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After their mother committed suicide and their criminal father fled to allude the police, Wick and her younger sister Lily have been placed in foster care and are trying to leave their life behind. The only thing is that it keeps catching up with them and Wick’s hacking skills don’t help keeping them out of danger. She tries to lay low with it until she receives the diary of a former childhood friend on her doorstep and then she finds out at school that Tessa is dead — a suicide. The Post It with the diary says “Find Me” but Wick doesn’t want to get involved until she finds out something that threatens someone she loves and knows she has to do whatever it takes.

Find Me by Romily Bernard was quite the page-turning thriller and I think that was the type of read I needed to get me out of my weird reading slump I mentioned I was in where I was putting down all sorts of books after 1 or 2 pages.Β  But here’s the thing, the strong start that kept me panicky and flying through it slowly dissipated for me a little more than the halfway mark. I was feeling super bummed and kept me at a point where I couldn’t say this was the phenomenal read I saw it shaping up to me — just a good one. Still positive feelings toward it — I liked it– but I became a little disappointed by the end.

Find Me opened up real strong for me and really progressed at a rapid pace. We learn about her past and find out along with Wick about the suicide of her old friend, Tessa, along with diary that finds its way to Wick. As the contents inside are revealed I couldn’t stop turning the pages and HAD to know what happened to Tessa and who the older creeper was she had a relationship with that made her commit suicide — especially when we find out who his next target is. I was ready for Wick, who is pretty kickass & a hacker, to start using those skills and find this mega creep. I was ready to get my Nancy Drew/Veronica Mars on with her!

I was flying through this book and it had that perfect amount of mystery to keep you going and thinking up all sorts of theories. But then about half way (or a little more than halfway) it became really obvious where this was heading to me as I started to eliminate people logically and think about certain things. What I was really hoping was that I was WRONG about who it was or that some new suspects would be introduced or a twist or something to at least trick me a little bit or make me doubt myself. Instead, it played out exactly how I thought it would so when the big reveal happened it was a bit luckluster for me and so the pursuit and resolution weren’t as “OMG AH WHAT IS GOING ON??” for me. I just needed a little bit more I think — there was only a certain amount of people and connections that could possibly be introduced. There was nothing too shocking for me. But that’s my dilemma when it comes to these types of books. I AM good at guessing so was it really just the book and the way it was plotted or should I be pursing a career in detective work instead??

Despite the way I thought the story went, I still liked other aspects of it. I really loved Wick and Lily and loved the strong sense of family loyalty between them and how each girl felt about their new family with their past still lingering. There was also an interesting thread in the story that had to do with Wick and Lily’s real dad and showed a lot of their past and you could just see how this transition into a new life would be hard. Wick was a great character and definitely not cookie cutter for me. She was quite sassy sometimes, loved her sister fiercely and was a hacker! I will say, I’m probably in the minority, but I didn’t LOVE the romance in this one but did appreciate that she didn’t become some weak and feeble girl when a boy came in the picture.

Find Me by Romily Bernard definitely was the page-turner I needed to snap me out of my reading slump because it immediately had this MUST FIND OUT mystery element to it. However, it became really predictable in the way it was plotted out, for me, so then the big reveal seemed lackluster because I had ruled out the other possibilities pretty easily. No doubt I enjoyed most of the book but for me to be anywhere other than “just liked it” it would have had to deliver something else that blew my mind. Luckily there were great characters and some familial threads that gave some more meat to this story as well.

Recommendation: If you are one who has read a lot of thrillers, you might end up predicting it early on like I did because there wasn’t much else that made sense and no other possible twists thrown out. If you don’t really pick up thrillers often, I absolutely recommend this because it’s such a page-turner and maybe you won’t read it the same way I did!

Find Me by Romily Bernard review


Let’s Talk: Have you read this one? Heard of it? Did you like it more/less than I did? Did you guess who it was?? Or am I just the boring person who apparently guesses everything all the time?? GRR. On that note, does your ability to predict a book effect your enjoyment of a book? I definitely still enjoyed this but the fact it didn’t surprise me at all made it on an OMG MUST READ. But is that MY great guessing skills or the book’s fault? SIGH. What are some thrillers that kept YOU guessing?

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  1. It’s scary how much I agree with your review. I touched on a lot of the same points in mine. I immediately guessed who the “obvious” choice for the antagonist would be, and then I sat there hoping and praying that it WOULDN’T be that person. Because 1) It was the obvious choice, and 2) I just didn’t want it to be that person. So when it was.. it was kind of disappointing.

    But despite that, I also enjoyed the book just like you did! Great review. πŸ˜€

    • YAY! I love when we agree!! The one we hugely disagreed about (Wild Awake) made me sooo sad. After I wrote my review I knew there was a word for what I was trying to say so I looked it up and FOUND IT. Red mysteries they are what distracts you from the real killer or suspect and I feel like there just wasn’t many of 1) I wasn’t easily distracted by many of the ones in the story bc I logically thought about them and then 2) there weren’t many at all. The pool of suspects was so small that it was just like can only be these what makes sense? I kept waiting for more people to come into the picture or something crazy to happen but it just progressed how I thought it would. :/


      YES. My exact text to Estelle was, “I will throw up if it’s Todd”. WHY NO WHYYYY. I felt worse for Lily than I did Wick bc Lily was soooo hoping for her perfect family.

      • ** SPOILERS **

        Red herring is exactly right!! And I kind of did the same thing.. I just kept narrowing it down. And I really didn’t want it to be Todd because I felt like that would have proven Wick right. Like Wick was always going on about how families don’t work out, etc., and I just wanted her to accept that she finally did land in a good home, and I wanted it to work out. But in the end, she was right. The families don’t work out (well Todd’s wife was good). I think I was just upset that things didn’t really work out for her 100% family-wise. I so badly wanted her to be proven wrong!

        But yeah, in books and in movies you can usually think, “Who is the least-likely suspect?” and that’s usually who it actually is. You look for the character who seems nicest or is closest to the protagonist, and that’s usually the bad guy! I’m disappointed that formula applied here!

  2. I tried reading this one but ended up DNF it. Many things didn’t seem plausible for me , and just wasted feeling it. Yeah I think I am something maybe lol

  3. You’re pretty much spot on. I’m not a mystery/thriller reader, so I had a lot of fun with this one. I mean, the guilty party was my best guess, but I wasn’t positive because so many other people were also super creepy. Like Griff. *side-eyes Romily*


      I def think if I read/watched these things occasionally I would have loved it more. I mean, obviously I LIKED it a whole lot..I just needed something to make my head spin to give more praise. SEE, I said the same thing to Estelle when I was texting her while reading. I was like “I’m half expecting Griff” but THAT was the sort of spin I would have loved to see it take if given the proper motivation/connection of dots. The guilty party was just the default choice for me plus he seemed to not be home a lot haha.
      SIGH..damn my brain! Why does it have to go into overdrive and try and solve the mystery instead of letting me be surprised??? CURSES.

  4. Aww, I got so excited at the start of your review, because this book sounded totally cool and awesome, and I hadn’t heard of it yet. But I do read thrillers pretty often, so I’ll probably have to skip this one if it’s as predictable as you say it is…I hate figuring out the ending before I’m supposed to! It’s one of my biggest book pet peeves, I think.

  5. I’m glad I’m not the only one in a reading slump. I’m still reading Starry Nights, but I feel like I’m slogging my way through – it’s good, but I’m not falling in love like I thought I would.

  6. That cover is so the face is hidden and made out of the words find me..I love that! Might need to check this one out!

  7. Wonderful review Jamie! I just finished Find Me last night, I feel exactly the same way you did. Like you, the predictability of the plot really bothered me, but I felt that the romance between Griff and Wicket was so forced and so unnecessary that the book would have just been better without it. Like you said, other than that, it is a pretty good book overall.
    Are you planning on reading the sequel? πŸ˜€


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