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This week’s topic: Top Ten Bookish Resolutions — I have to say I did OKAY on last year’s resolutions so I’m excited to stick to these too!

I had talked in my Onward post about how I was taking December to really think about some things for 2014 and to take a little break. I did that, but since 2014 I’ve been SICK (what a way to start the new year right?) in bed so I haven’t really done much blogwise so I’m glad I already had these written out prior to the New Year because I have NO energy right now. I hope to be back with reviews and such this week.

Blogging Related



I touched a little bit about this in this post but I really am not enjoying the book REVIEWING thing anymore but I love TALKING about books. I know my reviews are very conversational so it’s not like it’s going to be a HUGE change but I don’t want to look at it as reviewing anymore. I never started this blog to REVIEW books but just to talk about them! I just need to figure how I want to go about this change to book TALK vs book REVIEW blog. Will it include a format change? WHAT WILL IT LOOK LIKE?


I had a lot of posts I used to do years ago but kind of just DROPPED them because I’m lazy or wasn’t feeling them anymore. I never want to do things I don’t feel passionate about. SO I’m planning on writing out what I used to do and writing what I currently do and reevaluate everything. Do I need to scrap things? Can I breathe fresh air into things? Maybe an idea will give way into another idea? I already started on this resolution with bringing back Retail Therapy.


I used to be a pretty excellent commenter because I genuinely like interacting and supporting others. I’ve dropped the ball. No excuses and I’m sorry because I love you all. This year had to do a lot with a weird blogging slump, feeling unbalanced in life and just generally not feeling like myself. And then I got really caught up in this dilemma and time issue of where should I spend my time that I have to devote to blogging and reading because the blogging side got SO in the way of reading — which is why I started this blog. I kept thinking “Okay I have to reply to every blog comment to keep this conversation-oriented community I created” and “okay, I need to comment on people’s blog” and I got reallyyy burnt out. So then I tried to lessen the replies back on my blog because I figured most people don’t come back to check anyways (PLUS I love getting OFF my blog and on to others)  but then I saw this slew of comments and posts talking about “I hate bloggers who don’t respond back on their blog..they are selfish and don’t care” and then I felt bad because that’s not AT ALL the case here. Then I see comments like “I won’t visit blogs anymore if they don’t comment on mine” and I just got REALLYYYY discouraged because I felt like I could do nothing right so I just stopped and would just comment sporadically. I don’t want to feel obligated or feel like I’m “doing it wrong” by the standards of other bloggers. Now I’m going into 2014 wanting to genuinely visit blogs again and I can’t care about what people think because someone is always going to be miffed. At the end of the day people just need to remember there is a person with a full time life behind every blog and to be a little more gracious. I struggled in 2013 and blog guilt added so much more stress to that and who needs that? I know so many bloggers who have dealt with deaths, marriage problems, severe depression, loss of a job, etc. while blogging and it’s hard to keep it all together and be interactive and do all the things people want you to do.

I used to vlog a lot! On here but I was also part of a collab Youtube channel where I did a video a week. I loved doing it but I’ve stopped. I want to integrate that back into my blog.
I have so many annoying blogging things to tackle behind the scenes. I’m the WORST. Some of those things include things that needed to be dealt with when I moved from WP back in early 2012! I also want to redo some of the copy on my about me and review policies and other pages. ALSO the huge thing on this list is that, ever since I took off star ratings on my blog like 3 years ago, I’ve wanted to develop another sort of rating to help my readers understand where it ranks but I’ve not come up with a solution due to laziness/devoting time to thinking about it. It gets put on the back burner constantly.

Reading/Book Related




I follow the Diversity in YA tumblr and website and I realize I don’t read many books that have main characters that are POC. It’s not intentional thing but I just don’t. I want to seek out those books because I think it’s important! There used to be a POC reading challenge back in the day but I don’t know if that’s a thing anymore but I’d like to find out!


I’ve admitted to how many series I am currently in the middle of and it’s embarrassing and I’m sick of it. I’m going to STOP sucking at series. So my goal this year is to look at all the series that are complete and FINISH THEM. I’m then going to decide which series I want to give up. Easy peasy? I keep saying I’m going to not start any NEW series until I finish one but we will see.


I have LOVED my Courting Genres project, which was a result of LAST years resolutions, and I’m excited to continue it. In 2013, I “courted” the adult romance genre and I definitely want to go steady with it. I have recs from “experts” for the other genres I expressed interest in courting and now I just need to stop being lazy and scurrrred off these genres.


Prior to blogging I only read adult fiction and non-fiction. I love reading YA soooo much but I’d like to go back to reading these books again. I think I read like 4 in 2013? My goal is to beat that this year! I’m sure I’ve missed some really great releases these past couple years (in addition to the ones before that that I never got to) so I’d LOVE some recommendations from you guys!


I did a pretty good job of getting rid of books in 2013 and donating them to a teacher I know and also a librarian friend as well as my own library but I just skimmed the surface. I need to really look at each book and decide if I need to keep it. April’s infographic may come in handy!

So tell me…what are some of YOUR resolutions? I’d love for some advice or suggestions if you can help with any of mine! 🙂

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  1. I need to finish some series too, and I like the idea of TALKING about books rather than REVIEWING them. Vlogging always seems like it’d be fun! Good luck on the goals!

    Rachel @ Beauty and the Bookshelf

  2. This is definitely a different POC reading challenge than you did before, but Latin@s in Kid Lit is running one!

  3. I love all of this. All. Of. This. Especially on the different/non-stars rating system. I always have half-formed ideas, never fully formed ones and it’s so annoying.

    Culling books is also another hard one, but I like to think I’ve gotten good at it so if you need some tough love there, I offer you all of the help 😛

  4. Great goals Jamie. I definitely need to finish series too. I’m quite good at commenting, but I need to make sure I comment on more reviews and discussion posts. I often find myself just commenting back on memes. I need to do more than that. I hope you achieve your goals 🙂

    • Reviews are so often hard for me to comment on because if I’ve never read it I don’t want to get spoiled in any way and I feel like I have nothing to add other than ” I want to read this!” haha so I end up only commenting on reviews of books I’ve read. I def comment on discussion posts bc I have OPINIONS haha

  5. YES – I also started my Blog because I loved talking about books much more than “reviewing” so I ‘m excited to see where this is going Jamie. I also want to be better about comments this year and try to dedicate 30 mins a day to go visit other blogs.

    • Danny! 🙂

      I think that’s a good way for me to achieve this too. Dedicating a certain amount of time per week or day. Must think on this!

  6. I only started (seriously) blogging in 2013 and I’m still unsure of what the hell I’m even doing although I think that’s okay. This may sound super cheesy but you are a definite blog-spiration (is that even a thing? I’m making it a thing.) for me. I adore this blog as well as The Broke and The Bookish! I’m with you on the trying to comment on more posts (starting with this comment!) I should probably get on writing my Top Ten Tuesday post… you’ve kickstarted some resolution ideas in my head! Have a great day! 🙂

    • Aw thanks 🙂 Let me know when you’ve made your list! I’d love to check it out. I’m glad I could help get the brainstorming juices flowing!

  7. Megan @ReadingInTheSunshine says:

    I love your resolutions! And I know what you mean about the series – though mine is more currently that I need to get on and START the series…I’ve got Divergent to start, and Delirium to start, then I want to read Cinder and Scarlet which have been sitting on my shelf for ages! And I’ve only just read The Hunger Games (I feel SO behind!)

    Happy Tuesday!

    Megan xxx
    My resolutions 🙂

    • I JUST read Divergent. And omg THE HUNGER GAMES. How??? Yes, get on that. Make that your #1 goal!!
      Delirium I loved but the rest of the series I was so so on but I think I’m in the minority!

  8. I really have to finish and START some series, I hate reading series, but I am drawn to a lot of them!

    Great resolutions! Happy reading!

    My TTT:

    • ME TOO. Or that dreaded thing where books you thought WEREN’T a series actually ARE happens. GRRRR. Tricked into starting a new series!

  9. I love everything about this post. Last year (mostly second half of the year), really threw me off my blogging game. I would read your posts and feel exactly the same way about my own blog. I’ve fallen back on posts I used to love doing, memes I’ve always enjoyed, and the will to write reviews. I’ve done a good bit of reading, but every time I sit down to write a review or even a discussion post it feels like pulling teeth. I love my blog, so I definitely don’t want to stop. If I find time today, I’m going to make my own list of bookish resolutions.

    • I hope you are able to list out your own resolutions — even if you only keep them for yourself and never post them! It helped me tremendously last year to write down these things just for myself to work it out because I had to get back to the roots of why I love doing this. Good luck!!

  10. I hear ya on the series thing, it’s on my list as well! There are just SO MANY OF THEM.
    I loved your Courting Genres project/meme-thingamajig last year, and I look forward to reading more of them 🙂
    My 2014 resolutions

    • SO MANY SERIES. It’s kind of insane! At least at this point we can figure out which series went downhill and can quit them thanks to other bloggers review and our procrastination 😛

  11. I think everyone has “comment more” on their goals! It’s hard…and time consuming…I think you just have to find the level that works with you and prize genuine interaction over just commenting for the sake of it.

    • YES THIS. I don’t comment for the sake of commenting because 1) I value my time 2) I think it’s fairly easy to tell which comments are like that 3) I like genuine interaction

      I think I just need to recognize I can’t please everyone!

  12. Oh I totally forgot finishing series books! I really need to do that and have plans to, I just didn’t add it to my list. Right now I’m tackling the Divergent Trilogy. I read Divergent years ago, and I own the rest. Plan on knocking them out by the end of this month. *crossing fingers!* lol.

    And for the record, I don’t care that you only comment on occasion. I will take your few meaningful comments over all the ” great review” ” Glad you liked it” generic comments any day. People who know you , know that you aren’t selfish and don’t care. I never once got that impression and the fact that people would stop visiting a blog just because they don’t get comments back is ridiculous. I saw the same thing on an online karaoke site. * now don’t laugh! okay, you can * I used to be a part of SingSnap. I love to sing, and it was the same thing. You would have all these horrible singers. I mean god awful!! And they would have all these generic comments under their videos. ” sounds great!” “Love it” ” Great Cover” You would go to the commenters songs and the same thing. Comment Collecting I used to call it. Lame. Anyway, I guess what my point is, I enjoy the content on your blog. I like the way you write reviews and the original posts you do. I’m sure others agree. That is why I visit, not in hopes of getting a comment back. So don’t sweat it! Just keep doing your thing. <3

    • I just read Divergent so I have to tackle the rest of the series too! Maybe I’ll try to binge read the along with you!

      And thank you SO much for this comment. <333 I really value my time and my words so I don't want to comment like that but other people's expectations make me feel like I need to be and it's GRRR. I refuse. And if that makes people think less of me than okay. I don't visit blogs just to get comments and yes sometimes I do go back to a blog on occasion after leaving a comment and it's disappointing when I don't get a comment back but I recoginize people have only a certain amount of time and sometimes life gets in the way. Sure, there are probably people who DON'T care about their readers (not so much in this niche I don't think) but I feel like it would come through in their posts and their whole online persona..and I don't think i give off that vibe. Esp on Twitter...I talk to EVERYONE. Sometimes I tweet and then head off and get a surprising amounts of tweets back and it's hard to keep up but I make a very good effort. I think in this age where everyone is so connected they expect everyone else to be and I'm just NOT..or at least I just try not to be. SIGH. Anyways, it is what it is! Also, I love you 1000x more for the karaoke thing!! UM one of my things for 2014 is to go do karaoke soooo I think I've found my new partner??? COME TO PHILLY AND HANG!

      • Oh my gosh, I haven’t done real life karaoke in years! it’s so fun though!!! we should definitely plan something. :o) I could get my inlaws to take Aubrey for the night, and maybe Brian and I could get a room down there on a Saturday. We could all go out as a group. He wont sing though.. lol Either way! we have to make this happen!! 🙂 For your amusement.. I just checked and my singsnap profile is still alive. I haven’t been on there in years. lol.

        Oh and I have been meaning to ask you if you will be attending YA Fest in Easton in April.

        I’ll be helping out with the event. It’s the closest one that’s ever been to me, so I figured why not!! 🙂 I haven’t been to a bookish event since I met you. It’s sad. lol

        And you’re very welcome for the comment, I meant every single word. <3

  13. Yes–branching out into other genres (I follow Diversity YA too!) and more adult fiction is how I started out reading–besides series like HP/Twi/HG so I def think including more besides YA is a great idea 🙂

  14. I definitely need to stop buying and start reading what I already the idea of vlogging your posts! Happy new year!

  15. I realised today how time consuming returning comments can be :/ I do like it, but gosh it takes out a chunk of time doesn’t it? I like your idea of seeking out diversity in YA, it’s never really occurred to me to even think about that before; I will be book marking the website you’ve linked for reference!

  16. Yes! I love your comments to #3. I feel so bad when I just don’t have time to visit other blogs to return comments. Sometimes I am lucky that I just have time to post at all. I’m definitely going to try to find more time this year, as I love visiting other blogs. 🙂 Lovely list of resolutions, Jamie!

  17. Great goals Jamie, and good luck with them all! I should probably work on going through and donating some of my books too… It’s going to be getting out of control soon if I don’t!

  18. Aww man, I have gone through the EXACT same thing regarding comments. It absolutely burned me out and I had noooo free time anymore. And then the guilt spiral happened. And then people who I thought were blogger friends stopped visiting. And then I just stopped commenting altogether, just being a serial lurker… It wasn’t on my list, but I’m going to try to dish out comments here and there when I can – especially if I’m reading the posts anyway. But I hate the feeling that commenting is this reciprocal obligation… and I’m still trying to shrug that off. I’d much rather leave meaningful comments when I have something to say. But you’re right – someone will always be miffed, so no use fretting about that.

    I’ll be excited to see you vlogging more! And we have a couple of similar goals: trying adult books and different genres, and finishing series. Good luck to you! 🙂

  19. I like the idea of re-considering older features, which is a goal of mine for January. I definitely don’t have as many, since I’ve only been blogging a year, but I definitely have some I used to do and then just forgot about. I definitely don’t mind quitting them if I want, but I honestly think I just forgot about some and need to be “Oh yeah, I had fun with this. . . ”

    Oh my goodness, blogging housekeeping is. . . well, it just makes me want to hide. It’s seriously the only part of blogging I really dislike, but it’s necessary. Updating my review archive is the WORST. I hate it. And I knew if I just did it at the end of every week it would only take five minutes, but I let it build up for months at a time and then I have to do it all over the course of an hour, and I get cranky. So maybe a goal of mine should just be to come up with a SYSTEM to do regular blog maintenance stuff.

    I’ve been trying to get back into adult fiction too! I’ve already two in 2014, which is a great start, and I really loved them both–4 & 5 stars for sure! It’s funny, because I didn’t really read YA until I started blogging, and so then I felt I needed to catch up on ALL the awesome YA books. Now I’d like to do a more even mixture.

  20. Great goals lady! I definitely need to comment more and I’d love to do some new vlogs–I haven’t done one in AGES.

  21. I can help you with #9: Read Tiffanie DeBartolo!! Though she hasn’t written anything recently, I absolutely love How to Kill a Rock Star and God-Shaped Hole. In fact, GSH is now one of my most favorite books of all time!

  22. I love book talking, I realised in the past year with all of the ARCs and book tours coming my way that I’ve been reviewing more but really talking about it less. Maybe I should consider balancing that out again…

    Great list! Best wishes with your resolutions this year =) My TTT

  23. Good luck with all of your challenges!! I agree…most people do not come back to a blog to see if you replied to their comment. I usually go to their site and leave a comment instead. If I have something to say that actually applies directly to their comment that others could benefit from as well…I will make the comment on my blog. I don’t know if people take offence to that or not…it is just what I usually do.
    Here is my TTT:

  24. Hi Jamie!
    I’ve always wanted to try vlogging but I’m too camera shy LOL. Good luck on your goals this year 🙂 You can view my TTT here if you like 🙂 Have a great week!

  25. You have some great goals, Jamie! I also want to read many more adult books this year. I swear, I never read YA until I started blogging, and seems like there are so many YA book bloggers. But I adore adult books and will definitely read more this year. Here ‘s my Top Ten.

  26. Great goals Jamie! It’s so easy to get bogged down by blogging when the real world throws you some curves. It’s been funny (strange) how many bloggers I’ve seen who have mentioned burnout and shown a disinterest in blogging as a whole. I think it’s definitely time for us to get back to why we started blogging – because we love books and want to talk about them. What better time to do it than the start of a brand new year!

    As for the commenting… I honestly suck at it. I used to be good at it but then I guess followed too many blogs and got overwhelmed and buried my head in the sand. So I cut back on the blogs I follow and keep blogs that I truly love – ones that have excellent posts, interesting discussions, etc. To quote Ron Swanson: Don’t half ass two things; whole ass one thing. It’s really helped stay better in touch with blogging friends!

    Anyway… point in that… don’t worry about judgy people when it comes to commenting. I think there are a lot of bloggers out there who want numbers and recognition, so they get whiny when people don’t respond or comment back. Just keep doing your thing! 🙂

    Good luck with the goals!

  27. I BADLY need to cull my shelves too… I have so many books that I know I’ll either never read again or never read, full stop. And the commenting thing is one that while it didn’t make my ~official top ten resolutions, I know I need to do better with. I turn to Twitter instead of leaving an actual comment too often.

    And I definitely look forward to vlogs from you 🙂

  28. Great list, Jamie! I actually made it a resolution to read at least one non-fiction a month this year. I’m already on track! I just finished by Empty Mansions by Bill Dedman. Super fascinating.

  29. I think for me the difference between book talking and book reviewing is that I tend to talk about books that affected me. They made me love them or hate them. There were characters that I connected to, and I want to push the book onto everyone. Book reviews are just an overt view of everything you read, and there is no real feeling from them. Good luck!

  30. Yes yes yes to book TALK and not book REVIEW. I love your posts and you’re pretty much doing this already so I’m glad it’s going to continue!

    I read earlier on my phone.
    I love all of these, but I’ve been thinking on the vlog idea. VLOG. (How do you even say that?)
    I’ll just say video blog, that way it won’t be awkward for me in case I say it wrong.
    Anyway, WHAT FUN.
    Yes, do that.
    Maybe I should too sometime. I don’t know. Perhaps you have inspired me. Maybe.


  32. I love your resolution about book talk vs. book reviews. I have this year planned out but have been wondering what to do in 2015 when I find my blogging and reading flow again with a new baby … I just wrote a book review/discussion and tried to think about how to make it more discussion. Like you, I also started my blog to TALK about books, not to review them. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

  33. Great goals, Jamie! I feel ya on reading more adult fiction. I’m DETERMINED to read some of the adult romance and women’s fiction I’ve had on my shelves for years. I’ve got a few different ways to get to more “me” books. I really, really hope you have lots of adventures reading “Jamie” books and not just review books. So far I haven’t gotten any books in about a week (except one of Edelweiss I HAD to have) and that’s been a huge relief.

    I so need to get back to commenting – at my blog, and at everyone else’s blogs. I LOVED getting discussions going, and I know when I stopped going to people’s blogs and commenting, I saw my page views and interactions drop. So I’m hoping to get back to that this year.

    Good luck on all your goals, girl! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for a rating system!

  34. I think it’s so interesting how so many people (myself included) put read more adult/non-fiction on their lists. I wonder if it’s like some kind of unconscious guilt thing that since most of us are adults we think we should be reading more for adults? Personally I think I have some of that mixed in. Especially when I check YA books out of the library and the circulation desk people give me the side eye.

    Re: the commenting thing, I know it’s easier said than done but I feel like you just have to do what’s best for you. Personally I never go back and check blogs that I comment on to see if someone’s replied (so you’re off the hook with this comment :)) I honestly don’t understand the point of replying to comments unless you have something like comment reply notification (which I love) that emails people when you reply to their comment. I’m not saying I don’t like when my comment is acknowledged, I do, I think replying by email or Tweeting if it’s something specific is great and obviously I liked when people visit my blog. I would never say it in a petulant way, but there are definitely blogs that I’ve left probably 20+ comments on and the blogger has never visited my blog and that makes me a lot less inclined to comment on theirs. I look at blogs like yours that get tons of comments differently, I wouldn’t expect you to visit everyone’s blog if there are 50 comments, but for blogs that get less than 5 comments or so on a review, to me, if they’ve never once left a comment on my blog and we have similar tastes it’s a big turn off. Maybe that sounds really bitchy, but I really value this community and I like the interaction that comes with it.

  35. Yes, yes, yes to book talking as opposed to reviewing. I also started my blog to talk about books with other people! I cannot wait to see what you do with that.

    Along your courting new genres challenge, I want to read books outside my comfort zone. I’m realistic, so I doubt I will read a lot, but even 4 a year would be great.

  36. Wow, what a great list of goals! I especially like the one about commenting more… I’ve seen that on a lot of lists today, and it makes me happy to see that a community I already know to be friendly and welcoming is becoming even more so! 🙂 Good luck with your endeavors in 2014!

  37. I need to finish series myself, along with culling books. I just have such an emotional attachment. Which is silly because I don’t even love them all!

    Me, silly? Who knew.

  38. I hope you’re feeling better now, Jamie! I started 2014 off with a cold that had me bed-ridden, mostly. Aching from head to foot and shivering even though I was burning up! I hope the illness hasn’t set the tone for the year for both of us!

    Good luck with all your resolutions! I love how conversational your reviews are (I always worry that my own are too formal!) so I’m really interested to see how you resolve your first point. And I’d love to see more vlogs too! It’s something I’ve been interested in starting, but I don’t have a video recorder. 🙁

  39. I love the idea of a book talk instead of a review. That kind of takes the pressure off posting about books I really love but don’t have anything super academic to say about them. 🙂 I’m hoping to get more diversity in my books this year too.
    Hope 2014 is a great year for you, Jamie!

  40. I can totally see the commenting thing getting out of hand. My blog is so much smaller than yours and still it gets out of control. I always to comment back but I forget if I already commented on their blog and if they are just responding. You’re blog is so much bigger so I don’t even know how you keep track. I want to make some kind of document that helps me keep track but I know that I won’t maintain it either. BUT when you commented on my blog earlier to totally made my day. I couldn’t even believe that a bigger blog noticed by ity bitty one but I swear it’s an achievement. OK, I’ll totally stop fingerling now. *blushes*

  41. You’ve got some great goals Jamie, and I think they are completely reasonable. There was something cool I read on someone else’s TTT about commenting. She said that being a part of the blogging community wasn’t just about creating posts that people could read, but it was also about responding to them. I found that kind of inspiring. Commenting more was also one of my resolutions and I also felt a large amount of guilt last year about my lack of comments. But don’t feel bullied, comment when you can, and how you feel you should.

    Have you read Me Before You by Jojo Moyes? I feel like everyone and their brother has read this book (I haven’t), it was hugely popular last year, and maybe that’s a place to start with your adult reading.

    ~Sara @ Just Another Story

  42. Good list, your kind of putting my ten to shame.

  43. I’m thinking that we should vlog together at some point! I intend to make better use of my blog’s Youtube channel this year, and I’m hoping to figure out what I can do with that different medium of posting to make it count. Also, I need to introduce more variety into my reading palate again because young adult can be a little overwhelming and too much for me sometimes, so yay for your goal of reading more adult and non-fiction!

  44. Number one is something I’ve been working on myself! Actually, it happened after you posted that discussion. Since I changed how I “review” books, and talk about them instead, I’ve enjoyed blogging so much more! So thank you for that <3 I hope it works out for you as well!

  45. One of my goals is to finish the series I started. I really want to tackle that this year and start with a clean series slate in 2015 or not have very many series I’m in the middle of.

    My TTT:

  46. Great list! I’m with you on so many of these! And I am inspired by your resolution to cull your books – I have so many books right now and I do not have nearly enough space so I should go through my library too.

    My TTT:

  47. Great list! Commenting made my list as it is something I have slacked off on doing this year as well. 🙂 I enjoy your blog so much and I look forward to seeing what you decide to do this year. My List Happy Reading!

  48. There’s a diversity reading challenge at My Little Pocketbooks 🙂

  49. Your goals are pretty unique out of a lot of people’s which I really appreciate in a way. I’d love to see new vlogs, mostly because I can’t ever vlog. I should never be seen on camera… too awkward. lol.

    Commenting is something that I’m starting I find it loads of fun, but also somewhat tiring. I have so much fun connecting with a bunch of other bloggers and it’s just so fun! 😀 Hope you can get out of that slump <333

  50. I think a lot of my slump/rut feelings came from not being into reviewing…or being tired of my format of reviews. I have something in mind. But I agree with you…I started to blog to talk about books and I guess reviewing is talking about them, but I’m trying to figure out a different way that is interesting to me as well as to readers. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  51. I love all of these resolutions! Especially the finish reading series & read more non-fiction! & Being a relatively new blogger, it’s also really nice to see how seasoned bloggers feel about their blogs and what they want to do differently (and what they wish they didn’t worry about so much last year!). Good luck with all of your 2014 goals!

  52. Wow great list. I think Book Talk is important, but it’s one I struggle with because I feel like I don’t really have any original ideas for discussion posts, but I’m working on a list right now. And I completely agree with commenting – I am making it a point to sit down every few days and comment on the posts I do choose to read. I feel like my communication skills with other bloggers was lacking by the end of 2013, so I’m hoping that commenting and replying to comments will help this. And lastly, I am also trying to diversify my reading – I was an eclectic reader before I started my blog, then it turned into mostly YA. So this year is the year I turn that around and read/review all genres that I love.

    Congrats on such a great list of goals. 🙂

  53. One of my goals is to do better at commenting on other blogs! I’m pretty good at responding to comments on my personal blog, and Rachel tends to respond to ones on thegirlsinplaidskirts, but I’m terrible at commenting on other blogs. Partly because I don’t have a lot of time to read them! I’m trying to read more book blogs and comment more, because I love “meeting” fellow book lovers!

  54. Book Talk vs. Reviews is great. I’m actually trying to decide what to do with my own review style. I would like to change it up a bit. Make it reflect my personality a bit more. Make it feel a little less formal and a little more fun. Betty does a great job of this. And I would love to see some vlogging on here! I think I’m going to try to do more vlogs on my own blog this year because I love it. It’s a nice way to break up all those reviews I feel like. I might even try vlogging for my Coffee and Classics feature. We shall see. And about the whole commenting thing, I try to comment as often as I can because I have a small group of blogs that are like my absolute favorites (like yours), but I would also like to discover more new blogs this year and comment and give them some love. Because I tend to stick pretty close to like my top ten and I feel like I’m seriously missing out. That may mean I won’t get to comment as much, but hey, I think (hope) everyone will understand. 🙂

  55. Good luck with all of your resolutions Jamie! I can’t wait to see what your blog brings in 2014! You are such an inspiration to me!

    I just have to comment on #3. It makes me so sad that there are so many harsh critics out there that judge the way other people blog, like one mold fits all. I go through phases with commenting, depending on how busy I am. I try to respond to all comments on our blog, but that doesn’t always happen. And I prioritize visiting other blogs when I have time. And then sometimes I will read blogs and not comment just because I am reading on my phone. (Like I don’t comment nearly enough on your blog, but I read almost every post! I love your content!) If I like a blog I could care less if they visit me back. Well… it’s nice but if they don’t I won’t stop visiting. That is so catty. Are you visiting blogs because you like them or just because you want visits back? Ugh. People.

  56. 1) I would LOVE to do more book talk, though I also still enjoy reviewing, but I seriously can never think of good ideas. Not to be a creep, but I’ll say again how freaking creative you are.

    3) Commenting is hard and time-consuming. Also, once you get behind, it feels so impossible to catch up that you keep digging yourself deeper. It’s a mess.

    6) Oooh, love it.

    7) ME TOO. I’m in the middle of hundreds, literally, and this needs to stop, only it totally won’t but I should at least try to finish the ones I can.

    9) Oooh, adult fiction. I love it, but I’m not sure what to shove at you without some guidance.


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