True Life: I Think I’m A Creep

I have a confession. Not a blogging confession like I did yesterday. But a shameful personal confession.

My love for books has made me a big ol’ creep. Creep status to the max. And it got even worse this past weekend.



Let me set the scene for you:

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I was at the pool this past Sunday. Sunning my pasty self and reading after a really stressful week. I always have this THING where I HAVE TO see what other people are reading if they are reading in public. If there is a book, I will crane my neck or James Bond it to see what it is. I don’t even try to be discrete about it. It’s embarrassing for whoever is with me I’m sure.



Sometimes I can easily tell based on the cover and sometimes I’m seeing a book I’ve never heard of and typing it into Goodreads that very moment. Well, I had already taken a gander at all the books around me (new David Sedaris, a romance novel, some book I never heard of) but there were two that alluded me! I even tried to take a picture to zoom in (WOAH MEGA CREEP YEAH) to see what it was but it was too blurry.

So what did I do?

What any crazy book person hopefully would do? (I say hopefully so I’m not alone in this).

I sent Will on a secret mission to walk past and secure the names of these books! And he did. I was trying so hard not to giggle as Will got out of the pool all nonchalantly and walked around (awkwardly with no destination) to check out their books. This couple was packin’ a Game of Thrones book and the new Khaled Hosseini, in case you were as curious as I was.



I can’t help it though. Any time I am at the beach or on public transportation or a coffee shop or my pool…I cannot walk away without knowing what people are reading. It’s a compulsion really. I don’t even know WHY I need to know…I just DO. I’m sure it’s made people uncomfortable if they catch me staring but, hey, maybe just angle your book better? Help a sista out!


And don’t even GET me started on the e-reader business. I NO SEE YOUR BOOK! Be more courteous, bookworm friend. Unless of course you are reading dino erotica (I wish that was not a thing that I could type and it be true) than carry on. I don’t need to know! Otherwise, I’m going to to resort to creepier methods.



I don’t know if this is borderline creepy or if it’s just a bookworm quirk? I’ve told Will NOT to answer that. I mean, we all knew I’m kind of creepy when it comes to books because I REALLY like trying to chat up strangers in the bookstore and other places (not annoyingly or interrupting most of the time) so maybe I just AM a creep?

So give it to me straight….is this normal bookworm behavior or am I just a creep? YOU CAN TELL ME. Do you have any other bookworm tendencies that could label you a creep? Any of you talk to strangers in bookstores like I do??

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About Jamie

Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. This cracks me up, because I find myself doing the same thing (although I’ve yet to send the husband on a mission like you did yours)! On vacation a couple months ago, and I noticed another woman reading, but she had the cover angled perfectly away from me (and facing nearby bushes) and was pretty engrossed. I think I stayed in the pool an extra 10 minutes JUST to see what she was reading (Insurgent).

    • HAHAH I love it!! I would so stay somewhere some extra minutes for sure just to find out what it was! On my honeymoon I was creepin’ like nobody’s business because LOTS of people were reading at our resort. Lots of Divergent and 50 Shades of Grey. It was great. BOOKS EVERYWHERE. It even got to the point where Will was like oh you don’t need to look at that one she’s reading the 50 shades book!

  2. I absolutely understand your need to see what other people are reading. Although, I have never taken a picture and zoomed in to see what they’re reading (noting this for future reference).
    I love the excitement of realising someone is reading something I’ve read before, even if I’m too shy to ever say anything, I always imagine the conversation I would have with people that are reading a book I’ve read, or a book on my ‘to-read’ list.

    • It’s a good strategy! Albeit kind of creepy. I made sure to delete it ASAP lol. And omg YES when I realize it’s something i’ve read I just want to go fangirl in their face! I haven’t done it yet at my pool because I’m not seeing many YA readers but in the bookstore? OH YEAH.

  3. Ha ha ha I do the same thing! More so lately than ever before I find myself walking out of class, seeing someone sitting on a couch reading a book. Next I make it a point to “casually” walk by and check out whatever they’re reading. And sometimes I see a YA novel and I want to jump up and down but then I remember that I’m on campus with all of the serious people and then I keep walking. So no, you’re not alone in the creepiness. It’s a internet person thing, I think.

    • Creepers unite! πŸ˜›

      I used to creep on people’s book all the TIME in college — even though I was in a weird stage where I wasn’t reading much for pleasure then.

      It’s the absolutely best when I see grownups reading YA. I feel like I need to have a secret handshake or head nod with them so we can acknowledge that YA reading adults kick ass.

  4. I actually get this. There is something about looking at what other people are reading which is intriguing. I hate when people are reading ebooks because you will never know what they are reading (which is also why I like my ereader because sometimes I might be reading a trashy romance and the covers on those things are always a bit cringey). I admit I don’t go to your extremes, but I definitely take a sneaky peak at books when I’m out and about.

    Also, the photo thing completely reminded me of the below tumblr, so you are not alone in wanting to know what folks read, this person takes photos of people reading to find out what they’re reading.

    • Hahah yes! I tend to pick up my ereader especially for books with questionable or embarrassing covers!!
      And thank you for sharing that Tumblr…omg!!

  5. I love this! I am so like you! When I see someone reading a book, I just have this itch to see what the book he/she was reading. I’ll resort to anything except to ask the person face-to-face. Hahaha… I guess it’s a bookish quirk! I don’t see it as a creepy thing at all. Hehehehe….

    • I’m glad you vote NOT CREEPY. I don’t know WHY I have the compulsion to find out but I DO. I don’t think I’ve ever asked what they were reading….doubt I ever would. Even I have lines I wouldn’t cross! Sending my husband on a mission to find out? SURE. “Hey I’ve been trying to see what you are reading. What is it?” NO NO NO I can’t!

  6. I have an uncontrollable urge to tell people what I think of the book they’re reading. I have to stop myself nudging people saying “I loved that book” or “It’s a good one”. This is social suicide if on the tube or bus where people DO NOT speak to strangers. But I wouldn’t mind it if people did it to me.

    • YES ME TOO. LIke if I see them reading a book I loved I just want to be like (and do sometimes) OMG I LOVED THAT BOOK. AHHHH. I’ve had some okay experiences doing that! I try to keep it short so as not to take time away from their book haha

  7. Melanie (YA Midnight Reads) says:

    HAH! Those gifs had me cracking up. I can totally relate though, I have to take public transport to school and so I am always peering at other people’s books just to see what title they’re reading. I don’t think I’m as extreme though lol, I tend to give up if the person is too far away to see the title of the book. As for people with e-readers and they’re sitting next to me, I’ll scan the page for a name and I spend the rest of the trip trying to work out which book it could possibly be from. πŸ˜€

    Awesome post! <33

    • OMG I have so done that when someone has been next to be on the plane with an ereader. I love when I can figure it out. I feel really accomplished haha

  8. Jamie you are too hilarious! Next time I’m reading in public, which is not often, I might move my book around just in case there are other people like you out there. Gotta do my bit for the fellow book nerds after all! I have done this on the bus before. If someone is sitting in a row in front of me I try to see what book it is , but I can usually only see the pages so it’s hard to read the tiny writing at the top of the page to see what it is.

    • YES. Put it on display, Patty! Make sure every angle gets a chance to see. You never know what kind of book creepers might be in your crowd πŸ˜› Oh yes! I’ve done that. Not opposed to trying to figure it out from the inside over their shoulder! I try not to breathe though because who likes creepy breathing over their shoulder?!

  9. Definitely a bookworm quirk πŸ˜› When I’m in a library I not-so-nonchalantly walk around peeking over peoples shoulders. Once I was at the beach and I saw this lady with a book. I walked about 10 times but I couldn’t see the cover. I was very upset when I left and the book remained a mystery.

  10. Oh god, I’m cracking up. Those GIF’s just fit the whole post perfectly.
    I do the same, and if I can’t find out what they’re reading I get so annoyed, because I just HAVE to know.
    A week ago I saw a girl reading a book in the bus. After a while I finally found out she was reading Diveregent and I actually squealed… Like full on happy squeal. She must’ve thought I was some kind of weirdo lol.
    I get happy when I see other people reading, although it probably turns be in a bit of a creeper haha

    • YES I’m glad I’m not the only one who is annoyed when I can’t see. It takes a lot for me to give up on trying to find out. haha. And hahah I’m dying about your story. I’m sure sometimes I’ve had a HUGE grin when I see something I love. I just want to crumple up a note that’s like OMG I LOVE THAT BOOKKKKKKK!!! and throw it to them.

  11. Sandy Steckler says:

    These posts are hilarious. I do this all the time and I admit to walking up to people and asking them what they are reading if I can’t see the title, I can’t stand the not-knowing. Most people will start talking about the book which is a great conversation and I get to meet some nice people. I’ve even had on vacation in Mexico where people will tell me that they will give me the book when they are done, if I want it. Like a few people mentioned already, when you see someone reading something you liked, your insides are doing a happy dance.

  12. THIS IS THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER READ. Seriously. It had me in stitches and those gifs describe me BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT I DO. Unfortunately I do not have a cohort to do my dirty work xD So I have to be all awkward myself and just casually walk past *minding my own business*. the stares i get..*le sigh*

  13. I’m so glad I’m not the only person who does that! Airports are my favorite. Seriously, I can pass the time just checking out what other people are reading. But with the advent of ereaders, the days of laughing at the business man reading a bodice ripper are over. Perhaps we need to come up with an invention that projects the ebook cover as people walk by…

  14. Ha ha this was one of my bookish confessions yesterday! I’m totally with you. Join the creep brigade:-)

  15. YESSSSSS. This post was hilarious and those gifs were spot on! I do this a lot and sadly I have no partner in crime… D: I tend to give up when the book is too far away for me to read, but I feel an extra sense of accomplishment when I can tell which book it is by the color scheme.

  16. No joke Jamie, I do this one the train ALL THE TIME! Just yesterday I bent in a super awkward way just to see what the person across from her was reading (it was Gone Girl by the way). And I get insanely excited when I see they are reading something I have read or loved. I remember one girl reading and ARC of a Sarah Ockler book and I was SO JEALOUS of her! It’s a sickness but I can’t help it.

  17. I totally do this too! I’m really bad on airplanes where I’m trying to figure out what the person next to me is reading and I can’t see the cover so I end up basically reading over their shoulder trying to find title or an excerpt that will clue me in to what they are reading. I feel EXTRA creepy then, especially when I get caught. :/

    I try to support people like us when I’m reading in public and subtly try to rotate the book or flash the cover when I close it so others can see what I was reading. It’s only polite. πŸ™‚

  18. Most definitely a bookworm quirk. I do this all the time, when I actually leave the house and go somewhere. But I’m always trying to snoop on what people read on public transportation, at the airport, or in restaurants. I MUST KNOWWWWWW.

  19. It’s totally a bookworm thing! It’s only natural to want to see what someone is reading because you can tell so much about them by the books they choose to read. (At least that’s what I tell myself.)

  20. I can’t say I’ve ever been as determined as you, but yes, I totally want to know what other people are reading! When I worked at the library I was reading a lot of YA and I’d find myself stalking people in the YA section to see what they’d end up reading. I think part of it is that I’ll see someone reading a book I love and then I’ll try and strike up a conversation with them. Again, equally awkward because some people just read, they don’t want to talk to others (like I do) about what they’re reading.

    I’d say it’s just normal bookworm behaviour! Creep away! πŸ™‚

  21. Hahaha. If you are a creep, then so am I. I cannot resist checking out what books people are reading. If I walk by or see someone reading, I have to check out what it is. I simply cannot help myself. And I’ve been doing this as long as I can remember. Okay, maybe not when I was five, but at least since high school, and it’s been a long time since I was in high school.

  22. I LOVE THIS.
    I mean you gotta do what you gotta do, right?!

  23. I understand the need to know what other people are reading, and I love the excitement when they are reading a book you loved or on your TBR list! I do like to know what other people are reading, but I can honestly say that I have never taken a picture and zoomed in (noted for future reference) or had someone go check. That was hilarious, and really sweet that he did that for you!

  24. I’m always curious to see what others are reading – now especially since I barely have time to focus on a book while keeping an eye on a rambunctious toddler. I keep an ongoing list of books that I will one day have time to read, so being able to snoop and see what others are reading is VERY important. Granted, I’m very guilty of using a Kindle more often now. It’s just so much easier to throw in my bag and I can keep books for me and the kiddos on there without taking up a ton of space if we’re traveling. πŸ˜‰

  25. I’m especially troubled when it’s a teen or young kid reading and I can’t see the cover. It’s really hard for me to NOT interrupt them — sometimes I just have to. I want to know what wonderful experiences they are having with books!

  26. Chenise J. says:

    I love this! And it’s so true! I’ve actually asked people if I could see the book they were reading and read the blurb about it. Most people are completely fine with it – I think they like when people take an interest in what they’re reading.

    Also, true love is asking your husband to creep on other people’s books and they do it without question LOL. Adorable!

  27. This is one of my favorite posts to date. I mean, beyond the hilarity of the words (this should totally be a topic for Epic Reads’ Book Nerds Problems shorts), but the perfectness of the GIFs.

    And don’t worry, you are not alone. The struggle is real.

    Thanks for the laugh this morning!

  28. Stacy L says:

    Haha! This is great! I thought I was completely alone on this creep status. I totally do this all the time. It’s the main reason ebooks make me sad (even though I read them, too): it’s nearly impossible to creep peek at books on ereaders.

    One time, I was reading at a coffee shop, and creep-peeping on this woman next to me. She had removed the dust jacket and was hiding the spine so well. She finally stood up and yelled “what the f*** are you staring at?” at me in the middle of the coffee shop! I was mortified. I looked down at the floor and admitted in hushed tones that I was trying to see what she was reading. Then she sat down and a aid, “Oh! I’m reading Siege & Storm” and then continued to have a 20-min conversation with me about books. It was embarrassing and awesome all at the same time.

    Needless to say, though, I am a bit more stealthy since then. But I still am desperate to know if the person next to me is reading the next must-have book πŸ™‚

  29. All. The. Time.

    If I sit next to someone on the train that’s reading, I try and sneakily read a few paragraphs and see if I can work out what the book is and if it looks interesting!

  30. I am the exact same way! I LOVE to see what other people are reading and get especially excited if it’s YA! My husband has been very embarrassed by my creeping on readers in public. haha
    In the US it isn’t that crazy to strike up a conversation with someone about what they’re reading, but when we were in the UK I not only had to dial back my loud, open Americanness but also my super geeky, creepy bookloverness too! We were on the tube in London, where people just don’t talk like they do in other undergrounds throughout the world, and I started randomly talking to an English guy reading Divergent. He thought I was insane. I could tell. Oh well!

  31. Definitely done that at airports. We’re standing in security and every time we shuffle forward I keep moving myself to different angles so I can figure out what book the person in front of me is reading haha
    One time I saw a girl reading a Melina Marchetta book and I almost squealed but then I figured the security people would find me suspicious so I just kept quiet πŸ™‚

  32. This is really funny! I wouldn’t say I do this all the time, but to a certain degree I will. And if they look friendly, I will just straight up ask what they are reading so that I can add it to my own list. Some good strategies to consider though – I would totally send a friend to canvas for me! πŸ™‚

  33. I hope it’s normal, because I do it too! This past weekend my husband and I took my son to a dinosaur exhibit and there was a guy, probably in his early 20’s, who walked by me, carrying a book. I kind of stared at the book as he walked by, but I couldn’t figure out what it was because the back cover was facing out, and it didn’t have much on it. I was actually pretty sad that I couldn’t see what book he was reading!

    I also always look at what people are buying in bookstores. If they pick up a book I love, I’m always like, “That is a great book!” But if they pick up something I hated, I want to take it from their hands, shake my head and say, “Walk away. Just walk away.” Of course, I don’t do that (unless it’s someone I know), because that would probably get me thrown out of the bookstore and I can think of nothing worse than getting thrown out of a bookstore!!

  34. This post totally cracks me up and your use of gifs is masterful! I just recently started doing this and I DO feel like a total creeper when I do. I must not have mastered my spy skills because I always get caught peeking or straining my neck to see the cover.

  35. I don’t know what I love more about this post. The fact that you’ve made, at least, me feel just a little bit more normal. And by that I mean I do that as well…NOT that I think you’re creepy!! Or the fact that Will actually went book stalking for you and wasn’t like “you really expect me to do that?!” So much awesome. Haha πŸ™‚

  36. I’m still cracking up at the fact that Will actually did that for you! You keep that man forever Jamie πŸ˜› I’m not horrible yet (but then again I don’t go to the pool often and I don’t ride the subway or anything so really there’s no chance of it happening), but I’m really nosy when I go to Barnes and Noble. I think I’ve scared a group of 14 year olds but they were wondering when The One would be released and so I kind of just butted in and provided the information. Totally normal, right??

  37. Haha, this is hilarious. Shout-out to your guy for doing recon for you. Things like this make me feel slightly less alone in my bookworm oddities, so thanks! πŸ˜‰

  38. Haha I saw your tweet the other day and I laughed out loud because that is something I relate to big time. I’m totally that person who loves to snoop on what other people are reading and then talk to them about it. I just want to know all their thoughts, I can’t help myself! Sometimes I envision myself as a tiger like going in for the kill. I’ll make small talk with them just so I’m not just randomly popping by but then I’ll smoothly transition into what I really wanted the entire time: to ask them about their book! Though it often doesn’t come out nearly as smooth as it is in my mind haha. But I don’t know, I think that’s just a bookworm thing? To want to know what others are reading? Because I definitely feel that! And I also admit to sometimes sending whoever I’m with to nonchalantly walk by and sneak a peek but in cases where I’m alone, I’ve also gotten real good at subtly craning at my neck to see. And I feel you with ebooks! When someone’s reading an ebook, I just toss the idea of trying to find out what they’re reading out. It’ll be too awkward!

    But it’s a similar thing I feel with music. It isn’t as easy to snoop on what someone’s listening to but gosh, would I LOVE to know what everyone is listening to!

  39. I had so much fun reading this post! I even read that part about you sending Will on a mission out loud to my boyfriend. I have to say that usually when I see someone reading I do try and peek to see what they are reading, although so far I haven’t gone to extreme measures to find out. But I am curious to know what other people are reading, once in the train a girl sat down next to me with an e-reader and we even talked for a bit about what we were reading.

  40. I can’t say that I do this, but then again I don’t really see a lot of people reading. I’m the only break room reader at work, and so I do tend to hide my covers just because there is such an eclectic mix of people I work with and who knows who would give me the side eye over my reading choices. But I would gladly show you what I am reading!

  41. THIS IS ME ON THE BUS! I’m such a creep I always look over their shoulder and look at the top of the page to find out the title of the book if I can’t see the cover. I’ve also been known to read over their shoulder if it’s a book on my TBR to see if I like the writing style.

    My problem is do I say something? Do I fangirl about how much I love Divergent or A Game of Thrones when I see someone reading that book? Usually I talk myself out of it because that’s just too creepy! But there was this one time that I saw that someone was reading Harry Potter (on an e-reader) by the chapter picture and it was one of my favorite parts in one of my favorite books and I did talk to the person. They looked at me like I had lost my mind, because I pretty much had!

    This post is amazing and you’re amazing for admitting to being a creep. I am right there with you!

  42. hahaha I always love how honest you are on your blog, Jamie. And no, this is not abnormal behavior. I totally do the exact same thing! And then, once I find out what they’re reading (if it’s something I know or something that sounds/looks interesting), if the situation allows I will start talking to them about said book. Because I’m a book stalker. Lol. So you’re not alone in your creepiness! Right there with ya sista!

  43. That’s HILARIOUS! Good for Will for accepting the mission. I’m not entirely sure my husband would. I’m a total hypocrite about this. I LOVE to see what other people are reading but I like e-readers so people can’t see what I’m reading. I read a lot of mystery or romance so not exactly high brow stuff!

  44. haha! If that makes you a creep, then I guess I’m one too! I’m a HUGE people-watcher, if I’m out and about, I love finding a seat somewhere and staring at the people who go by. For me, it’s a natural curiosity thing – who are they talking to/texting? What’s in her bag?? Where are they headed? If someone has a book you can bet I’ll do a sneak attack to see what it is – if it’s one I’m interested in or have read before, I’ll break out of my shell (usually I’m super reserved and quiet) and start up a conversation!

  45. This post cracked me up πŸ™‚ I have already asked my sister-in-law, who I’m going on vacation with in a few days, what books she’s planning on bringing, lol. Yes, I need to know this haha.

  46. LOL!
    I do that too!!! For real. It usually really gets me when I’m at the airport. A LOT of people read at the airport and they’re all “I’m reading and I’m leaning my book this way” and I cannot see the cover! Drives me mad. Especially if I think it’s a book I’ve read already and I totally want to talk to someone about!
    I do mostly read on my kindle when I travel so I totally do it too! But if someone was to come up to me and ask me what I was reading, I would be more than happy to talk. My husband got hit on while he was out getting a cup of coffee last year- because he was sipping his coffee with a paperback of Crime & Punishment. He was very pleased that he was hit on, and that he looked so intelligent with his book of choice! πŸ™‚

  47. TOTALLY normal. There was this old man (about 60ish) in front of me on the plane to BEA last year, and I kept creeping over the seat to see what he was reading. Well…I didn’t find out until the very end of the flight and it was 50 Shades of Grey.

    I was embarrassed for him. OY.

  48. I really, really hope this is normal considering I do the same thing. I’m also quite prone to asking people what they’re reading when they have their e-readers out. It’s like the easiest way to talk to people!

  49. This story made me laugh, especially when you mentioned talking to people in the bookstore! I definitely talk to people at the shop, recommending books more often than asking them what they think of the book they have, unless we’re already in a conversation. Bookish people are fun to meet, but this can definitely be an awkward situation occasionally. But hey, then you have a funny story to share like this! Also, I help people find books in the shop so often that I should just work there… it’s funny really because I’ll see them looking around and ask because odds are, I looked at it as I was perusing the shelves. Great post!

  50. Yes! Whenever I see someone reading a book, I feel the urge to ask them what they’re reading, but I feel too awkward to ask… so I just sneak a peak of their cover.
    I mainly read e-books, but you’re welcome to peep over my shoulder or ask me what I’m reading. I love talking about books!

  51. I think it’s totally normal to be curious about what other people are reading! I always try to peek at the books/devices that others are holding when I’m commuting on the train. If I feel like I’m becoming too obvious, I just let it go.

  52. I love this! I do the same thing. And I love that your husband will try to scope out the titles for you! I don’t know if mine would do the same but I think I’ll start asking him πŸ™‚

  53. This made me giggle so much, I do exactly the same thing! Especially if the cover looks interesting to me. I don’t know why we don’t feel we could just ask someone about the book they’re reading though, I would be thrilled if someone came and started a conversation with me about books!

    Holly –

  54. I always thought this was a general Bookworm quirk (or maybe thats just what i’ve been telling myself) I mean i was camping this weekend and everytime i saw someone with a book i had to know what it was, sometimes i even just ask them. And sometimes if i have read the book and i know its an emotional book, or something with a twist i try to stay near and see their reactions. Not sure if thats extra creepy, I hope its not. πŸ™‚

  55. I absolutely do this ALL the time! When I’m sitting in the coffee shop at my college, people tend to read in there a lot, and it DRIVES ME CRAZY until I can see what everyone’s been reading! I guess it is just a weird bookworm quirk. Haha!

  56. I love how many people in the comments do this too! The photo-taking I find a little weird, I’ll be honest, but I have serious people-watching issues on the tube. Pretty much every commuter reads to drown out the screech of the train, and I get upset when I can’t tell what ereader users are reading, even though I use an ereader myself.

    I have been known to angle my book if I think someone is looking over my shoulder so they can see, in an effort of “hey fellow bookreader! please appreciate my bookreading skills!”, before I realise they’re just gazing into space.

    ChloΓ« x

    PS. Very interested in a Rosie Project review. Every train was packed with copies when it was released here.

  57. the only way in which I can relate is when I’m on a plane and the person in front of me is reading (usually an ebook, for some reason) and I have to see what they’re reading, even read over their shoulder…and sometimes I can figure out what book it is that way! Yes, pretty creepy…but it’s a plane! What else is there to do?

  58. Lol Johnny (my boyfriend) always finds it weird that I will honestly ignore people at any regular place but if I’m at a book store or book convention I will talk to everyone and anyone! I must know what people are reading or what books they are buying when I’m in a store. I also try to see what people are reading if they are around me. I may not go to the lengths you do to see the cover but I do try to figure it out for myself. πŸ™‚

  59. Hahaha, some of those GIFs sure are creeps, but I always try to do the same. When I’m on my way to school some people read on the train and I always try to, very subtly, angle myself so I can see what they are reading. I’m too shy to ask them and I know how annoying it is when someone interrupts you.

  60. Wow! I am glad that I’m not the only one who does this. It embarrasses my poor husband to no end, especially if I have read the book the other person is reading and then I rant for about ten minuets about what I did/didn’t like about it. Book Creeps Unite!

  61. Not creepy at all! I love seeing what others are reading, and I love when people ask me what I’m reading (as long as they then promptly leave me alone and don’t try to start a conversation. I’m trying to READ here!!). Love that Will is complicit in your secret missions.

  62. I do the same thing! Except I live in NYC where more and more people are toting e-readers around on the subway. I was sitting by a girl who was reading “Eleanor and Park” on her Kindle, and I started talking to her about it. She asked “Uh how did you know what I was reading?” and I had to admit “I started reading over your shoulder…and when I saw the names ‘Eleanor’ and ‘Park’, that kind of gave it away….” She just awkwardly laughed, haha.

  63. This is literally post perfection. I LOVED reading this- it made my day!! CREEPY BOOK BLOGGERS UNITE!

    -Rita xx

  64. This was incredibly funny to read! Especially when you ask others to creep for you. I’m curious to see what other people are reading, but I won’t go THAT far haha. But you’re not weird! Or maybe a little.. but really, keep it up. I’d find it amusing if someone did that to me.

  65. You’re not alone. Me and my mam do the same whenever we see people with books

  66. I find it really hard to resist peeking over someone’s shoulder on the subway when they are reading on an ereader. Like, since I can’t see the book cover, I think they are hiding something. I have to resist the urge to squint… All the time.

  67. omg I do this ALL THE TIME! I get SO frustrated when I can’t figure out what the book is. I’ve been guilty of taking photos and zooming in to see the title. I think it is a bookworm thing, you’re not alone Jamie!!

  68. I do this myself a bit, with is kind of hypocritical considering that whenever I read in public I do my best to hide the book’s cover. I don’t know why, I just do…

    But if anyone ever asks me what I’m reading I’m usually pretty happy to talk about it. Go figure.

  69. Never fear. You are not alone in this. I am a creep too.

  70. Oh thanks god I’m not alone! Haha, I do this too.

  71. I can’t stop laughing… I don’t know how I just saw this post now, but it totally made my day. I do this as well, and I’m sure it is embarrassing for whoever’s with me, but a bookworm’s gotta do what a bookworm’s gotta do…

  72. I have full-on stared at people on the bus before, before realizing that I was being a total sketchball. …Or after I got a weirded out look from the reader. It’s not just you! Not sure if that makes it normal, exactly, but at least you’re not alone?

    Sarcasm & Lemons

  73. ….I actually did this at work the other day.

    My co-worker’s table was reading a book and I so desperately wanted to know what it was because she was SO into it! I made her walk to her table and she ended up getting into a long conversation with her customer about the book she was reading.. Turns out it was the second Fifty Shades of Grey book haha.


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