what to do about this unbalanced feeling. So I made a list because I’m a listmaker through and through.

I could post less but do I want to? I feel like I have lots of ideas and I truly want to be posting everything I do.
I could read less but I don’t feel the pull to do that AND then I would struggle to have reviews? I only post (typically) 2 reviews a week. Would I be okay with only having one review per week.
I could incorporate other things into the blog. I’ve done this a decent amount and like it but what bookish posts would I give up to post instead? Would my readers dislike this?
I could make my reviews shorter so it takes less time and I won’t spend hours trying to get ALL my feelings out– I’ve cut them down significantly but I’m the type that just writes how I feel and sometimes it’s long and sometimes it’s short.
I could figure out ways to make blogging take less time — I’m thinking processes mostly. Do I need to create a new design every time for Top Ten Tuesday (but I really DO love doing it and growing in my skills)? Do I need to do some of the formatting things? Must brainstorm how I can be more efficient!
I could take the holidays off and regroup? I don’t know if I want to do that.
I could just sit here and feel unbalanced. Not really an option!

I don’t know. This post is really very pointless and I should have just kept it private but I feel the need to share with you guys and be honest and maybe you will have some insight from your own experiences — both with blogging and with other areas in your life when you’ve felt unbalanced.

But here’s the thing. I have to make decisions. My blog hosting is up at the beginning of January and I need to decide if I want to renew. Obviously I can still blog without renewing my hosting but for me it’s a matter of where is this blog going? And there’s another piece of information I left out — I’ve been sitting on a domain for another blog I wanted to start. There would still be books involved but not as the focus at all. I want to start it but that’s so much BLOGGING between both blogs.

At the end of the day, I love read and blogging and it’s not even that I don’t LIKE the amount of which I’m spending on either of these things. It’s just that it’s making me feel unbalanced and that the time I spend is on one SORT of thing. And that’s not me. I don’t really know how to fix it either because I love what I’m doing with the blog but I feel stuck a little in life — a rut so to speak and maybe it’s because I have one HUGE interest that takes up a good chunk of my free time. Maybe I need to open myself up to some new experiences and do a little less of the book thing. I don’t know.

Things I do know:
– I love reading and I love this blog and you guys. I love everything I’m doing here.
– I’m going to reevaluate all the types of blogs posts and features I did/have done.
– I’m going to think of new ideas (like Multi-tasking 101) that show another things I like to do outside of book stuff. Basically everything that I pin on my Pinterest and never do. Also, adventures. And my favorite kinds of posts — personal.
– I’m going to remember there is a reason I gave myself a tagline recently — so I could not pigeonhole myself.

Sorry for word vomiting all over you…


Does anyone else struggle with feeling unbalanced when it comes to book blogging or any other sort of hobby/thing in your life? I want all your experiences just not in terms of blogging! How do you deal with it? If you read my blog you know I totally incorporate many other interests into the blog aside from books, do you tend to like this or no?

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About Jamie

Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. I feel the same EXACT way. I’ve been struggling with time management in particular because I find that I spend most of blogging time not reading. The whole point of blogging was because I love This Thing so much, but now it’s starting to feel less like a hobby.

    What I’m trying out for me:
    1. Put blogging back in the Hobby Box- like you, I abandon hobbies easily. When I started blogging, I had less time for knitting, something I used to LOVE doing. So I’m trying to spend more time doing other things I love.

    2. Not stressing about having a post up everyday- It’s unrealistic sometimes. I’ve grown used to it since we started, but my kids are getting older and are demanding more of my time.

    3. Read more non-review books- I never thought if say this, but having a lot of review books can be stressful. I see these arcs and I feel this NEED TO REVIEW pressure. So I gave a good chunk of them to Kat recently to get them out the house.

    I’m also not requesting many books anymore. I know I get enticed by pretty covers and well-written blurbs, but I can’t realistically read all the things. I’ve found that I can tell I really wanted to read a book if it comes out and I put review books on hold to purchase it. So I’m going to wait for a lot if publication dates instead now. If publication comes and I’m all, “meh” then I must not have been all that interested in the first place.

    4. Audiobooks! – Sooo different and fun! It puts a whole new spin on reading.

    5. Breaks- I’ve taken at least 5 blogging breaks this year if not more. I feel the same as you, that people will forget about me if I stop interacting regularly on twitter or that I’ll miss something. But I’m slowly becoming okay with this. A few months back I deleted all my social media apps and that helped kill the addiction some. So now, I try to give myself only an hour or so for anything social media and I don’t do it everyday like I used to.

    6. Do less interviews and instead guest posts- Our interviews take a long time to write since we generally write them up as stories. I don’t have time to do that as much anymore, so I’m saving that for when I’m feeling motivated and instead asking for guest posts if I’m invited on a blog tour that I want to help promote.

    5. Review less- this is hard when you have review books looking you in the eye, but necessary for me.

    So that’s what I’m trying. Hopefully, it’ll work. I’ve only been blogger for 2 years and already it feels like I’m burnt out from it all.

    P.S. I mentioned to you about us opening another blog, but that idea is most likely not happening for the same reason you mentioned. It’s way too much blogging. If I struggle sometimes with CB, there’s no way I could handle another.

  2. Oh James! Is it okay if I call you James? I won’t do it all the time.

    Blogging is on ongoing struggle for me. I’ve been in a weird reading funk since summer, and even though I’ve read some books I really like, I feel like I’m constantly pushing myself to stay interested and enthused. Things have gotten better since we added another contributing writer, and we’re going to be a little more scheduled vs the vast amount of freedom we enjoyed, too, but it’s still hard. Sometimes I wonder why I do it, when it is so much work and I sometimes feel as thought it may not be worth the effort I put into it.

    I really appreciate reading the way you’ve combated this…burnout, for lack of a better word. I’ve also tried:

    — writing shorter reviews
    — doing non-review features (you are so great at this in particular!)
    — taking blogging breaks
    — being more selective about requesting ARCs
    — being more selective about accepting tours
    — And again, having more writers other than me helps, but there’s also an editorial component that then brings as well.

    I’ve never been one who felt as if I needed to post everyday, but there have been times when we’ve been embarrassingly slack. But these things seem to come in ebbs and flows, and right now hopefully we’re looking at an upswing, particularly with some stuff we’re excited about like a move to WP and a redesign.

    Anyway, please hang in there! I don’t get to visit you as often as I’d like, but I love your presence in this community, both on your blog and on Twitter. I hope you’ll be sticking around, although I understand completely if you decide to take a breather, too. It’s a hobby–it needs to stay fun.

  3. Hi Jamie,
    I felt this way when I was doing a life-evaluation before starting university– I had this huge book hobby that took up so much time yet I enjoyed immensely, and I’ve slaved away at all these different aspects relating to blogging (that you mentioned), forming these relationships, community things, personal things… when the time came, I evaluated what I wanted to do with this “hobby” as my life gets turned upside down… and I decided I’d put the blog on the back-burner and be present and in-the-moment with life. I was really, really worried about this decision. But I went off to school, made friends, learned, and didn’t blog… and I don’t think I’ve come back to blogging, and I don’t think I will in the future. It’s just become this part of me that I look fondly upon, but it doesn’t eat up all my time anymore and it doesn’t really bother me that I’m out of the loop with books.

    It’s odd, because I didn’t think it would be this easy, I didn’t think this would happen to me. Just like I never thought I’d ever get burnt out from blogging (I totally did). But I don’t regret it, because I have new things in life now, and other time commitments. I think a big part of it is BEING OKAY WITH IT. Being okay with not always having people tweeting you, being okay with not receiving book reviews, being okay with seeing other bloggers get shiny ARCs and not feeling book envy anymore. I’ve slowly settled into that mindset and it’s peaceful there šŸ™‚

    But I don’t know if you should even be listening to me, considering I haven’t blogged consistently in two years haha. Anyway, just my two cents. I wish you the best, Jamie šŸ™‚

  4. I’ve definitely felt like this before. For me, its the fact there’s just so much I want to do and while my main love is reading and blogging, I still feel the need for those other things I love. It’s a hard life being a book blogger, but you’ll figure it out. Do what you need to do, us readers aren’t going anywhere! šŸ™‚

  5. I’m feeling the exact way right now after a month of blogging solely about books. I post 5x a week, and I plan to post about my other interests more – namely running, and maybe even my obsession with decorating for holidays. I don’t think it matters if your readers will like if you post about other things – you will like it and that’s more important.

  6. I tell you this A LOT, I know, but you tend to post things when I need to read them, without even knowing. I’m in this rut/burnout, too. Unfortunately my co-blogger is, too. We’re just working through it. Personally, as your friend, yes, I’m calling you a friend, as long as you do what makes you happy will make me happy. It’s hard because the community is definitely changing (in ways that are good and ways that are..not so good, imo.) and it has become hard to keep up.

    But remember, it’s a hobby, it needs to stay fun!

  7. Hi Jamie!! I sometimes feel the same way you do… granted I haven’t been around as long, but I definitely put a lot of stress on myself to update and have current posts and read read read.

    The biggest comment you said that I connected with though was this:
    “I always feel like when Iā€™m not on Twitter I get sort of forgotten about or that I missing out on all these fun conversations.”
    I feel like if I haven’t checked into twitter in 4 hours I’ve missed tons of things and people are forgetting about me and they won’t talk to me when I come back LOL OMG SOCIAL MEDIA HAS RUINED MY LIFE!

    anyway – I love how introspective you’ve become in identifying what has been happening and even if you didn’t intend to, you’ve helped me realize a few things about myself lately!

    I’m working on evolving my blog into something a bit more than just reviews and cover reveals and stuff… I want to get back to talking about the books and I know it’s hard to do on a blog, but opening up discussions and so I’ve added a goal for 2014 and that is to have more book type discussion posts on my blog. You’ve inspired me! šŸ™‚

    Hang in there – During my latest blogging fatigue I ended up doing some new things… Audiobooks! šŸ™‚ While I haven’t really ‘read’ anything that was new to me, I found myself enjoying books that I have been dying to reread, but just haven’t had time to because of all the review stress of having these ARCS. I also recruited a couple people to post to the blog -while not all of us can do that, it’s nice to have someone other than me share their perspective. Plus it means that little thing I started a while back has grown and that is always good right? LOL I’ve also stopped participating in as many tours as I once was.

    It seems like you’re amazing at not putting too much pressure on yourself (which is something I need to learn) so I hope that helps and while blogging can be so incredibly time consuming I’m glad you do … I love your blog!

    jaime @ Fic Fare

  8. I feel the same exact way sometimes! Blogging is very, very time consuming and emotionally draining at times. I took a break and I felt so refreshed coming back. I also read a lot, a lot of blogs of different variety and subjects for my personal interest as well as for inspiration.

    At the same time, I felt like a lot of the initial stress that made me want to take a break was time management issues and since then, I’ve discovered that only checking Twitter when I’m waiting in line, on public transit, etc has helped so, so much. When I get inspiration, I jot the idea down into a checklist app (Google Keep) and write the post when I have time.

    At lot about blogging is about being okay with things and doing what makes you happy. I love your blog but do what you need to do! ^^

  9. I’m sorry you’ve been feeling so out of whack! I can see how that would become a thing, I’ve only been doing this for 5 minutes and 1-2 reviews a week, I can’t imagine how stressful managing an entire blog by yourself would be. This is 100% selfish and I’m sorry for that, but I hope you stick around! I feel like I’m just starting to get to know all of you veteran YA bloggers and I’ll be so sad if you go away. Your blog is awesome and I love all the discussion posts and extras you do. (Speaking of, would your new blog/direction be crafty? As a huge, though sporadic, crafter, I would be totally into it :D)

  10. I can relate to feeling unbalanced. I think you are already on the path to figuring it out by starting to decide what is most important to you and proceeding accordingly. Lists are really great with this. Also one of the reasons I like your blog is that you are genuine. Your non bookish posts are fun to read. I think many people can relate to feeling unbalanced and every time this has happened to me (uh yesterday) I listed my important goals and priorities in my head and made decisions according to that list. This is a rigid approach but it works for me.

  11. I have totally struggled with the balance thing, too. I’m not the most dedicated blogger. I go on binges where I update three-four times a week, and then I can go two weeks without posting at all. However, even when I’m not blogging or reviewing the books that I’m reading, I am ALWAYS reading, reading book related news, watching book related videos on Youtube, browsing book stores, ETC. My life is consumed with books, and books are the number one thing people associate with me. If you look at my Facebook page, it is consumed with me talking about books, my Goodreads updates, and other people commenting with bookish links. I feel like a very one-sided bookish person, even though I like a bunch of other things! There is more to my identity!! Haha.

  12. I’m kind of trying to balance blogging with my other hobbies and life goals too. My answer: get a co-blogger/reviewer. What’s your other blog idea for? Maybe having someone to share the blogging duties with will help?

  13. I admit I have been taking longer breaks and been more busy with my time ie. Going back to school, and I have been working part time.
    I realize that this is just a hobby and granted I have so many books to read, that I need to enjoy my kids more and not always be on the computer. I don’t always post every day , and I actually take the time to read non review books. Plus I added school reading into the mix lol šŸ™‚ I have my posts scheduled but I have taken back blogging to me , and making it a HOBBY šŸ™‚

  14. Hi Jamie!

    I’m very impressed with how even though you are struggling you are still able to post regularity.

    For a long time I have struggled with blogging (last year I finished high school) and I finally decided that posting one a week is working for me.

    I enjoyed your post today! I love reading too, do it everyday.

    My suggestion is putting all your ideas for your new blog into this one so you won’t worry about maintaing both. Maybe even take the winter holidays off and write post during then, during adrenaline rushes.

    In answer to your last question, other topics are wonderful additions.

  15. Lisa Schensted says:

    Oh girl yes, I am feeling crazy out of balance. More so when I had the blog, but just in general right now too!

    I feel like the hardest part is not being up to date on books and bookish folk. I want to just binge on people’s updates, but I know that’s not possible. Ugh.

    My resolution is that I am starting a new job that is much more flexible and fewer hours with no restrictions on the internet so I can pick and choose when to take a break to get caught up.

    I am also a mad list maker, so that helps me brain dump and start fresh with my priorities.

    Good luck to you with all of this bloggish soul searching! I will support you no matter what! You have a unique voice and an infectious passion that is just so darn fun.

  16. Like others have said, your post was very resonant for me as I struggle to balance the rest of my life with my blogging life. I adore reading but have lost some of that, I think, in the pressure to be a review machine — good stats, good posts, good visibility — but not sure I’ve nurtured the reader. I wish I had some advice to share as I haven’t yet found a way to rebalance — but will check out the comments from folks to see what wisdoms they have. Hope things balance again for you.

  17. I have DEFINITELY struggled with this and with a baby on the way, I really had to evaluate the blog and what I want to do with it in the future. Luckily, a baby takes 9 months to grow in my tummy, so I did a LOT of reading and a LOT of scheduling for the new year — almost to the point where I wouldn’t have to post for a year because it’s THAT scheduled. I’m actually looking forward to slowing down in my reading because I’ve read 250+ books each year in the past few years. Not like that’s a bad thing, but it’ll be nice to just sit and take my time reading things — something I’ll have to do with a baby.

    For me, I’ll be taking 2014 slowly, still doing the odd post on my open days and really evaluating my time with baby and how I can work in blogging. I LOVE book blogging and kind of miss the days before I really, really got into it when I wouldn’t have tons of posts scheduled and could just do whatever I want. In fact, come 2015, I might just do that. We’ll have to see! I’d also love to incorporate more kids books into my blog since I know I’ll be reading a lot of those. And maybe adding in some personal things, maybe baking or crafting, or TV, or music, or *something* that isn’t books. I love that you changed your tagline — I think there are a few bloggers doing that so that their blog isn’t solely focused on books because we all have so many other hobbies!

    I wish you luck trying to find your balance … hopefully we can all find it together!

  18. I get what you mean! Although, I tend to cycle through hobbies. I know there are some people that have many hobbies that they keep up at once, and I’m not like that. I tend to pick a hobby, give it 500% until I burn out, then move on. It’s just how I’ve always done things. And maybe that’s not a good thing, but it’s how I’ve always been!

    But my last hobby to go down the train a little was photography… and I kind of miss it! I’ve been thinking of ways to incorporate photography into my book blog. I have one insanely cool idea (if I do say so myself) but I’m not sure if I can pull it off. It would be so cool/fun though if I can make it work! We’ll see! šŸ˜›

  19. I totally get what you’re saying. I’ve never been concerned with when I post or how much (well…not much…I want at least one thing up once a week and TTT helps! hehe) and I love reading and blogging. I’m pretty bad with the whole community thing sometimes, other than Twitter, which I’m obsessed with (part of this uncommenting, etc. stuff I blame on not being a YA reader but I think that’s silly) and I’m also discouraged with all the drama (again, I blame part of that on the YA area). And there are lots of other things I could be doing with my time but I shove everything aside for reading. When I was binge watching Castle and Sex and the City I sometimes thought “I should really be reading my next review book…” I like to think I have a balance but I don’t know if I really do. I love your “other” posts…just love them. And am actually kind of going that way myself because reading your posts have given me ideas for other posts. (Flattery is great, right? Not creepy? lol) I think if you’re feeling this way and have the idea for the other blog it might be time to dive into it and just go for it. Obviously it’s something you want to do otherwise you wouldn’t be sitting on the name, right? I hope you figure things out soon but know that I (and TONS of others) will stick with you, no matter what you decide to do. We’re here for your voice and thoughts!

  20. Sometimes I seriously think our brains are connected. This post is basically the story of my life. You know how I’ve been pretty miserable about blogging until like two weeks ago? (I’m pretty sure I’ve clued you in a few times how stressed I’ve been). It was all because of balance and trying to balance this with the other aspects of my life. Between school, book blogging, running another blog, hanging out with friends, being involved in activities at school, and pursuing my other interests, it’s definitely taken me a lot of time to figure out how to balance everything. I thought cutting back on blogging would help, but that actually made everything about a million times worse because I felt super left out and missed everything that being a blogger involves.

    What I finally figured out worked best for me was first to identify the things in my life that are “time wasters.” I waste A LOT of time doing stupid things when I could be pursuing my hobbies instead, so once I figured out what those things were, I worked on not doing them or trying to cut down on them. The other thing I do is make a list of everything I want to do in the day. This includes things like go out to dinner with friends, make a new playlist, paint, along with the other more chore type things I have to get done. It might seem weird making a hobby or something else a “to-do,” but it helps me make sure I go and do the things I want rather than staring at a screen doing nothing. It helps me utilize my time better so that I have time to do everything, because lets face it, I have a very large amount of hobbies and it’s really important to me that I give everything an equal amount of time.

    I’m really sorry you feel this way, though šŸ™ I know how difficult it can be. But I will say that A. I would totally support you making another blog (because as someone who owns a second one, it’s really awesome to have a different space to express myself) and if you included other types of posts here, I would love those as well <3

  21. It’s not the exact same feeling you have, but lately I’ve felt like I’ve been using reading as a coping mechanism for all of the stress in my life. I’ve read almost 200 books this year, which is insane, I’m almost embarrassed to say that number. And that’s in addition to everything else going on in my life (work, school, friends, family, grad school apps, GRE studying, travel). I don’t think any of that stuff is falling by the wayside (with the exception of studying for the GRE, oops), but I’m definitely of the attitude of let’s get all of this over with so I can read ASAP. I also used to be a big TV watcher, but I don’t really watch any TV now, but I’m ok with replacing TV with reading.

    As for your issue, I say figure out what’s important for you. If you really love blogging and enjoy everything you get out of it I don’t necessarily think there’s anything wrong with that being your main or only hobby. But if you feel like you need more variety in your life than you should find a way to make it happen. Personally I don’t think there’s anything wrong with posting one review a week, even if you do it for a few months and decide you don’t like it is there any real harm? Maybe you could even do flashbacks/revisits to old reviews/favorite reviews to have some “new” content to post. With a short blurb at the beginning of how the book has/hasn’t stayed with you or something along those lines? When I used to work in sales we always said “you don’t ask, you don’t get” and I feel like that applies here. If you don’t try something different you’re just going to be in the same place and if that’s not a place you won’t to be why would you want to stay?

    Good luck figuring it all out!

  22. Oh! I know exactly what your talking about!! This month I have been super slacking on my blogging. But, I have blogged about none book related things and some person things to break it up and to remind myself why I blog. Plus, I’ve found it is a great place to vent.

    Maybe the solution will come to you when you try out other hobbies.

  23. I admire your approach to blogging, even you are feeling a little unbalanced right row. No stress to post, keep blogging as a hobby, it’s all great. Best of luck!

  24. Thank you for your thoughtful post! It never hurts to be honest with your readers. šŸ™‚

    This is generic advice, but you have to do what makes you happy, and, what you can do well. Why not start another blog and back off this one–IF you can balance the time? And, while I love your blog an your leadership in the book blog community, what really happens if you book blog less? The people you know, love an care about in this community will still be your friend, you’ll still be reading because you love it, still posting but just more when it moves you–both book posts and personal posts. The world doesn’t implode and to a certain extent your gotta take care of you.

    I started out in this book world in 2011 an couldn’t pull off blogging. I just don’t have time for it. It’s helped me to evaluate what’s giving me back the most, what do I have time to do WELL, and what’s keeping me same in my real life, as well (because on top of it all I have a husband, a full time teaching career, an editorial internship, we just bought a house, and just HOBBIES, etc.). Good luck to you and your quest to balance your life–it’s an important pursuit and I think something’s going to have to give.

  25. Jamie,

    HI SO OKAY. Just so you know, I LOVE your blog and you KNOW I adore you. I love how you are always so super creative, and coming up with new things. LOVE. I never know what I’ll see when I come here, and that is so super awesome.

    I’m also a fan of taking little breaks when I need to. It helps me from getting so burned out, I think. I say do what you need to do – whether it’s breaks, blogging a little less, or finding ways to blog more efficiently. I’ve struggled with balance this year and until recently I was doing okay, then I just got inundated with review books.

    I’m in a position like yours. My hosting is up in February and I’m trying to decide what to do – do I want a new domain, or do I want to renew this one? Do I want to start a writer blog, or do I want to do a books/writing/life blog? I’M NOT SURE. So I feel you on thinking all this over.

    Just find a way to keep doing what feels right to YOU and we – at least I – will always be here.

  26. Hi Jamie, I’m new to your blog (and this whole blogging world as I’ve only just started my blog journey) so I don’t have much advice to offer you, however I did want to say that I REALLY love what you’re doing here. I’d love to keep clicking back post your blog break as I think you have a great voice and point of difference. It would be such a shame for this project to be over, but do what you’ve got to do. I hope that has provided you with some kind of confidence boost (particularly to know that you’re attracting new blog readers) šŸ™‚

  27. It’s taken me a while to get around to commenting on this post, but I really want you to know that you are not alone in this feeling. For a couple of months now, I’ve been feeling the same way about my blog. I love reading and blogging about books so much, as it’s opened me up to amazing opportunities to attend bookish events, meet new friends, interact with publishers and authors. It’s such a wonderful thing to meet people who share my passion! But like you, reading is not my only “thing” in life. I love to write, and that’s been semi-tossed to the wayside in favor of upkeep on the blog. I love other things like traveling and experiencing fun things like museums and shows and concerts, and I do post about it on the blog but it feels kind of weird to do it on a domain that only says I love books, you know? I haven’t decided yet what I want to do when the year ends (since my domain is also up for renewal), but I intend to soon. Here’s to hoping we make the best decision possible for our individual selves!


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