Books I Think Should Have Gotten More Attention In 2015

As I said last year — every year, when I reflect on what I’ve read, there are always these books that stick out to me and I’m like MAN these books were fantastic but they didn’t get NEARLY the attention they deserved! I decided that I’d make a list of those books for you if you are wanting to check out some books that were totally underhyped!

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So let’s go:

The Unquiet Mikaela Everett

The Unquiet: I’m really surprised this novel didn’t get more attention — parallel earths + the one earth trying to kill off their parallel selves to overtake the planet that isn’t failing! It was not at all what I thought it would be — it was brutal and unsettling and just altogether a surprise to me! It wasn’t perfect (kinda slow in the middle) but I just was surprised there wasn’t more talk about this one because I REALLY enjoyed it! (read more of my thoughts on The Unquiet)

the fixer Jennifer Lynn Barnes
The Fixer: This one was so fun!! I totally understood how it was pitched as Scandal (if she had a little sister) and Veronica Mars. Some political scandals + teens trying to figure out threads of it. It was that perfect book that was just FUN to read and a page-turner for sure with all the drama. (read more of my thoughts on The Fixer)

A Sense of the Infinite Hilary T. Smith
A Sense of the Infinite: I loved Hilary T. Smith’s debut Wild Awake so much so this book was priority for me and I really loved it. It was so different from her debut, which is still my favorite, but it was such a good book I’m just shocked that more people didn’t read it. Really good book about friendship and some delves into some other issues that surprised me! (read more of my thoughts on A Sense of the Infinite + a personal post about friend breakups that was inspired by this book)

Making Pretty Corey Ann Haydu
Making Pretty: I always really enjoy Corey’s novels — they are so thought-provoking and complicated and just explore the messiness of life and relationships. This one was no exception and I really enjoyed this one — though Life by Committee is still my favorite by her! (read more of my thoughts on Making Pretty)

The Boy in the Black Suit
The Boy in the Black Suit: No seriously why are more people not reading Jason Reynolds?!? This book was so amazing! Definitely a ~quieter~ and more character driven book but amazing characters and amazing writing and gah it was just so wonderful and now I’m mad more people haven’t read it. Great story about grief and community and connecting. (read more thoughts on The Boy in the Black Suit)

Not After Everything Michelle Levy
Not After Everything: This one wasn’t a perfect read for me by any means but I liked it and was surprised not to hear more people talk about it. It broke my heart a little bit and dealt with some really hard issues like abuse & suicide but I thought it was a good read that definitely deserved more attention this year!! (read more of my thoughts about Not After Everything)

Others that deserved way more attention that made my other best of lists: Just Visiting, Underneath Everything, Written in the Stars, Extraordinary Means, Under the Painted Sky






Tell me some books YOU think deserved more attention in 2015? I want to check them out!! Did you read any on my list??

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  1. I just love Corey Ann Haydu and her novels! I’ve read them all now, and each one has a place in my heart. I love how she just manages to capture her main character’s voice perfectly, and how each story is different from the others.

  2. I’ve heard of all of these but have to admit they all filtered off my TBR as I was prioritizing books from my committee work or books for review or from my shelves. I think it’s hard sometimes when an author already has a book that made a Big Splash to follow it up and as a result sometimes those later novels end up slipping through the cracks.

  3. Such a great list! A SENSE OF THE INFINITE is still on my TBR (though I bought it!), as is THE UNQUIET (I held onto the ARC but that one is less my genre), and the rest of these are all among my favorites of the year. I’m probably the most shocked about THE FIXER, but maaaan am I excited for that sequel. I hope other people will jump on board!

  4. Currently reading Extraordinary Means, and I’m SO surprised it isn’t getting more attention. I feel like it’s right on trend with current YA favorites. I’m such a fan of Robyn Schneider.

  5. I’m still hoping to check out The Fixer soon! It sounds like such a great read!