Monthly YA Book Subscription Box Reviews: Uppercase & OwlCrate

Subscription boxes are all the rage and they have them for pretty much everything you can imagine. I personally have done Julep (did it for a while but had to stop because NAIL POLISH OVERLOAD) and Ipsy (did it in the first year it was created and quit after one time).

I’ve noticed a lot of bookish subscription boxes popping up over the past year — created by bookstores, bookish websites and bloggers alike. I’ve been curious about them and was grateful that two companies reached out to me for a chance to review their subscription box. So full disclosure: I did not pay for these but received one box for review from both companies in exchange for an honest review. I didn’t receive any other compensation other than the free box!

UppercaseLogo5-e1403709110859(click the logo to check out the website)

What I got:

Cute packaging (the mailer, if you care, was a standard priority mailer envelope)! Also, Jamie fail. I got too excited and started taking stuff out so pretend you didn’t see the candle and it’s in the package still.

Uppercase boxThe whole package!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


Closeup of the candle!Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I opened the package and immediately I pulled out a non-book shaped thing which was  the candle! It’s adorable (I’m definitely keeping that tin after I burn the candle). It smells nice and I’m actually burning it right now. Then I pulled out the letter. I think this was a nice touch — it’s handwritten and I loved hearing why Lisa picked Red Queen.  Then I pulled out the book, Red Queen. I think this was a good selection though I already have it as an ARC. I tried to read it a couple months but since I’m a mood reader I was in a fickle mood and put it down though I definitely plan to try to pick it up again. Then it came with a signed bookplate from the author that I can put in my book (very cool!). Then there was a little slip of paper with a 15% discount to a shop on Etsy which I will be checking out!


Nice, clean website. Detailed FAQ section that was pretty darn thorough.
Love the two subscription options. There’s the Expert which is the most general one — it varies in genre and isn’t tailored to your taste or anything. Then there is the Personalized box which is nice if you are a bit more picky, only read certain genres, etc. Since I don’t have a log-in I couldn’t get into see what kinds of questions you get asked but I know it is a more personalized pick based on your answers.
Excellent curating — They are new releases from major publishers! I browsed the past picks too (I love that you can see that as a prospective customer) and I think Lisa has done a good job picking quality books in various genres for the Expert box! I think if you read pretty widely you will be great with the Expert picks!
Exclusive author content for Uppercase members: I thought this was such a nice touch! You’ll get an email about a week after the box ships in which you’ll get some exclusive content JUST for Uppercase members.

Gift option: I love that there is an option to gift it to a friend and you can pick which box and how many months. What a great gift to give someone!


A little too pricey for my taste: I think this is my problem with subscription boxes in general? The basic (Expert) box is $29 (that includes shipping).  Most YA hardcovers are let’s say ~$15 plus shipping if you order online. (On Amazon and B&N they are listing it around $11.50 right now). I guess it depends on if you value not having to do the work of finding a new read and also if you think the bookish goodie is worth those extra couple dollers.

Only currently ships to US, Puerto Rico and Canada. (This doesn’t affect ME but thought it’s worth noting).

Return policy: I know it probably has to be this way because it would get MESSY and crazy but if you get a book you already own you are pretty much out of luck. You can’t return it. Best you can probably do is sell it to Amazon or a second hand shop to get yourself a new book. Or host a giveaway. Swap with a friend. It would be a bummer to get a book you already had but I guess that’s the gamble if you are a frequent book buyer. If don’t buy a lot of books, this won’t be much of a problem!


e940a7aaec0b421e931a3b6877ded904(click the logo to check out the website)


Cute box! Love how even their box calls out to their brand!

Owl Crate box

Ooh pretty stuff! (I love when packages come with this stuff because I always reuse it)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The whole package!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset


The poster in full (it has the OTHER cover on the other side):

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I was SOOO happy because I have been wanting this book and actually didn’t own it! I thought for sure I would get a book I either had as an ARC or owned so this automatically made me happy! I thought the goodies in here were all fab — the CraftedVan bookmarks that I love, the Game of Thrones figure (I don’t watch but Will and I are starting it soon), the swag (pin, bookmark and poster) and the cutest unicorn bandages EVERRR. Like I kind of want to get wounded so I can use one. (Okay not really because I’m the whiniest of whiny babies and pain adverse).


Great curating: I mean, it’s only the first pick from Owl Crate but I thought this pick was on point! It is a new release with good buzz!

Themed packages: This is one thing I think is REALLY cool about Owl Crate is that each month has a different theme that the book and the goodies for the month revolve around! This month was fantasy and the sheet I got says that next month the theme is “all the feels”! Very curious what that will entail!

Really lovely packaging: I’m a sucker for good packaging and presentation and Owl Crate had that from the time I saw the package on my doorstep to the time I opened it. Everything looks super professional and is just REALLY cute. Love the logo and how pretty everything is! A+ branding.

The goodies: This subscription box is more expensive than Uppercase Box BUT you get extra goodies in it. So if you are a person who wants to discover cool bookish things, this one is great. It was really fun to get some cute surprises! I thought the selection of things in this box were of quality and worth the money. I personally have some bookmarks from Craftd Van already (dessert themed) and they are the best bookmarks I’ve owned!

Price discount if you select a 3 month or 6 month plan: If you know that you want to get it for more than just a month there is a discount which I appreciate!

Ships internationally: It’s a pretty steep price if you ARE looking to ship outside of US or Canada but I like that it’s an option!


Expensive: Pretty much everything I said above about Uppercase Box. This one is $29.99 plus shipping but you DO get more goodies with the book that I thought were of quality.

No personalized option: It’s probably not fair to compare the two but I think that this was a great feature of Uppercase that helps pickier readers. I would HIGHLY recommend being open to many genres if you subscribe to this one because there ISN’T the option to maybe get only fantasy-ish picks or contemporary only (at this point in time anyways). If you are open to reading from many genres, I think this isn’t a con at all. Like for me, this wouldn’t bother me at all because I’ll read from any genre.

Return policy: I already explained this above for Uppercase. I get why they maybe wouldn’t but I do wish there was an option (for both of them) to maybe get 1 or 2 “returns” on your account in the event you got the same one. So, I guess, like I said above you can always give away it if you get a duplicate, donate it or sell it.


Would I subscribe to Uppercase or Owl Crate?



I think Uppercase AND Owl Crate are great but I don’t know that it would be worth it for ME right now. Why? Because if you are a blogger (especially one who gets a lot of ARCs) or someone super into this community who buys a lot of books, it’s a bit of a gamble. Looking over the past month’s (plus this month’s) of Uppercase selections, I already owned ALL but one out of 7 (which I was aware of but not interested in) that I got either as ARCs and/or bought. I would consider subscribing to Uppercase/ Owl Crate if I stopped blogging and wasn’t as on top of new releases/not getting ARCs anymore obviously (and also if my financial situation could allow it haha).  I WOULD in my current situation, however, consider gifting it to a friend or family member who reads but isn’t up on the new releases — definitely my niece and maybe my little sister.

People I WOULD recommend them to:


People who aren’t up on the latest and greatest books: I’m thinking of some family members and friends who read YA (but not nearly as voraciously as the people in this community) and I think they wouldn’t be aware of or have already heard of these picks. I know I have a lot of readers of this blog who are NOT bloggers and who rely on my blog and others to find recommendations and I think this sort of box would be REALLY good for them to discover new books.

People who don’t buy a lot of books: If you are a person who pre-orders a lot of the big buzz books and talked about books in this community, there is a good chance you might have already gotten it. But if you are a person who really doesn’t buy a lot of new books (especially new releases) this might be ideal.

People who don’t have time to discover new reads: If you aren’t super into the community and don’t really like to spend time finding new reads, this might be your solution because they curate for you! It can be time consuming and hard to find out where to start so this takes all the hard work out of it and gives you well-loved and decently popular books.

People who are new to the YA scene: I think this is a great thing if you are new to YA and don’t know where to get started!

People who are wanting to give a gift to the young or not so young YA reader in your life: You might be someone who doesn’t really read YA but knows a YA reader! This is a great gift option because you don’t have to try to figure out what book they might like and who doesn’t like getting FUN mail!



I think Uppercase and Owl Crate are on to something really great even if I don’t think, right now, it’s a good investment for me because I get a lot of books right now and I’d probably overlap a lot plus financially I’m not able to do any sort of subscription boxes right now. When the time comes that I ever abandon this blog and am not as immersed in this community I think I’d LOVE to subscribe to either one of them. They both of their own pros and cons (some that they share that are just really inherent of subscription boxes, I think) but I would highly recommend both. I think it would depend on what you are looking for — Uppercase has more flexibility that could be more tailored to your tastes and Owl Crate is really fun because you get themed boxes full of really awesome goodies in addition to the book. All depends on what you are looking for and how much you are willing to spend! I also do recommend both because both Lisa (Uppercase) and Korrina (Owl Crate) are great contributors to this community from the interactions I’ve had with them and they have solid recommendations.


Do you subscribe to any bookish boxes? What do you think about these/are you interested in subscribing? Let me know if you have any questions about them and hopefully I can answer! Also, for fun, I’d LOVE to hear about any OTHER subscription boxes you are into!

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  1. Subscription boxes are taking over the world!

    I hadn’t heard of either of these, but they both sound wonderful! I do think I’d prefer Owlcrate because of the themed goodies. And I’m an eclectic reader so I wouldn’t mind not getting personalized book selections (from either service). It’s always fun to discover something new! But you’re absolutely right that both are quite pricey, especially if you’re already a regular book buyer. I don’t buy a lot of books because they’re expensive, so as fun as these boxes seem, they’re definitely out of my price range, too! Maybe one day I can treat myself to a few. 🙂

    • Haha they really are. I mean, you can literally find them for EVERYTHING.

      Yeah, I love the extra goodies too. I love to discover new bookish/cute things so that’s of value to me, too! And the themes are so fun!

      I definitely think when I quit blogging one day (and am hopefully in a better financial situation) that I’ll subscribe to one of these. I know I won’t keep up with what’s new/won’t be getting books in the mail so I would find value in someone keeping me up to date like that.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Great write up! My opinion is pretty much the same as yours–I think these subscription boxes are cool, but not really for me. I already buy/receive so many new releases, I’d definitely end up getting duplicates. Also, they are kinda pricey. Personally I think I’d lean more toward Owlcrate because I like the extra bookish goodies, but I’m a little confused as to why they advertise as YA and then send out an adult fantasy novel. I mean, ADSOM is an awesome book and it definitely has crossover appeal, but it’s not YA. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see how these bookish subscription services do in the future!

    • Yes! I mean, I liked that I could look at the past selections for Uppercase because it really drove home my point. Out of 7 I already had 6 of them in either arc or hardcover form. If I LOVED a book and think it’s a favorite, after I read it as an ARC, I’d go buy it myself. So it would be great if one happened to come that I wanted to buy anyways. But I’m really picky about what I buy. When I’m not a blogger I think it would be a better match for me but not right now!

      They had an answer to your question about the adult book in their FAQ.

      Q. I received an adult novel instead of a young adult novel. It looks awesome, but I’m wondering why?

      A. Once in a blue moon we will be sending out adult novels that the YA communities are embracing and are excited by. Usually these will be written by authors who also write YA and are well known in our community. We promise they will always be suitable for ages 16+, and that you will have a great time reading them!

  3. Right now, I just don’t have the money for that. I like my subscription boxes to have at least the value of the box- like Loot Crate.
    Imogen’s Typewriter. <3

    • Same! I don’t know how Ipsy is now but that was my problem when I first subscribed to them years ago. It was NOT at all worth what I paid for it. Julep I thought was mostly worth it because good nail polish IS expensive.

      Idk what Loot Crate is but I’m obviously going to be checking it out!! 🙂

  4. I think these are such a cute idea and I really like the look of the Owlcrate package. I think they are a great gift idea, but I wouldn’t personally subscribe 1. They are pretty expensive. 2. Even more expensive if you already have the book! 3. I live in Ireland -so I don’t even want to think about the postage costs. Cute, though!

    • Yeah shipping would be insane. It says $19.99 on top of the box cost for international for Owl Crate. I don’t know if that would be worth it :/

      • The shipping is actually not as bad as I thought it might be! But at almost $50 (incl. shipping) for a book and some cute extras, yeah, definitely a huge splurge! (And then I’d probably have the book already!) Ha!

  5. I love the whole idea from the OwlCrate! It’s a shame that shipping INT is always so ridiculous pricey, but I like the extra stuff you get. Those bookmarks are adorable 😀

    • SO pricey. I mean, it’s their first month of doing it so hopefully they will be able to figure out a way, in the future, to make shipping less pricey!

      And omg aren’t they?? You should check out Crafted Van on Etsy! I own a set that is dessert themed. I LOVE these bookmarks and pretty much exclusively use them now.

  6. I would love to get books from Uppercase. I hope they’ll do international shipping soon :3

    • I’m hoping they will open it up international some day too! I think it’s a great opportunity! It’s only been in existence for like half a year so maybe it will happen in the future?

  7. This is definately a great idea. I love all the bookish items that I along with the boxes. I also like the themed box from owl crate. Probably not something my budget would allow me to do at this point. I would pass along to family as a gift idea, however I did notice that the gift pricing was almost 6$ more then when you purchase for yourself.

    • Yes! I think it would be a fun gift! But I didn’t notice that. Hmm. Going to have to investigate and ask Lisa about that!

      • Was the default set at 3 months when you looked? Maybe that was why it was more expensive? You can move it to one month and that should be the regular price.

  8. I didn’t even know that book subscription boxes were a thing! This is an awesome idea for gifts, I know of a few people who would love this. I don’t think I’d do it for myself because I have all the books (or I buy them the second they are available), but like you said, there are people I know who aren’t book ninjas like me who would be thrilled to get a book box. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I never would have known about Uppercase or Owl Box otherwise.

    Michelle @ Michelle’s Minions

  9. I had heard about both subscription boxes and I love the personalize option by Uppercase. If I had to pick, I feel like I’d go with them because of that option since I’m really selective about what I read . However it’s really expensive and when you consider that the Canadian dollar isn’t doing well and you have to pay in USD, the conversion rate is insane! And shipping is always incredibly expensive, but I like the idea of giving these as a gift perhaps to someone who does read a lot of YA or would like to get into YA like you suggested. Great post Jamie 🙂

    • Yes, I think that is a GREAT feature of Uppercase! Helps give you a better match that you’ll be happy with! Hopefully in the future they will figure out a way to make the shipping a better deal! Because yeah..I don’t think it’s a great deal when you add so much extra on for shipping. Doesn’t make sense to do, at least, it wouldn’t be for me if I was in Canada.

  10. How fun — who doesn’t like to get a present?!
    I agree with your points. I’m willing to try new books and new genres, but it’s a lot of money to spend on a book that you’ve already read (especially if you didn’t like it) or aren’t interested in.
    These are great gift ideas though!
    Jen at YA Romantics

    • Right? It was so exciting to get a fun box like this! But yeah…not a good fit for me right now because there is a very good chance I will have it or have already read it. And my budget for books is low already so I wouldn’t want to risk getting a duplicate or something I didn’t like as an ARC.

  11. Thanks so much for reviewing these, Jamie! I’ve been seeing a lot of buzz about them lately, but have been really hesitant to try them out, exactly for the reasons listed in your cons. These are definitely some of the most expensive subscription boxes I’ve seen, and I didn’t really understand how they were justifying the price. I think one major bonus for Lootcrate is that they work with other companies to create exclusive goodies for their boxes, so each box has things you can’t get anywhere else. Also, every Lootcrate I’ve gotten has either had a book or a t-shirt, plus at least 5 other goodies… And they’re only $20!

    I love the idea of a bookish subscription box, but it seems more challenging to curate, for the value!

    • Someone else in the comments mentioned Lootcrate so I went and checked it out. Those past boxes look awesome! And I really like that they have those exclusive goodies! Hmm hopefully these companies, since they ARE newer, will find a better way to make it a better value for that cost in the future. It’s a shame because I LOVE the idea but I just can’t justify it.

  12. I’m surprised I didn’t know that these existed! Thanks for the post! I am definitely bookmarking this post! I think I am more likely to do this as a gift for family and/or friends, because I don’t want to spend that kind of money on myself (plus in this wonderful community, if you participate in things like TBTB Secret Santa or OTSP Secret Sister then you’re kind of getting this as it is, and you get to create your own for someone else which is way fun!).

    • YES that’s what I think is more fun about TBTBsanta and OTSP — it goes both ways! LOVE the ideas of these things but not something I’d get for myself for the price!

  13. This review is perfect because I’ve been wanting to do a sub box sooo bad lately! My main problem is the price. It’s not worth it for me to spend $30+ on something that I’m not even sure about what I’m getting. I have a LOT of books, and I’m like you – chances are I will have already read it. I don’t want to spend that much money with the risk of getting a duplicate.
    But, I really want the extra goodies! That’s really my main motivation. If I wanted a certain book, I’d buy it off of Amazon or TBD for cheaper than list price. I would never subscribe to a service just for a book. BUT – is it really worth it to pay an extra $15+ just for a couple of cute bookish things? I could just get them for myself after I see the monthly pictures of everything. The author specials in Uppercase are nice, I looove signed things!

    I think what it really comes down to for me if I ever have the extra money is the excitement and the mystery!

    • YES it basically comes down to if the goodies are worth the extra $$! I def think if there comes a time when I quit blogging (I know I won’t be as up to date on stuff if I do) that I’d LOVE to have someone to do the hard work and hopefully they will find a way to make these a smidge cheaper by then haha It would be so fun to get surprise mail!

  14. I’ve been pretty curious about Uppercase, but I hadn’t heard of Owlcrate. If anything, I think I’d go with Owlcrate just because the extra goodies make it seem worth it.

    Thanks for this, Jamie! I’d been wondering about Uppercase, and I love knowing that someone is out there to help everyone else!

  15. Thanks so much for reviewing these Jamie! I’ve been wondering about the Uppercase box and this is the first time I’ve seen Owl Crate. I love getting bookish mail, and they’re super adorable and tempting. BUT I don’t collect a lot of bookish things – I don’t have a lot of space and have prioritized books over accessories. Also, I think I’d run into a similar problem of having the books already. Because there are SO MANY books out there I want to read, I’ve become picky about what I purchase and read, so I’m not sure this would be a great fit for me. However, I think it’s adorable and a great business! Something like OTSPSecretSister -not a subscription service, but you get the same types of things though completely personalized is wonderful for me and I think possibly bloggers who want something like this but are worried about too much overlap. You’re the best!

    • Yay I’m glad it was helpful! 🙂

      YES I love OTSPSecretSister. Kind of the same thing except YOU get to also send out a box of cheer! Plus they can see what you have already. Definitely think that sort of thing is best for bloggers and maybe the box is for people who don’t buy a lot/love YA but aren’t as immersed in it as we are.

  16. I don’t tend to buy a lot of physical books – so I am using these to add to my library. I loved the first OwlCrate!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  17. I actually just subscribed to Owl crate and I honestly think it will over all help me cut back on my book buying because ‘I may get it in the mail’ so while its a little expensive, I already spend too much money on books so I figured I’ll see if this helps haha. I’m super excited though just because I love getting mail 🙂 can’t wait until next month

  18. Wow, I am really interested in the concept of book subscription boxes! I can see what you mean about the price and the fact that you can’t return the books if you have one already though. I really like the idea but I would prefer it if they could give you more for what you’re paying.

    Mel ♥ everyword

    • Yeah, I’m hoping since they are still new that they will be able to later on down the road figure out a way to make it more worth the price.

  19. Lootcrate is a similar subscription box. It doesn’t look like it ALWAYS has books, but there are a lot of nifty things and each box has a theme. They run $13.95 and shipping is around $6. ,

  20. Wow, I’m really impressed by the Owlcrate box. I love the content! I used to have a subscription for horse themed monthly boxes when I was younger. It was pretty neat that the books in those boxes were published only for members so there was never any problems with dublicates. For me, a subscription to Owlcrate, Uppercase and the likes unfortunately would be a little too risky and expensive (especially since I live in Germany).

    • Yeah, I think being a frequent book buyer and if you ARE buying the more big buzz books then it will be highly probable you will get duplicates which is unfortunate.

  21. I’ve never been subscribed to any sort of box or crate that comes in the mail, though they seem to be on the rise a lot lately. I’ve been thinking about subscribing to some of the nerdy ones for like video games and such, though now that there’s book boxes, I just may have to subscribe to one of them instead. Thank you very much for this in depth review-it was very helpful!
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

    • I’m glad it was helpful! I love perusing all the different types of subscription boxes. I hate being broke haha

  22. I have never heard of these before but they look like such a great idea. As you said, maybe a little bit expensive, but such a nice treat for yourself. I’m definitely going to have a look around and see if there are any of these happening in the UK right now. Ooo, and just in time for payday!

  23. Jamie, this was an excellent review on both products. I love the idea of the whole concept. It is always so exciting to open a new package full of surprises. I have to agree on the too expensive thing though, but maybe I’ll try one and check it out for myself.

  24. I’m not sure if subscription boxes are the “new thing,” but I’m starting to feel like they are. I see subscription boxes for EVERYTHING — stationary, books, cute things like stuffed animals, and so much more. So I’m starting to get the feeling that people would rather pay a monthly fee to have something picked FOR them than go out and find, say, cute stationary.

    I already talked to you on Twitter about my iffiness on these, and it’s their price. 🙁 $30/month for a subscription is super steep to me. I mean I’m sure they factor in the extra goodies + shipping + production cost, but that’s frivolous spending I would immediately cut out if money got tight.

    I may try one month or two just to see how I like it, but for right now I’d rather buy my own books and just get cute things on my own. Great reviews though!

  25. Ha I just did a post like this today, and I had uppercase as one, but also bookriot has a box (well two now). I enjoy the surprises I get, but I’ll have to check out the owlcrate one.

  26. I loved seeing your honest take on both these monthly YA book subscription boxes, Jamie! It’s fascinating (and awesome!) that this is an actual thing that exists, and I really think that the contents are pretty awesome. While I don’t know if I’d subscribe either, I do think it’s pretty great! Thanks for the in-depth look 🙂

  27. It seems really fun, but it’s definitely not for me because I live in the Philippines. I’m not paying that much for a book and some goodies all because of stupid shipping. I could get the book here for much cheaper.

    I also don’t want to go in blind. I’m a picky reader, and if I did subscribe to this, I wouldn’t like to have paid that much for a book I ended up not liking. There’s a Fandom in A Box (if I got it correct) and they post hints of the next month’s box, which is a great thing to do. The biggest risk in all of these things is getting something I’m not interested in at all.

  28. Great post! I’ve been vaguely aware of subscription boxes for various things, but I hadn’t read anything like this about book-related ones. I agree that it would be too tricky for me…I’m very particular about what I like to read and the things I like to buy. I think it’s fun to read about what’s in the boxes, though!

  29. I googled owl crate reviews and this came up. I’m a little late to the party but appreciate the post. You’ve helped me make up my mind. As for other subs I get Ipsy. Every time I get a bad box and think about canceling I think it’s only $10 and maybe next month will be better and there is that darn wait list. I bet they keep a lot of people that way. I get an Inevitably Chic box and it’s the same thing. It’s only $15 and I like the jewelry in it. I sometimes get stitchfix but because their price point is outrageous I only get them every so often. Price point is everything.

    • I’m glad I was able to help! 🙂 I always want to do Stitchfix but ahhh so expensive and like you lose some money even if you send all of them back right? I don’t like that. I’d rather go try on clothes myself and only shell out money if I buy something. Not like a fee for them picking them out for me. But I also really enjoy clothing shopping and know what I like/what looks good so I guess I don’t really have a need for that. The jewelry one is intriguing to me though!

  30. Very interesting review ! I’m looking for a subscription box too but until now the high shipping costs have been putting me off. I’m still not sure after reading your review. It’s great if you live in the US but otherwise..

  31. I couldn’t subscribe to uppercase because I’m in the UK, but OwlCrate charges $20 to ship to the UK, which takes the total cost to $50 for a book + extras, per month… I’m not sure what the discount is, but it won’t be enough to make this an affordable option for me. Maybe one day… Love the pics honey!


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