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A1Don Tillman has never really considered marriage. He’s got his whole routine/life down to the minute and he enjoys his life as a genetics professor. He keeps his socializing to a few friends and doesn’t really date. Until somebody he cares about makes a comment about him being a good husband one day. Considering this as a possibility for his life, he goes about trying to decide if finding a wife is possible…in the most scientific way of course. He comes up with The Wife Project in which he creates very specific questions based on the qualities for a wife that would be most compatible for him which his no easy task considering how particular he is. And then Rosie shows up in his life….Rosie who fails this quiz with flying colors. Rosie who needs his help to find her biological father.


a4Firstly, thank you SO much to the thoughtful and lovely Jen for sending this to me! I had been wanting to buy this one for a while especially because the cover is so beauteous.

1. Don Tillman is an AWESOME and memorable main character and reminded me of Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory: I was reading it and found myself snickering a lot — he’s really scientific and smart, very literal and just…very Sheldon Cooper like. I read a few lines to Will and said, “who does this sound like?” and he agreed…Sheldon Cooper. (Seriously, couldn’t you see Sheldon coming up with a scientific quiz for a potential wife?). He’s got his routine and his preciseness and he comes together to be this dynamically quirky, loveable character even in his most frustrating moments. It’s quite clear that he has Asperger’s or something similar (he reminded me so much of a boy I used to nanny who had Asperger’s) and it was fascinating to be in his brain especially because he wasn’t really aware that he had Asperger’s..just that some things came differently to him than others. Definitely not your usual character and I loved it! (Someone  on Twitter said he reminds them of Sherlock and I agree too!)

2. The Rosie Project managed to pull off hilarious and heartfelt really well: I laughed quite a bit during this book. It’s FUNNY. Like really funny. But it’s also really worms its way into your heart. It’s heartbreaking to watch Don struggle with things that come second nature to me — things like love. He doesn’t think with his heart and so he sees things very black or white — until Rosie comes around and stirs things up. It was so heartwarming, in addition to how heartbreaking some moments were to read as he struggles, because Don Tillman simultaneously wants to change and yet doesn’t at the same time. He just wants to be capable of love but isn’t sure he is.

3. The Rosie Project isn’t your typical love story and I love that: I read A LOT of love stories and I love ones that aren’t typically. Don hasn’t really dated and, to be honest, he isn’t sure he is capable of loving. He’s so stuck in his ways and he knows  that social interactions are much more difficult for him that he’s pretty much written off romance. With some prodding and a statement from someone he cares about, he suddenly begins to wonder if he is in fact capable of love and being a husband one day. I loved how his own love story unfolded — with all its messiness and unconventional bits. It was so wonderful and it became one of my favorite romances ever without being super romantic or in the obvious way. Love is not easy for him and it doesn’t come naturally so watching him navigate it just gives me the warm and fuzzies because you cannot HELP but root for him! Plus the Rosie/Don banter is A+!!

4. I loved watching Don see himself in new ways because of The Wife Project: He thinks he isn’t capable of change really and I loved watching him decide if he SHOULD change just so he could be a suitable husband or someone worthy of Rosie. As the book progresses you really watch Don start to see himself and the world in new ways and I LOVED THAT. His observations and his reflections were just great in regards to himself as a person and as someone with love to give.



factors+ characters, enjoyability, great writing, plot
Honestly nothing.

Re-readability: Possibly in a few years I may want to!
Would I buy a copy for my collection? I have one! It’s beauteous. Definitely a keeper on the shelf!

a5People who love a good love story that isn’t typical, adult fiction readers who like literary but not pretentious literary sorts of books, people who like charming and funny books, people who like Sheldon Cooper/Sherlock-esque characters (if that makes sense..but a little less annoying than Sheldon can be..AND I SAY THIS AS SOMEONE WHO LOVES SHELDON).

a8The Rosie Project was a book that made me laugh, warmed my heart and just completely swept me up in Don’s unique love story. I can see why the masses have fallen in love with Don and Rosie and all the great characters in this novel. What a fantastic, character-driven book and I can’t WAIT for The Rosie Effect!




a8j* Have you read this one? What did you think? Similar or different from me? I would LOVE to hear regardless!
* If you haven’t read it, is it something on your radar or that you think you will read?
* Did you find a similarity at all to Sheldon Cooper or was that just me?? I kept reading everything in his voice and had to stop so I wouldn’t just picture Sheldon haha
* If you’ve read it, how would you feel about it becoming a movie/who would you cast?? And how excited are you for book 2?? Any hopes or predictions for The Rosie Effect?

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  1. I absolutely loved this book, I loved seeing him grow as a character, really awesome it was. Omg I kept reading and thought this sounds som,ich like Sheldon it’s uncanny. I am really excited for book 2 I hope it lives up to expectations.

    • Such a great character driven novel in that way! I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw Sheldon in Don!! *crosses fingers re: book 2*

  2. I’m so glad that you loved The Rosie Project. I did, too! And definitely yes, Don reminded me of Sheldon Cooper. And I agree, too, that The Rosie Project is so funny, but also hits a lot of heart-warming spots as well.

    • YES I’m so glad you agree re: Sheldon. I was really nervous I was going to say that and people were going to be like UM NOT REALLY? I just love books that can do that to me — make me laugh but really hit me in the heart. CANNOT WAIT TO SEE HOW THEIR STORY ENDS UP!

  3. I’m taking The Rosie Project with me on holiday tomorrow (although I probably won’t get round to reading much), so I’m so happy to see such a good review! Can’t wait to read this 🙂

  4. First of all, let me say that I loved both this book, and its main characters. It was so original, and I agree about the unconventional progression of the love story being a refreshing, wonderful experience. I think the only thing that took it down a star for me was that I found the end to be a bit *too* tidy, particularly in contrast to a story that had been so beautifully messy. I felt like it was a little bit unrealistic, which took away from my satisfaction with it just a tiny bit. But, that said, I still rate this as one of my favourite books read last year. I think there’s a sequel coming out later this year, and I’m really looking forward to where Simsion takes his characters next!

    • That’s a good observation! I hadn’t really thought about that when I read it but I wonder if it’s because I KNEW there was a second book coming soon? Like I kind of saw them having that happily ever after kind of wrap up moment and figured The Rosie Effect would delve into the messiness as relationships progress. IF that makes sense? Thanks for sharing! I love hearing things that others thought that I hadn’t maybe thought of! Can’t wait to see how Rosie and Don end up!!

  5. I’ve almost bought this book SO many times (mostly because I’ve heard Jen raving about it on Twitter, her blog, etc.), but now between the two of you I REALLY need to either buy it or lend it from the library! Your comparison to Sheldon/Sherlock is what piqued my interest even more. I’m not a big romance reader, except for unconventional love stories – those are the ones that usually draw me in 🙂

  6. You are definitely not the only one who thought of Sheldon – he came to mind instantly! This really was such a sweet and fun book, and I loved that you got to see Don Tillman grow throughout. With the Sheldon-similarities, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hollywood picked it up, then again, I can’t unsee Jim Parsons so maybe they’ll stay away from a film version for that reason…

  7. I LOVED it! And I didn’t know that there will be book 2, Thanks for telling me. Comparing Don to Sheldon didn’t come to my mind when I read it, but now that you mentioned it I’m wondering how I could have missed that.

  8. I’m seriously looking forward to reading The Rosie Project! I’ve been intrigued by it for a while, and it sounds like the kind of offbeat, fun contemporary adult novel that I’d enjoy. Just the fact that Don reminds you of Sheldon is already a win for me 😉

  9. I did enjoy this read, but my enjoyment level was actually LESS because Don reminded me so much of Sheldon. And I love Sheldon. Check out my review:

  10. Yes! I loved this one. Definitely one of my favourites of the year so far! And you’re right — it’s not your typical love story, which is awesome. It’s great when someone breaks free of the usual cliches. There’s a second book coming out, too! I hope it’s just as good!