In Theory I Like Re-Reading

I talked before about how my re-reading habits have changed before I was a blogger and then when I became a blogger but I have been thinking a lot about re-reading lately and why/why not I don’t do it.

In theory I would say I am pro re-reading but in practice? NOT SO MUCH.


Why I Don’t Re-Read:

1. TIME, my TBR-list & also the desire to experience new stories — This is the biggest factor & honestly I need to get over this. As a blogger I have these shiny new review copies that always seem to take up my time and I don’t make TIME for re-reads which is a shame. I’m always so stuck in the whirlwind of new releases that I don’t think about it. And it’s not even that I think “oh, well I won’t have anything to blog about” because I have NO problem blogging about a re-reading experience…it’s just I’m so stuck in the world of new books. And not even just NEW releases but just any story I’ve never read before. It’s always so EXCITING to read something you’ve never read before and I always love meeting new characters and going on new adventures.

2. I’m sometimes afraid they will not hold up to what I first thought: It’s a scary thought to me. That I could read a book love it and then years later HATE it. That the words that once really resonated or a romance I fell for could just fall so flat. I mean, I get that I change and grow and so do my tastes but also sometimes I just want to have those good memories of the book. It would be a sad day to read a book I considered a favorite (especially a childhood favorite) and just dislike it so much.

Why In Theory I Like Re-Reading:

1. Cozying up with old friends is fun: Seriously, sometimes it’s just a comfort to settle in with characters you love or a story that left you breathless. I tend to always reread portions of favorites when I’m in a reading slump because they just remind me why I love reading.

2. As much as I’m afraid the book holding up, I get excited about the new lens I might view it: We are always growing and changing and the lens in which we view the world changes through experiences and such. I think it’s exciting to pick up on things I might not have before or see a character/the story in a different way because of the time that has passed and the ways I’ve changed since my first reading. Wouldn’t it be amazing to re-read a favorite book and then just have all these other elements and words change you all over again in a different way. I remember when I read Eat, Pray, Love at the age of 21-ish I immediately thought, “I want to re-read this book again when I’m 30.”

3. It solidifies the favorites: Yes, it sucks to not feel the sparks on a re-read but how amazing is it to be like YEAH THERE IS A REASON THIS IS A FAVORITE!! I want to read it over and over again!


What I Want To Do To Change My Re-Reading Habits:

In 2015 I want to re-read more. It’s that simple. I want to choose a book a month that was important to me or I considered a favorite (some will be childhood books so I know they will be quick reads) and re-read it.

I want to reflect on where I was at in my life when I read it vs. where I am now. How I remember thinking about it vs. how I do now. I want to not be afraid about the fact that sometimes we grown in and out of books. I want to not be afraid that sometimes a book is really important and shapes you at a certain point in your life when you need it but it’s okay for it to not be as meaningful upon a re-read. I don’t want to be afraid of not loving it this time around but rejoice in the fact it really meant something to me at one point but now I have books that do that for me now. I can acknowledge the impact. Remember it fondly. Be a little sad. But really I want to explore these books that shaped me and look at how myself and the world has changed since my first read.

I know I started to wax poetic there for a moment about something like re-reading but honestly it fascinates me that I will probably NEVER have the same experience reading the same book twice.


Some Books I Want To Explore In My Re-Reading Adventures:

I haven’t decided on ALL the re-reads I want to do but these I know for sure.

+ On The Road by Jack Kerouac — a favorite in college and I’m super curious if 29 year old Jamie will see it in the same way that pretentious 19 year old Jamie did. The Jamie who had all these fantasies for what life would be like and how it would unfold.

+ The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath I talked pretty personally about this and where I was at in my life when I read this book and I’m just really curious how I’ll see it vs. how 18 year old Jamie did in the middle of one of the single worst times in my life.

+ The Giver by Lois Lowry — This was my all time FAVORITE book growing up. I re-read it about 10 times as a kid.

+ Just One Day by Gayle Forman — This is a more recent one (Nov 2012 I think) so I don’t have a ton of distance from it but it really CHANGED my life. It’s a Gayle book so I know it will hold up! IT WILL.


So let’s talk about re-reading! Do you re-read often? Why/why not? Have you ever re-read a book and then it didn’t live up? Tell me anything about your re-reading habits!
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About Jamie

Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. Lovely post! πŸ™‚

    I love to re-read books, always have. I do it for different reasons (like the reasons you have listed in your why-you-like-re-read section). Sometimes I just really love a book and want to experience it again, sometimes I want to re-read a book I read when I was younger/a while ago and see how I feel about it in my current “state”, and sometimes I even want to re-read books that I didn’t like that much, just to see if I like it any better.

    I have, thankfully, never re-read a book and liked it less/been disappointed by it (or at least I can’t think of/remember a time where I have). I almost always find, depending on the book and circumstances around when and why I’m re-reading it, that I enjoy books more the second or third time around. I think, logically, that’s because I can take more things in and get a better understanding of it.

    So yes, I am very pro re-reading, and normally re-read 10 or so books a year (maybe more depending on the series I read and if there are new books coming out in them, etc.)

  2. I don’t reread for the #1 reason you listed above – there are just too many OTHER books out there I want to experience! But I also understand the hesitation for fear of disappointment. I’ve been considering rereading the Harry Potter books next year (I haven’t reread them since the final book came out), but I’m afraid I won’t love them as much now as I did as child. :/

  3. I find that I re-read the books that I’ve always re-read (as opposed to books that I’ve read for the first time in the recent past), kind of like I return to the same comfort foods I’ve like for ages. My favorite re-reads are Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, Enchantment by Orson Scott Card, the Harry Potter books, the Anne of Green Gables books (especially Rilla of Ingleside), various Jane Austen, etc. I think Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the book that I read for the first time most recently, but only because it wasn’t published until 2007.

    • When I was a pre-teen/kid I always seemed to reread the same ones! It will be interesting to see how widely I decide to re-read once I start again!

  4. Oh, I re-read a lot, mostly for the comfort factor (as you’ve said, it’s good to be among friends). But I completely understand the fear of destroying your memories of a cherished childhood favourite! I really want to re-read The Little White Horse, which I adored as a kid, but I’m afraid I’ll find it silly or even dislike it now that I’ve “grown up” as a reader… I sometimes also re-read parts of a series before reading a new sequel so I remember what happened before, but only with the good ones, otherwise I just don’t have the time.

    • Yes I do the same thing for books in a series. Don’t have time to re-read the whole thing but I’ll read parts I liked/skim a little bit.I typically ALWAYS reread the end because I NEVER remember how it ended haha

  5. Yeah, that ever-growing TBR pile makes it so difficult to reread! I do read The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and White is for Witching every year. I probably did more rereading before Goodreads and book blogging. Goodreads tells me I reread 18 books in 2012, only 7 in 2013 and I haven’t even made a reread shelf for this year. Is this something I regret? Eh, sometimes. I thinking aiming to reread one favourite a month next year sounds like a good plan! I might have to do that also.

    • Yes join me!! I think that’s pretty cool that you have 3 books that you ALWAYS reread yearly. I know a lot of people do that with HP.

  6. I usually don’t reread because there are so many other books out there and so little time to read them all. But every now and then I like to go back to my all time favorite stories (the Harry Potter books, Gone with the wind and maybe Orwell’s 1984), they never disappoint me. I once tried rereading The Hunger Games and I gave up after the first few chapters; I liked it the first time I read it but a few years later I thought it was very “meh”. So I decided I’ll only reread books that I really, REALLY love! πŸ™‚

    • YES so little time. It’s like HOW DO I CHOOSE WHAT TO READ? The zillion books out there I haven’t read or something I know I love?? (or loved). I’m curious if I would like Hunger Games on a re-read! I’ve been thinking about doing it before Mockingjay.

  7. I used to love re-reading books! At one point I reread an entire series – this of course was pre blogging days. Since bogging, it’s really gotten away from me and I miss it. I miss revisiting loved characters and stories. I miss loving a book to (not literally) pieces and then coming back for a visit. I think for next year I’m going to steal your one reread a month idea and see where that gets me πŸ™‚

    • Do it with me!! For a post I was working on I was revisiting some of my favorites and just re-reading some of those books made my heart SWELL (Just One Day, Fangirl, E&P) and I was like OMG MY FEELS I KNOW WHY I CONSIDER THESE FAVES. It definitely made me want to re-read!!

  8. I used to reread all the time, but like you, kind of stopped because of all the shiny new books that I now have from blogging. But I also totally agree on the being scared that the book you once loved won’t live up. That’s definitely been a reason for me not picking up a book to reread. But mostly it’s just time. And when I think about it, I think that there’s only so much time in this life and my TBR is already a million miles long and if I reread that means I’ll read less books over the course of my life overall. So I think I will mostly not reread unless it’s an ultimate favorite or it made a difference in my life maybe. I guess I’ll just take it case by case to decide. But if I want to reread something, I definitely need to start taking the time to do it and not feel guilty over the stacks and stacks of new releases waiting to be read.

    • YES I have that fear of missing out on all these books that could be new favorites. I think I too am just going to reread the ones that REALLY made an impact.

  9. I LOVE this post. Your 1 & 2 are exactly why I don’t re-read, either. Not enough time with all the new books I want to read, and I’m SO worried a book that was my favorite will look different to me the second time around. And for some books and favorite authors, that would really crush me. But I really want to be someone who re-reads books. I’ve started collecting my favorite books in paperbacks in the hopes that one day I WILL re-read them. I just need that push. Great post!!

    • YES it would be so crushing!! And I like having that fond feeling of LOVING a book. To then associate negative feelings with it?? SIGH.

  10. Awesome post Jamie! I’m very similar. I don’t reread for the exact same reasons:

    1. I like finding NEW books.
    2. I’m afraid of rereading a book I LOVED just to find out it was only “okay” the second time around.

    But every now and then I do reread, particularly when I’m in a slump. If I start reading a ton of mediocre/meh books, I get super discouraged, and I’ll fall back to rereading a book I’m guaranteed to love (like Harry Potter!).

    • Yes I like to also revisit (maybe not fully reread but read fave passages) of a beloved book in a slump! Most of the time I’ve had positive feelings but MAN I’m worried about have a EH reaction another time around. I would hate to have negative feelings associated with a book at one time I loved!

  11. I love re-reading, and I do try to do it at least a few times a year. My favorite book, Jane Eyre, I try to re-read every year. I want to know everything about it. I want to memorize it (by now I have memorized a lot of the lines!). I find a lot of new books that I’m not really all that impressed by, so I love returning to the ones that did catch me and 1) be inspired again, and 2) figure out what they’re doing so well!

    • I need to read Jane Eyre! I love that you feel so strongly about it! I started re-reading, for a blog post, a couple favorite books and the feeling I got in my heart was so strong. Feelings that I don’t feel for a lot of books. Definitely made an impact especially bc I had just posted this and then that happened a couple days later. Definitely lit a fire under me!

  12. I re-read constantly. Generally it is when I am in a bad mood, or tired, or sick, and need the comfort of a favorite, or know I can’t give 100% to the experience and am afraid I would miss something important in a new book.

    • That’s a really good point! Sometimes I’m in a place in life where I KNOW it’s external forces that is making me not connect with a book and maybe I should just pick a reread during that time to not miss something important or a connection to a book that would be better at another time!

  13. I certainly don’t re-read as much as I used to pre-blogging. But I do still manage to reread when I can (which really isn’t that much). My most favorite reasons for re-reading, though, are because 1) I need a comfort read (those are the books I re-read the most. When I’m stressed for any reason, picking up a book that I know the ending to is relaxing, and I like visiting those characters again) or 2) because I’m in a reading slump and sometimes re-reading (again a comfort read) helps me get out of the slump.

    • YES comfort reads. That’s my biggest urge to reread — when I feel like crap! And also slumps. I want something to BLOW ME AWAY and I will re-read portions of faves and it does help!

  14. I got into a HUGE re-reading kick this summer and marathoned all of Tamora Pierce’s Tortall books (well, except the Beka Cooper series, still working on that one). And before that, it was a reread of the So You Want to be a Wizard series. Pretty much I reread whenever a new book puts me into a funk (both from great writing and really crappy writing). Sure it takes away from the time I have to read ARCs and new releases but I’ve found that it gives me a nice “reading recharge”.

    Hope you do end up getting around to some rereads, I definitely need to reread the Giver as well. Haven’t read that since….damn…fourth grade?! Good luck!

    • YES see that’s what I think I need…a recharge! Blogging for 4.5 years and I’ve only re-read maybe 1 or 2 times?? I think it would help re-energize me! And yeah…it’s been a long time since I read the Giver…I LOVED it so much. I didn’t even know back then it was part of a series.

  15. I love re-reading, but it is something I rarely do. When I do re-read it typically is in anticipation for a movie. So for the Hunger Games and Catching Fire I re-read the books prior to going to the movie. I only did this because I loved those books so much, and wanted those fresh in my mind before going to the movie. I think it helps me to better see the movie as an ADAPTATION of a book and not necessarily a copy (because it does not need to be the exact same. Some things just work out better in a book). However, that seems to be one of the few things I’ve done in regards to re-reading in the last few years (there are occasions where a new book in a series would come out and I would re-read the one before it, but still…not that often). I definitely agree with you on your reasons. It’s scary to re-read because you face that fear that you are’t going to love that book you told people you loved. I re-read Twilight right around the time of the 2nd movie and I regret that every day. I never thought it was the perfect book, but I enjoyed it. After reading it again I hated it and sold my copies of the entire series. There are a lot of times where I feel stupid feeling that way. I re-read a few classics from my childhod in the last few years (Little House in the Big Woods, Harry Potter) and they were just as intriguing (if not more) than when I was younger. I picked up on so many things that I did not when I first read these books and feel like I took more away from it.

    I like your idea of trying to do more re-reading next year. It has definitely made me think about doing that, because it doesn’t have to be those HUGE books. It can be those shorter classics from your childhood that you adored. It sounds like a fun way to get a little nostalgic and relive something you loved long ago. I’m definitely going to be exploring this a lot more, because it’s definitely been something on my mind lately. Maybe it’ll help me adjust to all that’s going on in my life too, which sounds bizarre but I seriously believe that books can do amazing things for a person.

    • Yes I tend to reread or at least revisit before a movie! I’m actually planning to reread the whole hunger games series before Mockingjay!

      YES re: Twilight. I’m afraid if I ever reread it I will HATE IT. I knew it wasn’t like amazing literature when I read it but I REALLY enjoyed it back then. I want to remember the joy of reading it and not have it be tainted with a bad reread. (if that happened)

      And that is so not bizarre — I too think books can really help you! Hope things are okay! xoxo

  16. As a blogger, I rarely ever re-read because of all the reasons you mentioned! However, I did re-read two old favorites this year…The Lords of Discipline and The Great Santini by Pat Conroy. I read both in high school and loved them, but didn’t remember all the details. And, because it had been so long since I’d read them, it was a bit like a whole new reading experience. I remembered the overall plot, but had forgotten a lot of the details. And Conroy’s magnificent writing made them enjoyable even a second time. And, my review of The Lords of Discipline has been my best performing review this year. The Prince of Tides is up next for me in 2015 (if I can stick to it!!).
    It’s so hard, but I think building in a couple re-reads a year is do-able. Good luck with yours!

    • The Great Santini! I really liked that book! See THAT is what I hope my reread experiences are like with quite a few years out — that I will discover them in all new ways and see new details!

  17. Any book I chose to re-read must have had a special place in my heart. My TBR pile is way too large to spend all my time re-reading books! The ones that are near and dear to my heart would be; Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, Great Expectations and A Christmas Carol. I am a huge fan of the classics and while many books in the past years have stood out to me, I find it hard for any of them to take the place of those listed above!

    • I think this is how my re-reading experience is — just the ones close to my heart. I think in some cases I need a re-read to determine if they really ARE still a fave. I really do want to read P&P! Embarrassing but I still need to read Wuthering Heights and Great Expectations!

  18. Oh this is fun. I am ALWAYS rereading. I’m rereading right now. I announced to Goodreads in allcaps and !!! yesterday that I was reading a book that I loved again by audiobook because–I’m not sure why. I just love it so much…but I almost always have an extremely positive experience when I read a book over again. I can only think of one or two books that I haven’t loved as much the second time around. Also I find that I like to reread via audio where I’ve read in print the first time and that has often been such a great experience for me.

    Try audios when you’re cleaning or working out? OH SO GREAT.

    I remember you talking about rereading on here before. I support you doing this in 2015!! I think everyone should! If I can pump you up in this big huge awesome goal you have, let me know and I will be a big cheerleader! (That sounds cheesy but I will.) xo

    • THIS IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA and maybe a way for me to handle my rereads! I do love audiobooks and I think maybe a story I’m already familiar with will be great for audiobook! GOOD IDEA, A!!! <333 I know I can count on you to be my cheerleader! 2015 = the year I will actually do it!

  19. I re-read, probably about 1-2 books a month on average, maybe? Sometimes it’s because I want to re-visit a favorite, like the Harry Potter series, and I find something new to think about or a new detail that I missed or a reference to an earlier book. Sometimes I just read a bunch of heavy books or I’m feeling down and I need something light, so I reach for old favorites like the Shopaholic series or the Gallagher Girls series – I know they’ll make me happy, they don’t require a lot of brain power, I can skim if I want because I’ve already read it.

    • That’s true about the skimming because you are more familiar with it at! I also get the urge to reread most when I want something that will make my heart happy when I’m feeling down. I tend to reread favorite passages in those times.

  20. It always amazes me how many people have the time to reread their favorite series before the final book comes out. I wish I had that kind of time! But I’m like you and love experiencing new things. New characters, new settings, new plots, all of it. I like getting swept off my feet with a new book I’ve never read and despite getting let down sometimes, I still enjoy the new experience. I wish I had time to reread and to visit some of my favorite characters. But even before blogging I never picked up an old book again. I think I’ve only reread maybe 3 books over and over in my lifetime: The Giver, A Wrinkle in Time, and Harry Potter. That’s it. That doesn’t mean I don’t like my favorites any less, it’s just back then, those were the only books I knew or cared about. They left such a profound mark in my mind that I HAD to experience them again.

    • YES SAME. I wish I could reread series before hte next installment but MAN THAT IS A COMMITMENT. Even with series I love. It’s so hard to balance because I do want to re-read but it doesn’t make that urge to discover new things really go away at all. I think this is also a life thing for me too — I tend to always get new things at restaraunts (not ALWAYS) or for dessert. I just really LIKE experiencing new things though sometimes I like the go-to comforts. I gotta find a way to balance it.

  21. I love re-reading. I used to have things that I read every summer (Summer Sisters and Secret Society Girl). I have books that I’ll pretty much drop anything and reread if the mood strikes (The Princess Diaries, Harry Potter). I know the flip side of re-reading too though. Story time: I made my book club read my favorite book from when I was young, Little Women, and they HATED it. And maybe hated me for making them read it. I got so many angry text messages about that book. The worst part was that I hated it upon re-reading too! What was young me THINKING??? Ugh, the worst. I don’t let it stop me from re-reading though. I love revisiting favorite characters over and over again.

  22. So so so agreed! I never reread books because I have so many on my TBR.. it seems hard to justify a reread when there are so many new stories to read. I actually just started rereading (in audio form this time) the Gallagher Girls series by Ally Carter, but that’s really only because I haven’t read the final two books and read the first books SOO long ago. I could imagine rereading Harry Potter too, but that’s it.

    • YES the ever growing TBR pile just makes me feel guilty for wanting to reread. And not even just guilt but I have that OMG I WANT TO EXPERIENCE ALL THESE.

  23. Oh, I love re-reading, but I do it very selectively. Usually, it’s rich, “soulful” books that bring me back. For example, I re-read Robin McKinley’s books BEAUTY and THE HERO AND THE CROWN fairly often because they never fail to stir me in a way that most books don’t. I often re-read Patricia A. McKillip’s books for the same reason. I’m having trouble explaining exactly what I mean, so to quote Emily Dickinson: “If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off, I know that is poetry.” I think I’m looking for something similar when I re-read: a book that seizes me mind, body, and soul. If a book has such an effect, then, like poetry, nothing diminishes with the re-reading. Thanks for this thought-provoking question!

    • YES those are the books I have this craving to reread — the ones that really moved me and stirred something inside me. SURE there are fun stories I would like to revisit but I think there are just those kinds of books that help make up who you are and I think those are the ones I might focus on rereading for now (DEAR GOD I HOPE I DO NOT LOVE THEM LESS THE SECOND TIME but I think you make a good point though — those kind of books that stir us up like that probably will withstand a reread and if not be even BETTER.

  24. I would love to re-read more but I am very restless person and I have a hard time sitting through something doesn’t matter how good the story was the first time. I love new stories and new characters. Although i do think i will re-read the throne of glass series some day once it is all finished and ive had a few years

    • YES that series I would love to reread! Such a huge commitment though..especially HoF. Though by the time we get to the final book we will probably forget most details so a reread would be good!

  25. I reread a couple of old favorites every year and I LOVE IT. This summer I devoted completely to re-reading. I reread all the Harry Potters (for the eighth time), If I Stay and Where She Went, A Discovery of Witches and Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness (since the final book in the trilogy just came out), The Giver (for about the 10th time), Little Women (for about the 50th time), and several more I can’t think of right now. I, too, have a large haul of galleys and ARCs that flow in (I used to work for Harper Collins so I have several friends who are generous and still work in publishing) so I always feel the need to be reading NEW stuff, but this summer I didn’t let myself read hardly anything new so that I could remember some of my “old friends.” It was TOTALLY worth it and I think I’ll make it a yearly thing (2-3 months per year where I just reread old favorites.)

    All that said – I’m also a movie re-watcher. I think you either ARE a person who truly loves revisiting stories or you’re not. My husband – not so much. No matter how much he loves it.

    • I think that I have LESS of a hard time re-watching movies maybe because it’s a shorter commitment? I re-watch def more than I re-read.

      I’ve never read HP (just the first book) but it’s so interesting to me that A LOT of people (even ones who don’t reread often) will reread HP series and some people SO many times like yourself or even yearly. I wonder if it’s the favorite factor or a comfort thing or because it shaped a lot of readers…or maybe all?

      IF I Stay & WSW are definitely on my reread list!

      Your summer thing sounds like such a fun idea. I’m kind of thinking maybe the month of December (and maybe November) could be a good reread month for me because typically 1) I’m so busy during holidays that I might not want to start somethign new and might want that comfort read and 2) so many less NEW books coming out for me. I have way less ARCs in those months.

  26. After re-reading through all the comments, I remembered that I also reread the Time Quartet (Wrinkle in Time, etc.) because I LOVE THOSE BOOKS.

  27. The Giver was one of my favorite rereads! I read it in middle school, college, and after college, and each time, I found something new and interesting within the book. Fahrenheit 451 was the same way!

  28. I wish I had time to re-read too! Especially the Harry Potter books or books in series that I can’t remember the plot before the next book comes out.

  29. I don’t re-read a lot, also because of time, a never-ending TBR list, and the desire to read new stories. But I’ve opened up to it more in the last few years. If anything, the second/third/fourth time reading makes me love books more because I get to remember why I loved it and take time to see how all the details came together to make the ending that I already know. A great example was Mockingjay. I know everyone hates it, but the second time I read it I took it from 3 stars to 5 because already knowing where it was going let me take a step back and see the real plot.

    This year I made it a goal to re-read The Lord of the Rings. Those are the books that I credit my love of reading to, and my nerdiness. I hadn’t read them since I was 15, and although they are an all time favorite, I have never wished to fight my way through them again because that writing and pacing was so tough on my 15 yo self. So what I did was listen to their audio books instead while doing chores, cooking, and working out. So I guess I technically didn’t re-“read” them, but it let me experience that world again without being very time consuming. Maybe audio books would help you reach some of your goals? Just a thought!

    Bless you if you made through all that rambling. πŸ™‚

  30. I used to re-read a lot before I started high school. When high school started, my reading time significantly decreased and I choose to use that time to read new books instead of re-reading. I wish I had time to re-read, though. You’re right; it’s like visiting an old friend πŸ™‚

  31. I used to reread all the time, and I loved it! I kind of miss it sometimes, considering I never seem to have time to anymore. Then I rediscovered the Library, started blogging, got all these review books, and there are just so many books I want to read that I never get to reread anymore. There are definitely some books that I would love to reread and hopefully I’ll get to someday. I just hope they live up to all of the hype in mind!

  32. I find myself rereading the same books every other year: the Anne of Green Gables series (my fav) in the Spring, and Jane Austen in the summer & fall.

    There have also been a couple of books that I have loved so much that I reread them as soon as I finished them the first time lol

  33. I seem to be in the minority here. I think I re-read more than I read new books. I’ve never had a lot of money to buy books, or even access to a library, so I grew up re-reading the same books (and rewatching the same movies and shows. I never really knew there were people who didn’t like rewatching until recently. Like, I literally did not know that was a thing. I haven’t seen many movies, but I’ve seen most of my favorites 100s of times.) Now, I re-read the Harry Potter books once every few years, and every Christmastime I re-read Let It Snow. I’m a nostalgic person, and my tastes don’t really change much as time goes by, so re-reading is always fun and comforting to me.

  34. I love to re-read books. There is just something so wonderful in reading books I’ve fallen in love with that I couldn’t imagine myself not re-reading as much as I do. while I want to expereicne all of the books out there, often times when I am incredibly down or in a reading slump, I pick up a book that I’ve loved in the past and just read it. It’s almost like coming home.

  35. I rarely re-read. There’s just not enough time and too many other books to read lol. But sometimes I do if the movie is coming out and I read the book a really long time ago.

  36. I’m hoping to reread some books next year too, Jamie. I have all these books that I bought for that purpose. May as well, right? πŸ™‚

  37. I really don’t reread. Your reason #1 pretty much sums it up, I have way too many books on my tbr pile that I’m just itching to get to. And of course the pile keeps growing! The only books I can think of that I would like to go back and reread are some of my favorites from middle/high school (which is many many years ago!).

  38. Great post, J! I don’t do a lot of re-reading either, mostly because of time. There are so many books I have yet to read, so re-reading gets put on the back burner. But I do like to “re-skim”, especially when I’m in a reading slump/funk. I like to go through my favorite scenes because they remind me why I love reading so much.
    I hope you’ll be able to do all the re-reading you want next year!

  39. I am not much of a re-reader but I have read a couple of my favorites over. I have plans with Tanya from Mom’s Small Victories to read The Poisonwood Bible with her in January- she’s never read it but it’s one of my favorites. So I will get at least one re-read in next year. πŸ™‚

  40. My best friend has a habit of finishing a book, deciding she loves it, and starting immediately right back at the beginning. She’s crazy. I’ve definitely reread fewer books since starting my blog, in fact, until the middle of the year I had only reread one novel this year, but then I think about all the books I love and I just have to give them another go, you know?

  41. I used to reread my favourite books ALL THE TIME as a kid, obviously due to lack of my own wage and what not (I was like 9), I only got books when someone else bought them for me, so my personal library was a little more restricted. Sure, I still read new books at the library, but I reread my favourites so, SO many times. I can practically remember the full storylines now 15 years later. I loved rereading. I loved really getting to know characters, and knowing the stories inside out. I loved rereading HP in preparation for the new book coming out. I hardly reread at all any more. There’s new books, ARCs, TBRs, cheap eBooks at the click of a mouse (or a tap of a screen these days) and it just feels like there’s no time for rereading. One of my goals for 2015 will be to reread more too, and to appreciate my favourites.

    R x

  42. It’s so interesting that you wrote a post about re-reading, Jamie! I’ve been rereading a lot more this year, and I’m loving it. So far, everything I’ve reread has been a winner for me. It’s real fun for me, and I look forward to rereading more next year! Did you hear about Hannah and Kelly’s rereading challenge? You should do it!

  43. I don’t reread often, but when I do, my favorite thing about it is finding bits of foreshadowing or detail I didn’t notice before. When a book is set in a complex world with a lot of stories intertwining (like in Harry Potter), I find that rereading allows me to experience a richer version of the same book. And I feel like I’m connecting with the author when I think, “Ahh! I see what you did there!”

    • YES sometimes that first time reading it is just the experience part of it and that second time is when you get to really savor and pay attention to those details!

  44. I LOVE rereading and I try to do it as often as possible. There are a couple of favorite books I reread every once in a while and sometimes I go back and reread the books before the sequel/conclusion is published πŸ™‚ I make time for it, because I read for myself. I want to pick up the books I feel like reading and sometimes it means returning to a book I’ve already read.


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