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Ahhh the last time I did one of these so many of my answers were whining about how pregnant I was in some way or another. And now I have a 4 month old. HOW FAST TIME GOES.


Currently reading: A book about baby sleep (4 month regression, what upppp).

Currently listening to on audiobook: NOTHING. Please give me your recs!!

Currently listening to: Never Give up On Me by Misterwives

Currently eating: Trader Joe’s organic popcorn

Currently drinking: MY NEW FAVE BEER — Manayunk Brewery’s King Crunch which is a peanut butter and banana porter and it is amaaaazing.

Currently wearing: In my pjs already

Currently watching: This week’s episode of The Walking Dead.

Currently waiting on my DVR: A couple Survivor episodes because I’m so behind

Currently looking at: My little fur baby’s head that is literally HALF WAY ON MY KEYBOARD

Currently opened tabs: Pinterest (do we follow each other??), Tailwind, Facebook, How Wee Learn blog (obsessed with all things baby play/development these days for obvious reasons lol), Gmail, this site because I’m trying to find motivation to do a postpartum workout, Nike (because omg extra 25% off a bunch of stuff and I am in NEEEED of many things)

Currently texting: my bffs

Currently on my library holds list: Little Fires Everywhere

Currently on my book to-buy list: Dear Martin by Nic Stone

Currently waiting to be released: Sightwitch by Susan Dennard ( I don’t always read companion novellas but I cannot wait for this)

Currently adding to my Goodreads TBR list: Leah On the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli (love her books and the cover was just realized and it is awesome!)

Currently adding to my physical TBR: Twelve Steps To Normal by Farrah Penn

Currently recommending: Adam Silvera’s They Both Die At The End

Currently talking about on the blog: It’s been gift guide galore here…which is bad for my wallet and yours…but ALAS.

Currently coveting for Riley: BAHAHAH what am I not coveting for her these days but a few things: this Harry Potter hat/scarf, this teething necklace (not sure that she’s teething yet but SOON), this unicorn lovey, this incredibley super extra avocado plush toy (Will just laughed at me when I said I wanted it), this freaking adorable jacket/sweater, this leopard print puffer vest

Currently coveting for myself: a manicure, a full night of sleep with zero interruption, this ring, this scarf,  these slip-ons, this coat (I love statement piece type coats)

Currently contemplating: If I should go to bed or not….I should take advantage of sleep but I don’t want to.

Currently loving: this picture of Riley and I that Will took:

Currently learning: that everything is a season….that baby sleep is not linear. It all goes up and down…she will sleep amazing for weeks and then it all goes to crap.

Currently dreaming of: a vacation

Currently looking forward to: the holidays…a lot of my fam hasn’t seen Riley since she was itty bitty

Currently craving: I want tacos so badly…

Currently procrastinating: hardboiling my eggs for lunches this week

Currently griping about: having to go to work tomorrow while Will is off

Currently need to do: order some pictures (where do you guys like to order pictures from?? I used to do Snapfish all the time…but its been ages since I printed off pics)

Currently celebrating: that the Sixers won tonight!

Currently feeling: that I really, really am loving this life of mine 🙂


Anyways….that’s what’s currently happening in my life! Would be fun if you would pick a couple of my “currently” topics in the comments and told me what you are currently up to!


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About Jamie

Jamie is a 30 year old married lady who is in denial that she’s actually that old. When she’s not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, listening to music with oversized headphones and having adventures with her husband and dog.


  1. I sooooooo love the pic!!!! Adorbs!!!! I am finding that I’m loving thrillers on audiobook. They totally keep my attention, which isn’t always the case with audiobooks. The Woman in Cabin 10, The Blind, Her Every Fear are just some recent ones. I go the library and just pick up what catches my eye!

    • Thank you!! I’m super obsessed with it!!

      That’s a good idea to do a thriller…I tend to like something that is more plot based with my audiobooks anyways. Thanks for the recs!! It’s always so hard to know what is good on audio!

  2. Oo if you haven’t readt The Gentleman’s Guide To Vice and Virtue, I highly recommend the audiobook.

    Also my sis does all her pictures through Shutterfly. And Christmas cards

  3. Have you read The Diviners? I’m listening to it on audio, and the narrator is AH-MAZING. She does all the voices. Really makes my hour a day commute fly by!

    Love that picture of you and Riley. So much love.

  4. That picture of Riley and you is going to be one of those you are going to keep and look at for the next 18 years. The love in that pic!

    Currently: I am at work and I don’t want to be here. Tomorrow, I have to work too, and the rest of my family is at home. I’m slightly stressing about making all the things for Thursday, but mainly, I just want to be home with my dog and my kids.

    • I feel like I just keep looking at it all the time already. Definitely want to frame it. Will captured the perfect moment with her laughing.

      Ah are you hosting Thanksgiving??? SO MUCH PRESSURE. We are going to my sister’s and are making a dish and that’s it. WHEW.

      • It will just be my husband and me plus our two kids. No big deal and no pressure really. It’s my son’s first trip back home during his freshman year of college, so I want to make it special for him. The only pressure is from me because of that.

  5. GIRL SHUTTERFLY. I literally get free coupons and such from them ALL THE TIME. I only pay shipping. If you download their app you only pay shipping for the prints. And they are always doing photo gifts where again you only pay shipping. So like for Josh’s parents I made a calendar with pictures of Teddy and it was literally $7.99 shipping and I know they’ll go wild for that. PLUS you add in your ebates on top of that (get the extension) and you get a little bit of cash back. Like now that I have a kid literally everyone I know is getting something from shutterfly with Teddy’s face plastered all over it.

    Also this is indeed a season but the Magic Merlin Sleep Suit really is actually magical.

    That’s a beautiful picture.

    Also post partum workouts. Bleh. I pay for Planet Fitness but don’t use it. I did however complete the Blogilates 2.0 Beginner calendar again but that was difficult due to my kiddo wanting CONSTANT attention. Now I am doing the 30 Day Shred and seeing results and it’s so much easier because it’s legit like 20 minutes so I feed Teddy a bottle and then he naps or he comes downstairs and rolls around while I work out.

    • Ah I’ve used Shutterfly back in the day. MUST FIND COUPONS. And great idea for something for Will’s mom and grandma! They will love that too!

      She is completely with arms out of the swaddle now and sleeps like a champ most nights (like 8 hours, eats and back to sleep)…we just had a couple of rough days but I think, after I wrote this, that maybe it was just a fluke couple days because she slept a 9 hour stretch last night lol. It just kills me when I get used to her sleeping great and then she has a shit night or a shit day of naps when she is normally a great napper.

      I wanted to start back up on Blogilates but I think I need to ease into exercising again with something easier lol

  6. I always want tacos. I was just thinking about them they other day, but then I ate chicken like a good grown up. That picture is so precious. <3 I am also looking forward the holidays, Christmas specifically, because my daughter will be coming home for 2 weeks!! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    • In the same always-wanting-tacos boat!! I could eat them every day honestly.

      Ooh that’s so wonderful your daughter will be coming home! So special to be able to spend time with family..I’m really looking forward to Christmas-time for that reason as well! Enjoy the holidays <33

  7. I love that picture! Cherish it. Also, as a new mom you may want to look into recently. It’s an app that prints booklets of iPhone pics you choose. It’s cheap and easy to use. There’s not a lot of editing but who has the time!?

    Currently – I’m reading white cat by holly Black. I’m trying to go through my very old to read pile. I’m enjoying it so far!

    Currently – wearing pjs and getting ready to go to bed. Tomorrow is thanksgiving prep day!

    Currently listening to on audiobook – Bellevue. It’s nonfiction and very interesting, though a bit dry.

    Happy thanksgiving!

  8. That is a gorgeous picture of your baby and self! So photogenic you too 🙂

  9. Aaah that picture is so cute. Also sorry about the 4 month regression. I didn’t even know that was a thing until after we were through it. Took forever for him to properly nap during the day again. So hugs for this period. It does get better. <3

    I am currently in my pj's doing comments 😀


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